Franklin stars in IU’s 62-60 win over ND

INDIANAPOLIS — The ball made its way from one Hoosier to the next, seconds quickly draining from the clock. Armaan Franklin stood in the corner, periodically raising his left hand.

The freshman wanted the ball. And from Trayce Jackson-Davis in the post to Al Durham on the wing, the ball was about to arrive in the hands of a 14.8-percent 3 shooter.

“Even though I was in a slump, everybody was telling me to keep shooting,” Franklin said.

Leading up to Saturday’s 62-60 victory over Notre Dame, Franklin wouldn’t have been the leading candidate to take a game-winner from the corner. His increasingly shy demeanor was worrying Indiana coach Archie Miller, who just wanted the Indianapolis Cathedral alum to forget about his percentages and just shoot with confidence.

“What is he going to do, go to 12 percent?” Miller said postgame, mocking such worries.

Luckily for the Hoosiers, Franklin warmed to the occasion. In the first half, he knocked down a 3, making the Irish defense pay for sagging off. Leading into the final moment, with the Hoosiers’ 17-point, second-half lead a thing of the past, Franklin had already buried a trio of deep-range shots.

Down 60-59 with 15 seconds left, Durham answered Franklin’s waves with a pass from the wing to the corner. The freshman’s smooth stroke splashed one more into the net. Franklin ended the day a 25-percent 3-point shooter.

IU (11-1) came away winners at the Crossroads Classic after a near-collapse.

“We obviously have a lot of work to do,” Miller said. “We can keep getting better in a lot of areas. For a while there we looked like a good team. For a while there we didn’t. But I think when you’re in this type of environment on that neutral setting against a good team with the crowd, you’re starting to see game experience and real stuff.”

Franklin continues to grow before Miller’s eyes. Adjusting to his newfound role coming off the bench, the freshman produced 17 points in just under 14 minutes, hitting 4-of-5 from beyond the arc.

At Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the Hoosiers’ Indianapolis natives rose up. Joey Brunk, the Southport alum, finished with nine points and 14 boards, out-producing the NCAA’s leading leading rebounder, John Mooney (10 boards), on the glass. Jackson-Davis, who finished with 14 points and seven boards, continued to play game-changer, sending home a contested slam late to tie the game at 59-all.

Of course, Franklin was the one who got him the ball.

“Missed a few bunnies, but just got to keep going at the rim strong,” Jackson-Davis said, “and then Armaan threw me a great pass, and I finished it.”

Saturday’s contest turned out to be the contrast of styles IU expected. There were only 12 free throw attempts to be had for the Hoosiers, the nation’s leaders in that department. Notre Dame (8-4) only turned the ball over nine times, making it difficult for IU to get going in transition.

After IU’s initial 9-1 burst to open the game was whittled back to a 17-16 edge, some heroics from Franklin were required to rebuild the lead. Franklin hit a 3 to push it to 20-16. He was fouled on his next spot-up from beyond, sinking all three free throws. IU’s 10-0 run solidified a 34-23 halftime lead.

The emergence of Franklin the shooter had Notre Dame coach Mike Brey lamenting his defense postgame. With the Hoosiers’ interior strength, he felt the Irish needed to sag off of IU’s lesser shooters. Instead, the strategy fed Franklin’s mojo.

By the time that pass to the corner arrived, the Hoosier freshman was in a total rhythm.

“I almost felt like we maybe violated the basketball gods a little too much and not guarded the arc, and he rose up,” Brey said. “He rose up and made a big one.”

Unfortunately for the Hoosiers, it took a horrible backslide to make Franklin’s biggest shot a necessity.

Without the fallback of the free throw line, the Hoosiers went cold in the second half, and the Irish went on a 15-2 run to get within three points, 48-45, with eight minutes left. IU’s offense was stale. There wasn’t enough will in the Hoosier defense to turn the tide.

A perfect non-conference record was at risk of suffering a major blemish, as the Hoosiers trailed 59-54 with under three minutes remaining.

“In those long droughts, we weren’t able to chop it up and get a couple free throws here and there,” Miller said. “You get fouled and you’re able to go four free throws in a row. We just weren’t able to consistently get to the line in that stretch where our offense wasn’t functioning real well.”

That’s when Franklin, again, answered the bell.

He hit a 3-pointer to cut it back to two. He drew a charge on Dane Goodwin, getting the ball back to IU for a long possession — a sequence that featured two Hoosier misses, both slipping through Irish hands on the rebound and out of bounds.

Franklin found himself at the top of the key on IU’s third chance, whipping it inside to his roommate, Jackson-Davis, who dunked over Mooney.

“He makes solid, sound plays, and he’s not afraid,” Miller said of Franklin. “I think as he’s gotten a little bit older, the bigger the lights of the game, the more he’s been able to step up.”

Franklin was anything but timid on the final possession, welcoming the ball.

When the shot fell, Franklin held his right arm in the air, triumphant. He slapped Jackson-Davis’ hand before they jogged to the defensive end, meeting again for a chest bump when a timeout was called.

“Al had enough confidence in me to swing it one more,” Franklin said, “so I just went up with it and knocked it down.”


  1. A win for I U today, both I U and ND look to have a long winter in their conference game’s schedule, if today’s game was an indication of their play going forward.

  2. Think Archie could get a consulting gig at Georgia teaching Crean how to attack the zone?!?! We did a masterful job of doing it in the 1H. Also, continued scoring on out of bounds plays. Something that never happened under Crean.

    Clearly we were too nonchalant on both ends in the 2H. What I DO like though is TJD! The kid “has it”. He defends with the correct hand, seldom brings the ball down, and finds the open lane often. He’s always crashing the glass.

    I thought Durham was a liability today & Phinisee “average”. It is one thing to defend the 3 and quite another to allow repeated drives & dishes down the lane. We didn’t do either well all day. Thankfully ND couldn’t shoot in the 1H, they had a plethora of open looks. But to our credit, Arman stepped up & took Durham’s place And then some. I love the depth on this team.

    I also thought the sub pattern was more controlled today, particularly the first 8 min. of the game.

    Hunter also looks like he’s getting more settled & involved. He gave us good minutes today & I think he’s poised to light it up a few times coming up.

    All in all, we have to wax Ark. & find a way to go .500 in the Big Ten, which isn’t going to be easy by any stretch.

    1. Justin has very brief moments of brilliance followed by no touch around the rim. I thought he had mastered that early in the season but I guess not. If he shows up for the game we are tough if he doesn’t it gets quite a bit harder. DeRon just doesn’t has it.

  3. The word that came to mind after I watched IU “survive” another game against a week ND team was “sketchy.” They were sketchy, but at least they won. I agree with I U South’s comment above. If IU continues to play like this, it will be a long winter in the Big Ten. There’s a reason they were not ranked with a record of 10 – 1. Not sure today’s performance will change that.

    Archie simply needs to recruit a sniper. I don’t care how athletic the kid is or how well he plays defense, IU needs a kid who can be relied upon to make 3-point shots when defenses pack the paint. Today we were fortunate that Franklin found the range, but it should not have been so close.

  4. Great game by Brunk, Franklin and TDJ! Terrible game by Phinisee and Durham. Durham was out of control on his drives and poor with his passing. Phinisee just disappeared today and once again it shows Archie is still missing the premium point guard he has failed to recruit. Smith and Green played like Smith and Green. Flashes of great play combined with the expected bonehead plays. Thompson can give a few good minutes of rebounding and Deron Davis is a liability whenever he has been on the court. Hunter is a work in progress and should improve as the season goes on. Nevertheless, IU won and I think they will surprise some teams in the Big 10. I expect IU will be in the Top 25 this coming week.

    1. ^^^Agree with some of that, HoosierHopeful…I don’t think Archie has “failed” in finding a premier point guard. They don’t come around that often and the “premier” types like a little more of a sure thing. We tend to forget Archie is basically in the early stages of a second season. The disruptions in a coaching change should allow him one ‘mulligan’ season.

      Franklin could get very close to premier…..He’s a pretty confident and determined young man for a freshman. He’s all business. He doesn’t carry that ‘big man on campus’ fake swagger. His swagger feels more genuine from my perspective. Hoping for the best. More Franklin, Archie!

  5. Give it up…Tommy Tune ain’t comin’ back. And always remember…”It’s not where you start, but where you finish.”

    Sniper? Franklin went 5 for 6 from the three-point line. Very positive development. Wasn’t like he just hit one lucky game-winner. He also made a great defensive play late when taking a charge from that ND pipsqueak from Ohio gunning them up with nothing to lose.
    It’s much easier to be a sniper and hit bombs when you’re considerably behind and nearly out of the game. Hitting them after the momentum has been squelched and the opposition has put you in a position of ‘must makes’ as you try to claw back and avoid getting snake bit….? That’s the sort of “sniper” I want on my roster. Franklin proved to have ice in his veins. Franklin has great balance and plays the game low to ground. He’s under control…Shooting is just as much waist down as shoulders up.

    And isn’t a joy to see an Indiana team playing in Indianapolis while actually having some kids from our home state playing key roles? Brunk, Jackson-Davis and Franklin…all making Hoosiers and Hoosier towns throughout the state proud again. All three bringing a mental toughness and basketball IQ indicative of an “Indiana Way” long before it was ever a “Butler Way.”

    Agree 100% with AWinAZ…A stellar in-bounds play drawn up by Archie(the Tracye dunk) was the sort of coaching absent for a decade. Also add a team that didn’t look clueless against a zone. We moved the ball in and out of the middle/post position and had pretty decent success breaking down ND’s perimeter line. No “weaves to nowhere” or simply perimeter passing while shot clock dwindles and defenders stand with hands on hips.

    Brey is an excellent coach…and ND also made second half adjustments(much more collapsing on our interior …giving a little more to our outside game/perimeter…and offering ND better chances at longer rebounds). It worked pretty well …Brunk may have been running out of gas after his dominant first half..Nobody counted on Franklin coming up big(other than yours truly who’s been saying his our best perimeter shooter since very early on).
    Brey’s adjustments came up just a bit short( which was also aided by some very timely bombs to get his team back) because Franklin wasn’t in his plans.

    1. Gotta think Franklin’s coolness and protecting ball possession earns him some of Green’s minutes sooner rather than later. The way I look at it Rob and Al trust him now more than Green.

  6. The story to me continues to be IU’s bad shooting. The effort is great and these guys don’t quit, but today we were lucky that ND’s shooting was even worse. IU was 5 – 17 from 3-point range (29%), but ND was 6 – 27 (22%). IU made 58% of its Free Throw attempts. That’s just terrible! That kind of shooting isn’t going to produce too many wins against Big Ten teams. What’s also disturbing about today’s game is that IU snagged 10 more rebounds than ND but only won by two points, suggesting we’re still missing too many “chippies” at the rim.

  7. We usually get to the line much more…The %’s should be higher, but more trips usually up those numbers as a team goes into bonus situations.

    The game was not officiated tightly…The crowd was very flat and maybe the lower noise and lower crowd emotions helped influence the fewer whistles…?

    I don’t recall a lot of missed “chippies.” Brunk was more consistent inside than he’s been all season. Justin Smith may have been a little out of control on a couple shots…All in all, we had a very good front line performance.

    There are very few team who will out-rebound our Hoosiers. Brunk and Jackson-Davis played a bit of back and forth interior passing and cutting game that was a thing of beauty at times. They’re only going to get more comfortable with complementing each others efforts/strengths.

    Center on the negatives…or take away some very important positive developments. Choice is yours, I suppose. Brey is a savvy veteran and his teams always play to mirror his composure. His teams are never going to quit or play selfish ball. No NBA auditions . This game was team basketball through and through….each probing for a mental advantage/confidence edge.
    Nice to see two very heady coaches playing the game of chess….

  8. Brunk has passed the IU litmus test for Miller’s offense and defense. The cure for a more consistent Smith is continued improvement of Hunter and Anderson nipping his heels more every day. RP won’t play another game that poorly on offense the rest of the year. For 12 games I’ve said nary a hair about Green. But I say now for sure and for certain “I’ll be damn glad when he graduates”. He is unreliable to much of the time on offense and to frequently does not expend defensive energy. He is more valuable coming off the bench for limited periods of play. Do like this team at the end of a game as they do not get rattled and play with resolve. That shows me strong character.

  9. In reply to PODUNKER above, LUKE BROWN of Blackford County could be that guy that can hit the 3s for us. Sounds like he really likes IU. Miller needs to be sure that Luke knows we are looking.

    1. I’ve been hearing and reading a little bit about about Luke Brown for a little while too. He isn’t a sniper. He’s an assassin. Big Q is does he have the salt to play B1G D.

  10. these are observations from an article today…keep in mind all the comments ive seen here are laced with “tunnel vision” 5 stars and close don’t translate to wins…in fact im wondering WHUO is REALLY evaluating these “stars”..UCLA’s roster is cluttered with former five-stars and highly rated high school recruits but can’t make anything translate on the court. Shareef O’Neal, Jalen Hill, Cody Riley, Jules Bernard and a few others were all top-100 players before they joined the Bruins. The Bruins’ only Power Five non-conference win was Alabama, and some of their other victories include Gardner-Webb and Elon. UCLA is 7-5 heading into conference play and are a bottom-tier team in a weak Pac-12 conference. Two out of the top five players, James Wiseman and Cole Anthony, are sitting out and the No. 6-ranked player R.J. Hampton is playing over in Australia. There were a staggering 175 college players that declared for the draft last year with only 60 available draft spots. That leaves a lot of college talent playing in the G League.. Taking into consideration the observations made in the article..IU and Archie are doing wonderful. In Fact Roy Williams is having his worst season, so far, in past 20 years.

  11. Excellent post, TJ in Texas. College basketball is a mess. I’m very thankful we have young men who seem to really embody unselfish team basketball. They are a dying breed.
    Archie has removed the NBA first mentality and has quelled the showboating recruits who only use any maple floor as their individual stage.
    We are a true guiding light for what little remains of cheering for unselfish pursuits in a game almost entirely lost to unbridled narcissism and greed.

    I don’t blame young men for having dreams to play at the highest level…but something has gone wrong when the value found in brotherhood and team is so low a care or desire. In such a world where mega cash entices in an inundated environment of everything “me first,” it’s not hard to see how candy stripes and banners fall low on priorities.

    It was nice to see unselfish basketball Saturday…Even in a struggle to be a powerhouse program again, there are bigger things to be thankful. The message in what Archie is attempting is what will stamp upon his players something worthwhile going forward. And that’s where the true heart of candy stripes begins.

  12. TJ, you present some interesting information in your post above. But as for UCLA, it’s the first year of their new coach, and it’s going take time (more than one season) for him to implement his program.

    Archie is doing a great job preparing his players and coaching during the games. His system is sound and his players never quit. My concern is that Archie is struggling to recruit enough of the right talent. Notwithstanding one good game from a freshman, this team doesn’t have good outside shooters. And next year, unless someone from overseas magically appears or we get another grad transfer, IU is going to have only one true center. God forbid Brunk gets hurt.

    I don’t see either problem being remedied by the three kids arriving next year’s recruiting class.

  13. IU is 11 – 1 and has already beaten a ranked Florida State team, but is still not ranked in the Top 25. Meanwhile, six other Big Ten teams, including Penn Sate, are ranked, with OSU leading the pack at #1. Ironically, Dayton is 9 – 2 and ranked 16th. Ouch!

  14. ^^^ The rankings are based on;
    1. Preseason hype; a made up fairytale about recruits who haven’t played a game in college & the % of scoring returning from last year’s team. This eventually disappears by Jan. (Wasn’t Purdue rated Top 20 before anyone played a game this year?)
    2. The media; Those who buy into the above & God knows how reliable they are while serving their own interests, like, who may be playing on their network.
    3. The coaches; isn’t it to their advantage to elevate their own team & those they have or will play in the interest of their own NET or KenPom rating?
    4. Perennial powerhouses, whether they are or not THIS year s.a. UK, UNC, Duke, MSU, etc….in reality, there aren’t many spots left in the Top 25 after these perennial shoe-ins are placed.

    IU has not been on the radar or a threat to contend in all but 1 of the last 15 yrs. (Zeller, Olidipo, Hulls, Sheehey, etc…). We are off the radar due to the entities responsible for those ratings. To them, we don’t matter anymore. To them, we disappeared when Knight was fired.

    Frankly, I relish it & it should be locker room material. I hope we go unranked all season. It’ll build an underdog mentality on the team & inspire these kids to exceed expectations, knowing they’re better than they’ve been credited for. Last I looked we were ~ 35th in the NET rankings & Arkansas was ~ 17th, as I recall. I know we were below them.

    I’m for our real merits & statistical tools vs. biased opinions & self-interests determining how good we are. So let’s go get and roast some Razorback.

    1. AWinAZ- Couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote(especially the next to last paragraph)…Embrace being the underdog.

      And, please, somebody tell me where all the highly ranked squads under Crean got us? Bowing out early at Sweet 16’s …? Watching teams fading while March Madness approached because they believed in their own hype rather than having a chip on the shoulder? Witnessing complete failure in the BigTen tournament…and knowing it was a precursor of what was to come in the tournament? Barely escaping in an early round of postseason play against Temple? Getting embarrassed by Syracuse?
      Watching 11 different teams from the Midwest go to a collective 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours to our zilch during Crean’s tenure of highly ranked teams?

      And what a joy to watch Toronto vs. Boston last night ….I got a chance to see two wonderful ex-Hoosiers who will never amount to much more than a once every six month SportsCenter highlight ….(if that). Most of our highly mentionable “top talent” under Crean…(and one from New Albany under Archie’s first year) came with all kinds of hoopla and talk of top rankings to come…? They don’t stay in candy stripes long enough for a fart to dissipate. Most were nowhere near ready for the NBA. They were very fortunate to get the hype because many ended up in the G League….or barely get on the radar screen in the NBA.
      And what did they accomplish in candy stripes? Please tell me which of the following took us to a Final Four…or even an Elite Eight? Cody? Oladipo? Vonleh? Anunoby? Bryant? Romeo?
      If one of the aforementioned lived up to the hype which often fueled the bogus overall team rankings, we might just be part of Conference Midwest Elite. Other than Oladipo, they were all overkill and overly hyped. Even Oladipo should count his lucky stars as much as his cash…The Pacers do just fine without him. He shows up at Hoosier games as if he brought deep runs and banners to go along with the Skjodt Hall playrooms for the next ‘Hall of Fame’ Hoosier to enjoy before getting waxed in the early rounds of the tournament.

      I love our team right now…Outside of one or two left from those who were “special” enough to get recruited by Crean, it’s a very humble group of kids bringing back the true embodiment of what it means to earn the right to don the candy stripes.

  15. AWinAZ, while I appreciate the sentient, your comments above are highly inaccurate. IU made it to the NCAA Championship after Knight was fired. IU has been ranked in the top 20 many, many times since Knight left IU, most recently last season. But you ignore the obvious cost of teams not being ranked; it subdues recruiting, reduces national exposure and fan support for the program. Just look at how this site buzzed with the news the Moren’s Women’s team was ranked 12th! Look at how attendance for their game against UCLA increased relative to average home game attendance.

    However the rankings are created, being ranked matters a lot! It’s HUGE. IU is 11 – 1 and not ranked. Meanwhile, Archie’s former program is ranked while two prominent programs (Louisville and OSU) that hired new coaches at the same time IU hired Archie are now ranked in the top five. So it’s pretty obvious that right now, in relative terms, something is wrong. You can have all the motivational bulletin board material you want, but if you don’t have the right talent, you’re not going to return your program to elite status.

    1. Recruiting has been “subdued” while Archie brought in back-to-back Indiana Mr. Basketballs? Is that really so terrible after following the mess left by Crean….We had no point guard in the mix. We had a back-up post player who wouldn’t make most Division II teams. And we had images on national broadcasts sent to potential future recruits of guys who were instructed with cue cards.
      What subdues recruiting and results is bringing in the sorts of overly hyped projects(NBA wannabees more than Hoosierwannabees) who need cue card instruction for the basic X’s and O’s of the game.

      Crean used terms like “decimated” as a rallying cry to bring kids like Cody and Hulls …and Yogi to want to restore a “burned to ashes” Indiana. What did Archie have to rally the troops and get the fans fired up again? Could Archie really say cue cards burned the program to the ground? Archie’s got no witch hunt parties or “wreckers” to chase. Then again, I don’t think such crutches and excuses are in his nature. He prefers accountability. He prefers treating his fan base more intelligently and not talking down to reporters.
      Although, in reality, the dysfunctional basketball of what was left on the eve of his taking the IU job was so grossly lacking in team concepts, defensive tenacity and rudimentary b-ball IQ (enter cue cards), that it likely decimated our image far more than Sampson and his team of witches could ever do on their worst day at Salem.

    2. Podunk, our last Final Four was in 2002, a mere 20 yrs ago when March comes around.

      We’ve missed the tournament completely in 7 of the last 11 yrs.

      To me, that makes us pretty much irrelevant since Knight was fired. My bar is set at perennial powerhouse, just like I grew up on.

      My $ is on Archie to cure my ills. I’d take a so-called 3-star Indiana kid from Hickory over a 5-star NBA-bound pipe dream ANY DAY of the WEEK, 52 weeks per year. I want kids who care about the word INDIANA on the front of their jerseys more than the $ugarplum$ dancing in their heads….@ 18.

  16. ^^^EXACTLY. Bingo.

    My only disagreement is regarding the 2001-02 team that made it to the 2002 Final Four….I was at the game in Lexington (Rupp) where we came from 17 points down to defeat #1 Duke. I have never had a more fun time at a sporting event in my life. The place was crazy. The game was more memorable than any I ever experienced. And the block by Moye of Boozer’s attempt at a put-back off Williams’ missed free throw? Fantastic stuff..Had my wife and little daughter along. Never forget all the Hoosier cars honking their horns repeatedly on the trek back to Indiana from Lexington.
    The following regional game where we took down Kent State by breaking about every 3-point shooting record in Hoosier Hysteria books was nearly as joyful.

    Not quite 20 years ago…It was 18 years ago. Wow…Where did it go? Please don’t age me more than the dinosaur bones already feel. The Hoosier memories are still some of my best (ranking up there with my first experiences being a Hoosier fan as a very young lad….and watching Downing outplay Walton at a Final Four we also came up just a bit short).

    But I digress…..I’m so elated to have a competent coach back at McCracken. The decade preceding was such a disgrace in numerous ways. It was a disgrace to the wasted talent wasted in March when the coaching under pressure separates the men from the boys(blowbags).

  17. So, I rounded up to 20 yrs.

    That ‘02 team …
    Tom Coverdale, tough IN kid
    Jared Odle, tough IN kind (* story later)
    Jared Jeffries, tough IN kid
    Dane Fife, tough MI kid (distanced himself from IU after Knight firing debacle)
    AJ Moye, tough was it FL kid?
    Jeff Newton, tough ?? Inner city kid

    Commonality? tough kids & only 1 made it in the NBA (Jeffries) & he left early. He had a great tournament that sprung his career.

    (*) Umpteen years ago after Odle graduated, I was treading down the stairs at the Indy 500 in the SW Vista. Odle was headed up those same stairs. I stopped him, introduced myself, and told him how much I appreciated his years at IU & his non-stop picks. I tell this story because I will never, ever forget his & his girlfriend’s faces. They were shocked that among 300,000+ people, a crazed IN basketball junkie recognized him & said “thank you”.

    He & Brian Sloan should be in the pick Hall of Fame. Commonality? Selfless, tough players & Final Fours.

  18. Kyle Hornsby could also shoot the lights out of a gym….

    I think Odle hit the first 4…?…or maybe 5 buckets for the Hoosiers to start the second half and, subsequently, ignite the comeback against Duke. Great halftime adjustments by Mike Davis to get Odle involved. Duke was caught off guard against an Olde they weren’t prepared to see turned into a scorer.

  19. Make up your mind, AW. You keep changing the terms of the discussion. First it was, “we disappeared” after Knight was fired and now we’re only relevant if we become a “perennial powerhouse” again. Well as I pointed out, IU didn’t “disappear” after Knight was fired. We made it to the finals in 2002 and have been ranked in the top 20 (as high as #1) on numerous occasions since then. Secondly, we were not a perennial powerhouse when Knight coached IU. The 76/77 team had a very mediocre season after IU won the National Championship in March of 76. And while we all want tough kids who care more about the name on the front of their jerseys, etc., etc., if IU were to put a bunch of tough 3-star players from within the state on the floor, IU BB would become perennial losers and reside in the basement of the Big Ten. When Knight was at his best he recruited great talent from outside the State of Indiana. The last period of time when IU BB was a “perennial power,” Scott May (Ohio), Quinn Bucker (IL), Kent Benson and etc. were not a bunch of tough 3-star players. Those guys were elite players coming out of HS and became elite college players. Every IU team that won a National Championship under Knight had its share of elite players, what we would now describe as 4 and 5-star talent. And I wonder what would have happened to some of those great Knight teams had the rules allowed players to enter the draft after one year of college? Would Buckner or May have taken the NBA money and left early? Thomas did after his IU team won the Championship? It’s easy to look down at today’s great players who jump to the NBA for the millions of dollars that provide financial security for their families, because no one writing comments on this site will ever face that choice. Asking a young man who has the chance to provide financial security to his family for the rest of his life to stay in college and risk a career-ending injury “for the glory of old IU” is irrational. Not too many people, regardless of where they grew up, would choose that option.

    Just like it was 44 years ago, success in college BB today is about recruiting the right type and amount of talent and getting it to play together as a unit.

    1. You sound like your jersey is now blue with a “Duke” on it.

      We have had 2 teams relevant in 20 yrs. “Relevant” in my book is a team that could win it & be deserving of a banner.

      We have a difference of opinion; you wanna be Duke & I want to be Indiana. I want kids who care & stay until they graduate. That WAS my college basketball & to me still is.

  20. I would argue that Glass contributed a ton to hurting the recruitment of “elite” players (e.g. top in-state and Midwestern talent). He allowed Crean to benefit from means to put the program in highly visible scenarios but is leaving with much of that visibility diminished or destroyed.

    Observe the marketing that went on for Crean…Observe the fact that we did not remove the UK game from our schedule until Crean secured a momentous win in a nationally televised game at Assembly Hall (now Skjodt Hall) which would fuel more headlines and ESPN coverage saturating the eyes and ears of potential recruits.

    Big (as in highly covered with huge crowds) games are big to big-time recruits. Eliminate those stages and you eliminate a lot of the excitement and buzz around the program.
    Bob Knight had highly visible games ….We played UK every season. We scheduled more than patsies in the non-conference. It wasn’t every season, but there was the occasional scheduling of traditional/elite programs in the non-conference(e.g. UCLA).

    A ‘Crossroads Classic’ does nothing compared to the UK rivalry game where Indiana has a chance to beat the NBA farm run by Calipari. There are no more ‘Hoosier Rising’ videos…There are no more ‘We’re Back’ t-shirts…There are no more catchy phrases using the coach’s name (e.g. ‘Crean and Crimson’)….

    Glass has doused all the fire built for Crean and left Archie with nothing of the same stage which allowed Crean’s recruiting to catch fire. Take a look at MSU’s early season schedule against ours…MSU has played Kentucky, Seton Hall, Georgia, Virginia Tech, UCLA and Duke. That’s called advertising, my Hoosier friends.
    You don’t advertise to top recruits (especially those top guys outside Indiana) when you eliminate our top marquee game against UK which was always guaranteed top viewership ratings on national networks.

    Glass abandoned Archie. His love was Crean and he built the marketing, the resurrection, the Hoosier Rising, the scenario for an upset against UK at Assembly, and all the ensuing hype around ‘Movements’ and Zeller to give Crean all his recruiting momentum. Once Crean had his momentum and secured his 30 million, he allowed the program to fall asleep.

    Glass will leave Indiana with never fixing the absence of the UK rivalry game ▬ our biggest form of bragging rights to future recruits where we can prove a unique blend of candy stripe undaunted spirits, often consisting of one superstar kid from Indiana or the Midwest and handful of grit-filled local Hoosier boys, can take down the NBA farm always in the headlines.

    Get real, Podunker. Archie’s means of advertising cannot live on 35 year old dusty banners alone. He doesn’t have resurrection kerosene. He doesn’t have the stage of a UK game given Crean. He doesn’t have a UCLA game (as Knight sometimes did) or any means to put our more than chopped liver team consisting of an Indiana Mr. Basketball on a proper and deserving stage. It’s a disgrace of ineptitude from the AD’s office…and a disgrace of circumstance. Glass stopped caring as soon as Crean reaped the rewards of USING the candy stripes.

  21. Bottom Line: You do much shallow observation of historical comparison but do little to examine the vastly different environments and adverstising of the program afforded Knight(in his heyday) and Crean upon his “resurrection” and the UK game/stage.
    You point out a so-called shortcoming and need to recruit nationally, but you do little analysis or deep dissections into the fuel given Crean by his AD not afforded to Archie Miller. Archie has done all this on his own legwork to high schools and high school coaches across Indiana. But without big stages and a UK rivalry game, his humble efforts will not be given the same “out of the ashes” kerosene given Crean.
    Glass is running for the exit door…with no witch hunt fuel and no UK game to build an advertisers delight in an arsonist’s fire of hype for his favorite Tommy Crean anymore.

  22. And Knight could not survive in this “me first” era revolving around a world of saturated social media sites functioning as a revolving source of constant adulation gravity given the prima donnas and giant egos infecting the national and local recruitment environment.

    There is no comparison when analyzing the methods and means to recruit in the 1970’s thru early 1990’s to now. Different world in more ways and paragraphs to even begin…..Different culture. Different NBA influences. Different cable, internet, and national exposure environment.

    The game lost anything humble in its roots decades ago. Knight cared about building teams and character more than getting on his knees to prima donnas. Kids brains weren’t brainwashed with rankings sites and social media to any degree. A call from Bob Knight representing Indiana to kid’s mother or father sitting next to a living room telephone was all that was needed to speed the beating of a heart. That day is dead. Now you’re a superstar before the phone call.

  23. AWinAZ, I think your “book” is extremely unique in how it defines “relevant.” And perhaps nostalgia is causing you to contradict your own arguments.

    Duke has been highly “relevant” over the last 25 years. The coach that has made them so successful was coached and mentored by IU’s best – ever coach. And while I don’t want to be Duke, I’d sure love IU BB to have the success Duke has had over that period of time. What Hoosier fan wouldn’t? Duke runs a clean program and they win……a lot! And the reason they win so much is that they recruit elite BB talent and have a head coach who gets them to play together as a unit. Just like all the other elite college BB programs in the country. But if Duke filled each recruiting class with 3-star players, Duke would finish each season at or near the bottom of the ACC and never make it to the NCAA Tournament again.

    Of course I want IU to always sign the best HS players from within Indiana. But that has not always been enough to allow IU to compete for Big Ten Championships and make it to the final four. And back when IU BB was elite and creating all those great memories for those of us old enough to have witnessed it, the teams included elite talent from beyond the state of Indiana. If Archie follows your vision for recruiting, he won’t produce enough wins to satisfy the Hoosier Nation and he’ll be fired. He appears to understand that, and that’s why he has tried to recruit 5-star talent from around the country.

  24. Just give Archie the ten years you gave apologized for Crean….Things will work out.

    Question: Any of you remember Crean’s first real “signature” recruit? Do any of you remember the game that signature recruit captured the stage like lightning in a bottle? He had 31 points ….albeit in a losing effort.

    Stages, my friends. Names are made on stages. Recruiting is fueled by stages the same. Just in case you need a refresher. I often wonder how many out-of-state guys would even come to Indiana without the stage (a stage to prove some school in North Carolina or college farming out NBA talent not so far away from our border maybe shouldn’t have overlooked the kid slightly under the radar)? Stages, my Hoosier friends. Talk of getting “stars” is cheap talk if you can’t give them a stage.

  25. Wow…Found a real gem. Really gets fun around the 6 minute mark.
    47 points!..and 28 rebounds!…and he didn’t practice all week! Damn, Bobby was so smart. Stages, my Hoosier friends. Stages. We used to play on stages…A Kansas game followed by a UK game at Freedom Hall. STAGES!

  26. Podunker says:
    December 8, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    I don’t think anyone is talking about IU firing Archie, but I agree with BP’s comments above. IU fans do have the right to expect significant improvement from Archie’s third-year team, and we do have the right to expect that this team would not “soil” the bed in its first Big Ten road game. As BP points out, there are too many examples of other second and third-year coaches producing excellent results in the same amount of time. Look at OSU!

    Yup, look at them losing to Wisconsin at home tonight. A few weeks ago, some very astute commenter on Scoop said Holtmann and the Buckeyes were way overrated. Holtmann ain’t lookin’ so sexy now. They’ll fall out of the Top-10 real soon.

    Meanwhile, Archie’s former program is ranked while two prominent programs (Louisville and OSU) that hired new coaches at the same time IU hired Archie are now ranked in the top five. So it’s pretty obvious that right now, in relative terms, something is wrong.

    Yup, something is drastically wrong. OSU is way overrated. Holtmann isn’t the ‘Second Coming’ of Crean.
    Archie isn’t chopped liver. Louisville has lost to a considerably lower ranked off-year Kentucky team.
    The last something wrong? The sky hasn’t fallen yet. lol.

    Badgers may be the real sleeper in the BigTen. They simply play hard-nosed smart basketball. Nothing rocket science. Nothing of a destruction to self-esteem because some group of bozos didn’t think they were deserving of an early season high ranking.

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