Arkansas rallies past Indiana, 71-64

Indiana got away from what was working.

Arkansas kept doing the same thing whether it was working or not.

The consistency paid off for the Razorbacks, who rallied from an 11-point, second-half deficit on Sunday night for a 71-64 win over the Hoosiers at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

IU freshman big man Trayce Jackson-Davis was a man among boys in the first half, scoring 16 points despite hitting only 4-of-9 free throws. Indiana hit just 9-of-18 free throws for the game.

Behind the 6-foot-9 Jackson-Davis, the Hoosiers played to their strength, scoring 22 points in the paint to go with six free throws in the first 20 minutes, taking a 38-33 halftime lead.

He would score just four points on three shots in the second half, pacing Indiana (11-2) with 20. Devonte Green was the only other Hoosier in double figures with 14.

Arkansas (11-1), meanwhile, just kept launching 3s behind the duo of Isaiah Joe and Mason Jones. Joe finished with 24 points and six 3s, while Jones had 21 points and four 3s.

One thing that’s not IU’s strength is its backcourt depth, and that took a hit when Al Durham was ejected for a flagrant foul after replay review determined he threw an elbow. The Hoosiers missed the junior captain at both ends of the floor, especially down the stretch. Redshirt freshman Jerome Hunter sat out the game with a thigh bruise.

The second half started with a bang from Green, who had a layup and a pair of 3s as Indiana surged to a 50-39 lead.

But the Razorbacks’ relentless 3-point barrage offense rallied behind Joe. Arkansas got as close as 52-50 before the Hoosiers pushed the lead back out to nine at 61-52.

However, IU could never deliver the knockout blow. Instead, the Hoosiers would score just three more points, in part due to turnovers (eight of 14 in the second half) that allowed the Razorbacks to get some easy baskets in transition when the 3s weren’t falling.

The Hoosiers went through a drought of nearly five minutes that allowed Arkansas to tie the game at 61 before Armaan Franklin made one of two free throws with 3:17 remaining.

A Jones 3 on the ensuing possession gave the Razorbacks a 64-62 lead, and after a miss by Green, Jones hit his final 3 of the game to make it 67-62 with 2:01 left.

Franklin’s floater with 21.3 seconds left was the only field goal in the final 8:078 for Indiana, which now turns its attention to Big Ten play with a trip to Maryland on Saturday.


  1. We learned something about the intestinal fortitude of this team down the stretch. It’s incredibly lacking. A complete choke job. Coaching staff and players should be embarrassed. The last 7 minutes was a replay of the effort/execution from the WI game. Going to be a long and painful B1G season.

  2. How much patience will the fan base have with AM if the team continues to show little or no progress the remainder of the year?

  3. Pretty easy to sum this one up.

    1. Our guard play was simply atrocious. 26 pts. (Not too bad), 7 assists & 10 TOs. Green, Phinisee & even Franklin throwing passes to nowhere.
    2. They out scored us from 3 by 21 pts. 36 – 15. Just 5 guys jacking up 3s all night.
    3. They hit 9 FTs. & so did we.

    Game Over. Disappointing to say the least.

    Shocking to me that we completely failed to exploit our inside advantage in the 2H after completely destroying them inside in the 2H. CLEARLY they made the adjustments on the defensive end to change our rhythm & we simply had nothing.

  4. Archie, his staff and his players should be embarrassed by their shooting performance. This may be the worst shooting IU team I’ve ever seen. Shooting 23.8% from 3-point range and 50% from the free throw line is just terrible. That is not going to win very many games. And even though IU had a clear size advantage, we missed countless shots deep in the paint.

    Archie got out-coached tonight. Arkansas has no size and little depth, but they came into Bloomington and out-played IU. Unless some of his players improve their shooting skills quickly, this will be another mediocre season that ends in the NIT.

    1. Crean’s first team made up mostly of players who hadn’t been offered a scholarship by any schools by May 15th shot 33% from 3 for the season.

  5. Hope Durham’s IQ has gone up about 40 points after the boneheaded play he pulled and made the whole team suffer for.

  6. Looks like Hunter was on the bench wearing street clothing, our senior leadership is a joke. A long winter awaits I U Men’s basketball fans,

  7. Tonight it became quite obvious why IU was not ranked in the top 25 in spite of being 11 – 1 entering the game.

    Does anyone else remember when IU’s home court advantage was almost insurmountable? Those days are long gone. Evaluating the present and looking ahead to next year, I’m not seeing anything that inspires confidence that this program will be significantly improved.

    1. Being Abe to take and to hit 35%+ of your 3’s is a big part of the “home court” advantage!

  8. Just when I think I am beginning to like this team (my post agreeing with H.C. after the N.D game), Durham (of all players!) shows the thuggish mentality of a complete and utter moron, throwing an elbow after getting picked. I’m GLAD he was ejected, I cannot root for such behavior. Yes, our Home Court Advantage, with our Referees calling it for us the entire game, is “the usual”, and we have the fan base to justify getting the Call at home. But Arkansas can shoot the ball “basketball-wise”, and stuck it to our prima donnas who cry after every call that does not continue to give them an unfair advantage. Great to see if one enjoys “the game of basketball”, which I do.

    This Big Ten Season is going to be wonderful, and will showcase just how tough this team is.

    I’m looking forward to the Big Ten Season!!!!!

  9. Durham, Smith and Green…and DeRon Davis (if Archie ever allows him off the bench again) are not Beanie Babies. I like to think of them as Creanie Babies. They have small ‘babyish’ basketball IQ’s. They play like overanxious toddlers always too wired (maybe too much time in daycare centers during Sunday school).
    Until Archie has a squad made up of entirely his own recruits, the product on the court will be somewhat sabotaged by the irreparable bad habits of the Creanie Babies holdovers who (a) simply can’t get it…or (b) don’t want to get it.

    Very ugly basketball…It’s better to have flunkies so you can clean house. Archie is dealing with prima donnas who are likely decent in a classroom but stubborn fools on a basketball court. Time to get tough, Mr. Miller. If you let this team run you, then you were wrong for the job. Zero continuity. It’s time to nail some butts to pine and leave them there to watch for a game.

    You should have pushed some of these guys off the roster two years ago…as Crean did with Abell, Etherington, Creek, Hollowell, Holt, Davis etc, etc. Your loyalty to them is not being appreciated. They are taking advantage of your soft heart. It’s a ruthless profession…and you, Archie Miller, need to take a page out of Crean’s ruthless playbook. Should have cleaned house, my friend. Should have started as close to fresh as possible…It would have been better for the prima donnas as well. They are learning nothing here.

  10. Terrible coaching job! Very little to feel good about regarding the future of the basketball program. If we are being honest, the only current player that would start for one of the top programs is TDJ. Brunk would see significant minutes either as a starter or off the bench. There is no other player. That’s it and that explains the problem.

  11. Why was Jerome not available?? Is this guy becoming the 2nd coming of Deron Davis ( injury after injury?) Archie needs to adopt a little Knight and start chewing some ass on the sideline

  12. Reality slapped us all in the face tonight…Better get busy on a set of cue cards, Archie. This is the same daycare center basketball we witnessed as Crean’s momentum faded and the wins mostly attributable to landing Zeller finally lost its steam.
    Devonte Green vs. Verdell Jones III….? I’m still on the fence as to which is more dysfunctional…and which guy would be more fitting to receive the ‘Hot Dog of the Year’ award…? Which is more worthy of the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy Award’ because their major contribution is a turnover waiting to happen?
    Which is more Jekyll & Hyde nearly every other play? Good play…Bad play…Good play…Bad play…Good play…Bad play.

    Well, not all is lost…We may be able to squeak out wins at Northwester and Happy Valley.

    I must have been nuts to think this bunch could play like a team.

  13. With 8:08 left, we scored our last FG before we laid one in down 7 with ~ 0:25 to go. Almost 8 min. w/o a FG. Over that period we were out scored 18-3. We can’t beat ANY team that hits 3s with that kind of lapse.

    I think this is where we missed Durham the most. It seems that when the offense sputters at least he drives & creates.

    Very reminiscent of the ND game, only this time, the opponents kept hitting bombs & attacking us. This IU team just doesn’t have that killer instinct. No force of will to just run away from an opponent mainly because there are too many bad shots, unforced errors & nonchalant offensive possessions like we’re running 4 corners w/o corners.

    I’m with you H4H, I’d play the guys I recruited at this point because they have the most to gain from more PT. They’re the ones who are going to help me downstream.

    We got 0, nada, zilch from Durham (on his own doing), Phinisee, Franklin & Demezi on the offensive side of the ball. And what we did get from Green he gave back with dumb passes & TOs.

    Finally, I’d probably make my own statement as the coach & sit Durham @ MD., just to make sure he got the message loud & clear that “We don’t play that way”. Plus, we’ll likely lose, which should build some sense of responsibility in the kid if he’s worth anything. We need leadership & maybe that’ll help generate some.

      1. That was an uncalled for cheap shot! Totally unwarranted! Al usually is our hardest playing guy on the roster. But it was a boneheaded play!

  14. Green should argue his turnovers only count as 1/2 turnovers. Why? Because only a “whole turnover” catch teammates by total surprise. Green’s teammates expect him to turn the ball over … He commits a more favorable 1/2 turnover because a teammate is already leaning/hedging to head the other direction and get back on defense knowing the possession is about to end. There is no element of surprise. We should probably just keep somebody back(sort of like a safety in football) when Green has the ball.

  15. Well, I’m already over this one & what helped me was looking at our 8 games in Jan.

    It will be a “success” in my world if we go 5 – 3. With games @ MD., @ Rutgers, @ MN, @ PSU, @ NB & home vs. NW, MSU & MD, it’s time to look forward. The rear view isn’t going to help at this point.

  16. This is the 21st century image of IU men’s basketball. Bob Knight peak years and even some non peak years when opponents played IU at their place and especially at home…opponents were intimidated or at least IU men’s basketball was highly respected. That’s all gone and has been gone long time ago. Now, teams look at IU men’s basketball and mark it on there schedule as a win. It’s a must win game for opponents. No fear, not intimidated, no respect. Many recruits IU tries to recruit feel the same way or have same mind set. It’s marked the men’s basketball program and is identified as such. IU men’s basketball program both players and coaches which make up 21st century IU teams haven’t had the ability and do not have the ability to back up with its play what was once a rich tradition. Not anymore. That is what I mean when I say IU problems run much deeper than any one player/s. There is no end in sight. This game was the battle of weak non conference schedule teams.

  17. IF practices are “competitive” ; I have to wonder REALLY??? because our “shooters” shoot so tentative its like they never had a hand in their face including practices…maybe Archie needs to make practices a “Battle ground” and stop making them walk throughs..These guys make “SMORES” resemble steel sheeting. Archie…LIGHT A GD FIRE UNDER JUSTIN SMITH”S BUTT ..It seems when teams collapse into the middle Justin Smith feels the need to go WAY outside and become 6’8″ statue…might as well sell him a ticket for all the involvement he doesn’t have

  18. It appears that their non-con schedule has prepared them well for a Wednesday night game at the B1G tournament. 9 conference road games await.

  19. How can a team play for an 8 minute span without a field goal at HOME? Free throw % 9-18…50% The team was 5 for 21 from 3 point land……Green was 4 for 12 from 3 point land….Good grief!! This is going to be a long season!! Where have all the shooters gone? As it turns out, we have shooters just no makers…..:-( Green must think he is the re-incarnation of Jay Edwards because he thinks he can solve all problems with a forced 3 pointer?? Very disappointing game to say the least!!

  20. Green took over 27% of the total I U shots last night. Did the I U Women basketball team play this week end??? Yes they did and beat Michigan State no report on this blog, maybe a staff shortage due to the Football Bowl Game?

  21. 247 Sports report a number of prospects visit IU for the game. Top 30 guy and #1 rated point guard. Ouch.

  22. We beat the heck out of them in first half by taking it low. If Brunk could do anything we would have been up by 15 at half. Another “quality” transfer brought in by Archie. With such success in the first half we come out in the second and start launching up 3 pointers. Could not believe what I was seeing.

    I am disappointed with Archie in so many ways, he is in deep water and over his head. But his lack of control over his players is what shocks me most. I understand “control” it is very difficult in today’s basketball world but I thought Archie may be different. He is not.

    We will not be going to the NCAA, perhaps not even the NIT.

    Archie’s recruits are largely misses. Excluding Jackson-Davis last night his recruits were 9-25 shooting, 1-9 three point attempts, 8 turnovers.

    If you thought Crean was bad, what does it say when 3 of his recruits are still starting 3 years later.

    This has been a train wreck, most people can’t see it through the Crimson colored glasses.

  23. When you play an opponent who starts 4 guards you have to be able to counter that with your own form of ‘small ball’. Coach Miller had no way to neutralize that offensive threat after Co-Captain Durham installed his ‘idiot ball’ playing style. So that left Rob who hasn’t practiced much the whole season, Crean’s main ‘hotdog’ showoff and a Frosh who is fairly cool and smooth but still only a Freshman. Not leaving many options for Coach Miller except for him to run Durham right into the hardwood the 1st 2 days this week. All the while wearing out his ear.
    Keep remembering RMK’S answer when asked about IUBB hiring Archie Miller. …Indiana has the right man if they’ll give him time… I feel the same way. Hope we’ve got the patience.

  24. ONLY if Durham sits out for at least one game will I be ready to give Archie time. Someone (Podunk?) stated Archie is “a nice guy” earlier…..well, all I care about is a Coach who (as AWinAZ so eloquently stated): “Finally, I’d probably make my own statement as the coach & sit Durham @ MD., just to make sure he got the message loud & clear that “We don’t play that way”.

    Let’s see how Archie handles this, and go from there.

    As for predictions, let’s begin by stating that it will be a Major Surprise if this squad wins any game not at Assembly Hall. This squad of prima donnas TOTALLY depend on homer referees….when the call gets even (as it did the last 7 minutes of this game), they fold like chairs.

  25. Sit Al! That’ll solve Rob being 85% fit, Green’s bipolar play/results and a Frosh being a Freshman. Maryland will absolutely fall in love with that move.

  26. Future incoming recruiting classes actually have fallen off since last year’s class. Unless A.M’s first couple recruiting classes can turn for the better (in a big way) there is not much coming to improve things except competitive games with Rutgers, Illinois, Northwestern, Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota and weak pre conference teams plus NCAA bubbling team or trips to in NIT. I suppose that puts IU basketball in top half of college teams in the country (maybe a top 100 -125 ranking).

  27. After sleeping on this embarrassing loss, I’ve put some extra sugar in my coffee to go along with some sweet explanations for a letdown game:

    a) Franklin’s emergence against ND disrupted the order of things (as in prima donna order) in the backcourt. May also sort of explain Durham’s attitude (though certainly not, in any way, excusing it).
    b) Basically another dull opponent at Skjodt. It’s not difficult to get up for a game against UK in December.
    Games against Nebraska and Arkansas? Not so much. These are known as anagram games for places you’d never want to live…because they are SO FRIGGIN’ BORING. Yes, ‘Arkansas’ can almost become an anagram for ‘Nebraska’…and vice versa. I haven’t totally worked it out, but I think they are more than interchangeably dull places.
    c) Students on break means ‘Assisted Living’ crowd in Bob Knight sweaters and tea drinkers in the sky boxes. More excitement and buzz. Can you feel it?
    d) A Bloomington kid staying in Bloomington for Christmas/New Year’s week is not really a Christmas gift. Going home for the holiday or a game at NYC Madison Square Garden would be a Christmas gift. An Arkansas kid leaving Arkansas for Christmas to play in Bloomington? Hell, that is more fun than watching Bill Clinton play the saxophone….for Monica Lewinsky.
    e) Very gray ugly days of late add to lovely dormancy of brown trees and no leaves of green and skies of blue to offset Limestone Hall ….Rainy spurts with weird unseasonal temps and no sunshine adds to the doldrums of a dull game with dull opponent that will never be broadcast on ESPN.
    f) All of Bloomington is deeply depressed on the announcement of Fred Glass’s departure. It’s hitting almost as hard as knowing McCracken will never be renamed Crean & Crimson Court.
    g) Knight is back in town…and we just don’t know what to do. It’s leaving us in a funk. Do we throw him a party knowing how long we bitterly spat at his name during the Crean years? He’s like the loud-mouthed relative you thought you’d never have to see again suddenly moving down the street. Do you send him an invitation for the Christmas party….or just keep ignoring him until he’s so senile he just won’t know the difference?

    Best I can do, folks. I may just need to turn to scripture….because hoops died as an Indiana’s religion decades ago. More football…More scripture.

  28. chuck 81, your comment, “If you thought Crean was bad, what does it say when 3 of his recruits are still starting 3 years later” is an excellent point. Never thought of that. And when you wrote, “This has been a train wreck, most people can’t see it through the Crimson colored glasses”. Last season was a train wreck and last night’s game was a train wreck, and what people with those “Crimson colored glasses” can’t see is that there is very little evidence that things are going to get better. We’re not seeing significant improvement on the court and Archie’s recruiting is not inspiring confidence that things will get much better next year. Archie’s most ardent defenders repeat two themes. First, that IU BB won’t get better until all of Crean’s recruits are purged from the roster; as if being recruited by Crean gave them cooties. But as you point out, three years after he was fired, three Crean recruits are starters for Archie! And this is Archie’s third season coaching these players. When do they learn to shoot? The second argument is that Archie just needs more time to fully implement his program with his “type” of players. You know, those hard-nosed, basketball-smart, fundamentally sound 3-star players who grew up and played HS BB in Indiana. Forget that each of the best IU teams in the last 45 years included great talent recruited from outside the state of Indiana. How much more time should Archie be given to prove that he has what it takes to return IU to an elite program? Two more seasons? Three? Do people believe that TJD is going to stay at IU for four season? Where’s the evidence that Archie can turn the program around? I contend that producing another 18 or 19-win season is going to impede Archie’s ability to improve recruiting, and it’s going to further diminish the fan support necessary to return Assembly Hall into a very tough place for visiting teams to win. I hope last night’s “train wreck” is the season’s low point and that the players respond with better mental toughness and focus, and that IU goes on to win 22 or 23 games this season. But if not, it’s easy to see how another 18 or 19-win season could accelerate the closing of Archie’s window of opportunity, cause the program to stall and begin to descend after his fourth season at the helm. And don’t forget, Archie’s going to have a new boss this summer.

    1. Good Lord…The women and children of the Titanic got no shot with you. You jump ship faster than a miscount on number of lifeboats.
      Aren’t you the guy who said Archie was your first choice to replace Crean?

      Damn…Hope your loyalties in your personal life don’t reflect your loyalties for your own Hoosier choices.

      Sure, it’s ugly right now. With any coaching change it’s ugly. Do you think Illinois is going to a Final Four anytime soon? Does that mean Underwood is a poor coach? A lot of buzz around Michigan, but they’re not going anywhere soon without Beilein at the helm. And OSU is quickly proving just how extremely overrated are the Buckeyes and Holtmann. #16 West Virginia just put OSU’s #5 ranking into perspective.

      Bottom Line: There’s a ton of basketball to be played. This loss was probably the best thing that could have happened going into a tough Maryland environment. Our boys and Archie are hearing the cowards jump for the lifeboats before the women and children.

      The irony….Those wanting Archie as their ‘first choice’ are already dragging him to the guillotine? Durham, Green, and other Crean Babies getting PT? Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friends. Crean had ten years and he couldn’t build one trip to an Elite 8.
      Archie is paying the price for staying loyal and honoring scholarships(something Crean never did in his repeating ‘Scholly Crunch” episodes year after year) to the holdovers with challenged b-ball IQ’s which Archie would have never recruited.

    2. But as you point out, three years after he was fired, three Crean recruits are starters for Archie! And this is Archie’s third season coaching these players.

      Complete untruths …and bias slant. Crean was fired at the conclusion of the 2016-17 season. We have barely sniffed the beginning of the 2019-20 season. January, February and early March contain the meat of a schedule. How a team is playing in March is far more important than how they’re playing on Christmas break.
      Archie has NOT had three seasons. He’s had TWO complete seasons under his belt and is in the BEGINNING of Season 3.

      Starters? Phinisee (NOT a Crean recruit according to our esteemed journalists) would be starting if not for injury setbacks and lost PT(again).
      Franklin is a very promising freshman. He had a poor game last night….
      so we ignore his wonderful contributions against ND?
      Archie has recruited back-to-back Indiana Mr. Basketball’s. If Romeo stays(as he should have because he was nowhere near ready for the NBA), I highly doubt we have one loss. We’re likely in a Top-10 with a pair of extremely talented Indiana/Archie recruits getting continual coverage as the standouts soon to take us to a Final Four.
      Archie is doing just fine recruiting. Injuries disrupted much of last season…and McDonald’s All-American bolted for the NBA.

      No matter….We could lose every game from here on out and it is still far from a bottom of using cue cards on storied McCracken. We’ll see how fast ‘The Clapper’ gets Georgia to one of those glorious Sweet Sixteens. Don’t count the days…..

  29. Is it time to hang the “Fire Archie ” Banners in the hall? nothing says displeasure with and to the players as the fans clamoring for the head coaches “head”

  30. One of the first jobs of new AD (and how he will be remembered) is put IU men’s basketball on the right track fast.
    Archie demonstrates simply going through coaching motions and receiving millions, moving on and thank you very much for the money as he moves onto next coaching gig.

  31. Part of that going through the motions is what is being done to improve strength of non conference schedule? Weak non conference schedule buys time temporarily.
    Arkansas vs IU is the highlight non conference game.

  32. First thing on the agenda/list for the new AD should be to rip out the sky boxes…..Those sky boxes are not in the spirit of our basketball religion. No Hoosier fan (whether sitting at the front or in the last row of the sectional, regional, or state final bleachers…or within the Assembly Hall congregation) is more important than another. What a terrible curse to beset upon Indiana Basketball when a place for “privilege” entered our humble house of hoops.
    The furthest thing from privilege brought those banners to McCracken. A dollar wasn’t used to buy recruits or buy a ranking. Intelligence and undaunted humble spirit…and grit brought those championship banners. They weren’t the cloth of tapestries and inheritance of a king. They came from the sweat of kids who built Indiana ground up…rather than from a sky box looking down.

    FIRE SKY BOXES NOW! Keep Archie. Please don’t make him what he is not. Don’t make him a clown show. Bob Knight arrived at Indiana a very fortunate man. McGinnis and Downing were already in his lap….A few of you are old enough to remember such details. Knight has admitted his lucky circumstance of having a 4-year kid like Downing already in the mix. Hearts of true champions are gifts from the heavens. In this changing world of prima donnas begged to wear a uniform, those gifts are even more rare.
    Give Archie some time, folks. And destroy Fred’s signature sacrilegious sky boxes this summer!

  33. You are correct. But he came to Indiana with Downing (best buddies from Indianapolis Washington H.S.) …The recruiting momentum was immeasurable. And Downing put the 73 team on his back in the NCAA run to the Final Four.

    Ritter was pretty damn good too….Wasn’t he already recruited before Knight arrived? Very special player out of Goshen, IN.

    An amazing accomplishment during Ritter’s junior year at IU was outscoring the entire Notre Dame team at the new Assembly Hall.

    He tallied 32 points as the Hoosiers romped 94-29 over a very young and inexperienced Notre Dame team which also had a new coach — Digger Phelps who had come to South Bend from Fordham.

    Please tell me any comparable recruiting momentum inherited by Archie?

  34. Downing, McGinnis and Ritter were all Lou Watson recruits….That’s what you call an “ascent” in recruiting.

    McGinnis forever regrets not being with Downing to kick UCLA’s butt….Walton was outplayed by Downing …and only a bogus foul call gave the Bruins and their magazine coverboy a trip to the championship game.

    Can you imagine McGinnis with Downing as seniors? Unstoppable…as they were in high school. I guess McGinnis was technically going into his junior season when he decided to go pro(via hardship rule). Never played his freshman season because freshman were ineligible back then. You couldn’t be a “one and done” as a freshman. You got one year of practicing with teammates (building bonds) and experiencing a college campus before allowed to play in one college game.

  35. If you took the time to listen to the 3 minute interview with Downing and McGinnis, you’ll also hear the tale of Downing’s game against UK.

    They also talk of the Indiana H.S. All-Stars vs. Kentucky H.S. All-Stars….as being of primary importance in their memories.

    The IU vs. UK storied rivalry college game continued in the tradition of those high school memories and the battles against Kentucky cherished wars.

    For those who flippantly treat the loss of a storied college rivalry game(in an apologetic stance for Flubulous Fred), I’d suggest listening to two of the top Hall of Fame guys from our state express their most cherished memories…and what it meant to battle Kentucky in high school (All-Stars) and on the college court.

    The loss of the UK game had nothing to do with bending to Calipari’s demands. It was an effort to protect Crean and guarantee homer wins at Assembly ( see ROCK) with homer officiating.
    The game was nearly always played at neutral sites over the previous two decades (Freedom Hall & RCA Dome back in the day).

  36. George McGinnis was the best high school player I ever saw play in person! At 6’8″ and 235 lbs. he was a man among boys! He was a physical phenom because of his size and speed! He had the speed of a guard! If McGinnis would have stayed and played for Bobby throughout college, IU might have had a couple of more National Championship banners in the hall? Use to go down to the fairgrounds coliseum and watch the Pacers play when George was with them in the old ABA, he was incredible! Boy those were special times! BTW, I was also a bit bugged by no coverage of the last home women’s game? Go Hoosiers!

  37. How do you build recruiting momentum when you’re not really a big name coach? That’s my main point of this conversation.

    We all acknowledge Knight to be one of the greatest to ever coach the game…but we must also acknowledge just how much he benefited from some great Hoosiers committed to play for candy stripes before his arrival to Bloomington. Downing was just as important (likely more so) than a kid like Zeller dropping in Crean’s lap. And though McGinnis didn’t play for Knight, his deciding to come to Bloomington likely propelled many other great Hoosiers to do the same. Knight did not inherit a recruiting downturn ….that is for certain.

    So let’s ease off Archie a bit……Simply flying an Indiana flag outside your home doesn’t guarantee diddlysquat. And Archie had no witch-burnings to fire up the fan base(already seeing the flames glowing above Bloomington during all the national press coverage)….and plea to recruits for a resurrection of sorts.

    The legend of Crean may be different without a ‘House of Wreckers’ witch burning..
    The legend of Knight may not be as glorious without some fortunes and some damn fine young men already committed to Indiana upon his arrival.

    Archie needs some kindling….He needs a Damon Bailey or some divine “Everything Hinges” intervention. And he needs some prima donnas to get their heads out of the clouds. College is some of the last days for these kids to play a high level of basketball…(Durham, Green, Justin Smith, DeRon….? NBA? Doubtful). I don’t understand why the light bulb hasn’t come on…and they don’t cherish these final opportunities to put a truly memorable final mark on their basketball careers.

  38. I watched Marion & Western & Price-almost beat Washington in Hinkle. (afternoon game). As a freshman McGinnis took bad outside shots under Watson. It would have been great to see G.M. (if G.M willing) and S.D. play together under B.K.

    1. Awesome you got to see those games at Hinkle, t. Wow…Those must be some great memories.

      One of my best memories as a youngster was getting to see a #1 ranked Michigan City Elston team come to play at Goldsborough Gym at Chesterton High School….Oh MY GOD. Alex Kiner….I was never the same after watching Alex Kiner during warm-ups for Elston. I was forever bit by the basketball bug. That young man is burned onto my memory as if it were yesterday.

      Elston blew us out of our own gym….and I didn’t care a bit.

  39. Add a few more banners if we land ‘The Big O’ and keep Larry Bird on campus….. Thanks a lot, Kent ‘Lord of a Hook not a Sky Hook’ Benson.

    We should really have a minimum of 10 banners total….Zeller stays one more season. Terrible call against Downing at Final Four. Scott May broken wrist on eve of NCAA tournament…McGinnis going pro. No Big O…No Bird. That’s five more right there…And all but Scott May would have been built on the shoulders of homegrown Indiana young men.

    Nah…Recruiting Indiana isn’t important.

  40. The best High School player I ever saw was Isiah Thomas playing for St. Joseph against Proviso East in the Christmas Tournament up in the Chicago Suburbs.

      1. Keeping on the subject of terrible shooting (while reminiscing) , I would be willing to bet Doc Rivers was a just a little better shooter than Jeremiah?

        Doc sends Jeremiah and the bricks to the Hoosiers and Crean….Meanwhile, Austin attends Duke. Keep that pipeline to the East open! I guess Doc sort of got the last word for losing to Isiah.

  41. I always sort of considered recruiting Chicago as recruiting Indiana…and NW Indiana. Crean abandoned both areas until very late when landing Justin Smith.
    Justin is an incredible athlete…but he’s not a pure basketball talent like so many available in the Chicago area. Underwood is going to nab many….Watch out for that bad man if he starts beating out other nearby programs for Windy City talent. He’s a very strong no-nonsense coach.

    If we could simply get some talent from Chicago and Ohio to complement some top Hoosier homegrown, we’d be just fine for deep runs. Did Knight ever recruit anyone east of Ohio? I think he went west to California on occasion (Hillman) and also headed to the South….but was anyone memorable from the East?
    Odd how a man who was at West Point wanted little to do with recruits from the East. Then again, Bobby grew up in Ohio.

  42. That is so cool, BeatPurdue!

    Do you remember that pivotal play where Isiah drove the lane…the two 6’5″ Proviso East forwards went up with him and Isiah waited until the very last moment, seemingly rising just a bit more, and then finger-rolled it for a score. The gym went absolutely berserk.

    Otherwise, the game was one in which Isiah would drive the lane and make great passes to his (white) teammates who had an uncanny ability to CATCH the ball and then score.

    A great, great, game. My Dad took me. I was back from College on break.

  43. Last year about this time I made bold, and eventually ridiculous, predictions of how the season would go in the BIG 10. I learned my lesson. But who saw us beating MSU at their place to stop the abyss of that horrifying losing streak?

    I think we’ll win a couple of road games (2 +/- 1) & lose a couple of home games (1 +/- 1). Just being practical. Hopeful we can go 11-9, maybe 12-8, & win a Big Ten tournament game or two, & get a 7th or better seed in March.

  44. I see us playing in a Final Four….

    Brunk is gonna get rolling in late February and March!

  45. I see us going to the N.I.T. I’m sticking with my early prediction for this squad. I don’t mean to be a spoil-sport, but this team has no one that can shoot the basketball.

  46. You’re probably right, Rock.

    I was just giving the ‘fantasy scenario.’

    It would certainly take a ton of pressure off this team if we simply had a Matt Roth…or a Nick Zeisloft ….or a Kyle Hornsby coming off the bench to add some perimeter firepower.

    I also think Archie needs to tighten up his rotations now. Too much substitution (which I was hoping a problem that ended with Crean) killing continuity/chemistry on the floor. I like Franklin and Durham getting the majority of the minutes in the backcourt. They are solid with the ball and are the best perimeter shooters on the team. It’s a tough decision for Archie because it means putting a couple guys thought to be starters into more back-up roles (Green and Phinisee). I could live with Phinisee starting as long as Franklin gets a lot more minutes than Green.

    If Archie can’t make the hard decisions necessary for this team, I fear your prediction to be more accurate.

    Shooting the ball better is certainly a must….But chemistry is, in my humble opinion, the biggest lacking factor of this bunch. No leadership. No roles defined.

  47. I also didn’t see the elbow thrown by Durham….I watched most of the game but somehow missed that play (haven’t seen a replay either). If it was as bad as everyone on here is making it out to be, then he should sit out a game.

    There is no place for that sort of crap …It surprises me because I just never saw anything in Durham projecting that sort of attitude/behavior.

    Starters (if Archie is giving a one game suspension to Durham for character not representative of Hoosier Basketball) :


    Bigger roles off bench: Thompson, Hunter….and any walk-on guard.

    Reduced roles/limited minutes: DeRon Davis, Green.

    Yes, I’d play a walk-on guard more than Green. I just haven’t seen any change in his ability to protect the ball and value possessions. He makes the occasional bomb, but the liabilities and lost possessions far outweigh the positives.

  48. Wow…Unless there is an explanation we haven’t heard, I’m thinking a longer suspension may be in order. Maybe two to three weeks….Happens again and you’re off the team.

    There should also be a written formal apology to the fan base and to his teammates. It shouldn’t go unpunished or unaddressed. Archie needs to step up on this ….

      1. Top Anagram for ‘PREPOSTEROUS’….?

        POPE TROUSERS! …which leads us to another appropriate penalty. One month of reading scripture while pressing the POPE’s TROUSERS! If the Pope’s trousers are unavailable then holier-than-starched trousers in the following order of importance shall serve in lieu of the pontiff’s dockers: Tijan Jobe, Tom Crean, Fred Glass, Archie Miller.

  49. Besides the two to three week suspension for Durham, the following disciplinary actions would also be appropriate:

    One month of roadside cleanup work on Highway 37.
    A total ban from eating chicken wings for one year.
    Opposing team’s locker room toilet scrubbing duties during suspension period.
    Present the Mop Lady a new mop because the virgin cotton strings woven of the same pureness and impeccable character of every Hoosier has been dipped into the scummy muddy waters of dirty plays indicative of dirty Boilermakers.
    One lonely midnight snack of eating lumpy pudding out of the pair of socks found in the bottom drawer of Tom Crean’s old desk.
    Skjodt Hall sky box duties for 10 women’s games involving the serving of hors d’oeuvres to the rich fat lady who sung his days now over as a starter.
    Lastly, a formal apology to our king, Donald Trump….and to our king’s humble panty waste servant, Robert Montgomery Knight.

  50. I’ve thought of one more that might just be the most appropriate punishment…

    Could just lock Durham in a dorm room with the Mellencamp brothers for a week….? But how to acquire the services of Mellencamp boys gone somewhere more wild? Just promise John Cougar we will rename the sky boxes in Skjodt to ‘The Meg-a-Millions Candy Striped Day Spa.’

    Durham could learn top techniques in ‘Elbow Hits and Run’ and study up on porch remodeling from a couple of Bloomington’s finest thugs.

  51. Sky Box patron #1: “Did you see Meg and John at the Hoosier basketball game today?”

    Sky Box patron #2: ” I did….and it appears Assembly Hall isn’t the only one who got a FASCIA LIFT! “

  52. if you all are done jumping on Durham’s case ; I would like to mention a couple things as “aggravators” to Al’s response. If you review the video provided by Jeremy, you see Al running into an Unannounced screen ( thanks teammates) but to me Just before Al’s elbow throwing incident ..look where Bailey’s hands are . His R hand is discreetly hidden in a position right at Al’s kidney. I think Bailey delivered a “hit” to Al and Al responded . As always its the response that gets called but many have said The Elbow throwing is not in Al’s behavior. I think Bailey delivered a short-arm elbow to AL or a “jab” to the kidney. is it an excuse no BUT I think ALL possibilities should be looked at when the behavior is NOT in the players demeanor.

    1. TJ makes a great point, which would explain, but not excuse, Durham’s response. I played against a kid in high school whose best move was rabbit-punching you in the kidneys — never wanted to deck someone so badly.

    2. Hands are always low and in front when setting screen….Good way to keep shoulders square and protect the family (emeralds).

      I don’t think I buy the kidney punch because I believe Durham would have been instantly adamant with Archie to explain his actions (if it was a retaliation). And wouldn’t Archie subsequently get in the refs face to look at the tape for a kidney punch? Has anything about a kidney punch been said by Archie in a postgame press conference …or other outlets/means?

      He just lost his cool. Any sort of punch to a kidney with any sort of force would have caused Durham to grab his own back or arch his back in a reaction to the painful hit. And when watching the tape, the elbow of Durham would have to be almost simultaneous to a back punch (that’s not a reaction).

      I’m wondering if Durham didn’t like him nudging up close to his buttocks?

  53. Hope we get it together for league play. I have no idea what to expect. Wish I could say I’m pumped up but something just seems flat.

  54. And that’s just it, Rodney. The Hoosier Nation should be a lot more excited about our 11-2 team going into conference play, but I sense a lack of excitement and even less confidence that this team can win a lot of Big Ten games. Personally speaking, the performance against Ark was very disconcerting because of this team’s inability to shoot 3-pointers, make Free Throws and make a high percentage of bunnies at the rim. Our last game leaves me pessimistic about the rest of the season. I know Archie’s players are working very hard, play good defense and have great mental toughness, but with the exception of TJD, they’re just not good scorers. And we can no longer count on home court advantage to lift IU over quality Big Ten teams at home.

  55. I’m concerned about certain aspects of this team as well…The lack of chemistry being the biggie ….much of which likely attributable to power-playing between the ‘old guard'(Creanie Babies) and the ‘new guard'(Archie recruits).
    I think it’s going to take a couple more years to fully know if Archie can take this program in the opposite direction of the cliff dive it was heading upon Crean’s departure. Cue cards, guys. How can it get any flatter than cue cards?

    All the above being said, it’s holiday break. The Big10 season is expanded due to conference expansion. Conference games in December were never a thing during our heyday. December is always “flat” when students are out of town….or readying to leave(preparing for finals, etc).

    The loss of a UK rivalry game doesn’t help the flat atmosphere. Nothing of any real high profile games (even the women’s team schedules UCLA) dispersed within the “flat” holiday ghost town blues …That’s on the AD.

    Crean had signature games and circumstances to build fires and excitement. But it all faded ….He got his 30 million so all is well.

    Pull off an upset on the road… Get the students back. Excitement will rebound. If not, there’s always cue cards…..or maybe a halftime ceremony for Bob Knight? Old Skjodt would be rocking so loud, we could have a fascia avalanche.

  56. And if I may be so bold to ask a question in response to the following quote (and Jeremy and/or Jon Blau…can feel free to chime in as well):

    The Hoosier Nation should be a lot more excited about our 11-2 team going into conference play

    How in the hell does one person commenting on Hoosier Scoop gauge the excitement of all of Hoosier Nation?

    I mean, I’m not even sure if the big man in the clouds can gauge the excitement of all Hoosier Nation? That’s getting into a lot…a lot…a lot of heads.

    Heck, my first days getting excited about Hoosier Basketball came with no knowledge of a thing called “Hoosier Nation.” I had learned of a nation known as the United States ..and was in some of my first Social Studies courses in junior high. No one in my family cared about Hoosier(IU) basketball very much. It didn’t take a nation to move me to the radio….I don’t remember filling out a survey as to how much or why I was starting to really enjoy watching and listening to IU Basketball.

    It’s sort of scary to think someone was spying on me and measuring my excitement level ….At 11 years old, I suppose my life and world was pretty flat. My stomach was a lot flatter…..that’s for sure. I did have teachers in public schools making me sorta believe the world wasn’t flat….and how Christopher Columbus didn’t sail back to Spain upon discovering the edge.
    About the same time I just remember starting to love the game of round ball called basketball…And then there was something about those cool candy striped uniforms and that big shy giant name Downing. I’d go to bed on my flat mattress every night excited about many things to come and many things to see…..where no arrogant fool could ever enter into my private domain of passion, heart and dreams. Hoosier Nation? How silly.
    One child’s heart is far bigger than any nation. Upon the smallest ripples of wind and wave will form a rush and swell…pushing a vessel across the grandest sea so seemingly flat.

  57. Dearest moderators,
    Any insight as to the practice schedule these last couple of weeks?

    I don’t think 2 games over a 2+ week span is helping us much either. So for those who dissed (I’m one of you) the Nov./Dec. schedule, put this in your list of critiques as well. No doubt it’s been a “soft” schedule, but just wondering how “soft” the daily regimen has been over these holidays. I guess we’ll get a bead on that @ Maryland.

    We are now the 12th NET rated team in the Big Ten; 51st. It’s time to bring it.

  58. Rock,
    I’m with you on H4H when he waxes eloquent, place wouldn’t be the same without him.

    However, Po is looking at the glass half full which is not necessarily a bad thing. That being said, H4H is very correct about something which a lot of posters are overlooking. CAM is hamstrung by a very significant weakness on this team, it has no upperclassmen leadership. In the era of one and done, upperclassmen leadership is essential, and IUBB has not had this crucial level of leadership in a very long time. IUBB has 2 Seniors and 2 Juniors who should be the heart and soul of this team, but IUBB is having to be carried by CAM’s underclassmen recruits. This was evident last year, and obvious this year.

    The TLC carryovers, with one notable exception, have been poison to what Archie has been trying to achieve at IU. CAM has been forced to spend 2 1/2 seasons now trying to fit square pegs into round holes. The TLC recruits are terribly unsuited to play in the CAM system, that’s not necessarily a knock against them, but an acknowledgment of reality. Add to this an unimaginable year of injuries last season, and it is a big hole for Archie to dig out of.

    I am very excited however about the prospects going forward. Not sure how this year will wind up, but next year Archie will have 3 of the 4 recruit classes being his guys. Assuming AD & JS hold over, there will only be 2 TLC recruits left in the program. Add to this CAM’s recruits will also make up a majority of the upperclassmen in the program, and the culture will start becoming much different. TLC tried to emulate the Duke/KY model, but didn’t have the ability to make it work at IUBB. CAM is trying to emulate the Villanova/VA model, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

    The thing to remember in recent years, it is the model that CAM is trying to install that produces banners.

  59. 1 concrete fact very seldom mentioned. During Coach Miller’s 2+ seasons @ IU there was a stretch of 60 consecutive games when at least 1 scholarship player was injured, not able to suit up for duty. That stretch just came to a close in the past 30 days. If we lived in a home that had HVAC handicapping maximum operating efficiency we’d relate much better to the coaching challenges the stretch created.

  60. Not everyone might get that analogy HC, but if the live in the deep south in the heat of summer they would sure feel it!

    1. tai, Have you never been cold? I live in northern Indiana. If you have you know the analogy obviously works both ways. Precisely why I used it.

  61. watching the first 1/2 of the IU /Maryland game and as much as I have been supportive and patient..I don’t think this team has a snowball’s chance in hell of making NCAA tourney. Fox Analysts called the Hoosier’s shots “UFO’s” and 1 analyst said Archie Miller had more pieces of gum than Hoosiers had 3 point shots made. shooting 27% from field..these guys ALL of them put up their shots as if saying a prayer at release…and at this level teaching these guys to shoot is next to impossible. whatever confidence they may have gotten from the Soft schedule is all gone. IF they don’t make tourney (which I don’t think they wont) based on the play of the team…maybe its time to reconsider Archie’s contract.

  62. The game is not over yet, but today’s performance is already an embarrassment to the Hoosier Nation. If you thought the loss to Wisconsin was bad……

    Not only are IU’s player terrible shooters, but they are turnover machines. I think the verdict is in; the soft non-conference schedule failed to prepare this team for Big Ten Competition, especially road games. But to be fair, I don’t think it would have made a difference. It just delayed the Hoosier nation from seeing just how bad this team really is.

    TJ, it’s too early to start digging Archie’s grave, but a few more of these debacles, which I believe are likely, and we can start evaluating cemeteries.

  63. For the time being TJ, I disagree.

    I think Archie knows what his problem is, look at how he has recruited for 20-21, 19-20, and 18-19. Problem is it takes time to clean out the 3 prior recruiting classes of his predecessor. Archie has 2 down, but 2 more TLC recruiting classes to go.

  64. As soon as I saw Maryland play D for IU’s 1st 3 offensive possessions I knew IU was in trouble unless they shot lights out because how long Maryland players are and how well they run the floor.
    Any team that has to play DG so many minutes is very handicapped. Thank you TOM CREAN. We are only beginning to understand the damage(not harm, not wrong but real Damage)he has done to Hoosier BB over his last 2 seasons. The “smoke and mirrors philosophy”.

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