Hoosiers claim double-OT win over Purdue, 44-41

WEST LAFAYETTE — After a gang of Boilermakers corralled Peyton Hendershot at the 1 yard line, the chaos of Saturday’s double-overtime thriller settled into the hands of one man.

Peyton Ramsey, the Hoosiers’ field general, scrambled to the line of scrimmage, waiting for his offensive line to take their places in front of him.

He needed one more play for one more yard — to win one game that just means a little more than the rest.

Two years in a row, Indiana fell short in its quest for the Old Oaken Bucket, watching their bowl hopes die, as well, in the regular-season finale versus Purdue. This time, the already-bowl-bound Hoosiers saw their 28-10 third-quarter lead devolve into a dogfight at Ross-Ade Stadium.

Gain one more yard, and they could erase every missed opportunity that led to the scrum.

Ramsey put his hands under center, took the snap, and then shuffled behind the right side of his line. Purdue safety Brennan Thieneman met IU’s signal caller head-on, but he wasn’t pushing against just one man.

Hoosier running back Ahrod Lloyd, a former walk-on pressed into added snaps because of injuries to Stevie Scott and Sampson James, was on Ramsey’s back. The strength of two sets of legs, churning in unison, bowled Thieneman over and sealed a 44-41 win for the visitors from Bloomington.

“That was two weeks in a row,” Ramsey said of Lloyd’s push on the sneak. “Stevie actually tackled me into the end zone last week at Michigan. Ahrod got me in.

“We take pride in that. Fourth-and-inches, one to go, we’ll do whatever it takes to get in there.”

Ramsey came off the turf energetic, spiking the ball and kicking up his left leg. His blockers met him to celebrate, as well as the rest of the Hoosiers pouring onto the field.

Equal parts jubilation and relief, the Hoosiers were again owners of the Old Oaken Bucket. There were times Saturday where it seemed IU had done just enough to lose it again.

Logan Justus, who came into the weekend as one of just three FBS kickers not to miss a field goal attempt, was wide of the uprights three times. There were 84 yards worth of penalties gifted to the Boilermaker offense, along with blown assignments that led to big plays.

But the Hoosiers’ good start, and Ramsey’s big finish, was enough to punctuate the regular season with a win. It was only appropriate that Ramsey, the hero of many big wins in 2019, crossed the finish line.

The redshirt junior finished with 337 yards and three touchdowns passing, plus 42 yards and two scores rushing. He sacrificed his body on multiple occasions, helicoptering in the air after one hit on a scramble.

“I love that man ’til the death of me,” senior receiver Nick Westbrook said. “One of my favorite dudes on the team. He shows so much grit, fight, and determination. You can’t help but rally around him.”

Early on, it seemed like the Hoosiers wouldn’t need overtime to earn the victory. James, starting in place of Scott, produced 89 of his 118 rushing yards in the first half, serving as the engine of a 91-yard drive to open the scoring.

But after taking a 14-0 lead, Purdue climbed back with 10 unanswered points, including a 72-yard catch-and-run by tight end Brycen Hopkins on a seam route up the middle. He just ran right by sophomore linebacker Cam Jones, who had no safety help over the top.

The defensive woes only continued after the Hoosiers rebuilt their advantage to 28-10. Aidan O’Connell, the Boilermakers’ third-string quarterback, racked up 408 yards passing, while freshman receiver David Bell, who battled freshman corner Tiawan Mullen all day, came down with nine catches for 136 yards.

The lead dwindled to 28-17, then 28-23, then 31-all going into overtime. Purdue had all the momentum, which seemed like a tangible force on a third-and-13 pass through the hands of Hopkins. It kicked off the tight end’s knee and floated into the hands of Jackson Anthrop for a 23-yard gain.

On fourth-and-goal, Hopkins caught a six-yard touchdown to force a second overtime period.

But somehow, the Hoosier defense collected itself. On a third-and-2, sophomore linebacker Micah McFadden stoned Zander Horvath for no gain, forcing a 34-yard field goal.

“You can’t be feeling sorry for yourself, and they didn’t,” IU coach Tom Allen said. “They bowed up and got a huge, huge stop to force the field goal. Yeah, didn’t play their best football, and we have to go back and figure that out, but the bottom line is they stepped up when we needed them.”

Down by three, the Hoosiers (8-4, 5-4 Big Ten) found the plays they needed to pull out a win. Ramsey hit sophomore running back Ronnie Walker on a dump down for 10 yards. Two straight incompletions preceded Hendershot’s 14-yard reception on third-and-10, a clutch call from offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer.

Sensing the Purdue defense was on its heels, DeBoer dialed up a tight end delay — a play he’s used in big situations in the past, all the way back to his days as a head coach for NAIA champion Sioux Falls.

“We thought we had been pushing them down the field, so let’s just see if we can lull them to sleep a little bit and just slip one in there,” Ramsey said. “And that’s what I did.”

Finding his way into the end zone on the very next play was an emotional high for Ramsey and the Hoosiers as a whole.

Rather than fading into the postseason with three straight losses, they had a big win. Rather than falling in disappointment to their rival from up north, again, the bucket was heading south.

Allen was emotional as he spoke postgame about the win, thanking IU President Michael McRobbie and athletic director Fred Glass for giving a “small-town boy” from Indiana a chance to coach the Hoosiers. After two seasons where his team finished one win shy of a bowl, IU football has reached rarely charted territory.

For the eighth time in program history, the Hoosiers have eight wins in a season. With a bowl win, they can claim nine for just the third time.

But for one day, after one game-winning play, the Hoosiers were soaking in one win that just means a little bit more.

“Very emotional, very prideful, seeing all the guys coming together just to celebrate this thing,” Ramsey said. “It’s different than the other wins we’ve had this year, because it does, it means more. It’s the Bucket Game.

“We’ll celebrate this one, and then we’ll see what we got next and start preparing for that.”


  1. As happy as I am with the win and regaining the Bucket, I am so concerned about the state of the defense which totally was awful in the second half until the 2 over times! Get this, time of procession in this game was IU 38 minutes and 5 seconds to Purdue’s 21 minutes and 55 seconds. Now the point is that Purdue gained 589 yards in 21 minutes of procession! Purdue which was the 3rd team from the bottom in NCAA rushing standings gained 181 yards on the ground which is ridiculous! Purdue was averaging something like 70 yards a game rushing this year, they are terrible and they pushed us around like we were a 6th grade team. Oh yeah, the 4th string walk on QB that Purdue had threw for 408 yards. We knew coming into the game we had to stop 2 recievers, Bell and Hopkins and they continually got open for big plays especially Hopkins who seems WIDE open on play after play. As I said in a post either last week or the week before, as good of a recruiter as Tom Allen is, where are the high level defensive recruits, why aren’t we able to secure those types of players? Our defense is like a sieve at best. 84 penalty yards almost all on the defense in the second half. Pass interference and defensive holding on every crucial play. Our discipline on defense was terrible, when we made a big defensive stop we were penalized for roughing the passer or sportsman like conduct, ridiculous! How we won this game is beyond me, Purdue is a TERRIBLE team to say the least and they were so close to winning this game?
    I understand this is a terribly negative post but, if this team is going to improve in the future, we have to recruit higher quality defensive players, what we have are not getting it done although they were tougher in the 2 over times but probably because they were playing on a shorter field with play starting at the 25 yard line. Again, sorry for the negativity but, this team has REAL problems! And as weird as this sounds, Go Hoosiers!

    1. Mike C: You wrote my article for me. Shelby (DB’s) has been here 9 years. He needs to go. He’s probably not the only one. Leading the BIG in penalties is ridiculous. Today they were worse than their average. James was magnificent until getting injured. He is far quicker, faster, more elusive and yes, more powerful than Scott as I have pointed out all year. Entertaining, important win in spite of all the obviuos weaknesses.

      1. Interesting take on Sampson James. Up until yesterday I can’t say I’ve been overly impressed with his play. Watching him yesterday, you might have thought you were watching Marshawn Lynch the sequel.

    2. It is amazing that people totally forget that the other teams gives out scholarships, recruits many kids that Indiana wanted, has good coaches, etc. This was an exciting, hard fought college football game. IU won with gritty, non quit play when they had to! Great job IU!

  2. Better enjoy the bucket for this year, with amount of injuries Purdue had, a walk on QB, it was painful to watch I U almost give the game away when I U had the talent advantage for this season’s game.

  3. No need to be sorry. Reality. Yes, both teams were not at full strength. I felt during game IU got a couple calls to go their way. I suppose calls went for Purdue a couple times as well. Though the calls hurt Purdue a little more. IU is 8 wins and 4 losses. Good for IU football program. As game went on Purdue became stronger and IU weaker. 8 and 4 record gets IU a better bowl team to play. Because of better team in bowl game IU probably ends up 8 wins and 5 losses.
    Before James was hurt a couple possessions in second half offense including play calling was terrible. However, after James went out PR did enough to win game. IU defense made Purdue offense look good. IU played so bad in second half I quit watching game last minute and half and both overtimes because it was so bad. I listened to Fish on radio. The win is good for IU however it was a disappointing win vs a 4 win team. Kinda had that IU Bill Lynch feel. Good season for IU football.

  4. This was and exciting frustrating game, the big thing is IU pulled out a win that in previous year’s they wouldn’t have. For a game that wasn’t all that well played IU sure met some milestones with the win -winning B1G season, eight wins for the first time this century, bringing the bucket back to Bloomington, and a shot at a nine win season.

    Injuries really limited IU’s backfield although James looked good running the ball until he was injured. I am glad there is a break before the bowl game and hope IU can solve some issues on defense. win#9IU

  5. The defense these last couple games. Flat out awful. Allowed Purdue’s two longest plays (pass/run) this season and let one of the poorest run attacks in D1 stamped over us. Big props to Ramsey and the offense for pulling this off getting essentially zero support from defensive side and FG kicking (as far as Justus was concerned). Bucket back to Bloomington! 8 win season! Will we ever be able to field just a consistently decent defense?

  6. Oh no, please don’t feel sorry for anyone who enjoyed this! Classic……that bounce off the knee to put Purdue in a position to go for 2 was classic and hugely entertaining….and I am very glad they decided to not go for the win, (and that we got the Bucket).

  7. Amazingly it’s not surprising to see negative comments on here. IUFB could go 14-0 and win a Natty but people would find something to female dog about. Some of you are truly miserable people.

    “Fire Fred Glass”
    “Fire the rah rah high school football coach”
    “Fire Achie Miller”
    “Sack my bells Kyle”


    1. Reality is our 5 conference wins are against five teams with a collective 8-37 conference record (two bottom-feeders from the East 1-17 and 3 bottom-feeders from the West 7-20).


      Minnesota finally played somebody…and now we witness their stellar reality as well. We’ll both go to wonderful bowl games via wins against magnificently soft non-conference opponents and really, really bad conference teams. Yippee.
      Unfortunately, our other major sport, men’s basketball, can’t play North Daniel Boone State for the entire season.

      Wasn’t our kicker up for some award….? He almost won ‘Choke of the Year’ before Allen benched him. I guess that should give us hope that Allen can make hard decisions…#ruthless. Justus looked like a lost puppy dog on the sideline. It was hard not to feel terrible for the kid. Coaching is not for the faint of heart.

      1. Nobody is denying the fact that our schedule worked out this year. The difference is in years past, we would have lost those games. This year we won. Why not enjoy it. Maybe next year we go back to 4 and 8. I believe we are on the uptick and we will be 8 and 4 again. Our kicker was great this year until yesterday. Made lots of big kicks in his career. Tough day in bad conditions.

    2. Perhaps the best post ever.
      What a sad commentary that so many folks find so much enjoyment in finding fault.
      IU football has the bucket and is going bowling.
      Don’t be sad children, be happy .

      1. Best post ever belongs to fishspinner.
        Not too good on this posting stuff apparently.
        We’re still going to a bowl and have the bucket, despite my lack of posting skills.

  8. Ramsey is going to be a lot harder to displace in 2020 for Penix than he was in 19. Phenomenal mental toughness. He should give locker room pregame motivational talks to the D. 8-4 and he is lots of reasons why. Pay DeBoer a 1.25m.

  9. Fish-on-high Spinners-

    I guess some people are more realistic than your rose colored glasses. Our defense has been bad for 30 years so just chill. Our basketball team hasn’t been consistently relevant for around 20 years.

    This was a good season but unless they get defense figured out will be anomaly. When we get stomped in Bowl game by Mid-tier SEC team then what will you say. You will just keep Spinning. Let people share their opinion. Your stuff gets just as old.

    1. I’m not naive. I know this team is faaaaar from perfect. I know IUFB benefited from playing injury riddled teams. Hell, they might be one of the weaker 8-4 P5 teams in recent memory! But if you’re a real IUFB fan, enjoy the flipping moment! When have I EVER said anything that was outlandish? Like EVER?

      1. Weakness begins with soft scheduling….A fan of any alma mater should want better and strive for better. At the end of the day, you are who you compete against. When we play real strength, we look weak. We we play the very weak, we look real strong.
        And there you have it: The definition of most of college football and their dozens of silly meaningless bowls built so 1/3 the sport can take home blue ribbons.

        1. Decades of seasons IUFB has had weak schedules and never got close to a breakthrough 8-4 W/L. Now it’s been accomplished and many think the appropriate action fans should submit to is stand before a firing squad and weep with sorrow.

          1. The record should be celebrated, for certain, and everyone is pleased with that. What some object to is the hyperbolic “breakthrough” characterization, since there’s nothing of substance to really support that if one looks at the competition and the composition of those 8 teams that IU beat. For you and plenty of others, 8 wins is 8 wins no matter who they played. For others, there is an element of “how you played the game” that matters along with the score. Plenty for everyone to enjoy.

          2. Exactly, BearDown. And we were fed a lot of “breakthrough” victories and “signature win” gibberish.
            It’s a historic winning football season. Celebrate and be happy the cupcake truck stopped at our door.
            It’s not a historically better Hoosier football team. Proof of a better team would be in something less than being the subject of beatdowns by Michigan and OSU on our own field….or maybe just a win against a Top 25 at home or on road. The true road tests fell short(MSU and PSU). The elite(OSU) and semi-elite(Michigan) was akin to men against boys. We stay with them a quarter or sometimes a half…and then we’re overpowered. It’s nothing different than years past. It’s the same historical measures/results against the better teams. Better record? Yes. Better against the better teams? Maybe with Penix….but who knows? IU Football is forever riddled with “maybes.”
            Wilson had many maybes and untimely injuries at key positions as well…Lynch came close to defeating Michigan in Ann Arbor.
            The deepening crater of losses and losing streaks against the big three of the BigTen is an incomparable reality check for those who believe we are somehow scaling McKinley.

      2. I think it was the “female dog” comment where it immediately became easy to dismiss what you were saying.

        1. Right, because people don’t constantly “female dog” on this blog. I guess it’s to be expected in this kind of setting.

          1. No, far too few, yourself included, offer reasonable and thoughtful opinions. I expect “more” and you consistently provide “less”.

  10. IU has already done well in post season bowl. Dodged Auburn bullet. Close call. A win for IU football.

    Announcer said he had never seen to many players on field for punt (Alabama) at end of game. Apparently he has never watched IU football.

  11. Our IU young ‘Ladies’ schedule like grown women…and our IU young ‘Gents’ schedule like boys searching for puberty.

  12. Lets hope that this Indiana team does better in the bowl game this year, then Purdue last year. Here’s to hoping that this victory and this year is the start or foundation for future victories to come. But, this game against a injury riddle Purdue team is very frustrating….you are playing a 4th string (walk-on) quarterback that passed for 408 yards, a 3rd string running back (runs for 164 yards) and a offensive line that was missing three starters. You have to put this team away…Indiana came out strong and did everything they needed to win, but got very conservative toward the end of the 3rd quarter and careless (too many penalties – no discipline). Hopefully this game was a very good learning experience for both the first year offensive cord and the defensive cord.

  13. 8 wins!!!! Let that sink in. At the beginning of the season, most couldn’t predict 4 wins this year. IU football has been so bad for so long, I believe some fans can’t seem to enjoy any success. We are far from a great team, but there is a lot to like and build on. Try to be happy for Allen and these seniors that have given there all to this program. They’ve represented IU incredibly well. Maybe give Ramsey a little credit. You’ve got a week to see who our bowl opponent will be before predicting our humiliation.

  14. 8 wins.

    8 wins.

    I think if you asked most of us in July if Indiana was going to win 8 games, plus bring the Bucket home, that we’d pretty darn happy about it. I am.

    Is this team flawed? Yes.

    Are there deficiencies with the coaching staff? Yes.

    Do we still have a long way to go to start making Michigan, OSU & PSU really sweat? Yes.

    But this has been a good year and IU gets another month of practice to continue to grow. Could end up in a decent bowl game, too.

    Lots to unpack and analyze later. For now, just going to enjoy an Indiana football season with 8 wins.

  15. Kramer. yep, you are right, 8 wins was unexpected but, as someone else mentioned beating injury riddled teams and backup quarterbacks is nothing but “Fools Gold” to be sure. Of course I am happy to see us win when you have our pedigree in this sport. As many others and I have mentioned, this will not continue next year or the years after if we don’t get some kind of defensive presence? do you really think this winning will continue next year the way the defense has digressed this year as the year has moved on? Doubt it very much? As has been stated, how can our coaching staff not be able to recruit quality defensive players? WE seem to come up with some quality offensive players from time to time but, where are those really good defensive recruits?? T, I agree with you about the offensive play calling which at times made you scratch your head? And one other thing, as good as Ramsey was to win the game, there were times his decision making at end of second quarter and early in the 3rd quarter made me wonder what the hell he was seeing out there? A couple of times he threw into triple coverage ?? His not getting rid of the ball when he was about to be sacked resulting in a 3rd and 23? How about the time he ran backwards going nowhere anybody knows? I realize he was responsible for the win but, at times I wondered if he was playing with a concussion? The statement someone made where he will be tough to beat out next year because of his toughness was a bit much? If Penix can stay healthy, he will be the man! His physical tools are far superior to PR. His ability to stretch the field makes our offense much more effective and his ability to run faster and farther than PR are again superior! I love PR ‘s toughness as everyone else does but, MP is the guy who strikes fear in the minds of defensive coordinators every game.
    The future of IU football is perilous at best! If our defense doesn’t improve dramatically, no way this team wins 8 games again next year! Just one more thing, if you really want to start following an IU program that is on the up swing and improving every year, Follow women’s basketball, they are the real deal! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. If Penix had started today he would not have finished the game. PR has proved what he can do on the field. Penix has yet to prove he can stay on the field. Don’t make the mistake that won’t be an intangible reviewed in next years competition.

    2. Agreed on the women’s program. Coach Moren has them rolling. I’ve attended several games the last few years and will be in the stands for more. I’m just soooo tired of losing games in football, that I want to enjoy some wins. I know we have issues, but it just kills me when everyone goes so negative. You would expect to see these posts after a loss. I go to the games to enjoy college football and being an IU fan. I support the team to the end. Never leave early. I see a lot of good kids out there giving it all for IU. I’m a believer that good things are on the horizon for all IU sports. Lots to be excited about in Btown. New golf course. IU soccer is a stalwart. Go to a baseball game. It’s a great venue and our team is competitive. Women’s bball and the new volleyball coach are on the rise. Hopefully, Archie is starting to turn it around. Find out Tuesday. I’m looking forward to a bowl game in football. Go Hoosiers!!!

  16. Biggest concern for the bowl game is the looooooooooooong time off from now to then. Scott may be healthy by then, but this is the first bowl prep month for this coaching staff. Anyone confident that Shelby and Allen are going to get the secondary in any better shape four weeks hence than it is now? And why on planet Earth did DeBoer keep calling that run into the right side of the line in the second half when it was obvious that the subcutaneous pus accumulations had figured that one out?

  17. I also thought PR looked like he wasn’t himself after a couple hits for the next couple plays. He stayed in game and it seemed to pass during next series. He plays hurt a lot.
    The question is?…Is this the peak or does IU move forward??

  18. It was a rivalry game. Strange things happen in rivalry games. Purdue had nothing to lose, so they let it all hang out and still lost. It was ugly, but I’ll take the win!

    Penix will be the starter next season simply because he has much better arm talent. If he stays healthy, IU can duplicate this season’s success.

    The elephant in the room for IU is our new defensive coordinator. It’s looking like he was not ready for the big promotion. If IU’s defense does not show significant improvement next season, will TA fire his mentor’s son? IU’s DBs must improve significantly next season, and IU must establish a better defensive line.

    Sampson James had a great game, but he’s not ready to replace the big man quite yet. It’s going to be nice to have two quality RBs on the roster next season.

    Whop P is IU’s MVP this season.

    Let’s enjoy this 8-win season and hope that a few key players get healthy in time for the bowl game.

  19. Penix strong, quick release arm doesn’t guarantee the starting job. With Payton’s success, confidence and mental toughness he will be formidable in the upcoming competition. Obvious from yesterday to me SJ has much higher upside than SS. James is closer to Morgan Ellison in talent and skills. He and Scott will be the future rushing attack with Sampson as the feature RB. Big, big gap between those 2 and Walker. Like Lloyd a bunch with his FB IQ.

    1. I love the fact that we actually have to really great options next year. And the competition made them both better. Next year, we will be in another great place with two solid QBs.

      Never been able to say that about Indiana football before…

  20. Always gotta be the same guy who can’t stand when anyone is happy. 8 wins is a decent year. A building block, not a destination.

    Speaking of cupcakes. Thought I would talk about a program with issues. Let’s play, name that program:

    10 wins

    0 ranked wins

    3 of those wins over: New Mexico State, Southern Miss, and a 3-9 FCS team.

    Other wins: Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Duke.

    They lost all their games vs ranked teams.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 Alabama Crimson Tide:

  21. Well, well, well . . . I see we have yet another outbreak of WestLaffyitis on this board, if we are not careful it could reach pandemic proportions. Why could this be? Just because IUFB did something as unimaginable as have the temerity to win 8 regular season games. All the sudden, the sky is falling, and this is a terrible team because they didn’t win 8 games the right way, according to some.

    Some are so intimidated by this they have to keep interjecting the minor sports programs into the thread. When the minor sports programs start paying their own way and other programs besides that, then we should be talking about them on the same thread or as a major revenue producing program. Until then, let’s talk about the ONE program on campus which actually pays it’s own way plus virtually every other sports program on campus with one noteable exception, which breaks even. Don’t like these comments? Try getting the megabucks the B1G is getting without FB programs!!!

    No, this is not a breakthrough season, but has been a very successful season by IUFB standards. It is one which should be celebrated for the fact the ball actually bounced IU’s way for once, instead of going against it. At the beginning of the season, as the schedule looked, we were wondering where a 5th win was going to come from this year. Now some have the audacity to find fault with the team doubling the number of wins expected???

    Yes, IUFB got very lucky this year to win this many games considering the number of injuries to it’s own key personnel. I wouldn’t have given a snowball’s chance that IUFB would win another game this year after MP went down for the rest of the season. No, I don’t think IUFB can seriously challenge the elites in the B1G without a DURABLE qb with MP’s talent level. PR is a tremendously tough dedicated and great kid who gives his all at every opportunity, it is just terribly unfortunate that he doesn’t have arm to match everything else he brings to the table. I do think however, if he desires, PR will probably be one of the greatest coaches to ever come out of the IUFB program.

    We need to view this season for what it is, a potential stepping stone to even better things. There are a lot of things which need a lot of work, but TA has shown the willingness to do those things. We need to remember, this has been done with only 2 full TA recruiting classes on the roster. The 2 full TA recruiting classes represent the best quality IUFB recruiting classes as far back as can be tracked. The incoming class if all sign, will be even better than TA’s first 2 classes. Imagine if TA can keep improving the recruiting classes going forward.

    The only thing else I can say, is enjoy this for what it is. In over a half century of following IUFB, seasons like this, as others can attest, didn’t come along every year in the past. Be happy for the team, the staff, and the school. Biggest thing is, Freddie better get his checkbook out. Because if he doesn’t, don’t think for a minute other schools out there are not aware of how difficult it has been to win at IU. Remember how many years it has taken since the Mallory years, just to get it back to this level.

    Sorry for the lengthy comments, but we are having a WestLaffyitis outbreak. However, at least I remembered to put in paragraphs!!!

    1. Mallory won some against the ‘big boys’…of the conference.

      Our conference wins came against a collective 8-37. Let that sink in a bit. And three of those teams were a collective 2-25!

      Cupcakes? Nope. We baked mini cupcakes. Eat more. Less calories.

      1. Big deal about the schedule. You play who’s on it. 5-7 to 8-4. 1st time in forever. I’m not going to cry or bitch about that. Never did enjoy some lightweight puking at the party.

  22. We need to view this season for what it is, a potential stepping stone to even better things.

    IU Football has had more seasons bankrolling on “steppin’ stones” than Davy Jones had with the Monkees.

    I would love to address all the other BS in the above comment(including the need to build a wall to keep out the “minor” sports with the “minor” people who play them), but no time at the moment. Maybe later…and maybe without paragraphs.
    So unfortunate that Alabama or Clemson don’t have any minor banners. Go ahead, put the banners to bed …or in the grave, but little old ‘minor’ Indiana still has the headstone to visit and remains a legendary state for producing some of the best basketball talent(per capita) past and present. We got sidetracked for a bit known as a decade with the last ‘reunion’ organizer posing as a coach, but we’ll get to being relevant in March long before the cash accumulating cow ever fills Memorial on a regular basis.

    Quickly and lastly (for now)…Please go back and find some of those comments from late summer of Scoopers predicting ….or only seeing five wins for this football team. a) That would be less than four people because that’s about how many comment on football regularly and b) I don’t believe it’s true.

    1. Ah H4H,
      I see you are potentially susceptible to WestLaffyitis yourself!!! As for the potential stepping stone seasons comments you called me out on, I can count the number of those on nearly two hands if you take out the years Mallory managed to string together. No, stepping seasons for IUFB have been few and far between in the 130 years that is IUFB futility. When I say stepping stone, I am referring to winning seasons.

      As for the minor sports comments, they are directed specifically at the coming payment of athletes for playing whatever sport they may participate in at a collegiate level. You and me may not like this possibility and may even bemoan the amount of greed involved, but it is not some other crazy California concept. It is spreading all across the land, and I have warned repeatedly, it is coming. How these payments are going to be financed in light of existing federal laws, will be a very prickly problem to sort out.

  23. Harv is just miserable and wants everyone else to be miserable like him. If Indiana beat OSU and Michigan, he’d accuse them of being big money sell outs who don’t respect the game like those who did in 1976.

    All things are true. 8 wins. None against the big boys. Even though, Ohio State probably has the best team they’ve EVER had. And Mallory beat Earl Bruce, who was their worst coach in history.


    But when all you care about is making others around you miserable by gaslighting a thread, well Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    1. I’m delighted we have Archie Miller…I give great thanks to my alma mater for finally ridding us of the charlatan.
      And I’m delighted we still have minor people playing minor sports. What is a world without variety? Man cannot live on football alone….nor remain strong and vibrant on a diet of cupcakes.

    2. DD,
      While I agree OSU has a very good team by B1G standards, we really won’t know how good they are until they play what are supposed equals on a neutral field. The thing that caught my attention in the OSU/UM game was the play with the fastest player on the UM basically running around the entire OSU defense. Granted, the UM player has great speed, but what will OSU do against teams with multiple players with that kind of speed? We have to remember that most of the dominant teams outside of the colder areas of the country are built on team speed because it is an absolute necessity.

      Not saying OSU doesn’t have team speed because I haven’t seen them up against anyone of consequence outside the B1G this year. Which unfortunately, is pretty much what we saw in all the conferences this year. Not much top level play between national contenders outside of conference. Barring a UW upset at Indy, it will be interesting to see who OSU is paired against in the BCS.

      1. Good Lord, you do love ’em your SEC…And you have the audacity to accuse some people of Scoop in having ‘WestLaffyitis?’ If the you continually remind us that the best in the BigTen conference is ‘second fiddle,’ I’m pretty sure that makes for a much bigger dig on Indiana.

        Why not just live with your Southeast Football Chlolera instead of projecting the diarrhea as WestLaffyitis? I certainly don’t see any desire to see us win against teams who are not the lowest denominator of non-conference /conference cupcakes as any more negative or “miserable” as someone forever reminding us just how lowly the BigTen-uous is compared to the superior SEC. It’s a great distraction, but you can’t hide true love.

        1. ‘BigTen-uous’ is now the copyrighted property of Harvard for Hillbillies….
          Any use of said term by an SEC lover without the written consent of the anonymous miserable jester known as Harvard for Hillbillies is strictly prohibited.

          1. Love it H4H!!!

            No, I won’t use your “copyrighted,” expression. However, I think the only reason why you get after me about my being in SEC territory, is because you know it hurts me just as much as anyone else to see the B1G lose out nationally. Makes it even worse when you have reside in SEC land. BTW, I didn’t mention a thing about said conference in the post you are responding to. You just inferred that I had.

            There are a lot of other teams in areas which are able to play the speed game besides the SEC. The B1G just has a major problem playing that style of game in late October and November. Not sure what the solution to that problem is unless we want to dome all the B1G stadiums. The whole game just changes the colder it gets, and unfortunately you have to play to win your conference first. Problem is, the playoffs are not played in B1G November weather, which gives the advantage to areas which can play the team speed game all year.

  24. WestLaffyitis is rooted in stinky BS….And usually those who accuse of someone having it, bring the most need of pee-yew-PU deodorant.
    Where are the comments I asked for of all the Scoopers predicting five wins at best?
    Major college football? I see the need for 45 bowls as about as “major” as the wife of a robber baron needing 45 fur coats. Money now votes in the four best teams? There is nothing earned in college football.
    Thus, we merely have different definitions for “major” and “minor.”

  25. For all you whining about this year’s schedule, keep in mind 1) that IUFB didn’t set the conf. table, it just digested what was served, and 2) next year’s season opener is at Camp Randall.

  26. And one more thing. The Purdoo-doo web site lists Ross-Ade stadium capacity at 57,282. The box score claims yesterday’s attendance at 55,338. Seriously? Even including the couple next to us who said they were actually UTenn basketball fans but “won” a pair of ducats at work (sounded more like PU was giving them away) and left at halftime? Anyone there see a stadium at 95%+ capacity? Attendance figures for college football games are joke, people. How does Brohm’s fat salary taste now, Gov. Daniels?

  27. Great comments, think! Well done. Some people just enjoy being the fecal-matter in the punch bowl.
    Eight wins in a season for IU football! I don’t care who they beat, that is exciting, and far exceeded my expectations. And IMO, IU should have beaten MSU this year for a ninth win.

    davis, I’m sorry, but it makes absolutely no sense for IU to schedule Notre Dame in FB. Why would IU play another powerhouse program when we compete in the Big Ten East? That would be counter-productive to building a winning program. And honestly, it makes no sense for ND to play IU in FB. ND would have nothing to gain by winning and everything to lose if IU were to upset them.

    IU had a lot of young guys playing a lot of minutes this year, especially on defense. Their physical and mental maturity will determine IU’s 2020 season. We can’t afford to continue counting on true freshman and sophomores to carry such a big part of the workload if we want to sustain winning seasons. Getting an extra month of practice and a 13th game will be huge in helping these young guys be better prepared for next season.

    Since “everything is relative to expectations”, and since IU FB exceeded my expectations this season, I’m a happy and optimistic IU FB fan. And if these young guys get a win in a bowl game, it will be icing on the cake. IU is far from having a great FB program, but this season was a big step in that direction. Now Glass and IU’s administration must come through with a new contract for TA that makes a statement to the rest of the college FB world. I’d say $3.5 M for another five years will do it.

    1. How quickly some forget their own fecal-matter in the punch bowl as said fecal matter taster continually berates the recruiting of a basketball coach barely into his 3rd season (a coach who has also recruited back-to-back Indiana Mr. Basketball’s)…? Seem to also remember a ton of berating toward the softer basketball scheduling by the this, now, seemingly perfect and happy Hoosier. Hilarious. Your narratives change direction faster than Crean’s pacing. Your attacks are about as solidly thought out as his substitution patterns. So you like Fred Glass now? It wasn’t so long ago the sky was falling on Fred…Stay tuned, Scoopers. It will fall again.

      People on this site sure have short term memories of their own dumping upon positive news and positive vibes.

  28. Po – Great post! IU fans should be happy with an 8 win regular season and a bowl game no matter who they beat to get those 8 wins. There are a bunch of teams out there with winning records who have embarrassing losses to crummy teams and who got plastered by the elites of their conferences. UT, 7-5, and a possible bowl opponent, lost to FCS Georgia State, lost to a mediocre BYU, both at home, and beat UT Chattanooga, and UAB. All of the SEC teams play at least 3 cupcakes a year, and sometimes 4. Their 5 conference wins came against South Carolina, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt, and two of those wins easily could have been losses.

    IU fans should celebrate and enjoy the moment, not harp and whine about how bad of a season this has been and how this team is so flawed!

  29. For the record, PO: Never, ever did I say that scheduling Notre Dame made even a scintilla of sense. But it sure would make me happy!

    Ranger, of course this has been a wonderful season. But check out the Alabama, UGa., USC, etc. web sites and there are people whining aplenty about flaws. Finally IUFB Nation (with a capital “N,” even) is fed up with low standards and stepping up to behave like the fans of elite programs!

  30. I posted a pre-season 7-5. I’m glad they exceeded it by 1. What I wanted to see playout was how Wommack would do. Are you concerned? I am. This is a classic multi-faceted case where the following were/are in play: Insecure middle aged first time head coach afraid to bring in a strong DC. instead, reaches into the family-familiar bin and pulls out his subservient ‘junior’ (no threat same philosophy). This may have been IU’s best record since TA got here, but noticeably the least effective defense across the board. Let me point out that the ’85 Bears’ were very successful with DC Buddy Ryan and HC Mike Ditka hating each others guts. If this program is to realize REAL IMPROVEMENT, regardless of schedule, payrolls or anything else, RECRUITING and SUPERIOR COACHING will have the final determination. Famialiarity not only breeds contempt it has also been known to nuture mediocrity. (30)

  31. For thinkaboutit….These are fun:

    thinkaboutit says:
    July 17, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    I think this season will boil down to a tale of two quarterbacks, pun intended. If Penix and Tuttle live up to their billing, IUFB has a chance to surprise some people. If the QB play is no better than the last two seasons, then it will be another rerun and IU will be lucky to win 5.

    WRONG. We surprised with Ramsey. (Note:

    t says:
    July 18, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    I think IU wins 6 plus (or more) games 2019-2020.


    fishspinners says:
    July 18, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Nebraska is already the favorite in the West. A lot of people are pegging them for a 10 win season. I’m leaning more towards 8 with my prediction for them but the Huskers are on their way back to being relevant either way.


    IUNYC says:
    August 21, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    I would be satisfied with an 8-4 or even a 9-3. Look at Kentucky last year. If we roll another 6-6, even a 7-5, I’m not sure how much that would count toward really turning the program around.


    BeatPurdue says:
    July 17, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    With all due respect, there is no reason why IU cannot beat either MSU or PSU 1 out of every 3 years.


    Podunker says:
    May 9, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    chet, the reasoning in your post above is faulty. I can label my camps anyway I want, and one camp does not have to be the opposite of the other. The camps I referred to were made up of people who had commented on this string, not the entire Hoosier Nation. Just because you don’t express optimism about IU Football does not mean you’re a pessimist. Or another way to put it is like this. Every optimistic member of the Hoosier Nation who predicted IU Football would produce a winning season over the last 11 years has been wrong! Those people who believe IU Football will produce a winning season in 2019 are likely to be wrong again. Saying that does not make me a pessimist, it makes me a realist! As for pessimists, I have not noticed any participating in the discussion. I doubt pessimists would bother to even visit this site or take the time to write a comment about IU Football. People who are pessimists, when it comes to IU Football, gave up a long time ago, and they won’t find any reason to be optimistic until IU produces a winning season. And that’s the problem! Tens of thousands of IU students, alumni and fans spread over three generations have no confidence that IU can produce a winning football season. That’s why we can’t remember the last time the small-capacity Memorial Stadium was sold out. That’s why it’s more than half empty at the start of the second half of IU home games. That’s why there are only a handful of the same people commenting on football stories on this site. If you’re commenting on IU Football on this or any other site, you have to be a die-hard Hoosier fan. The pessimists stopped caring a long time ago.


    1. WRONG? The arrow is still pointing up in Lincoln. I’m sure their fanbase isn’t thrilled with this year’s results but they were one of the younger teams in the country. Frost is bringing in the horses, they’ll be relevant again.

      1. Dude, you predicted them to win 8 games. Did they win anywhere close to 8 games? You said some are pegging them to win 10. They won 5 games.
        You and the “some”(or ‘sum’ if you prefer) were WRONG. Maybe they’ll be relevant again….Maybe. But they weren’t relevant this season at a 3-6 conference record….and 5-7 overall. WRONG!

        IU Basketball may(‘may’ being the key word) be relevant again someday as well.

        1. I did say “I’m leaning more towards 8” and 5 isn’t 8 so I’ll take my lump there. The point of that post was more about Nebraska becoming relevant again. And as far as “someday”, that sounds like it could be in ten years. Nebraska will be in a conference championship game in the next two years. File that one away for later. Whenever you want to go one on one in a football or basketball game picking contest, just let me know. You’re still one of my favorite posters Harv 🙂

    2. Jester,
      This is a considerable honor to be placed at the top of your list. I like to thank the academy and all those little H4H’er brain cells out there who voted for me. I also want to thank all those supporting posters out there, including yourself, who give such ample material to respond to. I hope I can continue to live up to the expectations you have of me.

      Thank you all, and good night, I mean good afternoon!!!

      1. You’re dodging. Expected….And you shouldn’t thank ‘the Academy’. You should thank the SEC (they are truly the most influential entity upon your lifetime of work here on Scoop).

        Here’s the reality. Here’s what you said at 12:01 on Dec 1 on this thread:

        At the beginning of the season, as the schedule looked, we were wondering where a 5th win was going to come from this year.

        The “we” is simply not the case. I actually couldn’t find any comments from any Scooper predicting such a low total. Prove me wrong. You were taking your early season viewpoint (and how disastrous the season would be without Penix) and ascribing/alluding it to include a collective “we.”

        We are on the same page, my friend. You thought it would not be a decent season without Penix. So, why was it a decent season? Is it because Ramsey is the next Joe Namath…or is it because he was solid against very bad teams and we were very fortunate to have all conference bottom-feeders other than the ‘Murderer’s Row’ of the East?

        1. H4H aka the Jester,

          I will let you have your fun at my expense because you are absolutely right about one thing, these are fun for me. If we can’t have fun on this site, then we are taking ourselves far too seriously, and neither you nor me do that. You hit me about the SEC and I jab back you as the “Jester.” We don’t get mad at each other, it is part of the game for us. That’s the way it should be. What we all want is a product on the field or court which we can be proud of and maybe get a championship every now and then.

          I do agree with you that IUFB was very fortunate in how their schedule turned out, especially when forced to go with PR most of the season. No one saw Nebraska and Northwestern having the seasons they had. Nor did anyone see Purdue and Maryland (especially after the Syracuse game), going the way either team did. PR is a great and very tough kid, but against a capable defense he does not stretch the field with his arm.

          Wish MP were as durable as PR, but if he were, we probably couldn’t have got him to IU at the time. Hopefully the S&C gang can do miracles with MP in the off season, because you are either born with that kind of arm or you are not!

          1. It is all in fun….Glad you understand. I wouldn’t be here if not for you and a handful of others who refuse to take themselves too seriously.

            Thanks for making it fun, thinkaboutit.

            I would have also loved to have seen more Penix. Though we should commend the Hoosiers for a great season(regardless of average strength of opponents we found those wins), I found many of the games painful to watch. I hope we all agree that having talent on the field is also “fun” to watch. And “fun” builds interest and ratings. Wilson did not “breakthrough” by getting to eight wins, but I honestly thought the football was more fun to watch. He aired the ball out…The hurry-up was new. And he took gambles on 4th down and got away from safe and conservative football.
            Penix is a showstopper. And I would love to see a stronger Penix playing in the BigTen-uous (see what I did there?). Hope he finds a way to stay healthy. Ramsey is a great kid…Tough as nails. Don’t really know why he’d make the best coach in IU history, but I’ll take your word for it until 2040. I’ll be dead by then.

  32. History is a bitch!….because it proves all of us are right about 10% of the time and all of us have an honest recollection of what was said on this blog in the past at even lower percentages.

      1. You’re right, davis…. Most the past predictions on this blog were proven wrong in the future. I also always thought ‘Gaslighting’ was a movie starring Ingrid Bergman….?

  33. So davis, what you’re saying is that you’re advocating nonsense. And the reason being is that it would make you happy. Am I getting that right?

  34. Today I find IUFB with an 8-4 record and no asterisk about what the records of the teams they have played. Why, when looking at past season records there is no talk or description about who they played just the record of the team. We know this IU team isn’t a finished product but the last time IUFB was 8-4 was last century.

    We can focus on the short comings or revel in the success of the season without denying the shortcomings of the team. There is time this off-season outside the emotional part of the season to really evaluate the team and coaches. We also need to remember that we don’t see the team or coaches work every day so our evaluations are just opinions and not what coach Allen choose to change. For now, IUFB is a winning program with a chance to get nine wins this season.

  35. V13- Do you consider it a “breakthrough” season? Was there a “breakthrough” win?

    So the answer to your “why” is because the leaders of our football team used that marketing ploy. They were frequently alluding to the fact that it’s time for IU Football to step up, breakthrough, and win a game against a team they traditionally don’t win against or haven’t won against in THIS CENTURY (along with consecutive losing records to OSU and Michigan that nearly boggle the mind).
    Last win against Michigan? 1987.
    Last win against OSU? 1988.
    Last win against Penn State? 2013 (post Sandusky meltdown…otherwise we are 1-22 against them).

    Wisconsin we didn’t play…But we just squeaked in with wins in the early part of this century. Otherwise, it’s 10 straight losses and 2-16 in the last 18 seasons).

    Defeat OSU, Michigan, Penn State(after recovering from Sandusky) …or Wisconsin ….along with a winning conference record while doing os sometime in this century and then hold up the ‘Breakthrough’ trophy.

    1. H4H, I see this season as a breakthrough for wins and the ability to finish games against teams IU should have a chance to beat. A real Breakthrough Season will be when IUFB knocks off one of the top teams and then every year after. If you build a program to last you have to take the first step before taking the second step. We will see if PU and IL strategy of bringing in so many transfers early on will be sustainable. This past year showed PU took a hit taking that strategy but may recover after this year. IU is doing it through recruiting and we will see if IU’s strategy works.

      1. V13- You remain civil as always. Thanks again for the honest response.
        I’m still not sure if we took your “step one,” though the win column gives such appearances. I don’t do much research on SOS and so forth, but our wins came against all teams from the bottom of each division. The non-conference was about as weak as I ever remember.
        I get it…We don’t analyze it in years past, but is there beginning to be even more separation between the elite teams of the BigTen and everyone else?
        Is what appears to be ‘steps’ forward simply many other teams from the conference becoming Indiana because they are also falling behind the curve of OSU, Michigan, PSU and Wisconsin? Did Minnesota experience a bit of fools’ gold? The way the Badgers handled them on their own turf, it almost appears so.
        I’ll defer to your “Step One” because you are the football guru here…Enjoy the knocking at the breakthrough door and the upcoming bowl. Hopefully, we’ll get a team that sparks a lot of interest. Be cool to go somewhere warm….Maybe we can get the Washington Huskies? Is that even possible? Be fun. Take care. You still da man.

  36. HC, gaslighting is when someone constantly changes the conversation, switching the goalposts so that the person or people they are talking to lose their minds or just their desire to engage in the discussion.

    Harv is all over it in this thread. He wants everyone to submit to his fecal view of everything. Excited that Indiana football won 8 games? Harv is going to dig into the archives and show you that you predicted wrongly at the beginning of the season. Then 10 more posts whacking those people over the head because they think Indiana would win only 5 games. They don’t have anything to do with subject. At all. In fact, wouldn’t it be even more exciting for a team who outperformed expectations? Nope, Harv already moved those goalposts because of strength of schedule (which he’s established, noting it’s entirely unreasonable) and the fact that we didn’t beat OSU, Michigan, or PSU. He’s created a discussion in which he’s the only winner, in his mind.

    And to think, Jeremy is actually reviewing his posts, restricting the volume it could be. Back in the day without a throttle, we’d come back to 20x the number of posts painfully taking over and making the thread entirely about him.

    In short, knock it off, Harvard. You are making this all about you. And it sucks. There’s been zero substance in the latter part of this discussion other than you going off for whatever reason.

    Sorry you hate football and seem to take it as a personal offense that there’s some joy to be celebrated at the end of this football season amongst Hoosier fans. And that those who are happy with the season, can also see the flaws in the team and hold some opinions that don’t require a borg-like rose-colored glasses following of the team.

    What a bummer that we have to keep having this discussion with a grown man. And I like Harv.

        1. It must be my abundance of creative talents; the marvels in one-of-a-kind photoshopping, the exquisite poetry, the wit, the stunning wordsmith and pun-making abilities, the comedic timing and my adherence to playful sarcasm as opposed to the gutter trolling of bullying and name-calling which causes some to love me and others to jealously despise….Did I miss anything (tongue in cheek just in case some of you think I’ve reached your levels of narcissism and arrogance) ??????

          Carry on….my wayward son.

  37. I’m not moving any goal posts…Read thinkaboutit’s assessment of the season. He’s basically saying the same thing. We lost against the teams Penix may have made a difference. We won against bottom tier of both divisions because, for the most part, their defenses weren’t strong enough for a need to stretch the field.

    I’m not saying you can’t be happy married to a not-so-handsome partner…or not-so-handsome conglomeration of wins…Guess we should have also all been elated with Sweet Sixteens. But then there are two different sets of rules for our two major sports.
    Maybe go over to the recent basketball thread and read the discussions of cupcake scheduling and the hints that we have hired the wrong coach. Go over there and accuse them of fecal matter and buzz kill. We’re 7-0 and we don’t turn the ball over 20 times per game…but I’ll be damned they’re as unhappy as hell and predicting doom and gloom.

    I like you too, DoubleDown…though it’s not too classy to try to have me banned for simply having an opinion. I don’t bully posters.

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