IU’s Glass to retire as AD

When the news conference to announce his retirement as Indiana University’s athletic director turned to lessons learned, Fred Glass fell back on his intellectual roots.

A student of history and philosophy, he recalled a scene from the movie “JFK,” which depicted the Cuban Missile Crisis. The president sought counsel from a longtime diplomat, but it was apparent there was no good advice to be had.

“You don’t get it, do you, Jack?” Glass recalled Kevin Costner’s character saying in the film. “There’s no wise old men. It’s just us.”

Glass hasn’t had to avert nuclear conflict during his tenure as IU’s athletic director, which began in late 2008 and will run through the end of this academic year. But the learning curve was steep and the challenges immense.

He was the fifth athletic director in eight years when he took the reins at his alma mater. Facilities were in desperate need of an upgrade. The dysfunction of the department was only worsened by the misdeeds of former men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson and the sanctions it wrought.

Glass admits, he didn’t know the first thing about being a collegiate athletic director when he first took the job. But the Indianapolis attorney had the ignorance to believe he could steer the Hoosiers in the right direction — and he had the fortitude to trust his gut.

“You can’t look at somebody else to tell you what to do,” Glass said. “You’ve got to have confidence in your own abilities and make the best decision you think you can and do what you think is right because, like Eleanor Roosevelt says, you’ll be criticized no matter what you do, so you might as well do the thing you think is right.”

His decisions over the years haven’t always been met with universal praise — not unusual in big-time college sports. But as Glass announced Monday his plans to depart, he was confident he had left IU’s athletic department in better shape than he found it.
There have been no major NCAA infractions during his tenure.

He’s led a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar effort to renovate IU’s facilities. And of the 19 coaches at the helm of IU’s 24 sports, Glass has hired 15 of them.

Pat Shoulders, a longtime trustee, remembers taking Glass to task over the failings of IU’s marquee programs, as recently as last year. Football had claimed just one winning season in 24. Men’s basketball had missed the NCAA tournament three years in a row.

But as Glass announced his upcoming departure, Tom Allen’s football team is 8-4 and heading to the Gator Bowl. Archie Miller has the men’s basketball program at 10-1 and not far outside of the top 25. And the women’s basketball team, led by Teri Moren, is ranked No. 12 in the country.

“Our fans that were loyal to us had a right to ask tough questions. Fred withstood every question,” Shoulders said. “He believed we had the right people, we just needed to be patient. Right now, it appears, his crystal ball may have worked.”

It was actually the recently culminated extension of Allen’s contract that prompted Monday’s announcement. The Hoosiers’ football coach asked Glass about his future plans during those discussions, but Glass hadn’t yet told President Michael McRobbie about his intent to retire.

Glass circled back to McRobbie the night of Dec. 4, before telling Allen about his plan to exit the next day. But in reality, Glass had been thinking about stepping away from the position for a while.

“I think it’s sort of a thing to settle yourself with a decision and see how it feels, and this felt really right,” Glass said. “I have no regrets and feel really positive about the decision, but giving that some time to stew with me was good.”

A search committee, led by IU Vice President for Government Relations and Economic Engagement Bill Stephan, will now look for a successor. Glass said he has provided “confidential counsel” to McRobbie but he won’t play an active role in the search process.

“When you move on, you move on,” Glass said.

As Glass and his colleagues begin to look back on the past decade, there is a long list of accomplishments.

They have built new baseball and softball venues, each named for generous donors. Glass pushed for the renovation of Assembly Hall — now Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall — rather than a completely new arena.

In recent years, millions of dollars have been poured into projects related to football, including the enclosing of the south end zone and the new locker room in the Terry Tallen Indiana Football Complex.

Chuck Crabb, the senior athletic director for facilities, remembers when Glass first arrived, sitting down with him for two hours to discuss improvements that were sorely needed. With added revenue from television rights, especially the Big Ten Network, Glass had the means to follow through. The former chief of staff to Indiana Gov. Evan Bayh also has a way with donors.

“His pitches have been pretty good,” Crabb said. “He’s not come back empty-handed too often.”

But more than just an administrator, Crabb and others will miss the consistent, personable presence he brought to the athletic department.

“I marvel at him when he goes down the hallway. Our janitors, he can talk to Jeff and Justin the same way I can,” Crabb said. “He relates to them, and he understands them.”

Jeremy Gray, the associate AD for strategic communications, has always enjoyed the sense of humor of his boss, especially when they commune to discuss the design for spirit posters.

“You feel like you are just hanging out with a college friend, thinking about the silliest things you can put on a poster, “ Gray said. “There are only so many things you can say what you plan to do to the Wolverines.”

In the end, it’s not especially common for an athletic director to last a dozen years. It takes a certain amount of love for the alma mater — and maybe a degree of passion for each sport — to remain in that post for so long.

Crabb, also the public address announcer at Assembly Hall, has learned firsthand the depths of Glass’ love for the Hoosiers, because the AD and his wife, Barbara, will sit right behind him at men’s basketball games.

“Let’s just say they don’t agree with every call that’s made by the three officials during a basketball game,” Crabb said. “I’ll hear about it. I’ll turn around and look at Fred, ‘It’s all right, Chuck, I was cheering for you, too. I knew you felt the same way.’”

Glass made clear he isn’t tired of the job.

He just felt it was time.

As for plans after the academic year, Glass isn’t completely sure. But the former lawyer said it’s possible he goes back into the trade in the Indianapolis area.

Shoulders, a lawyer himself, was amused to hear that.

“Most lawyers, once they get out, they aren’t looking to get back in,” Shoulders said. “If that’s what he intends, he’s going in the wrong direction.”


  1. Safe travels. Vacation homes, resorts, and relocation into a retired elite life. Now, where is T. Moren contract??????

  2. There’s a lot of glamorizing above but, ultimately, at what was once one of the most storied college hoops destinations, here’s how I’ll remember his tenure.

    And Joey Glass’s glowing endorsement of Tom Crean in a letter-to-the-editor of the ‘Marquette Wire’ (before Fred was hand-picked by his “committee” containing Tom Crean as our new coach and one of the chosen AD “search committee” members) shall live in infamy.

    1. If you’re implying that Crean somehow wired the selection of Glass as IU’s AD, that’s simply and utterly untrue. Crean’s influence, if you know anything about the inner workings of IU, was minimal, at best. I’m not Glass’s biggest cheerleader and I wasn’t ever sold on Crean, but what you’re implying never happened, and it’s laughable to suggest otherwise. Apologies if I’ve misread your comments.

  3. Call Steve Downing now! Great Hoosier. Great man. Ethical man. Kind man.
    Kicked Walton’s butt at a Final Four!

  4. I wish Fred the best in whatever he decides to do, he has the I U Athletic Facilities in a better shape with all the improvements and the raising the donations to accomplish the facility overhauls that was very much needed. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

  5. “Get while the gettin’s good!”

    This is surprising since it contradicts previous statements Glass made about how long he wanted to do the job. He’s 60 years old, and that has to be one of the least stressful AD jobs in America! I’ll give him credit for his sense of timing. He’s leaving at a good time, when IU Football and a few of the coaches he hired are doing well.

    I give Glass great credit for managing the process required to upgrade IU’s Athletic facilities. He’s done a great job as a fundraiser, motivating wealthy donors to fund massive improvements in a variety of IU’s athletic facilities. Look at IU’s baseball facilities, arguably going from worst to first in the Big Ten. The improvements made to Assembly Hall. The huge improvements and additions to Memorial Stadium. And there are others. That will be Fred’s legacy at IU, and he can and should be proud of getting all that done.

    He’s done a good job of managing the Athletic Department and making sure all of IU’s coaches played by the rules. Increasing the graduation rates of IU’s athletes is also a feather in his cap.

    A big part of Fred’s legacy, by his own admission, will rest on how well Archie does at IU. To a lessor extent, his decision to hire and extend TA’s contract has been vindicated, but time will tell if this year’s improved performance in FB was a blip or the beginning of an inclined trajectory. By giving TA his new contract, Fred did everything he could to make IU FB’s success sustainable. But IU FB’s future success depends on the Hoosier Nation and whether we significantly increase support for IU Football (i.e., fill Memorial Stadium for every home game). Fred’s successor should make increasing attendance at home FB games his/her top priority so that FB generates the revenue necessary to allow IU to hire and keep the best coaches for all the other varsity sports.

    Fred Glass is a good man. I wish him the best in a long retirement. Selecting his successor will be very important. I hope the person who gets the job is a visionary leader who arrives with big ambitions for IU Athletics.

  6. Now, either bring in Pat Kraft from Temple, IU alum and played football at IU, or Chris Reynolds.

  7. Podunker says:
    March 26, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Based on how so many contributors to this this site, and so many Hoosier Fans in general defined “home run,” there were no home runs to be had. After two weeks of fantasizing about certain men that were never going to be available (or affordable) to IU, a lot of folks now have to come back down to earth and live in the real world. And in that real world, Archie Miller was the best coach IU could have gotten. The question now is, will he turn out to be a significant upgrade over the man we just fired, will he lead IU back to elite status and regular final four appearances, or will he become a victim of our outrageous expectations such that we go through this process again in five years? Here’s hoping Miller is still IU’s coach when Glass retires.

  8. Fred did well. The AD job is way more about politics than it is being a CEO. He completely rebuilt our facilities and improved our standing in almost all sports. And he did it without any support of the President. McRobbie had no desire and is anti Athletics.

    But the one demerit is a big one: men’s basketball. But there’s still time. Should never have given Crean that long contract in year 2 and, should have fired him 2 years earlier. Still digging ourselves out of that hole. Crean had completely lost his recruiting base and the entire state of Indiana had written him off. Archie had a much bigger rebuilding project than most people gave credit to.

    In looking back, Crean may have been the worst thing that ever happened to Indiana basketball. You can build out of the ashes. What seems to be the hardest thing to do is get over the hump of mediocrity and stagnation. Indiana has a thirty year hole of mostly irrelevance in basketball, and Tom Crean oversaw one third of that time. A decade is more than half the lives of the kids coming to play for you.

    Anyway, I think Fred was good for IU. Curious to see who will replace him.

    1. I would argue that Kelvin Sampson was the worst thing that ever happened to IU b’ball. He loaded the roster with drug users and flunkies, ultimately causing a 4 year full rebuild. I was never a huge Crean fan, but he was a quality individual who, despite a few transgressions by team member, graduated players and largely kept them out of trouble.

      Obviously the results on the floor did not match either the talent he recruited or IU expectations – which is why it ended.

      The end of his tenure was hamstring by lack of a contract extension – which was clearly a sign to recruits that he was going to be let go. When you put downgraded talent with Crean’s coaching, it wasn’t a good result. Put that on Glass, not on Crean.

      1. Wonder how many on this blog were “drug users” in college…?
        McRobbie’s son was busted for drugs in his dorm room(if my recollection is correct, it was more than a casual amount).

        Not sure if anyone was doing heroin….Sampson did not condone flunking. Our administrators new what these kids academic backgrounds were. They could have just as easily refused their enrollment. Hell, Jamarcus Ellis was living out of a car at one point during his high school years. To have no compassion is the biggest of sins. To throw those “drug users” and “flunkies” under the bus is a hardship of heart. Sorry to relive it, but I don’t want anyone as my IU brother with such cold blood in their crimson veins. Many of these young men had no father figures…Kelvin was it and he did them wrong I suppose by not being perfect.
        But in his heart of hearts, I think Kelvin Sampson wanted better for them. He had those kids over to his home every Friday night for a family dinner. He tried and those kids never played like narcissists on a basketball court. They played the game hard and together. I guess it was unrealistic but he should not carry all the burden for it not working.
        And he’s done good things at Houston. He took in a Devin Davis who was HARDLY good enough to finish at IU after nearly having his brains spread about on 17th Street. He resorted to being a druggie in his hardship and difficult times….Cast him aside. Replaceable.

        Merry Christmas, druggies and flunkies of Scoop. May your own children never slip into a dark world.

      2. It was totally on Crean. His contract shortfalls were of his own doing in harmony with the chronic player performance negatives he never could correct year to year. He ran himself out of town.

      3. So the logical thing to do is extend the contracts of coaches indefinitely until desired result is achieved?

  9. Agreed Crean left a large rebuild for Coach Miller. I give AD Glass a solid A for his tenure. Leaving before the transition to paying student/athletes is a brilliant decision. Thanks Mr. Glass for everything.

  10. I have known Fred since coaching his son back in the early 2000s. Back then running the Indy Sports he was easy to approach and saw himself as no better than anyone else. He did a good job at IU building up the sports programs and facilities.

    I can’t say I trust the powers that be but I hope they bring in an IU man that believes in a strong FB program and keeps the momentum going.

  11. V13, I agree. I fear McRobbie. He is hostile to athletics. Nervous he’s gonna bring in some half measure.

  12. McRobbie’s contract for the position of I U’s president will end after the 2020, I wonder who will actually hire the new AD? Will the new I U President actually have an interest in I U Athletics, other than what Big Ten money can be transferred out of the I U Athletic Department?

  13. I agree there is sufficient reason to be concerned over McRobbie’s influence in this hire. All the more reason to bring pressure on the BOT and the Governor. McRobbie answers to the BOT, and the Governor appoints 2/3rd’s of the BOT.

  14. I don’t necessarily disagree with the statements made about McRobbie being “hostile to athletics,” but I’ve never heard that before. What’s the basis for you guys saying that?

    Regardless, McRobbie isn’t going to be around much longer, and I think that’s a good thing, and not just for IU athletics. I agree with thinkaboutit who suggests that the Hoosier Nation should be applying pressure to McRobbie, the BOT and the governor. Writing letters still works.

    I laughed out loud when someone suggested that IU should have fired Crean the year he won a Big Ten Championship and was named Big Ten Coach of the Year. And to imply that any IU coach has ever had a more challenging re-build than Crean had when he arrived at IU is just classic. It appears TCDS is a chronic condition and fogs the memory.

  15. No you’re right, it wasn’t implied, he just came out and wrote, “and, should have fired him 2 years earlier.”

    IU fired Crean in March of 2017. It’s pretty incredible to say that IU should have fired him in March of 2015, the year before Crean won his second Outright Big Ten Championship in 2015/2016, lead IU to a third Sweet 16 and was voted by Coaches and Media as the Big Ten Coach of the Year.

    I am amazed at how can revise history!

  16. Po, 2 years prior to Crean getting fired in 2017 was 2015. The year earlier they missed the tournament, THAT year they had barely snuck in as a 10 seed, had record transfers, recruiting was cratering and there was a lot of “off court” issues. The program was in chaos. Again, that was in 2015. Crean got fired in 2017. 2016 he won the B1G, and didn’t play the top the B1G more than once, only managed a 5 seed.

    The selection committee saw what you couldn’t spin, which was a team that benefited from an easy schedule and wasn’t that good. No B1G teams made it past the Sweet 16 that year. Pathetic year for the conference.

    He should have been fired at the end of the 2015 season. That’s two years. I know math is hard.

    Your tongue baths of Tom Crean are legendary ,but still apologizing for him? Only Dan Dakich and you are left.

  17. Without Hulls and Cody it was always destined to be cue cards….
    What else does anyone really need to know?
    The recruiting “Movement” that followed Cody soon swirled into a ‘weaves to nowhere’ coaching abyss.
    Whatever true “movement” back to anything nearing the possibility of “elite” …or “Hoosier Rising” was flushed(more like spilling over the rim) on experimental projects and coaching ineptitude.
    It took nearly 10 exhaustive years of watching executions of the game at Sweet 16’s and beyond badly played basketball to construct the septic line carrying our abused ‘banner reputation’ and the 30 million wasted in toilet paper boulders of cash. Finally it “flows, it just flows”…. in a waste pipe all the way down to a football school in Georgia.
    The sludge will take 10 more years to meet the genius waiting there….

  18. Obviously math is hard for you, DD. What I wrote is 100% accurate. You wrote that you believe Crean should have been fired two years before he actually was. That would have been the year before he won his second Outright Big Ten Championship (in the 2015/2016 season) and was named Big Ten Coach of the Year.

    No one argues that Crean was as consistent as we all would have liked, but he had just won an Outright Big Ten Championship two years before you suggest that he should have been fired. And then won his second Outright Big Ten Championship the year after you suggest he should have been fired. I guess you think winning Outright Big Ten Championships is easy, and no big deal. I trust you’re not applying for Fred’s job after he retires.

    1. 100% FALSE. Again, impossible to argue with you. You are Harv are so stuck in your ideas, it is impossible to have a thought.

      End of 2015 Season (I suggest he should be fired).
      2017 He was fired.

      2 years.


      Try a class. You can take those online.

      To the substance of your increasingly substanceless point (this is for the crowd, not you, since you’re increasing convinced of yourself): Crean won the B1G was #1 almost all year and that team just died in the tournament. Didn’t just get beat, they got SMOKED in the Sweet 16. Next year, they are barely at .500, the following year, they barely make the tournament. The important thing is trajectory. Recruiting was falling off, Indiana HS coaches were completely cutting off Crean, massive transfers, behavior issues off the court….

      The more you hear from ex-players during that time, the more unbelievable it gets. Colin Hartman admitted that Crean never had a set practice time. Ever. You never knew when practice was. You’d just get a text from Crean that said, “Come to practice.” This is no longer the case, but I had some people that were very close to the program/athletic department for a long time, and they talked about a LOT of weird behavior.

      1. Wow…I’m agreeing with you and you throw me under Podunker’s bus? And I just told Jeremy you were my new Scoop hero…I take it back, Jeremy.

        Sad…Go back ten years on any Hoosier blog instead of 2015…or whenever you began to see the light.
        I knew we had a weirdo who couldn’t coach after 10 weeks. Certainly didn’t need 10 years (consult ‘Conference Midwest Elite).
        I also knew of the committee room corruption that brought him here (something all of you still fail to address..So, basically, you’re all apologists).

        It didn’t take this “math” student 10 years to come around. Time and beyond substandard tournament results became meaningless in the heavenly clutches of Crean.

        1. I addressed the “committee room corruption” – it never happened in the way that you falsely claimed it did. Crean wasn’t responsible for Glass being hired. That’s simply and categorically untrue, and saying it more than once doesn’t change that fact.

          Crean was insincere, pious and self promoting. He was also hard working and genuinely interested in the welfare of his players, including those whom he gave plenty of chances to align themselves with the rules and expectations of the program. Those who did not were forced out, but not until they had several opportunities to both succeed and fail. He could’ve and should’ve been more discreet about some of their shortcomings, but these weren’t kids soaping windows. They knew what their academic obligations were and nonetheless ignored them, as did their coach. Defending that is distasteful.

          As for Sampson, he was an excellent basketball coach as well as a pragmatic prevaricator. When both interviewed and hired, he promised the PTB at IU that he would no longer violate the rules as he had at OU. There was no predicate regarding the fairness of said standards. He told them he would live by the letter of the law. And he didn’t. Knowingly. On multiple occasions. And then he lied about it. On multiple occasions. To the very same people he made promises to. Facts.

          I get that you liked neither Crean nor Glass, and I have plenty of misgivings about both of them, too, but bending and fracturing the truth, and defending someone who did the same, in furtherance of your dislike, is very low brow.

      2. DD,
        I don’t think that either you or Po are putting up false data, but rather just different interpretations of what occurred. I agree that both ’14 and ’15 did not end as we would have liked to see it, but ’15 was not the washout that ’14 was. In either regard, both years came after a B1G regular season championship in ’13. Kind of puts an AD in a predicament. Bigger issue is in the next year ’16, IUBB again won the regular season championship, and again washed out in the Sweet 16.

        Here is the concern I do have if Glass had termed TLC at the end of ’15. Based on what happened when Glass did terminate TLC, a significant number of players left the program which severely hindered Archie’s first year results. Now the jury is out as to whether or not CAM was better off with those players leaving, but if something similar had occurred in the ’15-’16 season, a B1G regular season championship and trip to the Sweet 16 could have been lost.

        For Glass, it was a no win situation. You term a coach who has been winning an average of 24 games a year beginning with the ’12 season. This coming after digging out of one worst messes I’ve ever seen a program get in, and it bottoms out again? At that point, the AD’s job would be on the line. I will say this though, if what you report about the way TLC ran his program behind the scenes is true, then Glass should have been aware of that and dealt with it appropriately.

  19. I really like Archie, and I love the style of BB he coaches. And I hope he wins big. But goodness I’ll feel sorry for him if he doesn’t produce huge success over the next three seasons. I can only imagine how some Hoosier BB fans will turn on him, denigrate him and harp on and on, years after he’s gone about how he wrecked the program. I wonder if he really understands that winning Outright Big Ten Championships and making appearances in the Sweet 16 is not considered a significant accomplishment to some within the Hoosier Nation? Or will Archie get a pass because he coaches the “right” style of basketball, has mastered the art of “coach speak” and never discusses his faith in public?

  20. And the ridiculous media storm and witch hunt surrounding Sampson (trivial compared to the true corruption in college hoops..e.g. fake/ghost classes at UNC, cash from shoe companies to recruits, etc) was just that….It was a media storm Crean was able to attach himself to in fueling an anger in fans to hype and sell himself as some sort of savior.
    Decimation was the energy Crean needed….Hell, if you can’t be on ESPN for Final Four runs, might as well take advantage of the headlines and capitalize off a witch hunt over nothing. And Crean never ceased on the theatrics and capitalizing on the so-called decimation.
    And Glass never contained him.. Why would he? That would be bad for business…while spouting as if it were glorious to spout of young men’s failures and their 19 Fs!
    Media storm and theatrics secured both Fred & Tom’s futures. Who can forget Crean storming after Jeff Meyer at a Michigan game during the conclusion of an ESPN/big viewership broadcast?
    Decimation sells. Theatrics sells. Crean was a terrible coach…but one hell of a clown and BIG shoes stage performer. He belongs in the BigTen BOZO Hall of Fame.
    Sampson was the hated one and “denigrated” scapegoat. Fall guy. Decimating ‘Native’ not native of Indiana.

    Crean was BOZO meets ESPN ratings meets resurrection snake oil. Glass and Crean will go down as rich, opportunistic builders of hype in a Hindenburg. Indiana Basketball was their factory.

    1. Crean was BOZO meets ESPN ratings meets resurrection snake oil. Glass and Crean will go down as rich, opportunistic builders of hype in a Hindenburg. Indiana Basketball was their factory.

      Oh, and DoubleDown is correct. Add Dan ‘Hoosier Saboteur’ Dakich as also a dunce who will go down as “rich, opportunistic builders of hype in a Hindenburg” where Indiana Basketball was his factory.
      Good for him…Timing is everything, Kelvin. Integrity? Not so much. If you see mud on someone’s face, make it your youth cream.

  21. Podunker,
    I could not agree more with your post above, and wish you well in your efforts to speak reason.
    As for Archie, I wish him well as well. Toughest coaching job around.

  22. For Fred Glass fill in the blank name (including McRobbie, Crean, and name that person) there is one common thread to all of it. The passing around of money as if it is Monopoly money….as in millions of sets of Monopoly money.

    It is astonishing whether negative or positive the conversation and thoughts that such individuals get…in their more than glamorous career and financial lives. There seems to be more concern with those individuals than in a person’s own family.

  23. Podunker, well said, I as the others said do agree with you. I like Archie also and do think that the pressure on him is enormous! He seems to be a very decent man and as in most coaching jobs, I just hope he is successful recruiting quality players. One statement made above that I find incredulous is that Crean was the worst hire ever for IU?? Did we forget Calvin Sampson? That guy is the one that started that whole scenario that resulted in the Crean hiring to begin with! Sampson was a scourge to say the least. Not only did he cheat over and over again but, several of the players that he brought aboard were criminal and of very devious character! He was the absolute worst! As much as I disliked Crean, he did have a few successful teams and made it a couple of times to the sweet 16. Sampson was just a win at all costs coach that simply would not comply to rules and handed scholarships to thugs. Cant believe that guy still has a job? Go Hoosiers!

    1. Point of Information:

      “Calvin” is on your ladies basketball ‘threads’ underwear.
      “Kelvin” was a Hoosier coach…..and one who could coach in his sleep better than Krean in his Calvin’s.


    2. Love the comments about the black kids being thugs. Sure, some of them blew off classes in college, but I knew quite a few privileged white kids who did the same. That term is pretty racist. None of those kids were violent or doing anything of the sort. Check your language.

      1. Where have you been all my life, DD?
        “Thugs” was beyond disgraceful….Screaming in public of their 19 F’s was just as disgraceful. Forming said remarks or pairing them with biblical terms (rising from the ashes, etc) and other holier-than-thou references added another level of disgracefulness. It was all a disgraceful chapter in our history.

        Thugs are those privileged Tar Heels going to their ghost classes…and having such lies in learning put on official transcripts.

        1. Sorry, Harv, “rising from the ashes” is not Biblical. It refers to the Phoenix bird (associated with the sun) in ancient mythology. Certainly not from Scripture.

      2. I couldn’t care less about black and white on a ball team. But Kelvin Sanctions absolutely had a couple of thugs on his squad. Their characters were of the same cut as KS’s, neither cared about anything but what they were owed and could get. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  24. Crean certainly had coaching failures with X’s & O’s, fundamentals, problem solving negative player performance, general recruiting but his step off the cliff was in not high regard recruiting Hoosier HS ballers which diminished by miles his conference accomplishments and S16’s. I’d much rather watch Coach Miller teams put up .500 #’s than the scatter brained recruiting Crean continually assaulted us with. A scholarship meant nothing to him. Coach Miller deems each and every 1 as precious.

    1. ^^^Bingo. We have another winner.

      Give that man a commemorative cue card…How much are those things going for on eBay now?

      1. H4H,
        I agree with you, HC pretty much nailed it on the Crean experience. Biggest mistake was killing the instate recruiting. However, I don’t give KS the pass you do. I know his infractions are mild compared to what has transpired elsewhere since, but at that time it was not mild especially for as storied a program as IUBB.

        How the other programs have escaped the punishment IUBB received is they don’t play nice with the ncaa, which IU has always tried to do. Credit to the institution for being honorable where others are not, but let’s be honest, the reason IU took it on the chin in the KS episode is they didn’t fight back hard the way other institutions do. Most other institutions lawyer up and prepare to go to war with the ncaa knowing their track in court is just south of dismal.

        1. However, I don’t give KS the pass you do. I know his infractions are mild compared to what has transpired elsewhere since

          Since…? The following season, the NCAA abolished the ridiculous rule and granted all forms of 3-way calling and text messaging.

          I won’t be too hard on your lack of perspective and context compared to all the corruption in college basketball (much going on then as well…Do you remember a guy named Rose who had someone take his SAT?).

          But I’ll stay satisfied with some agreement…You do have an audience to pander. The natives can get very hostile here.

  25. Harvard, excuse me for saying something negative about “Calvin” or “Kelvin” or what ever his name was? Since you seem to be a fan of his coaching ability, super! His character left a lot to be desired! His penchant of recruiting lost souls with sketchy criminal records left a lot to be desired! His long history of the lack of comprehension of NCAA rules at more than one school was sad? We don’t need people like that with those scruples at our University. Being able to coach the X’s and O’s are just fine but doing so within the rules and recruiting kids that you would want to date your daughter is much better. We are just fine with a coach who knows how to run a clean program. Go Hoosiers!

    1. I certainly have my faults, MikeC….but my fears of a wrongful date for a daughter starts more with your wide brushes and blanket judgments.

      There were plenty of decent young men on Kelvin’s teams…Eric Gordon likely took more crap from Hoosier fan than the “druggies”…and “criminals”…and “flunkies.” Jordan Crawford…? DJ White…? Lance Stemler? Were these all “lost souls.”
      I’ll always remember the game when some “thug” from one of our opponents came hard after Eric Gordon (as if trying to injure him) and Jamarcus Ellis came in cool as a cucumber to have his back…..Sure, many had faults…Who in the hell doesn’t? There are plenty of pampered rich thugs corrupted to such extent to be beyond a lost soul. We have one running the country. He built a bogus university for “flunkies” to steal their money. You really want to talk about lost souls, thugs, flunkies, tax evasion, criminals, obstruction, above the law…..
      Instead of going after children, maybe just stop voting for one now the biggest example on the planet. Last time I checked, thugs and lost souls run this country.

  26. Very few hardware stores repair things anymore…My hometown hardware guy runs a family business still doing the little things where saving you some time and money …and going the extra mile with a smile is nearly an extinct handyman art in the world of mega home improvement chains.

    He’s also a big Hoosier fan…I was astonished to see what he gobbled up on eBay when heading to the back of his store where he does screen repairs. I laughed the entire day.

  27. Count me in for holding Archie accountable to making great strides in 3 years. THIS year needs to see improvement. Next year better be even better. There are some concerns, as should be when you aren’t seeing results yet, but he really had to dig out from under the manure pile to get Indiana back up again. He didn’t nuke his roster to do it either.

    Here’s the best part: Archie is holding himself to that standard as well. You listen to him after games, he takes accountability. In all my years, in any venture, sports, business, or elsewise, people who own their actions and their mistakes create a culture of accountability and team, winning is inevitable. If AM doesn’t win, we’ll hold him accountable. But we won’t need to do that, because he will.

  28. I don’t hold Archie entirely accountable until some rather dysfunctional roster members he didn’t recruit depart. They’re fine kids…They just have a different perspective of what it means to wear candy stripes and play team basketball.

    Narcissistic hoops’ tendencies is the most difficult cleanse job (high talent or avg. talent), said Verdell ‘Chosen One’ Jones III.

  29. For what it is worth on keyboard warrioring our way through Indiana Sports, I think it is reasonable for people to believe in keeping Crean around after year 2. I disagree, especially in retrospect. But that’s the beauty of history as we can see a more complete picture in dissecting the cadavers of the past.

    My argument with Podunker is not about whether we should fire or keep Crean. It was that he got the timing wrong of WHEN I said it should have happened. That’s critical. And then he accused me of having “Tom Crean Derrangement Syndrome”, which is baby talk for “I don’t like what you say.” So, score more points for dialog on the internet.

    I took a couple of shots at Po, which I’m now sorry for. Po, shouldn’t made the math comment with such snark. You did get the timing wrong in your original post, so I clarified. I could have done so without being such a jerk about it. Sorry about that.


  30. Wow! What a great thread and I’m so pleased to have read ALL the commentary. I love this site, especially H4h’s honest statements. And I’m So Glad to see Fred go! “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” Glass RUINED Assembly Halll and did his best to ruin IU Men’s Basketball, which is the only sport at IU that matters. Thanks, Harv, for encapsulating the memories accurately. Good Riddance, Fred Glass!!

    1. Thanks, Rock…but I said too much. But when they start back up with the holy journey of resurrection thanks to Tom Crean…while calling every kid under Kelvin a wrecker and thug….I go rather off the rails.

      My apologies….Is what it is. I hope the new AD spends a few million to destroy the sky boxes and makes it Assembly Hall again. It’s Skjodt Hall now…and that’s what I’m sticking with. I want to sit with the rich thugs as much as the poor thugs….The poor thugs are more fun and it does a rich thug good to get some exposure.

    2. Rock,
      I agree with you that one of the biggest FG blunders was his handling of AH and the rename. The 40M was nice, but needed to replace a very dated and dysfunctional building. As for ruining IUBB, the jury is still out on that one, depending upon how CAM does. Did he hold on to TLC too long, maybe, but then again, if you had a coach who had won an average of 24 games per year in the preceding 4 season after digging IUBB out of a terrible situation?

      H4H, has a good memory on a lot of things, but did omit the little factoid that IUBB was not Sampson’s first brush with ncaa infractions. His coming to IU was a bit of a second change given to him by then IU President Adam Herbert. Yes, the rule changes occurred soon thereafter, but at the time what KS did was a violation of the rules. Should IU have done the lawyer up routine other schools have and threatened to take the ncaa on legally? I’ll leave that one for H4H to speculate on.

      1. I believe there was an early movement to get rid of Sampson.’ See Joey Glass letter in ‘Marquette Wire’….

        I keep submitting evidence of early bias for Glass and Crean while Sampson was still employed. Most of you (maybe all of you because I still don’t have a definitive acknowledgment from Rock) simply ignore or do not comment on the array of evidence showing maneuvering long before Sampson placed his first 3-way call.

        I think Glass (a lawyer) and the many lawyers in those committee rooms hiring Crean who would then get a say in his own AD in the next committee room epitomize the derogatory expression to “lawyer up” prior to Sampson’s firing and prior to the committee rooms attempting sell a process wrought in nepotism as legitimate. “Lawyer Up” was how they got their positions…Those lawyers were the only ‘Hoosiers Rising’ while they knew an easy bonfire to build under Kelvin’s silly mistakes was next. The ‘lawyered’ up hirings of Crean followed by Glass at IU came rigged in a nepotism akin to lifetime Supreme Court justice appointments held until retirement, death or the nearly impossible circumstance of impeachment ..(The latter being the case of Tom Crean’s removal from the ‘Nepotism Clan’ because of complete dereliction of competent coaching duties) .

        Lawyering up for Kelvin? You’re kidding, right?
        Begin your quest with Joey Glass while an undergrad student at Marquette (now a lawyer graduated from IU) and his letter-to-the-editor of the ‘Marquette Wire’ in September of 2006 sixth months after IU’s hiring of Samspon who had yet to coach one game (displaying his early scholarly legal hand in penmanship to defend a certain coach at Marquette…Guess who?) , the placement of Harry Gonso in committee rooms(another lawyer in Fred’s Indy circle) and the endless mirage of legitimizing all future committee room processes not legit.

        Let’s talk about the act to ‘Lawyer Up’ up, shall we? At IU, Lawyer Up is Hoosier Rising….and all of it was far more disgraceful than anything Sampson did.

  31. Thanks, thinkaboutit! I totally agree with you on IU Men’s Basketball, and (frankly), I AM an Archie Miller fan and I DO like this team, and I DO think we are headed in the right direction. I wrote that Fred Glass “did his best to ruin Men’s Basketball” and I’ll stand by that statement. The EXPERIENCE of Men’s Basketball has diminished, and been altered, under Glass. There is no longer any difference between IU Basketball and any other program, no difference between Assembly Hall experience and any other Basketball site. What used to be an iconic and definitive experience of ‘basketball country’ has become, as Harv has eloquently expressed many (perhaps too many) times on this site, a relic, an historical reference. Yes, the jury is out on whether Archie Miller can establish some sort of continuity on an IU Men’s Basketball TEAM, but the old allure of IU Basketball has vanished. And that’s Fred Glass’s legacy.

    1. That ‘old IUBB allure’ hasn’t vanished my eyes. Crean’s affinity for shying away from Hoosier HS ballers proved to me he was trying to attain that goal. I’m with Double Down. Tom Crean should have been fired in ’15’. That 1 is on AD Glass.

    2. Rock,
      I would disagree with you on one point, which is blaming Fred Glass for the demise of IUBB. By the time FG had been appointed AD, it was already well into the tank. Should he have extended TLC’s contract? That’s a tough one. What would you do for a coach who had just turned a train wreck of a situation into a 27-9 season and a sweet 16 appearance in his 4th year?

      It’s kind of like, “Should he have fired TLC after the ’15 season?” Would you fire a coach winning an average of 24 games a season in the intervening 4 years? I’m no FG or TLC apologist, plenty of flaws to go around, especially on the later. However, for a few years there, it seemed TLC led a charmed life. Always skating on the edge of disaster, until it finally came to a clear shot to end his tenure. Even then, it did come with a price which CAM is paying now.

  32. Oh where to begin? DD, appreciate it, but there’s no need to apologize. I’m a big boy with very thick skin. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. Irregardless of the “math,” I still find it incredible that anyone would suggest that Crean should have been fired at any time before he lead IU to his second Outright Big Ten Championship, an appearance in the Sweet 16 and being named Big Ten Coach of the Year.

    What makes me chuckle are those who respond to people expressing different opinions/perspectives about Crean’s tenure at IU by trying to label them as a “Crean apologist” or etc. That lame tactic is a sure sign of a weak argument based on emotion instead of logic and facts. It is amusing to witness that tactic being deployed on sites like this. Those most comfortable with “Group Think” don’t tolerate dissent.

    As for recruiting Indiana HS kids, Crean could/should have done much better, but he signed some excellent Indiana HS talent (Zeller, Ferrell, Hulls, Blackmon Jr., etc.). Crean’s critics conveniently forget that in-state recruiting had been severely damaged before Crean was hired, but no one talks about the damage to in-state recruiting done by KS and the bad culture he brought to IU. But honestly, I don’t give a darn about where IU’s players went to HS. If an IU coach fills every scholarship with kids from outside Indiana and wins Big Ten Championships and wins NCAA Championships, he’ll go down as an IU legend in my book. It’s O.K. to be “a Hoosier by choice, not by birth.”

    MikeC, you wrote “We are just fine with a coach who knows how to run a clean program.” I agree. But the Hoosier Nation won’t be “just fine” with a BB coach who runs a clean program but fails to win big. Such a BB coach would not keep his job at IU. You don’t have to pay a coach $3.5 million a year to run a clean program.

    THE ROCK wrote, ” ……….. IU Men’s Basketball, which is the only sport at IU that matters.” And that opinion, held by far too many people in the Hoosier Nation, is why IU FB has been terrible for so long. It is an anachronism that is no longer viable. Without the revenue from a competitive FB program, all other IU varsity sports will decline, even men’s basketball. This isn’t your grandfather’s world of college sports anymore! If, as Glass has stated many times, IU BB is just “breaking even,” (i.e., just paying for itself) then it will be Football revenue that will allow IU to remain competitive with elite BB programs that pay the best coaches top dollar. Fred Glass may not have been the best AD in America, but he’s not stupid or ignorant, and that’s why he pushed so hard for so long to upgrade everything about IU FB. Look what’s happened to UConn, another school where too many supporters believed that BB was the only sport that mattered.

    I appreciate the faith that many of you place in Archie based on his coaching style, his clean record, his willingness to take responsibility for his mistakes and his public demeanor. But some folks suggest those attributes will be enough to sustain Archie at IU, as if his teams can continue to go 8 -12 in the Big Ten and 19 – 16 for the season without losing his job. IMO, if Archie doesn’t start to win big at IU in the two seasons following this one, he’ll be gone. As THE ROCK stated above, a lot of Hoosiers share the belief that IU BB is “the only sport that matters”, and therefore will not tolerate a coach who produces mediocre seasons. No matter how much faith we place in Archie’s style and demeanor, if he doesn’t win Big Ten Championships or get IU back to Final Four, Archie will be fired, just like UCLA fired Alford.

    1. All eloquently stated, Rock….

      Remember the beam falling from the rafters in Assembly (if happened only a few hours later in a scheduled men’s basketball game against Penn State, it could have likely decapitated or crushed some fans in lower seats)?

      How many may have narrowly escaped death or terrible injury when that huge steel beam/panel came down?
      And then Devin Davis narrowly escaping death (or permanent brain injury) near midnight Halloween on the eve of a game just in front of Assembly on 17th street…

      It’s a time of year to be thankful…Men making millions of dollars per year should really be quite thankful no matter what level of criticism from a few inconsequential people (I speak for myself) pretending to be sports ‘commentary’ journalists on a hometown blog.

      I’m thankful neither of the above incidents took anyone’s life….We talk of things as being dark chapters in our history. They are very minor compared to much of the ugliness at places like Penn State and Michigan State(and, sadly, that sort of ugliness beyond imagination can happen anywhere).
      We talk as if Samspon was some sort of dark chapter. It all sounds rather out of touch. Currently with CNN in the background reporting on that vibrant sweet looking college girl in New York who just lost her life to teenage kids barely 13 years old stabbing her multiple times for a few bucks. It flips my memory to another tragic loss and a set of parent who lost their daughter on the IU campus to what seems likely to be a serial killer. Lauren Spierer’s disappearance remains a true dark chapter. The Christmas lights shine down Kirkwood and Walnut but the many photos and signs stapled around Bloomington light poles of Lauren have long been taken down. Many hearts ache at Christmas. Be thankful to not be on the list. If you have an aching heart, may you find some comfort in something of memories and smiles never gone from your thoughts of those you love…and have loved you.

      We’re talking about football and basketball games here, folks. We do it over-the-top at times because the crazier the real world becomes, I suppose the deeper we must go into the voids of acting like this matters so damn much. It doesn’t.
      Life and health are really the only most precious things…Protecting your loved ones…though often impossible. And hopefully finding love too.

      Merry Christmas to all….(any you too, Chet)

      Harvard for Hillbillies

        1. You’re right…It was a piece of fascia (I always refer to it as a beam because it wasn’t a piece of foam ceiling tile). An 8′ long chunk of steel/thick sheet metal about a foot and a half wide that plummeted from a very high point above the seats. There would have likely been very serious injuries or a possible loss of life. Watch and listen to the available footage from inside Assembly (from security cameras w/sound) . Take a look at what it did to the seats it found. It wasn’t styrofoam.
          It was basically a miracle it didn’t happen a few hours later. What a horrible thing evaded by stroke of luck/fate.
          Hoosier Rising…Fascia Falling. Divine intervention for a select group of ticket holders came calling.
          Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who had purchased tickets in those row of seats?


  33. All these things going on as described by all on this blog while large sums of money being distributed. Pretty much par for major higher learning institutions who view themselves regardless of who; self-righteous.

  34. Merry Christmas to you Harv, and ALL who take the time to post on this wonderful site!

    IU Men’s Basketball has not lost its allure for me or any of us who post here, but one look at the bars on Kirkwood during a game (try to find a bar that focuses ON the game for its patrons) or the attendance at that travesty now named Simon-Skojdt Assembly Hall, or a conversation at work ABOUT the game, and you will quickly see that IU Basketball is nostalgia for a gloried past….a past that is worthy OF being glorified because it meant something to “the old and the sick” (as Bobby Knight explained its importance) AND to the Bloomington Community and beyond.

    In any event, I sincerely hope we beat Notre Dame, which looks to me like a weak team of non-shooters. Another ugly slugfest coming up. Let’s hope we win. We need all the wins we can get before we start competing in a league where players can shoot the ball with accuracy.

  35. Do they make miniature battery powered Christmas lights/strands…I think I’ve seen some used on cheesy Christmas sweaters.

    Idea: National cameras running for ND game at Bankers Life. Our Hoosiers take to the floor in candy stripes decorated with flickering multi-colored Christmas lights. There’s still time, Fred. Hire some Hoosier moms great seamstresses and get those sewing machines going. Small battery pack sewn in waistband.Give them some tickets to the game (maybe in some sky boxes) for their “hurryin’ Hoosier'” efforts.

    Or maybe just do the 5-star waistbands…?

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