No men’s, women’s tourney brackets coming

On what would have been Selection Sunday for the 2020 men’s basketball tournament, the NCAA announced it would not be releasing a tournament bracket in the coming days.

And that’s for both the men’s or women’s game.

In a statement, Dan Gavitt, the NCAA’s senior vice president for basketball, cited the 19 men’s and 18 women’s conference tournaments that were not completed because of COVID-19 cancellations and did not produce automatic qualifiers, saying “anything less than a credible process is inconsistent with the tradition of the NCAA basketball championships.”

“There is not an authentic way to produce tournament fields and brackets at this point without speculating and that isn’t fair to the teams that would be positively or negatively impacted by manufacturing March Madness,” Gavitt said.

This is a difficult blow for both the men’s and women’s programs at IU. For the men, the Hoosiers will never know if a 20-12 season, including five wins over top 25 teams, was enough to get into the field of 68 for the first time since 2016. Seniors De’Ron Davis and Devonte Green were trying to avoid the distinction of being the first class since 1972 not to make the field in four years.

For the women, their program-record 24-win season was cut short before they had a chance to make an extended run in the NCAA tournament, or even find out if they would have been deemed a top-four seed and worthy of hosting tournament games.

This will be the first year the NCAA tournament has not been played since its inception in 1939. There were factions among fans, media, and coaches that were hopeful a bracket would offer players some reward for their season’s work.

“I have heard from many coaches and athletics directors who are trusted colleagues and friends that would like to see brackets released to recognize the successful seasons of their teams and student-athletes and to see who and where they would have played,” Gavitt said. “Players and coaches want to see their school name on the bracket Members of the media want to dissect matchups. Bracketologists want to compare the work of the committees versus what they’ve predicted.

“Fans are curious for those same reasons. All of us want something to fill the void we’re feeling.”

But the NCAA has decided against it.

“Brackets based on hypotheticals can’t substitute for a complete selection, seeding and bracketing process,” Gavitt said. “There will always be an asterisk next to the 2020 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball championships regardless if brackets are released.”


  1. As some guy on TV said today it’s not a good time to be a sports reported. Jeremy, Jon, you guys going to be alright? If you can babble w/o out really saying anything, maybe time for a Jeremy & Jon radio show. You know, something like Dan D.

    1. Hey Ron,
      I think we’ve got some work to do for a bit yet, but we certainly don’t know just how this turns out practically and economically. In an industry that isn’t exactly thriving, it’s not ideal. We’ll certainly churn out some podcasts, perhaps with a lighter tone, but we have to figure out how to do that remotely. I’m now taking the phrase “avoid the office like the plague” quite literally.

  2. Anybody else have a teensy bit of a problem with Biden saying in the Debate that he’d call out the ARMY to deal with Coronavirus domestically? Isn’t there some sort of law that the U.S. Army is not to be deployed within our borders? (The National Guard is different from the U.S. Army).

    1. Rock,

      What you are referring to is the Possee Comitatus Act of 1878. It does have some exceptions, whether or not this would qualify would be a matter of debate I would suspect. Limited knowledge other than the existence of the Act.

    1. Interesting list. Shak’s kid from UCLA to LSU. Looks like some schools losing 4 guys and picking up 4 from the portal. Florida Gulf Coast has some kids with good averages per game leaving. Georgetown has 4 leaving. King from Wisc (10 ppg) to Nebraska . Could take a few hours going over whos and where. Thanks for posting this.

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    We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Once we get that border wall up, we’ll stop these viruses in their tracks. Of course, you’ll no longer get your essential mulch spread on the cheap…and your essential $15.00 Cheesecake Factory sliders will double in price to an immigrant landscape worker’s weekly pay.

  4. This year’s evaluation of the IU women’s team in my opinion:
    Bendu Yeaney; No evaluation due to lack of play due to injury?
    Keyanna Warthen; Not a very strong evaluation due to lack of play off the bench. Showed very good quickness but not very good offensively, Again lack of play?
    Grace Waggoner: Again, lack of play although showed defensive grittiness when given chance. No idea offensively?
    Shaila Beeler; Again, lack of playing time, no idea?
    Aleksa Gulbe: Really came into her own this year, very good rebounder, defensive presence in the lane. Very efficient offensively inside and outside. Very unselfish. Unlimited further potential.
    Chanel Wilson: Very limited play to evaluate properly?
    Jaelynn Penn: very disappointing season, not consistent with her play on either side of the ball. Injuries may have contributed to her inconsistent play?
    Ali Patberg: Very consistent in her offensive play, threat to score inside and outside. Defense not strong, player she was guarding often matched her scoring. Team’s best distributer. Vocal leader on the court.
    Arielle Wisne: redshirt year.
    Danielle Patterson; Redshirt year.
    Jorie Allen: Disappointing season. inconsistent playing time. Really thought she would step forward this year due to coach Moren complimenting her in the pre-season as being “The most college ready player she has had!” Did not she much at all this year?
    Grace Berger: undoubtedly the best player on the team! Getting stronger since her freshman season really improved her game! Strong scorer, tough defensively and very good on boards! Good distributer.
    Brenna Wise: Had what I thought a disappointing season, scoring dropped from the year before. Good defensive player, great vocal leader. Outside shooting dropped off from last year when she was the best 3 point shooter on the team?
    Hannah Noveroske; Redshirt year.
    Mackenzie Holmes: Very impressive freshman season scoring and rebounding. Needs to get a little stronger heading into next year! Seemed as though the offense ran through her when she was on the floor. Should have been a starter from day one! Don’t know what Moren was thinking unless she didn’t want to hurt Gulbe’s feelings?
    This team could be very good next year with all back but Wise?
    That’s my thoughts on the season.

    1. Mike,
      I personally thought Patberg was our best player, but was also very impressed with the progress of Gulbe and Berger.
      Can Noveroske redshirt, or are you recommending a redshirt next year?
      Great season, best in IU’s history.

  5. Women’s game. Really excited for the team going into tourney. Could have been good showing if the team was firing on all cylinders. Gulbe starting, you are probably right, plus she has the experience and progressed so much. Mac is so strong coming off the bench. Nice problem for the coach. I would have liked to see more of Jorie and Wagner. I made it to 6 of the home games and one of the men’s. Have quite a few months to think of what could have been – for the women.

  6. To me Channel Wilson at best should be a sub for some minutes. In the meantime IU Ladies need to recruit bigger more highly talented gaurds to go along with what is currently on team. Love Gulbe. She proved she could play center. I am not sure now if she is better at center or wing. Enter Patterson who was highly touted in high school. Not sure what happened to Wise offensively? Warthen vs Wilson. I’ll take Warthen. Waggoner: where is her outside shot? Allen big disappointment. Miss basketball playing smaller girls in high school. Will she make it? A long way to go. I didn’t have a problem with Gulbe starting. I liked the way T. Moren brought Holmes along. What happens next season? Holmes starter or off bench? Gulbe and Holmes both start? Patterson? Penn made some big plays; shots, ft’s, plays, rebounds, but to many times exhibited below par decisions and play, Patberg in my opinion was best player due to responsibility she seemed to have and improved during the year. Berger was very good and battled thru concussion. Both, Beeler (transfers) and Wilson limited 3 star ability level doesn’t cut it at high big ten and high level basketball. IU Ladies can take another step to higher level next year by playing top 10 to 15 ball for whole season.

  7. I noticed the gents who claimed to provide a public service in Tennessee that were going to price gouge by buying and hoarding large quantities of disinfectants and cleaning supplies with the goal of making a big profit…getting rewarded by much grief and it didn’t workout. I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM and it’s against the law in these kinds of situations. However, that’s what the Elites (professional sports and owners, Entertainment indust, Politicians/Government, CEOs and those at the Elite status of the institutional societal pyramid and on and on and on) do on a daily basis.

  8. On the hoarding issue great to see the program stores like Walmart are now putting into play. Shorter hours and setting an hour apart for seniors over 60 to shop but will be limited on the items. This is once a week every tuesday one hour before normal hours. Glad to see this as I have not been able to get eggs and bread and wipes of any kind in my area.

  9. On the BBall side I wont go back over everything thats already been said of which I agree with. I remember in one Moren interview where she talked about holmes not being to go very long period of time, said that they would getting her more cut and overall better shape. Holmes is the type of person who wants to better her game and I have no doubt she will with proper training from the coaching staff.

  10. Loved the “one shining moment” clip on iuwbb twitter. at 1:41 of the clip with Ali emotional and Brenna’s arm around her head on shoulder as they look at the video board,, also touched me deeply. Would love to have that as a wallpaper on my desktop. Man, how I love this women’s basketball team!!

  11. NatHill, to address your question about Noveroske, I would assume she could count last year as a redshirt year based on an NCAA rule I read years ago about if a player only played in 5% of that teams games that year would not count against their eligibility. I read that years ago, don’t know if that has changed? Maybe somebody else knows more about that. I do know that Noveroske played in very few games? Still think Berger was our best all-around player because of her strong defense. As I mentioned before, Patberg’s on ball defense is not very good! While I really like Ali as a player, whoever she guarded in a game could consistently beat her to the basket, it happened all year long. Go Hoosiers!

    1. Noveroske can’t use a redshirt. The games played percentage only applies to injury situations, otherwise playing even one game uses a season’s eligibility.

  12. As usual the NCAA has a rule that penalizes the players! It seems that if a player only played a VERY small percentage of games that it should not count against them? As I stated, I think it use to be 5% of games played? That only seems fair. So you play only one game and that counts as a full season, that sucks! It seems as though the NCAA has enough rules to penalize the players and this is a good example! Go Hoosiers!!

  13. To further complete matters it looks as if the new rule will be passed this spring to allow transfers one time only without penalty to sit out. With that freedom you can look to see a lot more transfers. That will cause a little more pressure on coaches to give more minutes to bench players,, or not.

  14. Just saw where two Maryland players entered the transfer portal. Shakira Austin, and Olivia Owens both centers for the team who both just finished their sophomore seasons.

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