1. For all you cupcake complainers on the schedule and dazzled by the recruiting prowess of the Duke and Kentucky’s of the world, you might want to take note. It happened again last night, this time to Duke on THEIR home court. Lowly Stephen F Austin #263 took down mighty Duke with all their highly rated recruits, just like Evansville did to KY. Goes to show on any given occasion, you can’t take any Mid-Major lightly, cupcake or not!

  2. Yeah….It only took 150 games for Duke to lose to a non-conference cupcake at home. Leave the light on.
    I think the real point is exposure. While other notable basketball programs of new elite…and old elite…and new semi-elite…and old semi-elite familiarity(or simply many who have made some noise in the NCAA tournament the last decade or two) play to national audiences on the ESPN networks, we go uninvited to the pre-Thanksgiving holiday basketball festivities and bring our fan base an early dose of triptaphan by playing South Fartington State.

    What ever happened to exposure for Indiana Basketball? Did we also lose that because of Bob Knight? Our banners built the BigTen Network….and that’s where we live. But national exposure is where it’s at. Wouldn’t we all love to see the candy stripes in one of these many nationally televised tournaments (Maui, Atlantis, Legends, etc, etc)? Have we become so forgotten as we belch away on the sofa pretending our dull schedule is a choice?
    We may attempt to convince ourselves to be protecting our record(from those ghastly upsets experienced UK and Duke) or easing freshmen through the bakery schedule of eclairs, cupcakes and powdered sugar cream horns to make them more confident before getting the slaps of reality from fierce competitors…
    But the reality is most of our “legendary” status left the holiday dinner table with Bob Knight. He brought the audiences…And for all those who thought it was bad exposure, it was still exposure. And banners along with Knight’s wit and brash personality made the Establishment hate us all the more. I loved it. I loved to see those cocky kids from Indiana(many from our home state) play with grit and a chip on the soldier. People around the world knew the candy stripes.
    Now it’s our fifth game with another South Fartington State while the school of Magic Johnson prepares to play the alma mater of Bill Walton. Exposure.

  3. Giving Thanks to Andre Patterson, his 39 reaching his peak though disappointing thereafter and IU taking down Duke in Pre Season NIT 1996, and other successes in Thanksgiving tournaments. Yes IU lost some, but IU basketball along with BK making some kind of news sure were fun and exciting for most IU basketball fans. Pre-Seasons past that IU was on the big stage as in what is now long ago,
    “A Thanksgiving Carol.”

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