No. 12 IU women topple Butler, 64-53

INDIANAPOLIS — Ali Patberg scored 14 points, all in the second half, and the No. 12 Indiana women’s basketball team won a dogfight at Butler on Wednesday night, 64-53.

The Hoosiers trailed by four points after the first quarter at Hinkle Fieldhouse but held the Bulldogs to just two points in the second quarter to build a 27-18 halftime lead.

IU led by as many as 13 points in the third quarter and by as many as 18 in the fourth, then held on down the stretch to post its third true road win of the season.

Sophomore guard Grace Berger returned to the starting lineup after missing two and a half games with 12 points, while freshman Mackenzie Holmes added 10 points off the bench. Wednesday’s game also marked the season debut of junior guard Bendu Yeaney, who had two points in 10 minutes in her first game since suffering a torn Achilles in last year’s NCAA Tournament.

Indiana overcame 21 turnovers and just 16-of-25 shooting on free throws.

“I’m disappointed in our turnovers category,” IU coach Teri Moren said. “I feel we are a veteran team led by a veteran point guard that struggled tonight. Grace Berger is coming back from injury, and she (six turnovers) isn’t usually that turnover prone. I thought tonight’s game was one where you have to grind it out, because you can’t get into any kind of rhythm offensively. We received enough from others on the floor to give us a lead and hang on to it but we have to be much better, and we know that.”


  1. Looks like Berger is trying to set the all time team record for turnovers this season. After 6 of the last 7 games away from home we’ll finally get some home cooking with 5 of the next 6 at Assembly Hall. Bring it on!

  2. Berger just came off of concussion protocol.
    Cut her some slack.
    She just tried to do a little more than she’s ready to do right now; she’ll be fine.
    We’re a better team with her in there again, that’s for sure.

    On a positive note, we beat a fired-up Butler team, with a new attendance record for women’s basketball (2,028) being set at Hinkle Fieldhouse. IU fans travelled well. Took quite a while to buy a ticket.

    Butler played really tough physical defense that seemed to take us quite a while to figure out.

    1. Berger leads the team in turnovers even after missing 2 1/2 games. This has been an issue all season for her.

  3. Very tough physical game from the beginning, ugly does not adequately describe it. Our saving grace again was our defense, holding Butler to 2 second quarter points. Butler on the game shot 30% from the floor. Our offense is starting to get very stagnate for one simple reason, our point guards want to dribble and dribble and dribble. We try to dribble through double teams and consistently lose the ball, 21 turnovers last night which is really bad for a top 12 ranked team! Its amazing how good the offense on this team can be when we simply move and pass the ball instead of dribbling for 25 seconds of the shot clock? Coach Moren mentioned in her postgame comments about how poor the point guard play was and that it is going to have to improve going forward! The stat that proves this was 9 assists compared to 21 turnovers! It is a simple fact that the stat to reach in every game is twice as many assist to turnovers. I am amazed at how poor our free throw shooting is, 64% last night. I told my wife during the game that free throw shooting at this rate is going to be our downfall in close games this year, luckily so far we have not had that many close games. Coming out and playing well against Youngstown St. will not prove anything but, the following Sunday we will have to improve a ton to beat a really good ranked UCLA team! Nat, good point about Berger struggling last night after her concussion protocol situation, she struggled with 6 turnovers last night, we all know that is not her real game. Bendu also struggled last night but, that again is to be expected with her return from an almost year long recovery from ACL surgery. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Yes, poor point guard play dribbling and turnovers. However, not near enough movement on whole offense. No rythm and flow. Butler offense crowded and pushed IU Ladies out of their offense. BY did make maybe an unnoticed play. She stole ball and went coast to coast for lay up. This was an important play as it kinda held Butler at bay. I noticed BY seemed to lack a little bit of her hopes and explosiveness but got the job done by hitting layup. IU ladies still seem to have jet lag from road trip. Or have they played their best basketball? IU Ladies are looking for their second wind vs UCLA and big ten season.

  5. As for Berger’s play last night I owe it partly to being rusty and part to Butler’s defense. Both teams played good defense, it was that kind of game. 20 to’s is way above acceptable, we will need to improve on that and we will. Glad to see Bendu’s return to game action and BTW her injury was an achilles, not ACL. Because of the way the game was played I tend to agree with t’s comment on IU “looked like an over-rated team”.

  6. After listening to Moren talk sounds as if the starting group will remain as is with Bendu coming off the bench along with Mac and Wilson. Said she has talked with Bendu about it and barring injury this is how it will remain for now. You could also tell how disappointed Moren was with Patbergs play and guarantees that will change on sunday. You obviously cant be named to all those elite pt guard nominee lists and play that carelessly with ball in hand. Being your team leader at pt you are held to higher standard . You must lead and play like a leader, no question.

  7. Just read something very interesting on line this morning. There was a combined ranking of men and women’s basketball programs. IU was ranked # 13 in this poll with the men a # 10 in bracketology and the women a # 3 in bracketology. I have never seen a poll like this before? The # 1 ranked program was Louisville. I saw this on ESPN Chicago. BTW, at the Butler game Wednesday night, they announced that the crowd of a little over 2,000 was a record for Butler women’s basketball. Thanks to an overwhelming presence of IU fans which made up over half the crowd! Way to go Hoosier Nation!! Go Hoosiers!!

  8. I would think that is going to be BY’s new role. Kinda lifestyle change. Play wherever defense needed and/or whoever is not playing well minus center position unless special circumstance.

  9. Probably, T. Moren being in role of coaching/mother and BY player/daughter as in what is best all the way around.

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