Glass receives President’s Medal for Excellence, set to retire tomorrow

On the second to last day of his tenure as Indiana’s athletic director, Fred Glass received the President’s Medal for Excellence from Michael McRobbie.

Glass received the award as part of an unannounced appearance from McRobbie during a Monday morning Zoom call for IU Athletics’ senior administrative staff, according to a release.

Glass has served as IU’s AD for nearly a dozen years. Scott Dolson will assume the role of AD later this week.

“Fred has been an outstanding athletics director for IU and is one of the very best in the Big Ten,” McRobbie said in a statement. “He assumed the role after what had been a tumultuous decade for IU Athletics. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to return his alma mater to its rightful place as one of the premier athletic departments in the country.”

McRobbie listed multiple achievements by Glass, including his efforts in regards to compliance and academic success. It was noted that IU’s graduation success rate has been equal or better from the previous year in each of the last seven years, climbing from 77 percent to 91 percent.

During his tenure, Glass has also announced initiatives such as the Student-Athlete Bill of Rights and the Sexual Violence Disqualification Policy. There were also numerous facilities upgrades. All the while, IU did not incur a major NCAA rules violations during Glass’ tenure.

The release also notes that Glass is one of 143 recipients of the medal, which was first introduced in 1985. Only six of those have been associated with athletics, including Bob Knight (1987), Ed Williams (1992), Jerry Yeagley (2018), Lin Loring (2018) and Hobie Billingsley (2018).


  1. I guess they don’t give out the President’s Medal for Competence in Management.

    To be fair, he does deserve great credit for being a good fund-raiser and upgrading IU’s athletic facilities. Maybe IU will name that really tall flag pole instilled inside Memorial Stadium after him.

  2. I give him an ‘F’ for Fred.
    He’s an ‘Elite” FAD (‘F’ailed AD) with no Elite 8 appearances for IU Basketball (while 11 Midwestern programs went to a collective 28 Elite Eights).
    He’s also Final Fourless Fred: 17 Final Fours by 8 different Midwestern programs to IU’s ZERO during his tenure.
    ‘F’umbled around 30 million dollars of a once storied basketball program by ‘F’oolishly extending contracts to his son’s ‘F’avorite handpicked ‘F’arce from Marquette.
    Failure to place IU Basketball into ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ (which would only a be an average achievement by IU historical standards).
    Football coach ‘F’ell in his lap via Wilson’s selection for a DC.
    A champion of slogans built on ‘F’latulance and ‘F’ireworks.
    They should rename McCracken to ‘Cue Card Court’ in his honor.

    ‘F’unny how Fred’s standing achievement is a ‘Bill of Rights’ when he couldn’t find a coach with a solid ‘Constitution.’

    ‘F’red has friends but IU Sports is less relevant now than when this genius was plucked out of ‘lost and ‘F’ound’ from a ‘F’arcical committee room.

    There are far more than 19 F’s above….but who’s counting, Fred? No NCAA violations? Cue cards really should be a death penalty violation. Archie left with a miserable roster should be another violation. Cue cards, empty rosters… and then dragging Bobby on the brink of dementia onto McCracken? That’s a another violation. Violations of duty, dignity and decency. On the bright side, those are three fouled up ‘D’s and not more ‘F’s.

    1. H4H!!!
      We missed you (Well . . . some of us) there for a few days. It got awfully quiet around here. Glad to see you are recharged from your brief sabbatical. Knew you couldn’t resist commenting on an article like this, that is, if you were still consuming oxygen.

      Pleasantries aside, I think the future will decide as to whether or not FG was a success as AD. His legacy will primarily depend on CAM’s success and in what may be a closer than imagined 2nd, TA’s success. Right now, all that is yet to be determined. As for FG’s shortfalls prior to CAM and TA, it is a pretty dismal record as pertaining to the 2 major athletic programs at IU. As you have opined frequently and vociferously regarding TC, that one didn’t pan out too well in the long run.

      However, there is something which I consider FG’s greatest failure as AD, and that is the debacle that is SSAH. If any building needed to be torn down to the foundation, this one did. Despite the storied RMK lore of the building, it is a terrible venue for basketball. Talk about putting Simon Skjodt flavored lipstick on a pig!

      1. Habits are hard to break….The ‘Jester’ will pop in occasionally. Thanks for your kind words, think.

        Archie is an upgrade but it doesn’t make up for all the committee room nepotism and the farce of the last decade. McRobbie and Glass are about as far removed from getting IU back to sports relevancy in its history. It’s really quite horrific. I don’t see the future much brighter….Archie has had some very troubling signs of a not commanding much respect from his team (e.g. laughing on the bench during embarrassing losses on McCracken).

        Assembly Skjodt Hall was made a joke by the addition of the suites/sky boxes. That’s not Indiana Basketball. Damn fortunate the falling steel fascia piece never killed someone (falling only hours before a scheduled game).

        I agree….IU needed a new basketball stadium. Should have demolish the football stadium (instead of wasting millions on all those improvements) and poured the money into the greatest hoops stadium in the Midwest.
        It was time.
        I’d also take down the banners “earned” during the decades of slow white guys (exclusion of black players from college). Oscar Robertson felt slighted by Indiana due to very derogatory remarks from McCracken (e.g. ‘You ain’t one of them boys who wont come to Indiana without money?).

  3. More appropriately:
    “Mr. Congeniality Award”
    from maybe, Kelly School of Business or IU Law School because of all the personal financial and achievement SMILES.
    Administration hypocrisy all around.

  4. Par for the course in almost all things and almost everywhere for all. It runs rampant.

  5. think, no way IU could afford to demolish Assembly Hall and build a new BB venue. The cost would have been prohibitive and prevented the more necessary upgrades made to Memorial Stadium and other facilities. And I disagree that Assembly Hall “it is a terrible venue for basketball.” I’ve taken a lot of people to IU BB games at Assembly Hall over the last 46 years, and every one of them has commented that the atmosphere is inside Assembly Hall is unprecedented. I’ll grant you that sitting in the upper deck is probably not a good idea for Seniors or those afraid of heights, but when that place is full of excited fans, it rocks, is very loud on the court and provides IU with a home-court advantage like few other BB facilities in the world. The changes made to Assembly Hall were excellent, and you and I won’t be alive when Assembly Hall is taken down and replaced. And that’s good by me.

  6. Thanks for the memories and happy trails Fred. He left the department in sound financial shape along with a plethora of new facilities and venue upgrades. The previous high school level baseball and softball fields were an embarrassment and are now among the best in the country and helped bring the Hoosier baseball program to national prominence. The new Wilkerson Hall and state of the art Wilkerson Performance Center are second to none. Unfortunately the most successful program in IU history, men’s soccer (8 national championships), didn’t receive a venue upgrade.
    Fred was responsible for the entire athletic department, all 24 sports programs, not just basketball and football which is a fact some seem to forget. All sports, with the exception of men’s basketball, are in better shape now than when he was hired. If you have gripes about that program take it up with the head coach. It’s his show. No more excuses about inherited rosters and injuries. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road. If it doesn’t …… it’s time for Miller to hit the road.

    1. We took a ride around the new golf course. It is amazing. IU will be able to finally host a Big Ten tournament and other tournaments there as well. It is a really good layout and took advantage of the terrain. Money well spent.

      1. 1992, Absolutely!
        When close to Bloomington 3 weeks ago I stopped by course and spent 10 or 15 observing all I could in a short few minutes. When you consider the back to back era of Greenspan and Glass it is remarkable in vision and phenomenal in scope the uplift to IU athletics.

    2. He can come back with Crean and run around in a golf cart that launches fireworks when they hit the ‘Final Four’ holes of the beautiful golf course. Have some ‘Caddyshack’ Committee reunions and reminisce of the glorious slogans, Hoosier Rising DVD’s and the $100 per clap contracts paid to buffoons.

      A collective 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours by eleven Midwestern teams not Indiana. Gosh, bet they all wish they had a lovely golf course and rockin’ baseball diamond instead when March Madness rolls around.

      Yes, thanks for the memories, Mr. Flintstone. You built a nice ‘Hall of Champions’ while ‘championing’ cue card basketball. You and your Indy ‘insiders’ and your Marquette cohorts in crime are getting out of town with suitcases of cash in the nick of time. Rename ‘Hole 16′ after Joey. Argue that ’16’ is part of a Final Four…holes of golf.

      1. Details….details.

        A collective 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours by eleven Midwestern teams not Indiana….[during Fred’s tenure].

  7. Yes, details matter, and no matter how many (F)allacious, (F)alse and (F)lat out (F)abricated (F)airytales you (F)art into the (F)orum, (F)red still didn’t hire Crean from a committee or because his son wired it. Repeating it over and over doesn’t make your lie suddenly truthful. No matter how insistent you are in spreading your (F)alsehoods, none of us are (F)ooled.

  8. The letters and the connections matter. Not to mention the Indy connections between Gonso and Fred. These boys were in cahoots. Inside job. Actually, it probably all began before the committee rooms. Keep typing, Joey…Keep typing.

    Everything hinges on the trail mix of these ‘monstrous’ hires.

    1. The more you type, the farther from reality you get. In fairness, it gets funnier as it get more outlandish. You’re obviously not burdened by an adherence to accuracy or truthfulness. Rave on!

      1. The paying customers come for the rave. Heck, they’ll stand without masks shoulder-to-shoulder. The yell and spit and gaze upon South Dakota rocks for a slice of rave. Soon they’ll be chanting “Lock Abe Up!”….”Lock Abe Up!”
        They’ll wildly chant for the Tweeting King claiming a spot on the rocks should be chiseled and reserved for the ‘5th’ greatest in his likeness. Maybe a Trump Hotel atop the mountain, too?
        Where have you been? Rave is the craze. Outlandishness is as bread and butter as birther movements, or suggesting the pandemic will be gone after a few old people get over it in Seattle….or the bashing of Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee.
        Rave pays the bills. Rave invents you. It incites you. It holds you captive. It jests you. It bewitches you. It feeds your darkest soul in a world which chokes to be politically correct in all things. Raves wins….and it will win in November. It will rewrite the Constitution and never leave its fortress (you know, the one barricaded against peaceful protesters at our nation’s capital). Rave tramples and teargases a young woman in a street just so a bigot can have a photo op holding up a bible. Let’s talk about “rave” and this “outlandish” world we ultra conservative Hoosiers live, shall we?

  9. Crean was hired by Rick Greenspan April 1, 2008 after Tony Bennett turned down the job. Glass was hired as AD on October 28, 2008 and had nothing, zero, zilch to do with the hiring of Crean. Glass extended Crean’s contract on November 9, 2012 after his 4th season in which he had raised the program from the ashes ( the roster Miller inherited was an all star team compared to the hand Crean started with) and a berth in the sweet sixteen. In his last 5 seasons the Hoosiers won 2 B1G championships and made 2 sweet sixteen appearances. Crean was a fixer not a program builder and hung around one season too long. Since his departure the Hoosiers have posted zero winning seasons in conference play, zero NCAA appearances and a road record of 10 – 34 (.227). In fact they have ZERO non conference road wins in four seasons under Miller.
    FYI ….. I’m not a Tom Crean fan…. just a fan of results. The proof is in the pudding.
    I don’t believe that Archie Miller can bring the Hoosiers back to national relevance. To quote the round mound of rebound ” I could be wrong but I doubt it”.

    1. May the swartz be with you,
      You got just a little carried away with the hyperbole regarding what CAM inherited. Outside of JM, please point out to me the “all-star” talent CAM inherited to start his first season left over from the TC years.

      1. Think,
        You’re right. They both were dealt crappy hands with no all star talent in sight. At that point it’s all about recruiting and player development. Archie needs to find his Cody Zeller and quickly.

        1. Swartzie,
          I’m not so sure that CAM needs a Cody Zeller to achieve success. I don’t think he is building the program that way. It is a slower process, but it is becoming very clear to see that CAM is following the Villanova and Virginia blueprints to the letter. May have some variances for it being IU and some of CAM’s own methods, but the path CAM is following looks very similar. I think the only thing which has slowed the process was the terrible 18-19 injury/ailment season. That season probably set CAM back at least a year and a half.

    2. Miller inherited far worse than Crean. Archie inherited some kids who were sulking as if abandoned their serving of milk and cookies. They possessed such little investment that they were happy sabotaging the image/product on the floor. There was nothing more disgusting than to watch guys who donned the storied candy stripes laughing and snickering on the bench while the team is getting humiliated on McCracken in an NIT game.
      Contrast to Crean’s “savior” and “everything hinges” recruits who were giving their heart and soul to just imitate a Danny Moore dive to the floor for a loose ball or to get a chance to play the role of those who would help bring it all from the “ashes?”
      It was great empty “Movement” ending in more slogans and ‘F’latulence.
      Archie inherited the privileged flatulence and the the entitled whiners who came for the “upside” in the mirror and a long shot chance at a draft night. It was never really about making Indiana strive for banners.

      There is still much despise circulating around Archie because the apologists are dug in deep. They will forever feel the clapping committee room preacher who whispered sweet truths into their naive basketball ears was forever the next best thing to the powers of the ‘Almighty’ himself. Crean couldn’t make a blind man see, but he did have major powers…He actually had a better gift. He could make a seeing man blind with the use of a slick tongue and a Joey endorsement.

    3. Remember Joanie Loves Chachi…? Harry loves Freddy…..Freddy loves Harry….Joey loves Tommy….Harry loves Tommy so Tommy can love Freddy….Tommy and Harry love Freddy. Everybody is rich for 10 years. Everybody is happy. Happy Days! But Tommy is no Fonz. He kicks the jukebox but nothing plays. Change the channel to Archie Bunker….(or has it already been banned?).

      I’d give Archie 8 years to recover from this total debacle. Eight is Enough!

      1. You long ago crossed into another time zone, so far away from reality are you. But it gets more and more funny. I promise.

        1. Here’s the reality. These cronies are handing each other medals while a pandemic is going on. People are losing their homes and unable to feed their families. Meanwhile, they are so removed from reality, they pat themselves on the backs. They act like a 10% donation of their self-made, self-determined, overpaid salaries is some sort of humble pie.
          And if you want more reality through your rose-colored “glasses” concerning Fred Glass and the CharlaTom he kept around for a decade to purchase a 30 million dollar cue card set, I’d take a good hard look at ‘Conference Midwest Elite.’ Witness what the rest of the Midwest was achieving on college basketball’s biggest stages while Fred was in the grips of a Tommy trance.

          But I do love that Hole Sixteen on the golf course named after Joey and the uncanny ability of all our coaches to quote scripture and throw away 10 years of March Madness and tiddlywink bowl games.

          Between Fred and his pair of ‘Treasured New Testament Toms,’ we will have burned through 50 million with zero national relevancy to show for it. You must have left your ‘reality’ at the cloakroom. Time zone? Crean coached in the Twilight Zone.
          There’s really only two possibilities to keep that sort of incompetence for a decade. Choice is yours: Choice A = Christian Blowhard Committee Room Conspirators in Cahoots; Choice B = Walking Blind AD in the Twilight Zone.

          1. Wasn’t it “lights out” over an hour ago? Sorry, this latest grenade-o-gram is every bit as demented and unhinged as each and every one of your posts here. And none of it accurate or truthful or even relevant. But hysterically funny. Remember: Brevity, it’s what’s for dinner.

          2. Just as I assumed. Joey (a.k.a. ‘Bear Down’) picked Choice B.

            And a peek at ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ will satisfy your brevity. Plenty of meat on that bone for dinner. It’s a nice marbled juicy thick T-bone (a 30 million cut of prime) of March Madness relevancy with a big Zero next to Indiana U courtesy of the master chefs known as Fred & Tom. There was actually nothing for dinner. No seconds or second weekends of March Madness. No Elite Eights. No Final Fours. No coffee. No dessert. It was over-seasoned Hamburger Helper and heartburn.
            But ‘Mr. Brevity’ seems to avoid the reality of those rather concise facts placed in pictorial form. It’s the reality that hurts the grand apologists and “realists.”

          3. I do like “grenade-o-gram.” You’ve got some skills. I like you, Bear Down. Peace and love, brother. We must LEO. Think of Fred calling Tom….LOL to some LEO courtesy of ELO.

            Speaking of bear downs, do you think Hoosier Basketball will ever come out of hibernation? I’m still rather bummed over Justin Smith leaving.

            Anybody taking in HBO’s ‘Perry Mason?’…..I’m enjoying and looking forward to Episode 3 this weekend. Goodnight, all.

  10. Crean was dealt far more excuses…He is the definition of outlandishness. A fraud like Fred who were on an inside track. They were legitimized in bogus committee rooms via members they already had close relationships.
    People always claimed Crean was the best we could do under the circumstances. It was such terrible defeatism. He was picked because of his Christian slant and his witch-hunting abilities. After one month at the job it was no secret of his incompetency at X’s and O’s.
    How could it not be a conspiracy of incompetence to keep such a challenged coaching buffoon (exiting IU with the use of cue cards) for a decade? There is no need to understand the operational methods that put these hires into place at IU. It was never a conspiracy that the man couldn’t coach, yet his AD continued to throw money at him to the degree Crean was the highest paid “public” employee in the state of Indiana.

    So you want to argue Glass had stellar achievements outside of IU Basketball getting to relevant stages in the month of March again? He made the basketball coach the highest paid employee in the state as he continued to fail miserably compared to all of ‘Conference Midwest Elite?’ And you geniuses are calling me “outlandish?” It didn’t take 10 years to see projects from A-Hope with zero basketball skills…It didn’t take 10 years to witness failures against getting ball movement and dissections of zone defenses. It didn’t take 10 years to see “weaves to nowhere.” How many more examples do you want? How we looked totally stymied against Syracuse? How we could never run an in-bounds play? How we couldn’t get an intentional foul committed to stop the game clock in March Madness game against Wichita State?
    But there was no conspiracy to keep that sort of cluelessness on our sideline for 10 years and 30 million dollars? It almost more a compliment to suggest these men were all built on cronyism and protectionism…To suggest otherwise would have to mean they’re the walking blind.

    So you want to argue G;as

  11. scwartzie, thank you for a post that was based the essential facts. Although not overwhelmed by the tenure of Fred Glass, I agree with the points you made above. But to use facts in refuting the delusional narrative of a few, you will now be attacked as a “Crean apologist” and etc. Facts are stubborn things, and people don’t like it when facts are used to destroy their false narratives. In spite of many accusations to contrary, I was not a huge fan of Tom Crean’s coaching style/philosophy while he was at IU. After so many decades of watching Bob Knight-coached teams, there were simply too many things about the way Crean’s teams played that drove me nuts. But given the dumpster fire he inherited at IU, his accomplishments at IU do not deserve the contempt that so many pile on him. I took exception to IU subjecting its relatively small athletic budget to a severance package that exposed IU to a $4 million buyout (over 4 years). Thankfully, IU only had to pay Crean $1 million. And the timing of Crean’s firing was bad, coming one year after he won his second Big Ten Championship. It gave IU a black eye. It was stupid, financially wasteful and revealed that IU’s wealthiest boosters, who pushed Fred Glass to fire Crean, were living in fantasy land. As if winning Big Ten Championships don’t amount to anything of significance.

    Will Archie do better? Only time will tell. But his first three seasons do not provide cause for great optimism. Ironically, I prefer Archie’s style of basketball much more than Crean’s, but as you said, I’m “a fan of results.” Can Archie lead IU BB to where it wins Big Ten Championships and makes the Sweet 16? We saw signs of improvement this season, and Archie has demonstrated he’s able to sign one 5-star player per recruiting class, but so far his players have yet to demonstrate they can be prolific scorers. Most of them can’t hit water from a boat. 3-point shooting, FT shooting and making bunnies at the rim have simply been terrible, no matter who recruited the players.

    Crean’s hire was not on Glass, but Archie’s certainly is. Glass is no fool! I think he got out while the getting was good.

  12. ‘Weaves to Nowhere’ are stubborn things. You ate them up like Froot Loops…but they were the same stubborn circular things every blind apologist could somehow stomach on rewind; all of that dysfunctional basketball built on empty slogans and empty carbs. 10 years and 30 million dollars as the Crean diehards “Froot-looped” the storied and hallowed teaching grounds of a place once regarded as basketball’s greatest classrooms.

    Yes, let’s talk facts, shall we?

  13. The biggest IU fans are the ADs, Administrators of all kinds, and COACHES who have all those BEAUTIFUL LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS. I use IU as example. IT’S LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE.
    Another example of human beings being a strange species as reported in the sports news….V.O. / pacers ex IU player undecided about playing in Orlando nba restart. No problem there. However, reporting that covid19 is a blessing in disguise that allows more time for recovery from quad injury (whether V.O. said it or another sports person said it) demonstrates almost all sports politicians, and entertainer professionals…. nowadays for along time now has filtered down into college ADs, Administrators of all kinds, and Major College Basketball and Football Coaches their life attitudes say they are the most egotistical, narcissist, worthless FINANCIAL LUCRATIVE species on the planet.

    1. t- You da man! That has to be the most expensive quad injury in the history of quad injuries. IU could have rebuilt Foster Quad from the funds the Pacers have flushed on his quad.

      But I’ve become a much bigger fan of Oladipo….

    2. I can understand your envy related to high earning coaches and administrators, but unique skill sets nearly always result in well compensated employees. When you look at the revenues and margins they’re directed connected to and responsible for, the disconnect you believe exists will be easier for you to understand and appreciate.

  14. After his basketball career, V. Oladipo is someone who I could vote for. Indianapolis is in need of a new mayor because Indy doesn’t have a real mayor. After some experience on what the job description is so to speak and or holding an office or two Oladipo might make a great mayor. Heck, he doesn’t even need any experience. Just elect Oladipo and give him the job description. He surely would be better than what Indianapolis has now. Of course, why would he even want it?
    As far as Joe Biden and Victor Oladipo, they look like two peas in a pod in that photo.

    1. t- You are correct and its rampant in every profession. I’ll be watching a major news or sports network and I’ll see someone that looks barely out of high school doing some on-location reporting. Some cute young thing….I’ll ask myself, “How in the hell did she get that gig so young?” Sure enough, I’ll do some searching and I’ll find out it’s the daughter of an executive producer, etc. Sure, she has skills. She has personality…And so do a hundred other journalism majors that will never get the look because of no inside channels.
      Saturation and thinning in certain professions adds to the nepotism to secure spots for offspring, friends, friends of friends. More population, narrowing fields of endeavor and walling up of jobs as if they’re all mafia compounds reserved for the designated “already” elite clubs.
      Your viewpoints are fair, t. And I don’t believe any of it is rooted in any more envy than what many on these sites have of you and your one-of-a-kind abilities to express. I appreciate the way in which you challenge the status quo that favors so few in this country increasingly stuck under the rock of institutionalized disparities.

      And then when some of the “special few” part of the 1% elite class act as if they are giving a shirt off their back to take a 10% salary cut? Such generosity……A different world completely tone deaf and completely out of touch.

  15. B.D. Yes, skill sets often result into the well compensated. Always has.
    However, NETWORKS and CONNECTIONS (always had its place) has significantly grown over the years which has been a long time now into twisted perverse elite clubs.

    1. Networks and connections have existed forever. They might get people in the door, but results nearly always keep them there, along with the compensation attached to them. Look no further than coaching as proof. Getting a big deal is one thing, but you have to win in order to keep it.

      1. They might get people in the door, but results nearly always keep them there, along with the compensation attached to them

        Look no further than our last basketball coach’s results in March Madness compared to ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ to challenge that assumption. The results were beyond dismal compared to the rest of the Midwest. We were buying a 30 million dollar set of cue cards…and someone who explains breaking down a zone defense as “it moves, it just moves.”
        This wasn’t compensating Bob Knight in post-banner generosity as he was fading from his glory years. This was a relatively young and hot prospect (consult Joey) who was one of the nation’s best. One of the most highly touted centers to come out of Indiana was his for two seasons. High draft picks….Hoosier Rising DVD’s.
        Dismal March results compared to 11 other Midwestern basketball programs during his tenure. His compensation was never tied to results that matter. His compensation was tied to people that matter (as in the son of the AD).

        1. Did you forget the part where Crean was fired? I know facts aren’t important to you and you’ll work incredibly hard to avoid them, but that one’s pretty unavoidable. Even for you.

          1. I gave all the facts you need to know. Conference Midwest Elite results weren’t accumulated in year 10. Were you in a grizzly hibernation and sleeping on the facts? Did you watch the complete meltdowns of Crean when pressure was higher..or did you just close your eyes like his buddies?
            It was obvious after 10 months (10 weeks for any non-apologist) that Crean couldn’t coach worth a damn.
            Yes, he was fired when his bosom buddy was backed against a wall and we had lost unprecedented ground to the rest of the Midwest. 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours during the Glass/Crean years to our zilch are the damning facts that just kept piling up.
            Those are the facts left by the holier-than-thou pompous conspirators and slogan makers…and they shouldn’t just rest upon on the incompetence of the head coach.
            Those facts reflect upon the AD and the president of IU as well. A lot of blind men walking (or in complete cahoots, if you still prefer Choice A ) while season after season ended with not measuring up to peers within our conference and throughout the Midwest during basketball’s biggest weekends and stages.
            Loyola’s Sister Jean would have taken those committee room misfits out to the tool shed and applied a major ruler slashing. Joyce Meyer retweets would result in an extra 10 ruler whips upon the top of the hand.

            Such dereliction of duty concerning our most storied program built on teaching and tradition should have resulted in the dismissal of ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber.’ They should have held a press conference where they simultaneously fired. They could have performed it with cue cards….(sort of a “He’s FIRED!” with arrows pointing at each other).

            I guess we were just too busy rebuilding football to notice that even when we had very strong hoops rosters we had no coaching….? Maybe all were put in another trance by another scripture quoting guru who loves slogans and bible props? We haven’t found big basketball stages or big bowl games….but we have found the LORD! Maybe they’re all just paid to do sermons and halftime locker room prayers? Those are also facts that have nothing to do with building winning sports programs….but we sure waste a sh__-ton of time on it.

            Here’s some more facts.

  16. Depends on how results are measured or defined. Sometimes results keep them there. Often results are subjective. Yes, coaches are dismissed from jobs all the time. It also proves Networks and Connections (Networks and connections appear in all areas of society). Though there are hundreds upon hundreds of examples just name that tune. When a high paid coach and it doesn’t have to be that major league their consequences for not performing/winning is a buyout and or moving down from a multi million dollar contract to a multi several hundred thousand dollar contract. Some negative consequence. Sure, pride may be hurt but often after a transition lots of pressure is released and a happier life which again is subjective.

    1. Your envy and jealousy is noted. Again. But the rest of your post is pretty mindless.

    2. Keep it rollin’, t. The truth will make the witches melt faster than Crean can run Jordan Crawford out of town.

      Sadly, Indiana U. sports gave up envy a long time ago. The last decade was simply defeatism, denial and self-infatuations of an elite protected class where reunions and preachy nonsense of love and Christian wholesomeness took the place of being pissed off to lose at anything. They fed the aloofness and nonsense to a very intellectually challenged fan base who live on jello and happy claps/cartwheels instead of the accountability and grit once a hallmark of, at least, a couple of our sports programs.

      Archie should have kicked those scholarship players’ laughing on the bench during an NIT loss from Bloomington to Dayton. There is still zero backbone in Bloomington. There’s only Sunday school and tiptoeing through to tulips …and printing of money.

      Dragging Bob Knight out by his earlobes was a bigger goal than any banners these bozos knew they could never coach a team toward.

    3. That you continue to reference a committee is simply a demonstration of your ignorance. Again. And again. The rest is just nonsensical, unhinged ranting. Always good for a laugh, though. But it’s not taken seriously ny serious people. Remember . . . Brevity matters.

      1. The facts are before you and all you have now is name-calling. It’s all good…Been there, done that. No need to go through the list of the fallen. May all blogging insults rest in peace.

        Conference Midwest Elite: It’s all the facts you need to know. It’s the resume that won’t go away. Cue Card Amnesia got you?
        It didn’t have to happen. And it sure didn’t happen overnight. Symptoms of a coach being out his league in tight games and on big stages showed up faster than E. coli finds the lower bowel. How did Joey not see it at Marquette? Can you answer me that one? A mummy could have unwrapped that mystery.

        But none of it had to wait until the fan base had Fred by the Private Ryans 8 years down the road. There would have been no accumulation of damning stubborn facts (the sort of inconvenient decade’s worth you are wanting to lock away in the corner of your hardened synapses) if we would have been given quality leadership, competent coaching and people less consumed with favors, piousness and self-flattery. Your decision in ignoring of the damning facts on full display ( highlighting Conference Midwest Elite in the backdrop of Fred & Tom’s drawn-out loyal partnership ) explains plenty of your deeply involved bias rooted in a position of blind apology. It demonstrates plenty beyond your own stubborn “ignorance.”
        Hell, I thought Podunker had the worst case of TCSD (Tom Crean Separation Disorder). ‘Undermining Archie’…..Coming to a theater near you! Opens November 2020.

        It’s your choice. Don’t know how many times you’ll need it to sink into your fat highly superior brain.
        It’s two simple possibilities to keep that sort of incompetence at the helm for a decade. Choice is yours: Choice A = Christian Blowhard Committee Room Conspirators in Cahoots; Choice B = Walking Blind AD in the Twilight Zone.

        Just go with Choice B…and maybe we’ll forget you had a seat in one of those committee rooms. You make me laugh harder. You obviously have no clue on how Conference Midwest Elite choices work. See that big circle? See those teams? See how many had stellar March tournaments while Fred & Tom were planning their next banner reunions as if competence and greatness comes via shoulder rubbing? Think “social distancing” is tough. Just be thankful Fred & Tom didn’t have to do banner and reunion distancing. I mean, what the hell were they if they couldn’t catch the old candy stripe virus of greatness?

        I do believe my thesis is getting stronger….Didn’t Reggie Thesis play for the Bulls?

        1. ^^^There’s enough gems up there to open a jewelry store…but where’s my humility? Reggie Thesis.
          Though there be no brevity, there’s no harm in levity.

          Why did the golfer hit a bad slice?

          Answer: Because his ball wasn’t resting on a levity.

          I think I’ll change my blogging name to Igor Nance. It’s close enough to the real thing.

          1. It’s called self-deprecating humor…

            Try it, you may like it. He won’t try it, he hates everything. I’m not gonna try it—you try it. Wait! He likes it!
            Hey, Mikey!
            Levity, it’s what’s for late room service.

            Tom Allen’s ‘Lessons in Life’ podcast brought to you by…Life Cereal. “Life without finishing a bowl doesn’t have to mean no finishing a bowl of Life.”

          2. Went out for pizza with my golfing buddies last night.
            They said I would like the place because they sell it by the slice.

          3. “You’re” choking on your brevity…which is, increasingly, not so brief.

            Choice A: Cahoots?
            Choice B: Walking Blind?

            Consult ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ if you need a study guide. This is an “open book” exam.

            Solid gold. The more you squirm, the more it unveils your denial of the truth.

            Squirm away, worm hole brain. Take something for the severe case of TCSD. Maybe two worms, a hook and a sinker…. and call me in the morning? Would you like that written on a cue card or do you require a committee to figure it out? Gulp.

        2. Your thesis is nonsensical, irrelevant ranting. It’s impossible to take any of it seriously. That’s a common theme in all of your windy posting.

          1. It’s solid gold..and you are a worm on a hook.
            Worms, it’s what’s ‘brief’ for dinner. Choice A? Choice B? Cahoots or the walking blind? Joey had his microscope out at Marquette but somehow he still couldn’t see it. Are you also blinded by the light?

          2. Solid gold bs. It’s nonsensical ranting by someone without the faintest idea of what happened, so you’ve chosen to make things up to fit a warped agenda. It’s apparent to everyone with a working brain. Brevity, my man. It counts for so much. Like the truth.

          3. Now you’re just diminished to insults, squirmy wormy.
            Now your eating your own brevity. You can’t answer simple questions. It’s your agenda in full exposure…Wiggle, wiggle. Hook, line and sinker. Gulp.

          4. My only agenda has been truth telling, which offends you horribly. “Your” (sic) the one who concocted a flat out lie about Crean hiring Glass, something that is laughable on its face as it simply did not happen. “Your” (sic) also the poster who dismissed as irrelevant the fact that Kelvin Sampson presided over a program in which he violated the rules on multiple occasions, lied about it repeatedly, and condoned and ignored the academic failings of his players (something you’ve excused, by the way). I’ve merely pointed out these facts, to your great chagrin, while you’ve proudly defended your oft-repeated and intentional mistruths.

            When the truth is on your side, brevity is easy. When it isn’t, it’s impossible.

  17. Why would V.O. ever want to become the mayor of Indy, or any other city in the U.S.? Then again, why would anyone ever want to be a Mayor, Governor, Congressman or Senator? Those are terrible jobs! And that’s why the smartest, most talented most qualified people in this country would never consider running for public office.

  18. H4H. I have often/many times researched sports, news, talk shows networks hosts and reporters. I ask myself the same questions that you have. How did they get that high paying job? It’s like they popped up out of nowhere. I also observe and analyze how they interject their own views and background regarding different topics. This is to the point of an attempt whether unintended or intentionally brainwashing. Often I here words like ALL, EVERYONE, ALWAYS are in agreement on a certain topic. As I watch often one of the first things to come to my mind is…I don’t agree or want that so don’t tell me what I want or believe or it’s good for me. Sometimes in a subtle or direct straight forward way. Sometimes variations of happy smiles for the better good are characteristics of presentations. Every thing is just peachy, happiness and goodness. Then, there is the opposite end of the spectrum. Often they are good and only goodness agrees with them. If one doesn’t agree he or she is bad. I remember watching the news as a kid. An old man did the news, sports and weather. One such man was “Frank Edwards.” Then it went to 2 or 3 people. Now, whole teams of highly paid people are needed on many networks. Yes, H4H you are right they are usually attractive and well dressed. Of course the thought is they are well spoken. Well spoken depends on how it is defined or perceived.

    1. We are on the same page, t. And some old farts never move out of their positions to allow some new blood and new faces to have a shot. It’s not like they don’t have plenty of money. ’60 Minutes’ comes to mind….Many of those icons stuck it so long they looked 60 minutes from death. There was never any turnover…Next journalist up would just have to wait until they fell over. And then that next “hot prospect” is likely an offspring, niece, nephew, etc…who will have it locked up for another 40 years.

      And don’t get me started on ex-jocks taking up all the sports desk/analyst/television gigs. As if the money and glamour while playing wasn’t enough…? Now they flip the switch and become seasoned journalists…or singers…or entertainers. What can’t they do? Howard Cosell: I Never Played the Game.

      Jim McKay? Did he play for the Pistons?

      In 1946, {Jim} McKay returned to Baltimore and took a position with The Evening Sun as a police reporter. He was promoted to aviation reporter instead of getting a raise. During this time, he also met Margaret Dempsey, his future wife (courtesy: Wikipedia).

      Bob Costas? Was he a former NFL qb?

      Go into journalism/broadcasting? Why? Papers dying. Jobs handed to ex-jocks or offspring of execs….Six figure salaries for blogs? What’s the point?

  19. PO. I agree with you. Then why do so many higher level politicians have extravagant wealth or end up with extravagant wealth or better are allowed to end up with such extravagant wealth all like they are doing society such a big favor for dedicating their lives to civil service.

  20. Sports figures in 1000’s $$$ suits. Makes them appear supernatural. Those 60 minutes jobs are easy for old men and a couple old women because they probably have a team gathering and completing the actual work for them. Then, old men rely on there story telling and interview skills. After that they die.

  21. Fox doesn’t discriminate. Fox newswomen are told “you either work behind the scenes”….or “work in scenes of your behind.”

  22. What’s wrong? After for many years now, Professional sports machine raping society for its own wealth. DECISION MAKING ELITES. NBA games in Orlando to pipe in 2K video crowd noise and place cardboard cutouts as fans in seats so PLAYERS DON’T FEEL WEIRD. The whole societal NBA apparatus is weird AND NOTHING MORE THAN A BUCKET OF PUKE ON THIS EARTH.

    1. Its like this t,

      As long as there are enough people out there to consume the product in sufficient quantities, they will continue to produce it.

  23. I agree. Fake production. Forced brainwashing and forced consumption without consuming = Corporate welfare. Examples: taxes plus food taxes plus donut county food taxes = forced consumption without consuming. Just let me spend my forced tax dollars on a piece of bubble gum.

  24. restaurant, pub etc/food taxes and those taxing decisions are made by both political and non political elites of society. They are not put on ballots with HONEST short term and long term consequences for ALL to vote on. Rather, false representation by those elected and other elites run the show eventually right into the ground. Massive stadiums (often very ugly) and arenas sticking out of the ground into the sky while crime runs rampant around them that extends out over the landscape.

  25. arenas are often very ugly as well including that extermination factory looking eye sore in Indy

    1. t- Great stuff. That “extermination factory” ….
      I used to refer to it as a giant dollhouse. All part of gentrification in Indy. Just think of how those funds could have helped revitalize city schools/neighborhoods.
      I used to visit this wonderfully unique woman who restored old pianos whose shop was a block from the new extermination factory. Her eccentricity would only function in its natural evolutionary state which placed her in the comforts of an organized disorganized workshop likely part of her lifelong home. She knew her stuff. Maybe the city paid her generously…Maybe not. But where was she to go? Strip malls or shiny new trendy storefronts aside a Starbucks would have been more than a disgrace to her style and pace of life.
      We have forgotten the flavors of our country…and kicked them all aside. Towns made useless by corporate cash and Walmarts and giant home improvement stores. Cities made into bubbles of pretense built to cater to the elite. People shoved from neighborhood to neighborhood and smaller affordable corners of an existence with no roots to nourish and no place to build pride. And for the eccentric and masters of a more humble American pie? No place to flourish and no place to hide. That massive brick dollhouse is a metaphor for America; a country trapped in giant showmanship. Corporate explosions at the hands of men who must make up for the creative gifts they’ll never corner. An
      America gobbled and spit out via an ostentatious removal of real vibrancy and personality.
      It’s all part of the same diseased mindset that destroyed our statewide high school basketball tournament which was always more of an education in our many diverse success stories than basketball. No “elite” could stomach a Scott Skiles from little Plymouth…or a kid from disadvantaged streets of Gary stealing a stage. Place them in their own “league” and make them feel separated and less than the big money.

      1. Except there is one little fly in your ointment H4H,

        You said, “Just think of how those funds could have helped revitalize city schools/neighborhoods.” Problem is, we’ve tried that number many times over and all we did was make the problem considerably worse than it was before we spent literally trillions of dollars on that concept. It began with what was called LBJ’s “Great Society” and we keep repeating that failed solution over and over again creating more damage than one could begin to imagine.

        As for all those small shops you (and me) long for, we are in the process of literally regulating them out of existence. The myriad of federal, state, and local regulations are impossible for a small business to comply with and remain profitable. The reason why you see a big box store on every corner is because they are the only ones left who have to bucks to comply the unending tsunami of regulations being promulgated out of our governing bodies. Try being in business for yourself for a few years and it will be an incredibly eye opening experience.

        Of course people are being shoved from one neighborhood to the other, we created the monsters who are doing so by making it to where only the biggest and strongest could survive. Then we cry about what those monsters do to those who get in their way. So what’s the brilliant solutions we’ve seen for the last nearly 90 years? Create more government bureaucracy to promulgate more regulation, to create even bigger corporate monsters, to gobble up more of their smaller competitors, who can’t profitably keep up with changing regulatory environment.

        Know what I’m talking about, had to deal with it my entire business career trying to be one of those small shops you long for.

        1. I’ve also had an entire “business career.” Don’t be fooled by the jesting in your detesting my experiences and opinions.
          It’s not just regulations. It’s failures in antitrust..It’s protectionism. It’s corruption. It’s overseas shelters. It’s manipulation. It’s lack of understanding a niche in a market. It’s corporate fist-pounding by men only looking at a bottom line in a bubble. It’s the watering down of diversity and competition. It’s monolithic structures and monopolies dominating with dollars because they lack the ingenuity to compete and create in any other manner. It’s wage stagnation once monopolies have greater control.
          It’s elite classes protecting elite classes. It’s insiders securing only their futures as they trample upon those entrapped in a system increasingly walling out a larger majority with each passing decade. America in a dollhouse.

          But I respect your superior ointment/gel/roll-on or whatever you use under your armpits in the morning to keep the flies away…..

          1. H4H,

            If, perchance, you have the depth of “business career,” you allude to, then you should be able to recognize the massive threat, to everything you just railed against, was occurring in this country prior to the 2020 posed. You should be able to recognize the twin calamities which have struck this country, and other areas around the world this year, are in the process of derailing what would have corrected everything you decry as unjust. Unfortunately, too many are unable to see beyond a pre-programmed perspective.

          2. Know what I’m talking about, had to deal with it my entire business career trying to be one of those small shops you long for.

            If perchance as well. I don’t know about you, but your word is the Ten Commandments to me. Quite the “career” can be built in these tiny boxes with cute names. I never doubted what you say to be true.

          3. Jester,
            You are absolutely correct. Trying my best to keep it real, would hate to disappoint you with anything less than the truth. May be mistaken but never intentionally.

          4. I appreciate you, thinkaboutit.

            But never forget, I am ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ …Before H4H it was Downing’s 5th. Did you ever know of Downing’s 5th? There are many jesters. There is only one Harvard born of the Downing.

            I jested plenty when I was Downing. My best old blogging friends of a place called ‘Basketblog’ still had no problem with Downing….when not using Sh__ for Brains.

  26. For Public Colleges or any college receiving public money: Maybe every administrator and head coaching budget including salaries and etc. should be voted on by the public or at least all College alumni for approval. Yes, longer slower process that opportunity for money and financial accountability would rest with the people/citizens. Not just political and non political elites spending the people’s money with lack of accountability or the standard of accountability is so low = not accountable except for personal financial wealth and lifestyle.

    1. I know all that sounds good in theory t,

      but in practice it is fool’s gold. There are any number of ballot initiative examples to show just how easily the masses can be fooled into voting very harmful measures into law. This being said, if the alumni can’t handle electing 3 responsible trustees into office, then how can they be trusted with anything else? Don’t even get me started on the other 6 appointees of the governor. Doesn’t matter who the public votes in as governor, still get the same caliber of trustee appointees.

  27. Alumni and all the student body who are paying money to go to college to get approval for paying these elite salaries etc.

  28. Boom, baby! You are on a roll, t. Reality whiplash.
    Why don’t you run for mayor? You get my vote. You understand democracy and how its stuck under the shoe of a corporate class “walling” up America for their own. Don’t get distracted by the walls at the border. All of us are already in the “dollhouse.” Corporate America just moves the little pieces of us around.

  29. I still think t hit the home runs on this thread.

    t gets my vote for mayor.

    Everyone have a Happy 4th!

    1. Happy 4th for you H4H and also to all the others – Tai, BD, PO, t, swartzie and any others I forget about. I will be glad when real football news comes around as have tried to stay out of other postings especially about the virus. It will be a great day when we have a football team to talk about again and how they are doing on the field.

      I think our coaching is improved with the new coaches and I will have to wait to see if Sheridan is as good as other coaches think. I love the experience coming back along with the talent and want to see how that shows up on the field. Maybe some day soon we will have articles on the team and practice.

  30. I also wanted to say I hope coach Sheridan has more plays that fake the defense than last years offense.

  31. does ANYONE think that College Football will see the light of day in this Infection-riddled society? Will fans fill the stands to worry about taking Covid-19 home to family? Can the universities continue to keep doors open with online students and reduced income from sporting events. If you cant field football safely Basket ball will be non-existent.

  32. TJ, I believe college football will be played this fall, albeit in mostly empty stadiums. Just like soccer in Europe and baseball in South Korea. The stadiums will be “mostly” empty either due to government mandates and/or by individual choice. I could see stadiums that choose to fill every fifth or sixth seat in every other row so as to maintain social distancing. And on top of that, I can see stadium authorities mandate that every person entering the stadium must have a mask on their face. After every reasonable precaution is enacted, it will be up to the individual as to whether to attend the games or not. Young healthy adults (college students) and teens who are not at serious risk of death from a COVID infection may choose to attend, just like they are choosing to go to bars this summer. It will be far more risky to tail-gate than it will be to enter the stadium and watch the game. People in their late 60’s or 70’s, or those with underlying health conditions, are probably not going to attend FB or BB games until there is a proven treatment or vaccine.

    And the reason I believe this is for the reasons you stated in your post. There’s just too much money and too many student-athletes’ futures at stake to not play college football this season. Way too much money and way too many student-athletes! Power-five FBS schools around the country can’t afford to wipe out non-revenue producing varsity sports and the student-athletes who depend on them for their education because revenue from the football program dried up. Some smaller/financially weaker schools have already cut non-revenue producing varsity sports (i.e., University of Akron), and more will do the dame in the next year. But I believe most Power-five FBS conference schools will find a way to capture the T.V. revenue that college FB and BB generates.

    Another thing I’m confident in predicting is that ten years from now, both college and professional sports will look very different than they did in 2019. We’ll look back and realize that salaries for coaches and professional players peaked in 2019. There will be fewer FCS and D-2 schools willing to fund money-losing varsity sports, and because of Title IX, some schools will have to cut FB programs in order to make the numbers balance.

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