1. Jon Blau, I’m only speaking for myself. I know video is a popular tool these days vs print for journalism. I never listen. In my opinion you are to good a writer to not enjoy reading. This video above says it’s 33 minutes long. I’d much prefer 2 paragraphs from you to read. Again my thoughts.

    1. I listened to first video and quickly went through a couple others earlier. I thought I would like it and listen more. However, I haven’t listened since. I agree with HC. I enjoy reading a couple paragraphs and ensuing discussion or no discussion. It could be old age.

  2. I actually listened to this one. IU at 8-4 should get a better opponent than a 6-6 team. IU plays more like 6-6 than 8-4. It kinda reminds me when Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech exploited IU weaknesses and short comings in those bowls. However, IU had an excellent Copper Bowl and Holiday Bowl many years ago. Both, football and women’s basketball contracts (including staff) will dictate where IU is going with each respective program.
    IU basketball season starts Dec 4, 2019. Still no top 10 game/s. At least the season gets started.

  3. We should be in the ‘Breakthrough Bowl’ sponsored by Kool-Aid.

    Hell with podcasts! Pods? It’s Invasion of the Typewriter Snatchers!
    We need more Jeremy’s Hall Pass. Price has comedic abilities…Use them! And bring back Hoosier Morning, damn alien replicas. I desire a matching wits with your YouTube music selections serving as metaphor for topics at hand.

    Serious journalism and a bit of fun. It’s not a difficult formula. You guys do a nice job with ScoopTalks. Good chemistry.

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