IU bests No. 17 FSU, 80-64

As his patented step-back jumper fell through the net, Indiana’s Devonte Green turned toward the crowd and offered an enthusiastic salute.

The chorus at Simon Skjodt Assembly roared back, as they celebrated the runaway Hoosiers in an 80-64 win that was supposed to be far closer.

No. 17 Florida State (7-2) came into the Hall as the most vaunted opponent IU had seen yet. Long, athletic, pressure-focused. But Green was burying jumpers — contested, hard-to-make jumpers.

Justin Smith, the junior forward, sat next to Green in the postgame press conference, saying he just warns his teammate to take good shots. Green answered back, quickly, “Every shot’s a good shot.”

And the way Green was stroking it during a 30-point performance, it didn’t seem like he was wrong.

“It’s something you just feel. You can’t explain it,” Green said of being in a zone. “It’s just a feel thing. The shots were dropping tonight, so I guess I had the hot hand.”

The Hoosiers (8-0) were the hot team, registering an early win over a top 25 opponent thanks to their best defensive performance of the season yet. FSU hit 47.2 percent from the floor, but went on long droughts throughout the night.

Along with Green, freshman forward Trayce Jackson-Davis finished with 15 points and eight rebounds, stepping up to the challenge versus the biggest and most athletic team IU has faced yet.

Smith added 14 points and five boards.

“A lot of people have been saying we’ve been facing littler teams, how are they going to do against the big dogs?” Jackson-Davis said. “You witnessed it. We just have to play hard and do our thing.”

Early in the first half, the Hoosiers had to adjust to the Seminoles’ suffocating defense. Two of IU’s first three possessions were turnovers.

But the Hoosiers settled down, thanks in part to their senior guard. Green scored 14 points off the bench in the first half, including four occasions where he logged a quick three. The first time, he was fouled on a 3-pointer, hitting a trio of free throws. Green then hit a trifecta of 3s from long distance in just over a minute of play, powering a 15-2 spurt.

After one of those first-half 3s, Green came to the bench rubbing his left arm, presumably activating his Grand Theft Auto “cheat code” tattoo. He was ready to reload.

Green finished 10-of-15 from the floor and 5-of-7 from deep.

“Devonte Green was special tonight,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “There wasn’t a lot of coaching that went into what he did, as usual.”

IU would need more than one jolt. Even though the Hoosiers hit nearly 58 percent from the field in the first half, including a shot at the buzzer by Smith to make it 41-30, the Seminoles were in it for the long run.

FSU drained three shots from beyond the arc in the first two minutes of the second half, shaving layers off the Hoosiers’ lead. By the time they had reached the midway point of the half, the lead was down to 53-50 and Miller was removing his suit jacket.

But even through mistakes — IU had 12 of its 18 turnovers in the second half — the Hoosiers didn’t lose their cool. Jackson-Davis was blocking shots and pulling down big boards. Green was draining shots from all over the court.

After Green’s step-back jumper, sophomore Damezi Anderson buried a 3 to push the Hoosiers’ edge to 72-58. Everyone was producing, especially on the defensive end.

“This was the opportunity to put all the individual stuff out the window,” Miller said. “I thought our team showed they belonged tonight.”

What made the Hoosiers’ win more remarkable was the absence of Rob Phinisee, who missed his third consecutive game. The sophomore point guard was spotted in a boot as IU arrived for pregame warmups.

He rolled his ankle in a practice leading up to the game, another bit of bad luck in a string of it for Phinisee.

But the Hoosiers had the magic of Green. They had a relentless defense. They had a big win before heading on the road to open the Big Ten season at Wisconsin.

“You want to see what you’re made of, and I thought our guys rose to the occasion of the opponent, we were ready to play,” Miller said. “It wasn’t pretty, at all … but this is one we are very fortunate to get.

“I can’t thank our crowd enough. To be able to play on that floor as a player, to me that’s an amazing feeling for our guys to play in front of that crowd.”


  1. 1st test passed.

    Haven’t seen IU play Defense like this in 20 yrs.

    Onto the next test….to see if we can get our first win in Madison in ??? Years.

  2. How big was Armaan… all that defensive pressure, first time dealing with it, and Assembly simply has to make your adrenaline rush like crazy when it’s like that…. and he plays almost flawless basketball.

    Green was obviously huge, but he and Al had 7 TO’s…. the freshman had nerves of steel.

    Excited for his future.

    Loved that win.

  3. There’s a ball team in Bloomington. Yes Geoff Franklin has ice water in his veins and I’m tickled with the heady play of Brunk. Miller is recruiting outstanding pieces of talent to form the chemistry we’re seeing. AH was rock n and roll n. IU very well might break some opponents hearts this year. FSU is the 1st.

  4. That was thoroughly enjoyable. That’s some quality hoops on both ends. If we can get Rob back, him and Green on the screen and roll gives me goosebumps.

    This team has depth. I love how this team gets the ball into paint. They broke down a really talented defensive team tonight. A great first test for the Hoosiers.

    AZ, great call. The defense was legit. Has been a while since a team in cream and crimson played like that.

    1. And they took a couple charges that didn’t get called too… I can’t remember ever watching a basketball game, at any level, where a team did such a solid job of staying in front, plying angles, combined with appropriate help side, that caused players to travel THAT many times. Every travel was a forced TO caused by great D.

      So much fun to watch, especially when FSU was putting every last ounce of effort defending 90 feet…

      Great game.

      1. I thought they actually started the game well, but FSU just hit some tough shots. Was glad they didn’t hang their head. They kept up the intensity, then the turnover parade started.

        Geoff, indeeeeed. All of those traveling calls in the 2nd half were delicious.

  5. Great team win. But the big story of the game was Green. I can’t remember such a complete transformation for a player between his Junior and Senior season. Last year Green was a liability and turnover machine. Now he’s a huge asset and team leader. Credit to Archie for finding the formula to bring out the best in Green while eliminating his old bad habits.

    As for the crowd in Assembly Hall, that’s the Hoosier Nation I know and love! Hope some recruiting targets were watching.

    Aside from sloppy free throw shooting, that was about as good a performance as any Hoosier fan could have expected to watch. It will be a nice reward to see IU back amongst the top 20. Now let’s win a big road game.

  6. Well, I suppose to some, this must be just another cupcake on weak schedule!

    While I know this team has a ways to go for us to see what they are really all about, this is a good first step. We will know a lot more about this team in the coming games. A win at Wisconsin would be great next step, especially if followed by continued solid play by IUBB in the December schedule. What I really hope for is that we are beginning to see what Archie’s system is really capable of against better quality opponents. A healthy team would really be nice, doesn’t seem like IUBB the last couple years can catch a break.

  7. A very solid effort by this group. Now it’s time to take this show on the road. You’re not going to hit 55% fg’s every night so a reduction in turnovers and improved free throw shooting will be essential. If they hang their hat on defense and are solid on the boards they should put themselves in a position to win many games in the B1G this season. Nicely done.

  8. Good win. As the way it is suppose to be in IU gym. Positive sign. Road wins needed. Team seems to have very good upside. I like AM demeanor. Florida State though a good team is a team that another good team (IU) is expected to beat at home.

  9. I’m certainly encouraged and excited about what this program has in store for us. It is not just THIS year. There shall be many to follow. Perennial strength. I believe in Archie & the trajectory, brought about by a focus on fundamentals, something non-existent in the prior regime.

    But let’s keep things in perspective. IU SHOULD beat the 17th ranked team on our home floor. And Top 5 teams. I was damn glad the students didn’t rush the floor, but I had anxiety about that as the clock wound down.

  10. Many positives from the game…Some not-so-positives.
    My early hopes for Brunk may need to be tempered. He bounces about too much and takes mini hops in and near the paint repeatedly(especially when a ball is coming off the rim or the gathering of a board is still in question) . Not only is it nasty to watch(makes him look clumsy) but it limits his jumping ability and positioning. He needs to have a coach do serious concentrated work with the footwork to kill the bouncy habit. He needs to stay planted and choose wisely on leaving the feet. His bouncy tendency is throwing off his balance and it will throw off even the closest of put-back’s and opportunities at easy boards. His size will be not be the needed factor if the feet can’t be fixed.

    I still believe we can gel into a very strong team come March. Certain pieces still a bit lacking…Jackson-Davis is certainly the true gem of this roster. The accolades repeatedly heard by the ESPN crew last night reaffirmed my early assessments (even against the cupcakes)…The young man could start for any college team in the country.

    Lastly, FSU is very athletic and deep. They are also a bit of a mirror of ourselves. They’re still a bit raw…Still looking for an identity. Still a bit shy of having truly special point guard play. Still a bit hot-cold on shooting. Do a lot of things “by committee”(including point guard play). No real ‘go-to’ scorer….(though possibly having the occasional big night from someone as we did with Green). A bit plagued by mistakes and turnovers (which may be partly due to the gas in the tank running low from the extreme effort on defense and pace generated). Both teams in need of a true “lights out” shooter night in…and night out.

    I was pleased with Franklin and had my early assessments of his abilities confirmed as well….I’d give him the starting job now(whether Phinisee gets 100% or not). I like Franklin as the steady presence at point. When healthy, I prefer Phinisee coming off the bench(altered with Green).
    Starters: Brunk, Jackson-Davis, Smith, Franklin, Durham. Stay with it and let them develop chemistry.

  11. Just one more note (though many I could still elaborate):

    Franklin may very well become the most consistent with the shooting stroke. Matter of fact, I’m going to predict he becomes our highest percentage shooter from the field by end of season. He has really nice form and release. I feel he has the most promise to elevate his game quickly, It’s not ideal to place so much on the shoulders of a rather unheralded freshman, but this kid looks up to the task. I like his serious baller demeanor. Not the sort of kid who will be smiley and jovial on the bench(whether by coach’s decision…or sidelined by an injury). In other words: Winner.

  12. See, I actually found another positive. Justin Smith. His balance and footwork has improved. He must have put in a lot of work during the summer. He doesn’t lunge and he’s being far more patient/controlled on his approaches to the rim…and in cutting. I heard Archie Miller in the postgame say Justin had his best game ever last night(not necessarily in the box score). He was seeing the same thing….The feet and the presence found his athleticism. Hope it stays.

  13. My fear is that Green’s showstopping performance ;last night will sort of force the hand of Archie to pull Franklin out of the starting role.

    This is when you truly see what you have as a coach. How does he balance “seniority” and flash power/swag versus the best steady forces on the roster. How well does Archie balance the expectations of some who may think they’re the seasoned veteran and ‘big man on campus’ with what may be best for the team long term?
    I wonder if that’s why Bob Knight had such great success early on….? He was a prick to everyone. He wasn’t going to be impressed by kid having a big scoring night. Always more impressed by the many basketball plays less glamorous on a stat sheet…or found in the category of intangibles. Bob was the ‘big man’ on campus. The way it should be. Coaches now must coddle the future NBA superstars bigger stars than any coach.

    And that’s what I really like about Jackson-Davis. Seems really grounded and humble… Doesn’t appear to have any concern with being ‘big man on campus’….even with his big/tall size. He is a coach’s dream. Work ethic with no gloat needed to frost his superb talent.

    Now look what I did…I went and talked too much again…Oh, well.

  14. I don’t think last night’s win convinced anyone that IU will win the Big Ten Championship this season or make it to the final four next March. But last night’s win gives me confidence that IU can win 23 games and secure an invitation to the NCAA tournament. But perhaps more importantly, last night’s performance went a long way toward renewing the Hoosier Nation’s excitement and enthusiasm about our beloved Men’s BB program. Do not underestimate the power of the Hoosier Nation’s enthusiastic and full-throttled support for basketball! IU’s players were enveloped by it last night, and as a result, they were unbeatable.

  15. H4H I would submit that SOME players play better coming off the bench and I’m reminded of John Laskowski. I said earlier that the “soft” schedule allowed Archie to mold and educated a lot of players that really didn’t have much experience playing together. Just like scaffolding is used to “build”..I last night may have shown that the soft schedule was a “scaffold” for building teamwork.

  16. I have no doubt Archie took full advantage of the soft schedule in the first seven games. I have no doubt that in some ways it benefited the team’s development. But let’s be honest, the first seven games was a ridiculously soft schedule. The commentators who called the game last night made a point of it more than once. IU should never play that many cupcakes in a row to start a season. And while it may have helped this team in some ways, it may hurt them later in the season (i.e., NCAA tournament, etc.). As someone said above, we’ll learn a lot more about this team through the rest of December. And in order for the soft opponents in the first seven games not to damage IU, they now have to continue beating much better opponents, especially on the road, while winning all their games at home. IU needs 15 more wins this season to secure a reasonably good seed in the NCAA.

    On another subject, did anyone see how badly MSU got destroyed by Duke last night? No way MSU should continue to be ranked in the top 15 for a while. If they are, especially with a record of 3-3, the system used to rank teams is a joke. A close loss to Duke at home should not cost a team a lot of positions in the rankings, but MSU got crushed! It was a beat down on their home court.

  17. Early non-conference preseason schedule should be looked at for what it is. Hybrid practice.

  18. How quickly we forget Grand Canyon, Stony Brook, Savannah State, Gardner-Webb, Stetson, Chattanooga, Chicago State, Samford, etc, etc.

    As was said earlier, Crean (a.k.a. Twinkie Tom) filled cupcakes more than Hostess.

    I heard a great snippet of an interview with a Louisville starter part of #1 Louisville’s team last night…(I guess it was a kid who could have easily left after his junior season for the NBA)…Paraphrasing a bit:

    Interviewer: “Why did you come back ?”
    Louisville senior: “This team means too much to me. I came back to win a championship.”

    Cupcakes is simply not giving the fans the value of their ticket….There could be some reality shock once a superb team arrives as competition, but the BigTen is pretty damn competitive and ample prep for March.
    Banner droughts have a lot more to do with our few superstars not desiring what the Louisville kid expressed last night. Ir also has a lot to do with very poor coaching getting outmaneuvered and out-coached on the big stages when the pressure is on.

    1. H4H,
      While I agree with most of your comment, I am wondering about the “Banner drought,” segment. Is it so much about the superstars not staying or recruiting players who will stay?

      I don’t know if this will turn into a trend, but over the last few years the teams full of superstars who leave are also “one and down” factories. The problem is, I don’t see them hanging the number of banners they used to hang. The win a lot of games and generate a lot of excitement, but bow out in the tournament when they run into teams dominated by 3-4 year players.

      Fortunately, it looks like to me, the majority of Archie’s recruits are of the 3-4 year player variety with one or two players who may develop into superstars.

      1. Combination of both…You need the 4-year guys who are the experienced grit and ‘been there before’ backbone of a team. But you also have to have those rare superstars who cherish the college experience and the candy stripes to stick around for a banner run.

        We don’t reload McDonald’s All-Americans in the numbers many of the programs with sustained elite momentum. Crean was a disaster because he was searching for raw talent with NBA levels of athleticism…Time those guys would start evolving enough to complement the higher IQ and more fundamentally sound roster members, they were garnering interest from the NBA scouts and leaving IU.
        Archie is more on track with securing high level talent more refined….but we’re not winning banners with merely getting guys like Jerome Hunter, Race Thompson, Phinisee, Brunk, Davis, etc. to stay the expected four years. It’s imperative to have a Romeo…or a Jackson-Davis….or a Cody Zeller …or a Thomas Bryant…or an OG Anunoby…or any future rarely landed McDonald’s All-American/Mr Basketball/superstar/showstopper to stay long enough to have all the other pieces fall in place.

        Sometimes two seasons is enough for all the pieces(superstars + 4-year guys + seasoned point guard + solid bench) to come together. Sometimes it takes three to four years(especially in the current environment where your competing against corruption and elite saturation…and established coaches with a bit more draw than the ‘up and coming’ Archie Miller).

        Injuries may have played a part last season, but I doubt a healthy team last year still gets much beyond the 2nd round. Look what’s taking place this season while Hunter and Thompson are healthy. Jackson-Davis and Brunk have stepped into those roles….DeRon is hardly seeing the floor. The new freshman, Franklin, may soon prove more valuable than Phinisee.
        Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have the depth, but Jackson-Davis, Brunk and Franklin are, in my humble opinion, making us a much stronger team than anything even a 100% healthy squad would have been last year.
        Brunk gives us a needed wide body…Hopeful he gets a bit more confident and gets his feet to stay on the court while being more judicious with his ‘bouncy’ habit.
        Jackson-Davis gives us the near complete and rare superstar…with a headiness and maturity in his game considerably beyond his freshman status.
        Franklin gives us a confidence with ball not seen in some time. Oddly, I trust this freshman more than Green or Phinisee with the duties to bring the ball up under pressure …and to be the orchestrator in the backcourt. I would saturate him now with all the playing time possible.
        Phinisee is a solid baller…but, sadly, he is turning into the Michael Penix of IU hoops. He simply can’t stay healthy. And we lose very little with Franklin….In many respects, we gain(I believe Franklin to have more of a natural stroke).

      2. Bingo ^^^

        Aside from the Fab 5, I cannot remember a Big 10 team that made it to the Final Four with 1 & done players. To win in the Big 10 and build a program perennially, 3 & 4 yr. players are needed and I’ve been posting this for a long time. I like the continued crop of kids coming in that are role players now but will be leaders in 2 – 3 yrs.

        1. Oden and Conley (both from Lawrence North HS, Indianapolis) led the one-and-done brigade in getting OSU to a Final Four/title game in 2007….. giving Matta his needed momentum.

          Keep an eye out for OSU again….They have some dynamite freshmen very capable in aiding a Final Four run.

          There was a segment of the OSU game against UNC which made me summon an old line from the original ‘Rocky’ movie(OSU being Rocky)….Apollo’s trainer to a disinterested Apollo: “Hey, champ, you oughta come and look at this boy you’re gonna fight on TV. Looks like he means business.”

  19. Good win. Seen it many times not just IU but other teams over the years. A team will have an excellent home court backed by home crowd with a player or two have hot hand/s or pre big ten win. Everything goes well. Then, as season goes along that good team has an unimpressive season. The secret to team’s success is how much they improve throughout year. Currently, things are going pretty well.
    D Davis?

    1. That brings thoughts back to 16/17 season. Beat #2 Kansas and #3 N/C (at home). Throw Ft Wayne into the mix and finish 18/16 – NIT loss to Georgia Tech. Bummer of a year.

  20. At Miami
    14th ranked IU Ladies 58
    (played without leading scorer Grace Berger)
    21st ranked Miami Ladies 45

  21. BTW, am I the only one that noticed Davis on the bench every time IU did something great on the floor and they would show the bench. All of the players would be standing celebrating the play and Davis just set there not applauding or anything with a blank expression on his face? Looks like a player that is extremely upset he is not on the floor and can’t seem to be happy for his teammates? Not one time was he on his feet like the other players and flashing a smile again like the other players? Comes across as a VERY poor teammate, just sayin………..

  22. FYI update on Romeo ..per Boston Celtics Stat sheet and ESPN … Langford was sidelined for about two weeks after suffering an ankle injury during a Nov. 15 game with Maine. Since the first-round pick isn’t playing on a two-way contract, he should make his way back to Boston sooner rather than later, but expect the Celtics to send him to Maine frequently to pick up some much-needed playing time. The rookie isn’t expected to be a regular member of coach Brad Stevens’ rotation this season.

  23. I love that we’re discussing this underclassmen vs upperclassmen piece. I think you can now see exactly how high a hill Archie needed to climb coming to B-Town.

    In the Louisville/Michigan, only ONE player was an underclassmen. The starting line-ups of both teams, Louisville: 3 Sr 2 Jr and Michigan: 2 Sr 2 Jr 1 Frosh. When Holtman took over OSU, he had an upperclassmen laden team with Bates-Diop, Tate, Williams, Jackson. And his underclassmen included the two Wesson brothers.

    Miller was left with….less than desirable upperclassmen. Seniors on that team were: Rob Johnson, Josh Newkirk (transfer), Freddie McSwain (transfer), Colin Hartman, Tim Priller (TRANSFER!). The Juniors were Walk-on Josh McRoberts and Juwan Morgan. Morgan took a huge leap under AM’s first year. Rob was the next best player, but at best he was uneven. Hartman never found his legs after his ACL tear and would never be the same again.

    The transfers were all hot garbage. In the Crean era, the Tim Priller transfer might be the most Crean thing that ever happened. That Junior class would challenge AM the next year, as he only had Morgan and McRoberts as Seniors. He grabbed Evan Fitzner, but that was a disaster. But at least he was only stuck with him for 1 yr if he didn’t pan out (which he clearly didn’t).

    The rebuilding effort in Bloomington is underappreciated. AM had a lot of cleanup to do. ALSO, the man has NEVER ONCE mentioned it, let alone used it as a crutch. He has worked with it the best he could. The more I look at what he had to work with, the more impressed I am with what he got out of it.

    Better times are ahead. We’ll be back.

    1. DD,
      I think you make a point which so many seem to miss. Add to everything you said, a 2nd CAM year enduring a team-wide injury catastrophe and the hill just got much steeper. I think a healthy team last year could have been at minimum a tournament team and possibly, a sweet 16 team. We have to remember there are only 2 classes which have been fully recruited by Archie, and those are all underclassmen.

      If this year’s team makes the tournament under the circumstances Archie inherited, he has done well. The upperclassmen are finally beginning to adapt to Archie’s system, but it is a system totally foreign to the one to which they were initially recruited. A couple more years with a roster totally made up of Archie recruits and I think we will see significant progress. The FSU game just give us a somewhat flawed taste (turnovers, etc . . .) of what is possible when Archie’s system is fully in place.

      1. It will get even better when all those not Archie recruits are finally retiring their Hoosier jerseys. It’s not that any of those remaining guys are without solid skills and solid personalities…It’s simply the fact that every coach seeks different qualities and builds his roster to match his own strategy for winning basketball.

        I was completely dumbfounded when I saw guys laughing and smirking on the bench in the final moments of our NIT loss last season. I truly don’t believe you’ll ever see any of that from an Archie Miller recruit….
        I desire guys who are miserable on the bench because they want to be on the floor. And if they’re not miserable, they should be 100% focused on the game until the final buzzer and not using the bench to act like ‘cool bro on campus.’

        You’re going to see some disgruntled guys on the bench this year…because they are now realizing they’re not ‘cool bro on campus’ and they are suddenly replaceable due to higher levels of new and transferred in talent. I hope they reexamine what it means to wear candy stripes and find a renewed spirit to make the best of their time left playing basketball at a high college level.

  24. Not surprised. A lot of attention and hoopla for an Indiana Mr. Basketball. In many different ways this is a player that basketball speaking needed 3 years of college development if not a full 4 years. However, in reality and rationally once again money has spoken. So where and when could he have gotten a better job? Everything else is emotionally.
    There are other examples: (actually, many if you research it) Recently, Andrew Luck, where else could he have gotten a better job? Take the money and go and do something else related or unrelated to football. Everything else is emotionally. Yes, there always the majority of those that play because it is their life until older that don’t have to play. Example: Tom Brady and Farveand lots of others.

  25. DD. Good observation and analysis. That could be a big reason why AM has lost some recruiting battles. However, he has won enough recruiting battles to stay afloat thus far. That could lead to future recruiting battles in AM’s favor.

    1. Archie has done well recruiting. He’s ended up with the #1 guy from the state of Indiana in all but next year’s class. Next year’s class is soft in Indiana (at least ranking wise). One of the misses last year, Keion Brooks, isn’t exactly tearing things up for UK right now. He’s a freshman who has to grow into playing at the next level. His 5 stars might have been earned, but they don’t matter when you have to deliver on the court. Where would a small Fwd find playing time with our current roster as it stands?

      The key is that the current IU roster looks really balanced between classes. Instead of recruiting to fill giant voids and having classes with major transfers (thus maybe relying on other problematic transfers), there’s seniority and captains who can provide leadership and teaching to the new guys coming in. As much as I LOVE Juwan Morgan as a person and player, he just wasn’t a very vocal leader. That was the only senior leadership last year. McRoberts just wasn’t a good enough player to provide what an NCAA tournament team needs.

      I love what Archie has done with Green. Not just from a player development standpoint, but he has him stepping up to work and become a senior leader. That stuff really really matters.

  26. You may be premature with Green….He’s certainly more disciplined thus far.

    There are still those inexplicable unforced turnovers that make the jaw drop. We had enough cushion and sixth man(home crowd) to ease some of the mental pressures against FSU.

    Going forward I believe Franklin to be the sweetest surprise. Kid is solid.

  27. DD, I agree with many of your comments in your two previous posts. I especially agree with you about what Archie has done to bring the best out of Green while reducing his bad habits. I love Archie’s style of BB. But from my perspective, the jury is still out on Archie’s ability to recruit enough talent necessary to win Big Ten Championships and return IU BB to elite status.

    Archie has done a great job recruiting the best HS talent from within Indiana. But he has failed to sign his priority targets that come from outside the state, especially the big guys. While Brunk was a good pick-up, next year we better hope Brunk stays healthy and that he gets a lot of help in the paint. Because unless Archie snags another grad transfer or signs a giant from another country, we’re going to be down to one offensively-limited center, and that could diminish an otherwise impressive roster of mature, well-coached players. Since most schools have competent coaches, college sports these days is all about recruiting enough of the right talent.

  28. Can we enjoy this season before assuming the sky will fall next season?

    A lot of things change quickly in recruiting with a deep tournament run. This team has question marks(primarily in the back court and the need for a fast evolution at point guard), but given a bit of fortune in the brackets, a deep run is not out of the question. Very deep team….A lot of interchangeable parts. Much will key on chemistry and momentum heading into March. Much will also key on Jackson-Davis and his evolution beyond his already extremely wide array of impressive skills.

    Things could always be far worse for Archie….

    1. You got that one right H4H!

      Things could be far worse for Archie, we saw that last year with about the worst injury plagued season I can remember for any program.

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