No. 17 IU women fall at No. 20 Maryland, 76-62

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — The Indiana women’s basketball team took Maryland’s first punch on Monday night and battled back.

But the 20th-ranked Terrapins kept swinging and eventually knocked out the No. 17 Hoosiers, 76-62, at the Xfinity Center.

It is the third straight loss for IU, which has gone from first place in the Big Ten to a four-way tie for fifth in the last eight days.

“We’re going through a little bit of a rough patch right now,” Indiana coach Teri Moren said. “We got down 8-0, really liked the way we battled back, but the second quarter was really bad for us.”

As a matter of fact, the Hoosiers (14-5, 4-3 B1G) overcame the initial 8-0 deficit to go up 16-15 before a Maryland basket to end the first quarter.

Indiana junior Ali Patberg started the second quarter with a three-point play for an 18-16 lead, but she subbed out for the next 3:23 as the Terps (14-4, 5-2) pounced.

A 12-0 Maryland run ensued, and the spurt stretched to 15-2 by the time Patberg returned, which did little to help the Hoosiers, who were outscored 18-3 to trail 34-21 at halftime.

“I think one of the things (about the press) that changed from a year ago, because (Maryland) did something similar a year ago, it just wasn’t as hyped up, is they’re really attacking the ball, they’re long and athletic,” Moren said. “In the past, they were just trying to slow roll you and knock time off the clock. Now they’re really aggressive.”

The stretch included four of IU’s 15 turnovers, as the 2-2-1 Maryland press quickly turned defense into offense. Even when the Hoosiers did get off a shot, it often wasn’t a good one.

“As far as turnovers, it was the second quarter that really hurt us,” Moren said. “There was a three-minute stretch there where we didn’t have Ali Patberg on the floor, and they went on a 12-0 run. We turned it over — Chanel Wilson turned it over, Grace Berger turned it over, which led to runout, layup, runout, layup. If you’re not careful, if you’re not executing against (the press), they can pile up the points.”

Indiana seemed to stabilize early in the third quarter, down just 40-30, when the Terrapins struck again with a 15-3 run spanning just under five minutes to go up 55-33. The game was never closer than the final margin after that, as IU fell to 0-0 all-time against Maryland.

The Hoosier offense was almost all Grace Berger, as the sophomore scored 21 points on 10-of-13 shooting, while the rest of the team was just 15-of-44 (34.1 percent) for 41 points. IU was just 1-of-8 from 3, with Berger providing the only make.

The only other Hoosier in double figures was Patberg, who scored 11 of her 15 points in the fourth quarter with the outcome already decided.

“The press isn’t what is frustrating to me,” Moren said. “I thought our halfcourt offense, we just seemed, whether in the first half (we) took bad shots, in the second half (we were) just a little unorganized. But Maryland’s press is different, makes them a little different from a year ago, no question.”

One of the few bright spots for IU was the appearance of junior guard Bendu Yeaney, who hadn’t played since the Dec. 31 game at Rutgers while going through further rehab of her Achilles. Yeaney had two points and three rebounds in 14 minutes.

Maryland was led by 22 points from Shakira Austin, while Taylor Mikesell added 16 points on four 3s. Kaila Charles and Stephanie Jones had 12 points apiece for the Terps, who shot 47.5 percent from the field and won the rebounding battle, 40-28.

Indiana returns to action Thursday at Penn State.


  1. IU Ladies are a good team. This game wasn’t as close as final score. Maryland is probably closer to a top ten team. IU Ladies were kinda pretenders in rankings early in season. In paradise jam IU Ladies were hitting shots, playing aggressively and caught South Carolina early in season that included some other wins. Hence, high ranking. Then, inconsistent play started to appear; slow starts, turnovers, scoring droughts, middle exposed, and guards aren’t quite as good as thought they were. The real IU Ladies basketball team appeared. IU Ladies defense was still good. Then, good teams had a chance to scout IU Ladies. Now, IU Lady weaknesses are being exposed. However, I thought Maryland was going to be a loss. The disappointment is IU Ladies were really not competitive. So, IU Ladies are just another good team jammed in the middle with other big ten teams. The real disappointment was IU Ladies loss to both Iowa and even more so Northwestern Ladies. It’s that time of year where IU Ladies are on mid big ten losing streak trying to get back on track. It seems to be a yearly pattern. This year the question due to some early wins including South Carolina and strength of schedule the question became; is this team taking another upward step? Well, IU Ladies fell back down the steps losing leads to Iowa, Northwestern, and an expected loss to Maryland. So, IU Ladies are in a somewhere around a top 25 to 30 team which includes about 50 teams and still a March Madness tournament team. I expect IU Ladies to finish regular season for remaining games at 10-1, 9-2, or 8-3. That = 24, 23, 22 wins and 6, 7, or 8 losses. Big ten = 14, 13, 12 wins and 4, 5, or 6 losses. Still a good team but only a good team.

  2. t, must reluctantly agree with your assessment, although I think they have a very good chance to be a “better than good” team.
    It would not flabbergast me if IU were to finish out the regular season undefeated.
    Playing those three killers in a row would be hard on anybody, let alone a team with only one Senior.
    I think Maryland is a guaranteed sweet16 team if they let them play the first two games NCAA games at home.
    Lots of folks putting down Patberg, but how did things work out last night when she was on the bench?
    I just hope the team doesn’t begin to question themselves.
    They’re still a very good team in a very tough conference with a chance to do something special before the season is over.

  3. Very disappointing last night. Maryland is good but, not that much better than us. I am so tired of our dribble, dribble, dribble offense I could scream! What ever happened to the “pass and cut and screen offense which always got people open? Losing at Maryland is not something to feel bad about, nobody wins their! But, the other 2 games we lost were I thought inexcusable! Both games we gave away down the stretch. Really good teams win at home! Losing to Northwestern at our place was poor to say the least? The game was in our hands and we let it slip away? Not mentally tough enough! When the season was underway early, I thought this team could be really good but? We gave the Iowa game away, gave the Northwestern game away and were after the first quarter non-competitive against Maryland which at their place, is understandable. Iowa and Northwestern should have been wins? Really good teams (which I thought we were?) win that game at Iowa and protect their home court! NatHill, don’t think it is feasible that we can win out but, we can play well and be VERY competitive in all the rest of our games. I thought early in the season when we beat South Carolina that we may be a team of destiny, then the UCLA game happened at our place and I realized that we were not as good as I thought. Yes they were nationally ranked but, so were we and we were playing at home, so much for that? You don’t expect to win at Maryland but, I expected to be more competitive than that? This team is very good but, I am not sure it should be nationally ranked? We will see as the season goes on?

  4. Maryland loss is not problem except need to be more competitive with 10 point or less loss (IU Ladies never have beat Maryland Ladies). The issue was losing solid leads to first Iowa and then Northwestern at home. The longer they would have played to me it looked like the larger the point loss would have been in both games. If IU Ladies would have won both games by 5 or more (or just won period) then it would = IU Ladies making stride upward on steps. Though 3 killer games in a row no excuses for Iowa and Northwestern losses. Iowa and Northwestern though very challenging, they weren’t killer games. IU Ladies gifted games to them but both games exploited IU Ladies weaknesses in relationship to taking solid improvement step for team and program.

  5. T.Moren stated IU Ladies could score at every position. True. However, after being scouted and as season wears on this is inconsistent statement at best. Scoring droughts, poor shooting and stagnant offense is proof against good or big ten level teams and these teams are good but not the best. South Carolina beats IU Ladies by 20+ now. It looks IU Ladies are either being coached or playing T. Crean style with all the dribbling leaving poor shots, shot clock violations, or trying to hide weaknesses (not being assertive) by not passing, cutting, helping each other with screens as Mike C. states. IU Ladies team is just not quite as good as it appeared earlier.

  6. You may remember that I asked this question “how good is this team” that was before these last 3 games. Now Iowa and NW sit alone at the top of conf. In those games we had leads that we could not hold at the end , but this game was way different or at least it seemed that way , IU fought back only at the end of 1st qtr and downhill from there. IU had 15 TO–terps 14 — each team had 6 st, 8 blocks. terps out rebounded IU 40-28 terps 14-17 FT IU 11-15 terps 4-9 3pt IU 1-8. Shooting problems from outside continue to hurt IU as opposed to earlier in the year when we shot better. In last nights game even Christy Winters Scott noted that IU wasnt setting screens to get people open. These are fundamental things that either werent being done or werent being done enough. So back to that original question–how good is this team–seems they are over-rated– at least in the last 3 games have played that way. I expected IU to play much better especially after the 2 OT losses, but although that didnt happen I expected them to be competive which also did not happen. The end score was not a true measure of how badly IU trailed for most of the second half as IU got 2 late buckets. I believe this team is way better or at least has the potential to play better than they have played lately, but for some reason Moren and Staff are not able to get the required result from this team.

  7. Insightful comments by all.
    We’re all kind of hurting, aren’t we?
    Expected so much early in the year. Probably as fans we expected too much.
    Hopefully we can have a little fun with the remaining schedule.

  8. Nat– Exactly and if we as fans are this disappointed can you even imagine the effect on the coaches or even worse the players.

  9. I just watched the game and here are my observations:
    * I believe IU is the least physical team I have seen play in the BIG this year. That can be expected for a team that focuses on its guards, but beside Holmes there are no bangers in there and I think it hurts as the season wears on
    * Gulbe was the only player I saw setting any screens (please correct me if I’m wrong) and the Terp D just clamped down on the guards
    * She still gives 110% at all times but Ali Patberg doesn’t seem to be the same player this year as she was last season. I do think the opposition knows that if you get into her head a little it throws her off. Just an observation, not a putdown
    * As I have mentioned here before, I’d like to see Brenna Wise step up and take control of this team when things turn south. She has the presence to do so and should be more vocal in that regard
    * Grace Berger is still an incredible shotmaker but still shies away from serious contact which
    I think is a result of the concussion
    * Poor Bendu is still recovering from the Achilles which is sad because she is such a great defender and playmaker when she’s 100%. Let’s hope she gets back there soon, though I suspect it will take until next season
    * I still think Coach Moren could go to the bench more. It is evident that Holmes gets winded and even though Novaroske is a work in progress 8-10 minutes a game would be helpful and she should start asserting herself as a post

    As always, I welcome your comments

    1. Nat. Agree and long season with a lot of games. IU Ladies can win a lot more than they lose.
      IU Ladies do lack physical strength.
      A.P. being named on player watch lists hurts her play by challenge from opponents and unintentionally makes her uncomfortable. A.P. has issue of living up to a standard. It is best for her to play kinda unnoticed.
      B.Y. will not be the same player this year or next year as she was up and coming. She will be a non factor at this level throughout the rest of her career at IU.

  10. I’d like to see Hannah knock a few girls around.
    Just let ’em try to move her.
    Incredibly perceptive comments everybody.
    Love this comment section.

  11. I wouldnt mind seeing Hannah get some minutes. She would take up space and have the ability to block out as she is strong and could get the occasional bucket, but FT’s forget it she needs a lot of work there.

  12. Appears USA Coaches poll was quite unimpressed with IU’s effort against the terps as they dropped 8 spots to #24.

  13. Did you guys know Teri Moren is on the committee to aid in the search and selection of the new AD? Odd that those names haven’t been listed here on Scoop…Anyway, that should help with her raise.
    If the women keep losing many of these “winnable” games, she made need some help.

    Interesting piece by Kent Sterling from about a month ago….

  14. H4H,
    The three losses have been to a team tied for the Big10 lead (Iowa), another team tied for the Big 10 lead (Northwestern), and a team tied for third (Maryland). Two of the three games were on the road. Oh yeah, we beat the other team tied for third (Rutgers) at their place.
    They were “winnable,” because the IU women are pretty darned good.
    But they have absolutely nothing to do with the Athletic Director search.
    I think anybody who follows IU Women’s Basketball knew she was on the committee.

  15. I just had a simple question…Were any of the names on the search committee (or a story involving the “search committee”) found on Hoosier Scoop.

    What do you think of Kent Sterling’s piece?

    Why wasn’t Archie named to the committee?

    Hopefully Teri will get that big raise….But did Fred really help her in getting a raise when he put in the clause in her contract to make it nearly impossible for her to go to Purdue? How many millions must she give back if Purdue comes calling and she accepts?
    He basically reduced her negotiating power to get more money by hindering her chances to go to nearby competition. She should have never agreed to such a clause. That’s what still makes me wonder about her “business” judgement to be on a committee making such an important decision on the future leadership direction of our athletic department.

  16. I didn’t agree with Sterling on the AD search, but did enjoy his other opinions, especially the football attendance problem, giving Miller some slack, and not criticising certain IU players.
    Go IU women!

  17. Next question: Would such a clause ever be put in a men’s contract? No…because it’s insulting and sexist. You pay the person what they are worth rather than construct obstacles for making them less able to seek and bargain on an open market (whether from within or outside the organization) for what they are worth. It truly makes women’s hoops appear second fiddle to men’s hoops because no AD would even attempt writing that sort of clause into a valuable men’s coach…Any attempt would be laughed upon.

    1. Glass and IU got burned BAD when Versyp left, and with Moren having a Purdue player pedigree, he simply didn’t want to relive that nightmare. Versyp had great success her first and only year here, and it was a really bad deal for IU when she left. I remember saying in jest that Glass should include a HUGE buyout should Teri leave for Purdue and was shocked when it actually appeared. Would LOVE to take credit for it, but have very serious doubts that my opinion reached or influenced Fred!
      I didn’t and don’t view the clause as sexist or insulting, just smart. I think Teri was a little miffed, since she’s a “my word is my bond” type of person, but since she was coming to IU and her salary was roughly tripled (according to friends in Terre Haute), she was OK with it. Growing up in Seymour, she used to go to Church and then her family went home to watch the Bob Knight show. She’s the real IU deal.
      I personally did not understand or appreciate Fred giving her a contract extension and substantial raise without telling anybody for years. That seems odd to me. You had a theory about that, didn’t you? It made some sense to me.
      Now, go beat Penn State!

        1. Thanks for the clarification.
          I guess Glass heard about the abrupt resignation at some point early on in his tenure 🙂

  18. UncleBuddy, I agree with you about Noveroske. Eight to 10 minutes a game would be a good deal to get her experience. I am sure Moren doesn’t play her because she wants to run an up tempo offense? The thing about that is Novereske rebounding would help that out. Buddy, you are correct, we are not very physical at all. We do get pushed around quite a bit. I also agree that Wise has really fallen back from last year’s performance. As the lone senior, she should be leading the way for this team! Ali’s biggest problem is that when things are not going well, she thinks she has to get things done by herself? She tends to dribble at nauseum looking to either score or find someone else to score. The ball seems to get stuck in her hands? Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a very, very good player but, at time she can be detrimental to the offense. Ball movement is the key to any successful offense, dribbling all over the court looking for one pass is not ball movement! Reversing the ball from side to side and skip passes back and forth can produce offense at a high level if executed properly. Go Hoosiers!

  19. Problem with that teams are defending us different now compared to early in seaon. Back then we could whip the ball around fairly easy, but now teams are up on us not making any passes easy. So now we have to play different and the coaches in my mind have not changed anything . Take a look at the fact Wise only played 14 against the terps dont think she was in foul trouble just ineffective. And for gosh sakes set some screens to get people open for decent looks.

  20. Steve W. What you state above was the downfall of Tom Crean and his teams. IU ranked # 1 in country at one point. First half of season shooting, dribble and everything roses but you could see it coming. Second half of season once his teams were scouted his teams were shut down and adjustments or changes were not made nor developed. For IU Ladies changes, adjustments, and development have to be made. Overall, Ladies have done well. Maryland, no win expected. However, there games UCLA, Northwestern, and Iowa pick one for another loss. Losing all three are killers. IU just needed to win 2 of 3 of those games (and actually had 2 of them) is a really big issue. Another March Madness tournament appearance and 1 win in tournament. Big ten tournament = 1 or 2 wins

  21. IU cannot go into Penn State over-confident and if they do it could be disastrous . Any big ten team can beat you on a given night especially on the road. Take for instance Iowa at Wis. the other day, the badgers were up by 15 pts around half-time before Iowa woke up and came back to win the game. Hopefully IU will get off to a fast , which would be a rare occurence for them, and take care of business. Go Hoosiers!!!

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