Iowa squeaks past No. 12 IU women in 2OT

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The Iowa women’s basketball team’s 29-game home winning streak was on the ropes time and time again on Sunday.

Only No. 12 Indiana couldn’t deliver the knockout blow.

Not with a 14-point lead in the first half that was whittled to three.

Not with a 10-point lead in the third quarter that turned into a four-point deficit.

Not with a seven-point lead midway through the fourth quarter that disappeared, and finally not with a two-point lead with 10 seconds left in regulation.

Each time the Hawkeyes wriggled off the hook, eventually escaping with a 91-86 victory in double overtime at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

“We’re disappointed, you know, in a great game with two really good teams,” IU coach Teri Moren said.

Much of that disappointment came courtesy of Iowa senior guard Kathleen Doyle, a one-time Indiana recruiting target. Doyle finished with 31 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds while playing 47 minutes and 35 seconds out of a possible 50 minutes.

“Kathleen Doyle was superior tonight, and we didn’t have an answer for her,” Moren said. “You can’t really help off of her. If you bring secondary help, you’re going to leave shooters open on the outside, so they really challenge you off the bounce, and we just didn’t do a very good job. I thought Kathleen proved tonight she is the leader of that basketball team. She’s a leader, she’s experienced and she basically willed them to victory.”

At times, it seemed Jaelynn Penn was going to do the same for Indiana with 24 points on 10-of-16 shooting. Penn hit a pair of first-quarter 3s to help the Hoosiers (14-3, 4-1 Big Ten) get out of the gates quickly and take a 22-15 first-quarter lead.

In the second quarter, back to back baskets from freshman Mackenzie Holmes and Penn gave IU a 34-20 lead with just under five minutes left in the half.

Iowa (13-3, 4-1) responded with a 12-1 run before Brenna Wise ended the Hoosiers’ field-goal drought with a baseline jumper just before the half, giving Indiana 37-32 lead.

Another strong start gave IU a 44-34 lead in the third quarter, but once more the Hawkeyes rallied, eventually leading by as many as four before settling for a 53-51 lead going to the fourth quarter.

Indiana righted the ship with an 8-0 run to start the frame and the lead peaked at 62-55 following a 3-pointer from Aleksa Gulbe, who scored a career-high 18 points to go with nine rebounds.

But once again the Hoosiers went cold — they shot just 6-of-28 (.214) from 3.

Iowa took the lead with 1:18 to play on a Makenzie Meyer 3, but Ali Patberg’s jumper with 33 seconds left gave IU back the lead.

The Hoosiers got a stop, and Penn was fouled but split the two free throws with 10 seconds left, which was plenty of time for Doyle. She drove to the basket and scored as she was fouled but missed the free throw as the game went to overtime tied at 74.

Neither side could do much in the first overtime, which ended tied at 77 as Grace Berger, who had 16 points, hit the only IU field goal.

Indiana never led in the second overtime, although a Penn 3 tied the game at 80. The ensuing possession saw the Hawkeyes answer with a Meyer 3 and never trailed again to remain unbeaten at home over the past 717 days.

The Hoosiers return home to host Northwestern Thursday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.


  1. Just one thing to say about a game we should have won. We absolutely could not guard the Iowa backcourt! Doyle scored 31 points and ate Ali Patburg for lunch. Ali absolutely let Doyle beat her to the basket over and over and over again! Instead of playing a step off of her to try to stop her drives, Doyle beat her at nauseum. It seemed like Doyle beat her to the basket time and time again at the end of regulation and in both over times. Ali looked a step slow all night. I certainly didn’t think we would go undefeated in the conference but, with a little adjustment defensively, this was a game we should have won!

  2. We didnt expect to go undefeated but we should and could have won this game. But truthfully I did not recognize the ball coming off the hand of Ali Patberg who had been so hot from the arc tonight could not buy one, so hawkeyes streak continues and IU will lick their wounds all the way back to Bloomington and get ready for Nwestern who is also 4-1.

  3. Game started to swing after second half of quarter 2. Then Iowa went inside time after time. Plus Iowa locked down on defense better than IU. Iowa kept coming and IU slowly kept fading not getting over the hump as game went on. The old BY at her peak was missed in this one. Assistant Box when ask about all the inside scoring in the paint by Iowa he blamed it on IU Ladies guard play not keeping ball and Iowa guards in front of them. He said it was not Holmes or Gulbe fault. Actually, when Iowa first tied game I thought Iowa would win by 5 to 8 in regulation. However, IU ladies started quarter 4 by leading by 4 points. As game went on Iowa was scoring kinda at will where IU Ladies were struggling to score. Iowa Ladies out toughed IU Ladies tonight.

  4. An entertaining game between 2 very good teams. Let’s remember that Iowa is the reigning B1G tournament champs and an elite eight team last season. Gustafson and Stewart are gone but the core group of seasoned and battle tested players are still there. Their more experienced guards played like the seniors they are and controlled the latter part of the game. The crowd of 7393 certainly helped.
    I believe that by season’s end Iowa (RPI 10, SOS 7) will be a top 20 team.

  5. Agree. It was a game IU Ladies probably win at home. So, Iowa Ladies win at home. As game went on it appeared Iowa was a little stronger team. Of course partly due to strength gained by home gain including crowd. Against Purdue and Illinois (who beat Minnesota at home) IU had that advantage. Visiting teams usually do not get that same energy on the road.
    As far as guard play IU Ladies are experienced and are no babies. They are greatly depended on. Love the way Gulbe is competing. She steadily keeps getting better and better. Since Berger has come back she hasn’t responded the best and is just kinda ok and makes some tos.

  6. In this really big game most everyone played ok except for one . I will get to that. Berger was OK except for some of her passes really frustrate me. Penn season high 24 pts, Gulbe was strong on the inside. This game ultimately came down to the two respective leaders on each team.

    Iowa- Doyle– 31pts-10 assists–9 reb.
    IU -Patberg–6 pts–7 assists

  7. Agree. Patberg has a history of slumping and then comes out of her funk with a really good game. Why?? Moody?? Choke?? Pressure?? Ability??Anyone know??

  8. Granted Ali’s emotions sometimes get the best of her and Moren tries to calm her and hope it doesnt affect her game,,,, Doyle is also a very passionate and emotional player whose game is not affected by it negatively.

  9. Doyle put our pg&defenders in her off-side back pocket and out-toughed us. Still we shoulda-coulda won this game… regardless also their low posts get away with a lot of shoulder bumping/pushing. Refs, as they often do, rewarded their super-aggressive play with no-calls. Like Mac, their low posts have great footwork and ball control. One critical late play at our end, Gulbe was fouled on a rebound twice and then a third time diving onto her for a tie-up. Given a call on any one, her free throws might have decided it. Full court, we blow them away. Half-court, THIS ZONE JUST FREEZED US. End of every quarter, every game, when we have half-court posession under 30 sec for the last shot, instead of running a play, we INVARIABLY dittle-dribble away the time down to where the only thing that’s left is one move by the pg/dribbler, whoever it is at the moment, to create a shot that ends up in a contested hopeless, unsquared to the basket, off-balance throw-up. Overall, we are consistently, superbly coached-prepared-drilled, but against this top competition playing at their house and fiercely driven to extend their home W streak, these areas of vulnerability showed up and let this game come down to an again-and-again intense series of deciding plays. Great to watch but hard to sleep thru the night after.

  10. Yes, good point about not executing at end of time on clock. However, I have also seen last possession execution. Examples: 2 times in Purdue HOME game. Home court may have made difference in both circumstances including Gulbe not getting a call.
    Per Don Fish on men’s side road win records 5 wins and 32 losses in big ten. Not sure on women side. Close, but road wins are hard to complete. IU Ladies got a good one at Rutgers.

  11. I think we’re all very satisfied with the season thus far but here are some observations from someone who watches every IUWBB game but only comments on this great site rarely. All of these comments are meant to be constructive and nothing should be construed as negative or personal:

    * Teri Moren has established herself as an elite coach. With some exceptions her recruiting has been outstanding and she is a great game manager & tactician. I do wish she would go deeper into the bench though (especially with Jorie Allen)
    * Ali Patberg clearly plays with a lot of emotion and is as passionate a player as exists in college women’s hoops. She does get frustrated and that leads to up and down performances. Teri is trying to get her to channel that emotion into team leadership
    * We should all be lucky to have a daughter like Brenna Wise. A terrific person and leader. That said, during the games when she sees things starting to turn south I would like to see her step up & take charge a little more. She is the number one cheerleader when things are going well but I think she needs to assert herself a little more during the inevitable downturns that occur during games
    * If we had a healthy Bendu Yeaney I truly believe Baylor would have been our only loss thus far. We’ll need her defensive prowess in the BIG tournament and NCAA’s
    * Grace Berger has not been the same player since the concussion. One of the best pure shooters in the country (and she’s still putting up points) but I believe her defensive aggressiveness has taken a hit since the injury and she does shy away from contact
    * Alexsa Gulbe is getting better but she’s still a true 4 and Mac Holmes is coming on nicely as a 5. That’s going to be a powerful duo next year

    Just some thoughts from a passionate Hoosier (who prefers to remain anonymous). Your responses are welcome.

    1. Uncle Buddy
      100% agree with each and every one of your observations.
      I was there when Grace Berger took the charge, and it was brutal. Kudos to her for coming back as bravely as she has.
      This team will be in STRONG contention to win the Big10, which is a tough, physical conference.
      I personally think officials should call more fouls to cut down on the physicality.
      GO IU !

  12. I agree with most everything that has been said here. Also I expect to see a rebound from this team on thursday. As for BY we cant expect her to get back to what she was before the injury. You know what they say about an achilles , a devastating injury for athletes and one where they never get back to what they were if they get back at all. Even though she wants to play the best thing for her might be to let her try to heal up for next season.

  13. Yes, tough for B.Y. I have said it before and agree S.W. There is the past B.Y. and the current and future B.Y. The past B.Y. was really needed against Iowa. The past B.Y. was strong and physical enough to really help in a game like Iowa. She always drew assignments to guard a player. IU Ladies have depth but for a whole season B.Y. (of past) is a significant loss for this year and next year. Though wished otherwise B.Y. is a different player and can respectively be a part of Ladies basketball.

  14. Incredibly poorly reffed game. I enjoy watching IU women play because it’s IU and the Holmes connection, but I almost turned it off twice when they let the Iowa girls do the up-under-switch-your-pivot-foot-layup post move that for some reason is allowed in the women’s game. Makes me want to vomit. Other than that there’s was just some much ticky-tack junk called every time a Hawkeye got within 4 ft of the rim. IU women should have won in regulation, and would have dominated at home.

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