Hoosiers add RB Baldwin for 2020

UPDATE (3:36 p.m.): IU also added a three-star safety from Texas, Bryson Bonds. He was also considering Kansas. He’s the 17th commit for the Hoosiers in the 2020 class.

Indiana keeps adding to its running back room, gaining a commitment from three-star Tim Baldwin Jr. on Sunday.

Baldwin, a former Michigan commit, ultimately ended up flipping his pledge to IU and running backs coach Mike Hart, a Michigan alum. The Nokesville, Va., native rushed for 1,367 yards and 23 touchdowns for Patriot High School as a senior.

Baldwin is considered a top 50 running back in this year’s class. He chose IU over West Virginia and South Carolina.

IU has had success bringing in highly ranked runnings backs each year. After Stevie Scott’s breakout campaign in 2018, four-star Sampson James entered the mix this season; the Avon product rushed for 118 yards in his lone start versus Purdue.

Even with Scott, James, and fellow Virginia product Ronnie Walker in the backfield, the Hoosiers could use depth in the running back room. Ivory Winters, who arrived with James in the 2019 class, transferred to Southeast Missouri State during fall camp. Redshirt junior Cole Gest eventually left the team, as well.

The 6-foot, 200-pound Baldwin is the Hoosiers’ 16th commit for 2020.


    1. I dunno FS,
      It seems like TA keeps loading up on all the “MAC” level talent that keep choosing IUFB over other P5 schools. Second time in recent weeks TA has a commit over a SEC program. SC is not Auburn, but they did manage to upset Georgia. Getting the safety over “Lucky Les” and Kansas is a good get as well.

      1. Unfortunately, the recruiting challenges continue to be there for IU. Won’t go into the specifics, but using the term “flipped” isn’t any more accurate than it was when applied to an IU recruit several years ago. In both cases, the school to whom they originally committed reneged on the offer.

  1. Not sure what recruit evaluation services think and fish are using, or if they are employing irony or some other humor. But # 15, 16 and 17 recruits are “big time”, not “MAC” level. A former starter OL from Stanford with 2 years of eligibility left; a former MI commit, 3 star, top 50 RB; and a 3 star safety from TX whom IU really wanted! Now get the DE from AZ, 4 star! Nice job Coach Allen and staff! Money well spent!

    1. Absolutely these 3 have very good college ready bodies and HS production. The kind of players that should be at the core of IUFB.

      1. Our comments weren’t a knock on the recruits. It was a knock on some scoopers who are always knocking the recruits IU gets. I’m pretty happy with the last three commits.

  2. I agree with you again BP. What’s to complain about or question? I see this news as nothing but positive. Les Miles, with a National Championship under his belt, is a great recruiter and an excellent coach. That’s why Kansas hired him to turn their program around. Beating him out for a coveted recruit is a good win for IU. Baldwin selecting IU over Michigan is another great win for IU and Hart. That’s two years in a row that has IU flipped a highly ranked running back away from powerhouse Big Ten rivals. When was the last time IU did that? To me, it proves that Hart is an excellent recruiter (IU should spend a little of that additional $500,000 set aside for coaching salaries on Hart. He deserves it).

    IU’s success on the field is starting to pay dividends on the recruiting trail. Now, let’s improve that defensive line!

    1. He didn’t select IU over UM. He’s a good player, but what you’re saying isn’t true.

      1. So exactly what does this Jon Blau quote in the article above mean BD? “Baldwin, a former Michigan commit, ultimately ended up flipping his pledge to IU and running backs coach Mike Hart, a Michigan alum.”

        1. It means that he isn’t factual in his reporting, just as it wasn’t factual when it was reported a few years ago that a certain IU defender had flipped from USC, even though he’d been told by them that his scholarship offer was no longer valid. Not saying Baldwin isn’t a good player or that IU isn’t happy to get him, but this wasn’t a flip.

          1. As a former Meatchicken commit it is a flip. He is the caliber of FB player with very similar talent, skills and FB IQ to the 1’s who earned the 8-4 in 2019. Solid addition for Allen and staff.

          2. I say it’s not a flip because he no longer had an offer to commit to from Michigan. You can’t “flip” someone who’s not committed elsewhere, and he wasn’t.

          3. I think we may have to chalk this one up to another of those murky tales of recruiting. Some of the UM sites are showing him as a decomit while others are not. 247 is showing him with an offer but exactly what did that mean? Not showing an official offer. Could be UM offered verbally but starting hedging their bets and the kid wanted a firm offer. Can’t blame him for looking elsewhere.

            Big problem with all the kids coming out of HS getting starstruck by the elite programs, but then even if they get the scholarship wind up riding the pine for 4 years, especially if they are a lower * caliber. I think the kids and their parents are finally starting to wise up about it and I think it may why we are seeing some of the depth issues the elite programs are beginning to encounter. In some ways the transfer portal may be opening the eyes of a lot kids also.

          4. Harbaugh and quite a few other coaches have no problem pulling offers from kids to f they think they can’t help their team. Oklahoma’s starting left tackles committed to Michigan as a high school sophomore only to have UM pull the offer around Christmas of his senior year. In that case, several other programs he was interested in were out of GIA’s at his sport, and he had to scramble to get his offer in Norman. IU got a kid a few years ago who got the same message from the school he committed to in the PAC 12. It happens much more than people think.

        1. An added note as it’s getting late on Sunday night, but Indiana also got a commitment this evening from 3-star Ohio tight end A.J. Barner and just a few minutes ago from New Palestine running back Charlie Spegal, the state of Indiana’s all-time leading rusher who was offered as a preferred walk-on.

          1. Sure hope the Charlie Spegal future at IUFB is 1 akin to a Rags to Riches story. He squats 575, benches 420 and has recorded the 40 @ 4.6 and has yet to meet the S&C boys who run the weightlifting and performance complex. I believe his 10k yds. in HS was over 3 seasons. What’s not to like. Gotta love the possibilities of this commitment.

          2. …sorry, his 10k yd. were over 4 seasons…updated #’s just found – max bench 440, clean 315, squat 600, 100yd. 11.3 also read his shuttle would have been 3rd fastest RB @ NFL 2019 combine…Guess we’ll see.

  3. think and fish, please explain your comments above. I son’t see these latest commits being MAC-level recruits. IU is beating out schools like Michigan, West Virginia, Kansas and South Carolina for these guys. That’s a long way from getting a kid to select IU over a MAC school. What are you talking about?

    I’ll bet Baldwin shows up at fall camp weighing 215 lbs. And with those four guys, IU’s stable of running backs will be better than this year’s group. Hart is doing an excellent job!

    1. Po,
      It was just a little dig from FS and me at some comments made a few weeks ago regarding the caliber of recruits TA is getting.

  4. AJ Barner 3 star at 73 per espn
    Offers Akron, Eastern Mich, Ohio U, Kent State, and Ball State, and IU.

    Glad to see Spegal come to IU.

  5. I found it very interesting reviewing the 2019 and 2020 college football transfer portals. While no school is immune from having players transfer, there are a lot of excellent programs losing a lot of players that were highly rated coming out of HS.

    1. It seems that it can help schools like IU more than the top tier teams. Spread a little bit more of the talent around.

  6. Well, yes, but three of the four schools in the FB playoffs have starting QBs that transferred from other Power-five programs. LSU’s QB transferred from OSU, Oklahoma’s QB is from Alabama, and OSU’s QB transferred from Georgia. Elite QBs are most in demand, but other players rated 4 and 5-star coming out of HS transfer from elite programs.

    So signing a highly rated player is one thing, but keeping them on the roster for four years seems to be another. IU should now be a more attractive destination for more highly rated players that are not happy with the school they originally committed to play for. Hope TA gets one more transfer for next year’s roster.

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