Hoosiers drop out of AP, coaches polls

Indiana suffered a close loss at No. 9 Penn State, but a seven-point defeat was enough to bump the Hoosiers from the polls.

IU (7-3) was the No. 24 team in the Associated Press poll last week, ranked for the first time since 1994. The Hoosiers are now the top team in the “receiving votes” category with 47 voting points.

In the coaches poll, IU dropped from No. 25 to the third-ranked team in the receiving votes category (39 points).

IU’s last stint in the polls was also a one-week stay. The Hoosiers were placed at No. 25 following a 3-0 start in 1994 but lost badly to Wisconsin, 62-13, and were not ranked again until last week.

This go-round was different, because the Hoosiers battled PSU to a 34-27 result. It just wasn’t enough to stick in the top 25.

There are two more opportunities for the Hoosiers to reemerge in the polls. They face No. 12 Michigan (8-2) this coming week. A matchup with rival Purdue (4-6) closes out the regular season.


  1. Clarion, guess the pollsters didn’t get your memo on how much more competitive this program is. IU’s longest occupancy in the top 25 in 26 years, a week!

    1. Brad,
      To be entirely fair, Indiana was No. 24. It dropped to the top team receiving votes (No. 26). A return to the top 25 this year is not out of the question.

  2. Ever hear of Alabama. Look em up. Every week the rankings change. Doesn’t mean improvement has stopped. Enjoy progressing through elementary FB. Myself and others will assist you when time allots.

    1. ‘Bama is grossy over rated this year, QB or not. They are annually listed 1 or 2 pre season, then it’s a matter if they lose to either LSU or Auburn. I think they are playing west Arkansas Seminary of the Woods this week before their Iron Bowl game.

      1. Yes setbacks do happen. But Bama is still chipping around the top spots and IU is still crowding the 1st level 25. You pointing out your thoughts on that about both teams proves my point. Just as I knew you would.

  3. Looks like Michigan will be about a touchdown favorite. IU should be able to handle that.
    One thing that was said during Penn State vs IU pregame with Fish was: for this time of year IU was healthy. Maybe, regarding number of players injury list. However, IU lost Cronk and for IU what is the prized QB. So I disagree. Now, after that there is the Whop issue.

    1. Agreed t,
      I have been amazed how well the team has been able to overcome the loss of Cronk. However, against the upper echelon of B1G teams, I fear the loss of MP especially, and Whop is very difficult to overcome. Hopefully Whop will not be gone for too long, I haven’t heard the prognosis for him yet. As for UM Saturday, I am not sure whether the upset is still a possibility or not.

  4. This IU team has shown since the OSU game they will play with anyone. The PSU game brought questions about “difference” in talent but after the game it was clear IU can match up with the talent. IU still needs more quality depth but they are close to having enough talent to beat the big boys in the conference IU just needs to make a few less mistakes. This team has done well with the lose of important players and now Whop for who knows how long.

    The drop in ranking shows how little since much of the rankings mean since losing a close game to the #9 team knocks you out of the top 25.

    1. Nobody remembers the teams who “almost” upset a high seed in the NCAA tournament.
      Almost upsetting a #9 in football ….doesn’t mean anymore than a 14 or 16 seed putting a scare into a 3 or 1 seed.

      Halloween is good for dressing up and scaring people.

      1. HfH: Trick or treat? Predictably ‘trick’. Combined record for the last 62 games vs Michigan and PSU; 60 to 2!
        Boooo. MSU and PSU were there for the taking, and they didn’t. Yes, we all see the improvements. Yes, they are seemingly more competitive, especially in the trenches, but like a guy with a 2 shot lead on the 18th hole if he hits his tee shot out of bounds, takes two to get out of a greenside bunker then 3 putts,…it wasn’t the competition. Michigan is likely the 2nd best team in the BIG at this point in the season. They need to run it up. I doubt this will be close. 42-23. There are tons of aspiring pros that look great on the driving range, far fewer when it counts.

  5. IU has made good physical improvement from where they were even a couple years ago. I don’t think Penn State by themselves is a number 9 team. Rather there are several teams in a range that Penn State is among them. Penn State is and was beatable by a lot of teams. However, it does take a good team that plays well and pretty mistake free.
    IU mistakes vs Penn State seemed to be a result of trying to hard that resulted in making bad costly decisions.

  6. It’s simple. Beat the meat chickens by a point and IU will be ranked once again, most likely inside the top 20. Lose big or small, and no more ranking for the year, even finishing 8-4 with a win at PU won’t cut it.

    From the posts on some of the other articles on this site, I don’t think posters are giving Peyton Ramsey enough credit. Yeah, he almost threw an interception for a TD, but he didn’t. He was 31 for 41, a 76% completion percentage, for almost 400 yards, with 0, that’s 0, interceptions! What more could the kid have done? Any coach in the country would take those stats week in and week out from their starting quarterback. Yeah, maybe his passes don’t have the zip of Penix’s, but to still complete 76% for 375 yards with no interceptions is impressive. We should all be thrilled we have as good a quarterback as we have and hope he stays healthy for the next 3 games.

    If he can duplicate those numbers this Saturday, and if the team makes a few less dumb mistakes and doesn’t drop any TD passes, I think they can get the signature upset win against the Wolverines.

  7. Ranger67, Ramsey has improved a lot during the season and did a great job against PSU despite the one pass that hit the DB in the hands. Ramsey was fantastic at Nebraska and PSU and it is clear coach DeBoer worked with him stepping up in the pocket instead of bailing out. Ramsey connected on several passes over the middle when stepping up in the pocket as the rush got around Beford.

    IU’s defense is improving and doing far better than most posters think. Here is how the team’s offense and defense ranks in the NCAA.
    Time of Possession – #10 (-3) – 33:54 mpg
    Passing Yards Allowed – #10 (-1) – 176.6 ypg
    Passing Offense – #13 (+2) – 314.3 ypg
    Total Defense – #18 (-2) – 316.3 ypg
    Team Passing Efficiency – #18 (nc)
    3rd Down Conversion % – #18 (+3)
    3rd Down Conversion % Defense – #23 (-10)
    First Downs Offense – #23 (+8)
    First Down Defense – #24 (-5)
    Team Passing Efficiency Defense – #28 (-4)
    Total Offense – #31 (+3) – 448 ypg
    Scoring Defense – #32 (-9) – 21.4 ppg
    Red Zone Offense – #33 (+5)
    Scoring Offense – #36 (-2) – 33.3 ppg
    Rushing Defense – #46 (-9) – 139.7 ypg

    It would be great to beat UM going into the Bucket game. If IU wins out this year including the bowl game 2020 should be a lit up season the experience from this year and the returning players next year, even better if Cronk returns.

  8. And for the rest of the story . . .
    Kickoff return defense 21st
    Kickoff returns 100th
    Punt return defense 103d
    Net punting 71st
    Punting 114th
    So Inge’s charges can cover kickoffs, but that’s about it.
    And at the doorstep of the rest of the coaching staff . . .
    Fewest penalties 81st
    Fewest penalty yds 91st

  9. Davis: Thanks for sharing. This list clearly shows why they can’t close. My question to Allen: How can you justify keeping a position coach(s) on the staff that’s responsible for these numbers. We don’t see any rush of 5 and 4☆ recruits, so it can’t be losing a top recruiter. What’s worse, this is supposedly Allen’s specialty.

  10. You know, there are some folks who see the world as the glass half empty and others who see it as half full. For some folks IUFB could go 10-2 and they would complain about the 2 losses.

    This year IUFB won 7 games for the first time since 2007 when Lynch won 7 with Hep’s team that should have won at least 9. This is only the 7th time in the last 40 years IUFB has won 7 games. TA accomplished a winning season in his 3rd year, it took Mallory 4 seasons, and it took Corso 7 seasons. Yet we still have some out there who still see the glass half full. Instead of looking for all the faults, it might be useful to appreciate the little bit that has been accomplished. For IUFB it never comes easy.

  11. I’m tickled that IUFB is 7-2, but do agree with Brad about Inge. He’s been the special teams guy for six years now, the last two years the special teams dedicated coach, and the kicking game is still lousy. Headhunt the best MAC, Conf. USA, or Mountain West (or whatever) special teams coach, fer cryin’ out loud, and make him an offer. It would triple his paycheck to coach at IU.

  12. Davis, the ST have been a drag on the team for the time coach Inge has run them. Some have said he is a good LB coach but our LBs didn’t get good until coach Allen became DC. Coach Inge is well respected on the recruiting trail and coaching circles but you have to wonder how long IU can continue to let the ST lag behind. By the way, I wonder on the KO return numbers how much it reflect RT tackles taking down runners before they can reach the blockers. RT routinely makes these tackles stopping returns before they get started.

  13. I’m not seeing what all the fuss is about regarding special teams? The kicking game is O.K.. Our kicker has kicked the ball out of bounds a few times, and that can’t happen, but otherwise, I’m not seeing any reasons to fire Inge. Our punter is on the “watch list” and has been good at downing the ball inside the 20 all year. Our freshman long-snapper is one of the best in the country. Our field-goal kicker is perfect so far. I’m not seeing Kick-offs or punts returned for touchdowns. So what’s all the fuss about?

    Last week two individuals made stupid mistakes on special teams plays. Those mistakes probably cost IU the game. Never try to field a bouncing ball after a punt, and I’m sure Philor has been told that a million times since he was in HS. That mistake is on Philor. As for the time-out followed by the fake punt, that debacle was a train wreck from top to bottom, and IMO the coaching staff deserves the blame. But aside from those painful errors, I don’t see IU’s special teams play being so bad that the coordinator deserves to be fired.

    1. Nor do I. In fact it is damned apparent ST’s have improved or the past 3 seasons. Kick/punt coverages were weak and vulnerable as recent as last year are now acceptable. Blocked kicks and punts aren’t events I hold my breath about anymore. Inge/Allen have made a positive difference.

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