1. This thing is still wide-open….It’s sort of amazing. We’re only one game in the loss column behind a slew of teams….and many of those teams have already played 16 conference games (have yet to have their bye week) while we’ve played 15.

    Maryland sort of appears to be standing alone, but they’re remaining schedule is brutal (@ OSU, @ Minnesota (their tournament hopes in even more desperation), MSU, @ Rutgers, Michigan (playing very well right now). It’s not out of the question that Maryland could go 1-4…or, potentially, 0-5 with that remaining nasty schedule. Minnesota would seem like a “given” win, but the Gophers will be playing for season survival.

    Everything still up for grabs…Not saying we’re gonna finish in 1st, 2nd …or 3rd, but, mathematically, it’s all still out there for the taking and the “wanting.”

    Onward Hoosiers! T-minus 46 hours, 48 minutes ’til launch. PSU is #9? Can you say overrated? Let’s go get ’em, boys. One for all! All for one!

  2. And we’re healthy! Four interchangeable guards all playing well. Sure, Franklin hasn’t seen a lot of minutes, but he’s not a liability. Race and Hunter on the upswing. Race coming off his best game of his career. Trayce Jackson-Davis looking like an All-American and proving what he can do if we get him the rock.
    DeRon giving valuable contribution off the bench. Brunk? Buy a wig, Joey. You looked meaner and leaner and quicker with the long Walton-esque locks.
    Anyway, Joey can still be an “enforcer”…Big body to bang and screen when Trayce needs a breather. Pour in a bucket here…and there. Maybe still surprise us when we need a veteran’s calm and determined steady presence in a tournament game. Have ‘Butler,’ will tournament travel…sort of presence.

    Who am I missing…..? Durham deserved a bit more praise. I think he’s the motor of this team. He’s the toughness of this team. Playing about as well as he played in his time at IU. His stroke is looking stronger (told you guys months ago we’d be shooting the ball better by season’s end) and he’s putting forth admirable effort on both ends.

    A nucleus of purpose is forming. The electrons of chemistry are moving toward the center. Backs are having other backs….Chips are on shoulders.
    Thank you, Indy Star reporter. I will send you a fruitcake next Christmas if we make an NCAA run.

    Must also acknowledge thinkaboutit’s astute observations on how much we were missing Race and Hunter. Hunter brings us a sort of Watford force but with more gallop and faster feet. And Race is showing me some potential I simply didn’t realize was present. This also changes things drastically…It’s like being gifted a battler…like a Steve Green..or Tom Abernathy….or a Jimmy Crews…or a John Ritter….or a Rich Valavicius. Yes, I’m old as the hills.

    Ready for liftoff!

    1. Great support H4H!

      I really don’t think we will understand the damage last year’s medical situation did to this team unless or until RT & JH are back to full speed. Hopefully they both can. Then and only then will we really understand.

  3. I forgot about Smith!….Mr. Intangible. Great defender and rebounder. Long leaper. Never short on effort. Can swing momentum in a game with one huge defensive play. Wonderful personality…and plays the game with class. Superb athlete but underplays his talents by not gloating or showboating. Solid young man. Blue collar and bright mind representative of the streets of Chicago his origins.

    I’m gonna go old school on you boys….Ray Meyer would have loved Justin Smith…as would have Al McGuire.

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