No. 17 IU women upset No. 5 South Carolina

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands — Given the chance to make a statement, the Indiana women’s basketball team did so with an exclamation point on Thursday night.

The No. 17 Hoosiers outscored No. 5 South Carolina 24-6 in the fourth quarter to rally for a 71-57 upset in the opening game at the Paradise Jam.

It is just the fourth win against a top-five opponent in program history and the first since a 67-62 upset of No. 4 Ohio State on Jan. 31, 2010.

IU had started this season 4-0 but knew that this tournament would be a chance to prove something in the first two games against the 2017 national champion Gamecocks and defending national champion Baylor.

“We didn’t come here just to be part of this tournament,” Indiana coach Teri Moren said. “We came here to get wins and signature wins. After tonight, we’re off to a pretty good start.”

In the first half against South Carolina, Indiana (5-0) definitely got off to a good start. The Hoosiers trailed by just one at the end of a frantic first quarter and pulled ahead as the Gamecocks went cold in the second quarter for a 38-31 halftime lead.

Indiana was 14-of-26 from the field and 6-of-9 from 3 in the first 20 minutes while committing just six fouls defensively.

The bottom seemed to drop out in the third quarter, however. South Carolina (6-1) held IU to just 2-of-12 shooting from the field and drew eight fouls en route to a 51-47 lead that might have been larger but for 4-of-10 free-throw shooting.

The Hoosiers somehow righted the ship in the final quarter, outscoring their SEC foe 24-6 over the final 10 minutes, spurred by a defensive switch suggested by assistant coach Glenn Box.

“Box made a call in the fourth quarter to go 1-3-1, which stifled them a little bit,” Moren said. “We were really rolling the dice at that point, but they were 2-of-19 (from 3) and couldn’t capitalize on those 3s down the stretch. It was a risk, but as I tell the kids, sometimes you have to risk it all to have it all.”

The fourth quarter started with a 6-0 run by Indiana, capped by a Jorie Allen layup for a 53-51 lead.

The Gamecocks seesawed back in front on an old-fashioned three-point play by Zia Cooke, who but a Jaelynn Penn jumper gave the Hoosiers the lead for good.

It was 59-56 when another 6-0 spurt all but sealed the outcome, the start of a game-ending 12-1 run by Indiana. Aleksa Gulbe split a pair of free throws, Brenna Wise hit one of her four 3-pointers and Penn added a layup for a 65-56 lead with 2:42 left to play.

“The word tonight was toughness and that was us to a ‘T,’ no pun intended,” said Wise, who finished with 16 points to match Ali Patberg for team-high scoring honors.

Gulbe and Berger added 10 points apiece, while freshman Mackenzie Holmes had eight points and six rebounds off the bench.

There will be little rest for Indiana, which is back in action against the second-ranked Bears at 5:45 p.m. Friday.


  1. Another solid performance by the Hoosiers. Pretty much maintained their season stats although the 57 points allowed was the most this season. IU also left a dozen points on the table by not finishing lay ins and missing free throws. Just a typical well coached blue collar effort for this group. I expect a similar outcome against Baylor today.

  2. Great win for our girls against the # 5 team in the nation! Except for the 3rd quarter we shot the ball extremely well. It was apparent that we played with high intensity the whole game. One thing in this game that was a little worrisome was being out rebounded badly the course of the game. Also our free throw shooting was a bit lacking but, our overall play was at a level that it needed to be to beat such a good team. South Carolina coach Dawn Staley is the up coming USA coach for our Olympic team, so not only did we win a big game but we beat a great coach doing it. Today’s game will be the same thing with Baylor, ranked # 2 in the country and defending National Champs coached by Kim Mulkey, another great coach. The task at hand is difficult but, last night’s game obviously should give this team the confidence that we can get it done! Very disappointed that Greg Murray mentioned during the game yesterday that tomorrow’s game against Washington St. will not be on the radio, that sucks!! Onward and upward!! Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Free throw shooting and rebounding on defense sucked but still pulled it out. One noticeable difference was IU Ladies bounced back and were playing strong and tough throughout entire game.
    Another note when you look at IU ladies roster it contains basketball players as in 2 Indiana Miss basketball players, a Maine top player with size and she is a player, an improved Berger as T. Moren stated, an improved Gulbe who as a freshman demonstrated ability that showed talent was there and now a year older and more experienced utility player as sophomore, and Wise has also grown and playing solid, Penn is steady, and Wilson is helping. So far IU ladies has demonstrated team improvement. IU ladies have some high profile, high ability level, use to success players.

  4. South Carolina has very high level talent high star recruits but IU has some themselves. May have been an upset but maybe not as much as an upset as it seems.

  5. I remember the 2010 game referenced here…
    It was during the last year or two of Coach Jack’s time at IU. We only had 9 players available to play, so it was a HUGE upset to beat the #4 team in the country.
    However, the win was essentially meaningless as there was not a single possibility of building on that win.
    Contrast that to last night.
    Not a huge upset, but this win shows that this team is ready to step up to the next level. A solid showing this evening against Baylor, and a win against Washington St should move us into the upper half of the top 25.
    Win out and we move into the top 20.

  6. I was thinking that if we had played SC tough lose by a couple points we would still rise in the rankings, but with the win even more so. I bit the bullet and paid the monthly fee to watch all 3 games and it is well worth it in the end. Probably a big plus we were able to get Boston in foul trouble , hurt their cause , helped ours. I always like to see opponents coaches comments , especially good teams after losses. Do they give credit to the other team or more about how badly their own team played, either way its interesting.

  7. I have not yet seen Coach Staleys post game comments to the loss , but if she doesnt give IU credit , then she is not the coach everyone says she is. I see some twitter commenters saying one-sided officiated game,,, SC did shoot 2-19 from 3pt land, some of that was due to IU’s defensive pressure. As for the fouls calls,, come on fans quit complaining you have to adjust to how the game is being called. Stop complaining and give IU their due, and you will either NOW or LATER.

  8. Often Officiating is focus from fans on losing end. How many times do Hoosier fans comment on men’s basketball and football officiating when on losing end. Human-fan etc nature rather than going out and winning game.

  9. Is this what it will take to get “fans in the stands” when they come back home or will it still be the measly 3500 ” who cares about the women” attitude for so long at IU. And what about Moren whos contract will expire at the end of season. Will IU let her go to another power 5 school who will pay her what she deserves, plus the players who will transfer if she goes elsewhere. She has built IU into an elite program, too bad the fan following doesnt match what she has done.

  10. Steve, been saying the same thing as you just stated. What is the holdup on giving our coach a long term contract? I still wonder why this school has no women’s fan support from the students when they get in free, doesn’t make any sense? As I stated earlier this year, now that we beat South Carolina, it should be noted as I have stated before, they have 14, 000 season ticket holders for women’s basketball much of which is their students…..where are our student supporters?? It was stated last year that IU had the largest student section season ticket holders of any school for men’s basketball which the students have to pay for. For IU women’s basketball games the students simply show their student ID and they get in free!! Where the hell are they?? The 3,500 attendees at IU women’s games are almost exclusively adults! The administration needs to sign our coach and the students need to get their collective butts in the stands to support this team!! The future of IU women’s basketball is bright as long as we keep our coach (sign her long term) and if the student body would support them! This current team has one senior (Wise) and will continue to be strong in the future knowing the coaching staff will continue to recruit quality players! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. In the handful of games I’ve attended I was amazed at the number of young girls, 8- 10- 14 yr old
      who see themselves as basketball players in the future not cheerleaders. Also the number of retirement center bus drop-off. Hard to beat the parking ease, the lower ticket prices and seat selection vs the men’s games. The whole environment just seems more intimate (?) that encourages fan involvement.

  11. IU Ladies program has been on rise since beginning of T. Moren tenure. Success and growth is still a little bit new. It will take a full season or two of these kinds of games and March Madness tournament deep runs. Maybe, a championship is looming in the future. However, IU ladies basketball program has hit its stride. It is now at a crossroads and now it is time for support to go in one direction or another… Glass and administration. T. Moren and staff are taking care of ladies basketball program. I think there could be some creative promotion of ladies basketball within university. Example; coordinate promotional activity with sororities and fraternities on campus and other school spirit activities. The coaching staff is to busy to do this but someone (group/s) outside of coaching staff need to spearhead this. Glass and administration needs to do their part. Then, keep winning and they will come. NIT was attended well and Indiana is always looking for a winner in basketball.

  12. How about scheduling a double-header men/women, works for hoosier hysteria. As has been mentioned there is great improvement amongst individual players in the program, noticable in last nights game was the early improvement of Mac in the post , pivot one way get the player in the air then back the other way for the easy lay in. Also the up and under move by Gulbe which I had not seen from her. Whether just natural instincts or work being done its great to see. So now its on to Baylor , show em who you are, Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!!!

  13. Steve W, check the ESPN story, I read the article in a hurry before heading out to shop this morning, what I read was her team’s foul problems and not being able to sub the normal rotations. As to tickets for the students, a ticket to an event is only worth to someone what their cost expended. The athletic department has spent on the men’s basketball and football programs and the men’s basketball program spent more money on recruiting last year than any other team by a wide margin and are still in the, “Cupcake” league. I posted last year about nothing being done on Coach Moren’s Contract, if the AD isn’t smart enough to pay for results, maybe the Coach will take her talent where it’s appreciated and move on and let I U miss out on the opportunity they now has. With the last year of the contract the buy outs go away and no real problem for another school to hire the coach.

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