1. I was appalled at the lack of knowledge and perspective of John and Jeremy, two guys whose job is to cover IU Football and Basketball. Indiana Football has never been stronger than right now! At the end of year 3, Coach Allen is 18-18, .500! That is the best first 3 years ever for Indiana Football! Indiana Football is fine, right now, we don’t need the next 5 years to prove it!

  2. I wasn’t around in the 1940’s to see I U Football, however the Bill Mallory years were better, with wins over Ohio State Michigan and other opponents. Coach Allen’s 18 wins don’t include wins over any of the upper level Big Ten teams.

    1. I loved coach Mallory when he was at IU but you ignore that OSU and UM were down when IU beat those teams. It was fun to beat them but don’t overplay the difference then and now. It is like saying coach Wilson beat PSU without saying they were hit by probation and were down on scholarships that year.

      IU benefited this year by several teams not living up to preseason predictions but it was nice beating those teams. IU needs to keep the momentum going to be capable of beating the top teams but I imagine it will take young players to become juniors and seniors for that to happen.

  3. Bill Mallory had to rebuild the I U Football Program from scratch, thus a poorer record than what you are comparing Allen’s record. Kevin Wilson started the rebuild of I U Football and took the early year hits on his record like Bill Mallory’s early years, Coach Allen stepped into the program after a lot the early heavy lifting was done. Let’s see what the next few years bring before putting a crown on anyone’s head.

    1. I crown no one. But I do respect the facts. Bill Mallory probably was the second best football coach, so far, in the history of Indiana Football, with a record of 69-77-3. Bo McMillin obviously is the best, with a record of 63-48-11. After the first 2 years, and prior to his last 2 years, for 9 consecutive years, Coach Mallory’s record was 59-43-3. I applaud his achievements. But Coach Allen is off to a great start!

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