Indiana falls to No. 12 Michigan, 39-14

When Indiana senior Reakwon Jones was asked for his initial reaction to a 39-14 loss to No. 12 Michigan, the word “surprised” came to mind.

Surprised, because during a four-game Big Ten winning streak, and even in a loss at No. 9 Penn State last week, the Hoosiers seemed to be building toward a greater potential.

Surprised, because early in Saturday’s second quarter, IU held a 14-7 edge on its visitors from Ann Arbor, executing at a level that could lead to a coveted win over a top 25 team.

But when the first cracks in the Hoosiers’ good fortune appeared, it quickly turned into a flood of mishaps and misfortune. Behind 21-14 at the half, an 18-0 landslide in the third quarter sealed IU’s fate.

It started with a fourth-and-1 opportunity on Michigan’s 32, which was bumped back by a holding penalty. The Wolverines accepted the punt, then quickly scored on a 76-yard catch-and-run by receiver Nico Collins.

Two possessions later, Michigan linebacker Josh Uche bent around a corner and walloped IU quarterback Peyton Ramsey for a strip sack and recovered the fumble.

Collins scored on the very next play. Again.

And at the very end of that terrible third quarter, running back Stevie Scott and left tackle Matt Bedford were both on the ground, injured. Scott limped off. Bedford needed a cart to wheel him off the field.

A team that has, since a blowout at the hands of Ohio State, battled in meaningful Big Ten games and dominated lesser foes, was buried by a burgeoning Michigan squad. The Wolverines, winners of their last four games by an average margin of 30-plus points, were just better.

But the Hoosiers (7-4, 4-4 Big Ten) certainly expected better.

“I believe we could have won every game this year, that’s how much I believe in the program, the coaches, the players, stuff like that,” Jones said. “It just depends on how we come out, how we execute, what’s our mindset and everything. I guess today we weren’t as locked in as we thought we were, and we didn’t execute some of our calls the way we should have executed them.”

There were a number of maladies for IU in a harsh defeat, but none loomed larger than the Hoosiers’ inability to stop the Michigan passing game. Senior Shea Patterson tied the Wolverines’ single-game record for touchdowns, tossing five scores to go along with 366 yards.

Collins, a 6-foot-4, 222-pound junior, had six receptions for 166 yards and three touchdowns.

IU coach Tom Allen came into the week concerned about the Wolverines’ athletes at receiver. And when the Hoosiers sent a blitz, he knew the secondary would be in some difficult positions in coverage, especially if the blitz didn’t get home.

But the difficulty of IU’s task didn’t give Allen any solace postgame.

“You got to do a great job of bodying guys up and positioning yourself to go get the football,” Allen said. “And they got some big guys … but I just was not pleased with the way that we competed for those footballs. To me, we got to come up with some of those.

“They were just better than us tonight, unfortunately.”

Offensively, a turnstile of rotating pieces didn’t help matters. Ramsey, who was shaken up on a first-quarter hit to the ribs, was able to hang in for a 17-of-29 effort for 217 yards.

But with leading receiver Whop Philyor in street clothes as he continues to recover from a concussion, it didn’t help that fellow junior Ty Fryfogle was in and out from the slot due to various dings. Scott and Bedford’s injuries were a cruel end to a devastating third quarter.

Michigan’s defensive line, big and athletic, showed no remorse for the Hoosiers’ woes. They just kept coming.

“They were just able to push the pocket,” Ramsey said. “They had big, strong, fast guys, and the way they all complement each other up front, those D-linemen, they were able to cause problems for us.

“Give all the credit to those guys. That’s a really good defense. But there were times we just had to be better.”

IU wasn’t completely ineffectual. The Hoosiers were able to get out to an early lead. They finished with 19 first downs.

But Michigan (9-2, 6-2) was able to rack up 453 yards to the Hoosiers’ 321, striking with the big play. IU’s offense just couldn’t capitalize in key situations, either, including that fourth-and-1 erased by Bedford’s holding penalty.

“We moved the ball,” Ramsey said. “That wasn’t the issue. it was just a play here, one guy, two guys, weren’t able to execute, and that was the difference.”

Disappointment is something the Hoosiers will have to quickly dispense with. Next week is important.

Not only will they look to head off a losing streak before heading to an eventual bowl game, but they will have a rival, Purdue, across from them — a rival that has kept the Old Oaken Bucket two years in a row.

“We’re not going to spend a lot of time on this game, to be honest with you,” Allen said. “We’re going to move forward, move ahead because we know what’s coming.”


  1. Would have been nice to at least compete in this one. They clearly dominated from the early 2nd on. Michigan continues its ascendant play of late. It felt like an elite team playing a mediocre one. Probably an accurate assessment. Now the bucket game become, IMO, a must-win. Otherwise, you back into a bowl game. 3 straight losses would take a lot of luster off the season.

  2. Never been more disappointed. I packed up the family to go out in the cold and rain to see our team not compete. Just blown away with disappointment!

  3. Dear Indiana Football. Show up to a big game for once.

    Sad thing is, this year is the best experience you get as an Indiana football fan.

  4. When highly talented players that make up a team and coaching starts getting them to playing to their potential puts Michigan on a level or two above IU both, talent and physicality.

  5. God bless PR for his grit, courage and effort. He tried his best today and gave it everything he had. But after MI took IU’s measure in the first quarter, PR’s lack of arm talent was just not going to threaten an excellent and mature defense like Michigan’s. Of course, PR didn’t’t have a lot of time to throw today, but I believe IU would have scored more points if Penix was the QB.

    Purdue will be tough.

    1. When you don’t have a deep, quick, accurate throw in your offense, a solid defense just can shut you down (I think 4 X 3 and outs). IU really misses Penix! So why won’t we let Tuttle throw the ball in mop up time? He needs the reps.

  6. Good and accurate comments by the posters above. Here’s what bothers me, I have been an IU fan for 55 years. As this program is supposedly improving, I can’t remember when IU has ever had a really good defense. They seem to always have a decent offense but, they can’t seem to find or recruit good solid defensive players? This game was a good example, we score on our first possession and they immediately drive right down and score. The only way we can win a game against a really good team is by outscoring them. When we scored and they came down and scored and then we are something like 3 and out and then they score again. I knew at that point this game was over! Same old same ol……it never changes. This is what makes it hard to be an IU football fan. I know we are bowl bound but, D-Bone is right! We could wind up backing into the bowl game if we stumble against Puck-du…….Go Hoosiers!

  7. My condolences to Pat and his family and everyone who paid to sit there in those conditions and be subjected to that performance. ESPN ran the graphic that Michigan has, in its entire history, passed for 5 TD’s in a game, twice. Both against IU. In 2015 and today. Let that soak in a moment….SHELBY and INGE need to be replaced and noticeably upgraded, like years ago,…or as soon as the end of season coaching turnstyle begins. Maybe the worst special team coverage and pass defense in FBS. When you’re 1 and 38 against an annual foe, your program has deeeeep, deeep problems. Just think, P at 4-7 will possibly be a 1-2 point favorite next week. How pathetic is that?

  8. The way I look at it, when we reeled of some wins over the B1G’s week sisters, the line was it was a big deal because “we don’t ever even do that”. And I was okay with that line of thought because there’s a lot of truth to it.

    We should have won in East Lansing, but we clearly just don’t have the horses to get that win over a top-level program. So I view this year’s bucket as a prove it game in the sense that it’s another winnable game. The type we haven’t traditionally gotten, but we have this year. I think you need that one more – in a rivalry game no less – to show that, while we’re clearly not knocking on the door of the traditional B1G powerhouses, we are seriously on the rise above being a traditional doormat.

  9. It really was disappointing that the team could not compete for more than a quarter. Like pretty much everyone else on this site, I thought this game would be close and that IU had a chance for that signature upset that never comes. I don’t have many years left to wait for it.

    I think our defense will have a hard time slowing down PU’s offense guided by their 3rd string QB. If Stevie Scott can play, he should run for a lot of yards, but I have my doubts that he will be available.

    When Mc Fadden intercepted that pass with 4 or so minutes left and TA or KD put Jack Tuttle into the game, I couldn’t believe that they basically ran out the clock. Tuttle threw one short swing pass and handed the ball off the rest of his time in the game. There was one game early in the year where Tuttle actually threw the ball several times and had a TD pass dropped, but the rest of the time he has played he just handed the ball off. The coaching staff sure hasn’t prepared him to carry the load if PR gets hurt and they sure haven’t given him any reason to stick around next year. I just think Tuttle has been handled very poorly by the coaching staff.

    One last comment. I don’t think the bowl scouts were impressed with the team or IU fan support.
    A loss at PU would put IU down as the last choice of the bowl committees.

  10. Did anyone else catch ESPN’s great camera shot of the lone Hoosier father up in the empty stands with no one but his kid snuggled up against him? He had his young toddler zipped up underneath his own coat…(kid’s head was sort of popping out like a kangaroo in a pouch). Cutest damn thing in the world.
    Dad was doing all he could do to stop the ‘breakthrough’ of the cold damp air.

    1. H for H: Yes it was. I mentioned it to my ‘P’ friend on the phone after the game (he was suffering watching the game in Madison). We both agreed that knowingly or not, ‘dad’ was imparting stage one of a lifelong ‘disease’ that would frustrate that little guy his entire life, not unlike most everyone on this site. A cure of course would have daddy transferring jobs to Columbus or Ann Arbor.

  11. At the end of the season and a discussion or 2 pops up about which B1G team improved the most over the season only 2 teams need be mentioned, the Gophers and Meatchicken. 6 games ago I would have said that team up North had maybe a 5% chance beating Bucks. Today I would call it 1 in 3. They have talent everywhere along with incredible size at the LOS. Still believe Ryan and crew have way more playmakers on the O & D whether playing with the lead or from behind. But I’m still going to watch closely. Also kinda think PUke and IU pretty close to even on D with the edge to IU. But the Hoosiers have a much more balanced offense than the PUkes which should lead to the Hoosiers creating some takeaways. We’ll see but IU should be in a fitting, fighting frame of mind. Allen will see to it. POTMFPUkes.

  12. I had my hopes for a win this game, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Michigan has been firing on all cylinders for the last month and as much we all love Ramsey for being Ramsey, it remains that Ramsey is Ramsey and thus not hard to figure out. And with the IUO off the field, the shaky IU secondary has lots of opportunities to be exposed.

  13. The outcome of this game was really no surprise, it was determined the moment MP was done for the season. IUFB has been extremely fortunate this season to have the ball bounce their way 7 times. Whether or not it does so again this year remains to be seen. When the year began, look at the schedule, we all wondered where 5 wins would come from. With a resurgent Neb team and a defending B1G west champion on the schedule, Maryland looking like world beaters early on, in reality, 5 wins were in doubt.

    With a young defense, everyone knew this year, just like last year, the onus would be on the offense to put up enough points to stay in games. The best hope of that would be an explosive offense with a QB capable of spreading the field. Without that capability, bad things happen. When you have no downfield threat the defense’s job becomes incredibly easy. You load the box and punish the rb’s and receivers. Last week we lost Whop on a dink and dunk play. This week we got Ty banged up on a dink and dunk play. You keep running SS into 8,9, and 10 men in the box, what do you think is going to happen???

    When a defense has the luxury of being able to stack that many players so near the LOS, whether you run or pass is meaningless. The same schemes can easily stop a run or sack a QB. When the defense is terrified that they will not be able to get to the QB before the ball is already downfield, it changes the entire paradigm. It also relieves a whole lot of wear and tear on your OL. The biggest need for IUFB at this stage of the game is capable durable QB play. The only difference between this year and the last 2 years is 3 teams on the schedule did not measure up to expectations.

  14. I respectively disagree with a plurality of opinions re IU’s woes. The ‘ongoing theme’ seems to be the offense, with or without MP. This offense is more than adequate to win football games, even with its injuries. However, NO TEAM can win if opposing teams are comfortable in converting 3rd and whatever, 4, 5, 6, 12, 20 yards. If the opponent is essentially playing ‘pitch and catch’, it’s over. Secondly, identify another team in FBS that watches teams return kickoffs from five yards deep in the endzone? They are assuming they will get beyond the 25. No fear or respect for IU’s kickoff coverage. Until these 2 things are addressed (Shelby & Inge) NOTHING WILL CHANGE! Finally, TA’s over the top pre-game 1 man rah-rah motivational speeches (more like photo ops) have become almost weird. It indicates to me that he doesn’t feel, after even a week off, that his team is prepared to play.

    1. Brad,
      Before you get too far down the tracks you might want to look at some very interesting ncaa statistics as of yesterday’s results in defensive rankings for this year. You said, “This offense is more than adequate to win football games, even with its injuries.” Yes, the offense is good enough to win games, that is, depending on how good the defense is they play. Fortunately for IUFB this year, they played quite a few rather poor defenses.

      Starting with wins over the stalwart defenses of UConn #113, Maryland #107, Rutgers #104, Ball State #100, Nebraska #71, and Northwester #36 out 130 FBS teams. Oh, I did forget EIU #31 in the FCS which, as we all know are stats derived against not exactly stellar competition and with only 1 win. So let’s look at where the losses came from: Penn State #27, MSU #18, Michigan #4, OSU #1. In case you wondering if IUFB would have done any better with other schools from the west, maybe ILL #78, but likely with Iowa #13, MN #10, and Wisconsin #7.

      By the way IUFB comes in at the #30 defense, but no wins against any defense in the top 30 and only 1 win against a top 40 defense. No, IUFB does not have an offense which can win against anything other than a poor defense. IUFB has the possibilities of winning against all but the extreme elite B1G teams, but without a legitimate B1G caliber QB, the PSU’s and Iowa’s are going to be just slightly out of reach for IUFB. We saw how tantalizingly close IUFB was in the MSU game early in the season before the defense gained a little more experience, and in PSU game without the zebras, but without an offense capable of stretching the field IU will be lucky to win another game this year.

      1. thinkaboutit: You offer a number of solid statistical verifications that in ‘general’ explain IU’s ups ‘n downs.
        Zach Osterman, who covers IU tends to agree with most of my observations. In spite of being within a score of both heavily favored MSU and PSU, IU’s defense couldn’t get off the field because the SECONDARY got torched. Then there was the ST’s Phylor punt debacle.
        Michigan had 5 passing TD’s…only the 2nd time in school history,…oh, the other time….vs IU in 2015. When it comes to ‘technique’ in football, nothing is more teachable and critical than secondary coverage. It is grossly clear that whatever Shelby is ‘teaching’ doesn’t work. I want you to watch next Saturday. P is on it’s backup to the backup and I flat guarantee you, win or lose, Purdue (4 wins) will, like every other opponent, light up IU’s secondary. If not I’ll be on this page apologizing. If I’m right, I expect you to do the same.

        1. Brad,
          You’re falling into the same trap of blaming the entirety of the secondary’s woes on coaching as did those who blame prior year offensive woes on the OC. The problem in both cases is the talent and experience on the field. Not saying an upgrade wouldn’t hurt, but a coach can only do what the talent will allow. We have to remember IUFB’s best secondary talent are mainly freshmen, and their lack of experience will get exposed by an experienced and talented QB, which UM has.

          We have seen good coaching by DeBoer this year with the offense, but we have also seen that he too, has hit the same wall as his predecessor did in terms of what the talent will allow him to do. There is a reason why the nfl puts such a huge premium on the QB position, everything revolves around the possession of or lack of a franchise QB. It is not quite as noticeable in the college ranks, but it makes a huge difference in whether an average team can overachieve or not. IUFB is an improving commodity, but it order to take the leap up to seriously challenge elite teams in the B1G, stellar QB play is necessary.

          It was very very noticeable what IUFB could do when B1G caliber QB talent was on the field, the only problem was, right now, that talent is made of glass. Hopefully the S&C crew will work wonders in that regard.

  15. This is isn’t about what should have happened. Clearly, Indiana is the inferior football team versus Michigan. But, upsets happen all the time in college football. Since I’ve been on campus in 1995, we’ve upset a really good team exactly zero times. Zero. None times.

    This is still a better season than I’ve ever experienced at Indiana. But getting regularly smacked around by the better team is getting old.

    Tom Allen walks in to the IMU, giving away free tickets to people who just know what is coming. I feel bad for him in one sense, but in the other, he is responsible for turning this ship around. Wilson, Allen? Doesn’t matter. We still end up losing.

    Program is better, but long way to go. Very disappointed in the effort and execution in just about every aspect of the game yesterday. I think it’s ok to be extremely disappointed with yesterday’s results, as well as being hopeful for the future being this year.

    One more game left. This is a big one! So far, Tom Allen has lost every big game he’s coached. He needs this one to get a big monkey of his back. A 3rd loss in a row to a 4 win Purdue is unacceptable on every level.

  16. Our signature wins are in Braille…It converts to “we’ll get them next year.”

    Most troubling news I heard on yesterday’s Hoosier game broadcast was that there was ligament damage to Penix’s collarbone/sternum injury. I don’t know, man? Will Penix ever be able to play meaningful and sustained football?
    The quarterback position is so extremely important. We’ll either be back in this scenario next year(earning a doctorate in Dink ‘n’ Dunk)…or we’ll be trying to get an inexperienced Tuttle, or a new “iffy” prospect behind center up to speed.

    Well, the Harbaughs and Creans will enjoy extra gravy this Thanksgiving as football forever remains our turkey every repeating season.

  17. Granted, personally I did not see Indiana beating Michigan but was hoping for a more competitive game. Was I disappointed..yes, was a letdown by this team do? yes…Why? This team has given the IU fan more wins and provide the fan with “HOPE” and “EXPECTATION”. Now the question becomes has this team really improved or just grab the low hanging fruit (catching teams on a bad year). Remember Indiana has not beat any team with a winning record this year. An at the end of this year the IU fan should compare where this program is with the programs that hire coaches around the same time (Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue). All three of those programs have beaten a legitimate ranked top 10 football program in the last two years. Yes. I know Purdue is having a bad year(due to injuries) this year. If they stay health next year watch out. Minnesota and Purdue both have fairly decent recruiting classes coming in next year. Whereby Illinois and Indiana are currently very weak on the recruiting trail. Illinois lately has depended on the transfer portal. Anyway of these four programs which is heading in the right directions and which program looks to have staying power within their program (not a one year wonder), success in the future. Considering this is the first year for offensive cord DeBoer and defensive cord Wommack (did better than expected – how much help did Tom Allen provide) things look better. This years Purdue game will tell a whole lot about this far this program and coaching staff have come….A lost to Purdue will be a major set back, limping into the bowl game is not very impressive.

  18. If you have the ability to read recruiting #’s accurately you’d know IU is not doing poorly with 2020 class of commits. In fact for the # of commits they’re doing very well. The facts state so.

    1. Last year #38. So far his year #66. Last year BIG 8th. This, 11th.
      Only a max of 4 more spots available according to TA.

      1. Brad,
        For the most part, the team rankings you cite are irrelevant, which is what HC was referring to. The problem with basing everything on team rankings is that due to the size of the recruiting class, those ranks can become skewed. In some cases, they can skew greatly. The number you need to be looking at is the average player ranking. It paints a much clearer picture of the recruiting class quality, not merely quantity.

        When you look at the recruiting class on the basis of player quality you find that IUFB is recruiting fairly well against their peers. This increased quality of recruits actually has been a hallmark of TA’s recruiting. As it stands right now IUFB is in a virtual tie for the 4th-8th best recruiting class in the B1G. Only OSU, UM, & PSU have clear cut superior classes. IUFB is roughly in the middle of a 6 school pack all of whom are clearly above the 4 schools at the bottom.

  19. I don’t think any of us thought IU had turned into a B1G power but with the games since OSU IU had shown they competed better than past teams. This past game was disappointing but IU hung in there through a half until injuries impacted the team.

    Enjoy the wins this year and I hope we end up with 9 wins by the end of the season and bowl game. IU doesn’t have the talent yet to be up with the top teams in the B1G but has enough young talent to win games they should. IU needs to keep improving their depth but we need more talent like Mullen, Bedford and Ellis in future classes. Bedford did very well until he hit the freshman wall as he was playing games later than ever in his career against players better than he had ever seen before.

    The coaches have their work cut out for them as they need to rebuild the confidence this team had during the 4 game winning streak. Add in the injuries to work around and the team will need to be uplifted to play like they are capable of playing. It will take the team playing like they did against NW to beat PU. It is clear the team can play well but crashed after losing the PSU game. We will see how IU rebounds after the Michigan game going to Purdue playing for the Bucket and an 8th win.

    1. I wish I could share your positive outlook on this season, V13, but I don’t see this year as anything different than many under the Wilson era. Sure, the record will end up a winning record no matter what happens in the bucket game. But as it’s been noted by many posters repeatedly, our non-conference strength of schedule was beyond soft…Our four conference wins were against teams with a collective 4-28 in conference play(all bottom feeders of the East and West) . We dodged teams like Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
      Could things have been different with Penix? It’s possible. The bigger question may be just how much better would we have been with a quarterback behind Penix who could get the ball deep downfield?
      No corners turned. No signature wins against any team with an above .500 conference record.
      It’s almost unimaginable just how bad those four conference teams we played during our four game winning streak. Remove Nebraska(3-5) and the other three(Rutgers, Maryland, Northwestern) are a collective 1-23 in conference play. Ouch.
      We are kings against only peasants. We are mighty warriors against only mice. It’s a record to pound a chest, I hate to spoil it…We shined like porcelain when playing those familiar with the toilet. When big boys came to play, as usual, they had their way.
      Did the sun ever shine on IU Football..or did somebody on our schedule just momentarily readjust on the toilet seat and the light came briefly in?

  20. If Whop Phiylor had been wearing an Ohio State or Michigan jersey, 2 Penn State defenders would have been sitting out this week for targeting. Instead, no flag and Penn State ball. The playing field isn’t level, hasn’t been level, won’t be level. It’s hard to ignore that IU is always playing 11 on 12 in these types of games. IU will need to be 3 touchdowns better and that isn’t happening against an OSU, Penn State or Michigan which is why there hasn’t been a meaningful upset in more than 30 years. Unless the have nots of the league band together and demand honest officiating, nothing is changing. OSU probably doesn’t need the help to win the Big Ten, help they will get it anyway next week and in the championship game. OSU is going to the college playoffs no matter how many phantom calls it takes to get them there.

  21. Games that IU sometimes loses many say they could have won this game or that game. IU was close but lost a couple games they should have won. 2019 though Michigan State and Even Penn State comes to mind but who knows either one may have shifted into higher gear if needed to win game. It should be noted, though I felt IU was a little better in both games, Nebraska and Maryland games were both winnable for them vs IU that would have resulted in 2 IU losses.

    1. IU sometimes loses games that people thought it could have won. IU sometimes loses games I thought it should have won. In 2019, I felt IU should have won the Michigan State and Penn State games. But who knows? Either of those teams might have been able to shift into a higher gear if challenged. Consequently, Nebraska and Maryland could have just as easily won their games against IU. So perhaps IU’s 7-4 record is a appropriate.

    2. 123 — you are correct….the playing field is not level, has not been level and will never be level…just as things are in life. Some calls will always be missed on the field of play and with Indiana football history they will always be missed until the Indiana football team overcomes those error or miscues (missed penalty)…..I too dislike it when the ref’s blow calls, but miss calls happen in all games…An for the most part based on history the ref’s (according to fans) blow at least one or two penalty calls every year in a game that Indiana was competitive in (are about to win). What I do not get is the ref’s are so against the Indiana football program…that they fail to be against Minnesota when they beat Penn State, the ref’s failed to be against Illinois when they beat Wisconsin and last year the ref’s swallow their whistle when Purdue beat Ohio State….So it must be a concentrated effort by the ref’s to make bad calls against Indiana only. Lets just face fact “the team needs to go out and win the game and do not put the game in the ref’s hand.

  22. I will make this statement one more time this year. A few posters have talked about the weak IU defensive back’s play at times. I stated this earlier this year and here it is again, It was stated by so-called football experts before the season started that the strength of the IU team this year was their defensive backs! It was stated that they were VERY deep at that position and very good! Well, as usual all of that being stated was “Fools Gold!” The supposed strength of our defense is the same it has always been, “poor!”. other than Mullen, they couldn’t cover high school players! It is absolutely incredible how opposing receivers are running wide open deep in our secondary. Pathetic as usual. Just sayin……….Our so-called strength is as usual our biggest weakness!

  23. Said same thing about qbs ( (yes I am aware of MP situation…if this or that IU 21st motto/logo), receivers, and RBs. Truth is IU football like IU basketball needs improvement at all positions. Currently, IU football is competitive with bottom half of both divisions in big ten just like the rest of the bottom half of big ten are competitive with each other…and each year there is a couple exceptions. It will pretty much always be that way with the exception of that special season a time or two.

  24. I was a lot more upset about losing to MSU than I was about losing to MI. We matched MSU’s athletic talent, but we did not match their experience, and made too many stupid mistakes. But we did not match Michigan’s athletic ability. They were just physically superior athletes and in football, that usually generates a big win.

    But here’s the question I struggle with: does the Hoosier Nation deserve a better football team? The people who post passionate comments on this site deserve a better football team. I applaud your passion and loyalty whether I agree with your opinions or not. But IU secured a winning season weeks ago, but the Hoosier Nation could not fill Memorial Stadium’s 53,000 seats. We have the best team we’ve had in 11 years, but attendance at home games was still weak this season. Recruits are influenced by fan support, and it’s going to be tough to continue to recruit better players with such an apathetic fan base that can’t be bothered to go to IU home games. So let’s be honest, if the rest of the Hoosier Nation isn’t showing great support for Tom Allan’s team, how can we expect to ever get the players necessary to beat a team like Michigan?

  25. Answered your own question. IU is not going to get better players to beat Michigan type teams.
    Maybe, realistic improvement would be goal for that type win would to make it happen every decade (yes, 1 in 10). (maybe 1 for Mich and 1 for OSU). That would actually be a major improvement and a very very challenging goal for IU football. The way it is now is a win once over a quarter century.

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