Scott, Bedford’s status uncertain for Purdue

In the lead-up to a rivalry game at Purdue, Indiana coach Tom Allen was asked if left tackle Matt Bedford and running back Stevie Scott had practiced.

He didn’t give a yes or no.

“Just working through it. We don’t know yet,” Allen said Wednesday. “Rehabbing, working through the process of trying to get them ready.”

Both Bedford and Scott suffered lower-leg injuries on the second-to-last play of the third quarter versus Michigan. It remains unclear if they will be available for Saturday’s game in West Lafayette.

If Scott is unable to play, the Hoosiers would turn to sophomore Ronnie Walker and freshman Sampson James in the backfield, James, an Avon product, had nine carries in the loss to Michigan. Walker has carried the ball twice in the Hoosiers’ last five games but has caught four passes and been utilized in pass protection.

Bedford, a true freshman, has started at left tackle since Week 5 at Michigan State. He replaced senior Coy Cronk, who went out with a season-ending ankle injury versus UConn. If Bedford is unable to go, right tackle Caleb Jones would flip to left, and senior DaVondre Love would insert at right tackle.

Handling Thanksgiving

IU will practice in the morning on Thursday, which is different than in years past, Allen said.

But the holiday will be observed in some way, shape, or form for every Hoosier.

“I want them in somebody’s home,” Allen said. “So we’ve been working on this the last couple of weeks, either their parents are going to come with them and have time with them. And if they can’t do that, they are going to be in a coach’s home.

“We are going to make sure everybody is in someone’s home for Thanksgiving.”

Four-game rule eligibles

Heading into the last two games of the season, the Hoosiers still have a couple of freshmen who could play without risking their four-game redshirt status.

Defensive tackle C..J. Person, for example, has played in three contests to this point. Tight end Gary Cooper and defensive end Beau Robbins could play in both games without burning their freshman eligibility.

Robbins, in particular, has played more with the scout team this season but has moved into taking reps with the Hoosiers’ first- and second-team units late in the year, Allen said.

Allen also reiterated that receiver Da’shaun Brown, who played quarterback in high school, has flashed behind the scenes at practice. He has yet to play in a game.

“Da’shaun Brown is one, I know he hasn’t played yet, but I think he’s a guy, boy, he’s got a special talent,” Allen said. “He’s never really played the position at receiver but he’s going to be a guy that’s got a chance to be really special.”


  1. At this point IUFB biggest concern may be keeping TA. His name has come up again in connection with the FSU job. If it is serious, the biggest thing IU has going for it is the dysfunction that is the FSU administration. However, the IU administration has historically been the epitome of dysfunction. The question is, “Which dysfunctional administration does TA want to put up with if he is a serious contender for the FSU job.

  2. Sports agents are 1st and foremost promoters. Promoting and leaking are brother and sister. Leaking is hope, advertising, speculation and lying. Allen’s increases his paycheck in the same manner.

    1. Agreed HC,
      The only thing I have been concerned about with any HC that IUFB has hired, is if that coach should turn IUFB into a winner, virtually every program in the country would want that coach. The obvious rationale would be, if a FB coach can win at IU, they can win anywhere. Sad, but true.

      1. 100% confident AD Glass sees and believes what we do. He knows exactly who has put what little bit of shine there is on the IUFB brand. No doubt he already has and has had for sometime donors committed to step up and fund any $ amount he deems needed to keep Tom Allen happy in Bloomington. Can’t think any way else after seeing $ amounts he has raised for new and existing facilities. I’ve been around a long time and have never seen any other AD accomplish anything close to it and still turn over chunks of athletic income to the university. He is the ultimate agent for IU and other than a sizable expense account works for relatively middling income. “POTMFB!!!!!”

      2. There’s no chance FSU tries to hire Allen. After the Taggart saga, they’d never put themselves in that place, again.

        1. BD,
          If FSU doesn’t hire TA, that bodes well for TA’s Florida pipeline to continue. He’s not looking for the 4 & 5*, just the 3* players who would be backups at FSU but starters at most mid-tier B1G teams.

          1. FSU is looking for a proven program builder and winner, as well as a top flight recruiter. They’re also likely to want someone who can bring a high end staff of proven recruiters as well. None of those attributes would fit Allen at the current time. He’s not going anywhere, nor is he being considered.

  3. HC, as I’ve commented before based on my experience serving on several non-profit boards, it’s a lot easier to raise money for bricks and mortar projects (tangibles that will be around for a while) than it is for operating expenses (e.g., salaries) that go “poof.” But you’re right that Glass is dialed in the reality of retaining Allen, which includes, at this point, one winning season. Fluke or foundation?

    1. Agreed, somewhat apples and oranges. But I view AD Glass as calculating, vision driven and a very smooth personality. Asking for $ to pay the IUFB HC isn’t just starting. Groundwork for raising those resources started being laid long before Wilson got his 2nd contract. As you know from your board member participation budget expenditures and revenues are modeled repeatedly 5-7 even 10 years to the future. Lots of steak, golf, gin and trips coax donors into being managed willingly. I did it for over 3 decades. Glass’s past fits that profile to a T. A major reason he was hired.

      1. HC, no argument on that here. I think that Glass is doing a good job. Redoing Allen’s contract makes sense, but dropping $30,000,000.00 on him over the next five years (as Purdue did with what’s-his-name) based one good (by IUFB standards) year, would be, in my opinion, not in the best interest of the taxpayers, students, and the rest of the stakeholders in Indiana University.

        1. davis,
          There is only one danger to that, and we are watching something to think about play out this year. If LSU should win the national championship, their coach will be one Ed Orgeron. If you don’t know anything about this coach, you would not know that he was fired from the University of Mississippi. The knock on Orgeron was that he could recruit, but not very good on the X’s & O’s. Those folks at his former school can’t be feeling too good right now as they wallow in miserable football while the coach they fired may be on the way to a national championship.

          Another school which did something just about as bad would be FSU. You have a coach who wins you a national championship and you won’t give him what he believes he needs to stay competitive??? If Jimbo Fisher takes Texas A&M to a championship, how does that make FSU look? One last example, you have a basketball school who doesn’t do what was necessary to keep a good coach. So Bear Bryant goes south to a little ole school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but KY could have had the best of both football and basketball.

        2. Like I said I’m certain Glass has regurgitated the options hundreds of times. Like most of us do with our business.

  4. I believe coach Allen will stay here and with several things breaking the right way next year’s team will breakout and have a better season than even this year. If Cronk comes back and IU gets the Stanford grad transfer the OL could be a beast. Get Penix’s body strengthen up and avoiding injuries with young receivers with talent stepping up the offense could be very explosive. I hope Ramsey and Tuttle push hard to beat out Penix pushing all them to improve this off-season. Our RBs should improve due to more experience to go along with the passing game then it will be very tough to stop the offense.

    The defense will have the experience to improve and we need to get the secondary IE safeties to improve, this defense could be very good. I would like to see them use DEs differently as it is tough to rush the QB when you have to contact the OT and control the run first. We also need Campbell to step in at FG kicker and be a great kicker like it seems he can be. I would also like to see IU get a special game breaker that defense real work to stop but can’t control him.

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