Hendershot pleads guilty to trespass charge

Indiana tight end Peyton Hendershot pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal trespass Tuesday in Monroe County Court.

Hendershot was facing three other misdemeanors in connection to a February dispute with an ex-girlfriend, including domestic battery, criminal conversion, and criminal mischief.

The latter three charges were dismissed as part of his plea agreement. Hendershot was sentenced to one year probation for the trespass offense, which is a Class A misdemeanor. He is also required to receive a mental health evaluation and participate in a batterers treatment program.

Hendershot’s sentence also includes one year in jail, but that sentence is suspended, with two days credit for time already served following his February arrest. He is responsible for $185 in court costs, as well.

Hendershot appeared Tuesday before judge Valeri Haughton, dressed in a blue suit. He had a surgical mask over his face, per court requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a rather brief and straightforward proceeding, Hendershot simply answered questions with “Yes, your honor” and “No, your honor.” When his attorney, Joshua Radicke, asked whether Hendershot was accepting the terms of his plea agreement, he said “Yes, sir.”

“How do you plead?” Haughton asked.

“I plead guilty, your honor,” Hendershot answered. 

According to Bloomington police, Hendershot entered the residence of the victim without permission on Feb. 22, accusing her of infidelity. He then reportedly took her cellphone from her to look at calls and texts. When she tried to retrieve the phone, Hendershot, according to police, “grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall.” He then threw the cell phone into the kitchen, police said, breaking the screen.

Following his arrest, Hendershot was indefinitely suspended by IU’s football team but was reinstated in a “modified way” during the offseason program, as coach Tom Allen described it in late April. That included some team and position meetings.

The 6-foot-4, 255-pound tight end was still suspended during the Hoosiers’ four spring practices in March and did not participate.

Hendershot, a rising redshirt junior, had a breakout campaign on the field last season, earning third-team All-Big Ten recognition after setting program records for a tight end in receptions (52) and yards (622), along with four touchdowns.


  1. As expected, he was given a deal and plead guilty to the least of the charges. Looks like his family hired a good lawyer.

    I’m all for second chances and I understand good young people do stupid things from time to time. I especially understand how young men’s emotions can be inflamed by young women. I’m O.K. with the fact that PH probably won’t be spending any more time in jail. But I think PH needs to sit out the 2020/2021 season. Either that, or he needs to transfer. This slap on the wrist from the legal system is one thing, but doesn’t IU Athletics hold they’re scholarship athletes to a higher standard? And when a 6’4″, 255 lbs. man grabs a young women by the neck and shoves her against the wall, shouldn’t that man forfeit the privilege of playing football for IU, at least for a season?

    The details have faded over time, but wasn’t it just about six or seven years ago when some IU Basketball players did some stupid juvenile stuff and got caught holding a bottle of vodka while sitting in the front seat of a parked car? And didn’t those BB players suffer a significant punishment imposed by IU’s Athletic Department? And didn’t one or more of those BB players have to transfer? I don’t recall those BB players’ rules violations involving any violence against women or anyone else.

    Tom Allen and the AD need to be careful how they handle the punishment they impose on Hendershot. Otherwise, in this hyper-turbulent political climate, this could blow up in their face and do a lot of damage to the image of IU’s FB program and Athletic Department. I hope that neither TA or his bosses are tone deaf right now.

  2. I don’t understand….The ‘trespass’ of her throat?

    Where there are chokeholds, there must be LEO. Is Allen choking on his hypocrisy right now? Wonder how Coach Allen would feel if this loving act was committed upon his own daughter? Does Coach Allen have any daughters? Would he abide by the ‘system’ …or kick this thug right between his uprights and off the team?

    This is why I remain the cynic. This is why I continue to say it is maturity that is lacking most from Hoosier athletics. We have a lot of clowns…and preachers…and many “believers” in Christianity and love, but where is the maturity? You can only walk above the ground for so long. Solid ground, solid decision-making, solid justice, and solid genuineness are simple things very difficult for some to acquire while the preach and invent loving slogans.

  3. Po & H4H,

    Here’s the one problem with your speculations regarding this situation. We don’t know, and probably never will know, the actual truth of incident. Just because something appears on a police report does not necessarily make it the truth. Not diminishing the potential severity of what had originally been alleged, but the burden of proof is on the prosecution. If they did not feel they could make the case, then maybe they couldn’t. The real question needs to go the DA’s office as to why they plea bargained a case such as this down to a misdemeanor.

  4. And a lot of police reports get torn up for various reasons…..I would imagine George Floyd’s would have been torn up if not for some camera footage.

    But throwing a clay pot is an irredeemable act…? I remain the cynic. We see thugs…and we don’t see thugs (Mellencamps?). It’s all a personal and very bias filter. I would also say that enveloping religion around such deeds adds to clouding and distorting those filters even more. Whatever the holder of faith says must be the truth….Do not question the ‘man’ who promotes scripture and love. This is the person who ultimately decides who is the “thug” and who is not. I mean, who are we kidding here?

  5. think, none of us are in a position to argue the facts of this criminal case or evaluate how the legal system handled it. But I assume that since Hendershot took the deal offered by the DA, it’s because he believed the DA was prepared to proceed to trial and had the evidence to prove him guilty on more, if not all of the four misdemeanors he was charged with. Otherwise, if they didn’t have the evidence, the DA would have dropped some or all of the charges weeks ago. Judges really don’t like when a DA prosecutes people without solid evidence.

    But that’s not really the point. Hendershot broke the law, but he also violated IU Athletic’s standards of conduct. And fair or unfair, scholarship athletes are held to a higher standard, and violating those standards should have consequences outside the criminal justice system. Does any Hoosier fan want IU’s Athletic Department to let Hendershot off without any further punishment? I think doing so in this case would be myopic, set a terrible precedent and be a big mistake! Doing so could have disastrous consequences for TA and for IU’s Athletic Department. Irregardless of how the criminal justice system handled this case, IMO, IU’s Athletic Department should hand down it’s own punishment and send a loud and clear message that any form of violence against women will not be tolerated. Why we can forgive and agree that everyone deserves a second chance, Hendershot should not play football for IU in 2020.

    1. PO, your bias is hanging out all over. Ever cross your mind that it was Hendershot who was ready to go to trial on all four charges and it was the state that took Hendershot’s deal? That the state overcharged based on what “she said” to the responding/writing officer and then rethought it after listening to what “he said” and talking to the complaining witness again? Maybe Hendershot thinks he’s still getting a raw deal here and wanted to go to trial because he knows, even if no one else does except the ex-girlfriend, that the ex-girlfirend is lying, but his lawyer convinced him, “Son, I think you can agree that you shouldn’t have been there in the first place- and that’s the basis for a trespassing charge.”

  6. As a long time IU fan, I certainly don’t believe Hendershot should be suspended for the 2020 season or forced to transfer to another school irregardless of what our two legal and ethics experts, Po and HH, have argued. Sorry HH, no hat trick for you!

    I agree with you, thinkaboutit. There are only two people who know what really happened that day and we are not among them. I personally think the original felony charge of entering the young lady’s apartment was iffy to begin with as there was no claim of forced entry. Maybe the DA charged him with the felony in the hope Hendershot’s lawyer would get Hendershot to agree to plea to a misdemeanor. Local prosecutors stack charges all the time with the hope they will get a plea to a lesser offense. In the Federal system, not so much.

    1. You might want to say where I said he should be kicked off the team, transfer…or sit out an entire season? I simply think it smells foul and of total hypocrisy.

      And simply because there was no forced entry, doesn’t mean he didn’t do what he was originally accused. And the defendant may have a lot of reasons for not pursuing stronger charges more vigorously. As I’ve said many times, you can’t judge someone who has been subjected to terrible trauma or fears for their life.

      Did the system protect Nicole Brown Simpson? These are not easy decisions for someone fearful and shook. Jealousy can be trivialized…but it can also be at the root of some very horrible crimes.

      But let’s examine a clay pot throwing “thug” to this accusation….and fully digest the use of the term. There lies the sickness. LEO….LEO….LEO.

    2. Ranger I’m with you. I’m an IU fan and want him to play this season. Discipline, punishment whatever you want to tag it. Get it figured out, execute the action and let the 2 young folks move ahead. Yes it is a big deal but don’t drag it out. I’ll trust TA, the AD and the justice system. It’s all we’ve got.

  7. My guess is a 3 game suspension. He’d be out for Wisconsin but back for Maryland and the rest of the Big Ten season. Remember when Simmie Cobbs was arrested for disorderly conduct? He stayed on the team and it was handled as a “private matter”. I expect the same here. I’m not condoning or condemning, just opining what I expect to happen.

  8. ranger67, I agree with you about this situation and don’t like others assuming things.
    I am one that would kick him off the team if he assaulted a women but based on her social media posted immediately afterwards she was defending Hendershot that he didn’t put his hands on her ever. It was the reason I wanted people to wait until the evidence came out before people made decisions on punishment. H4H and Po you are making assumptions of what happened, that is your right, that isn’t what should be done in assigning guilt and punishment. I know in our current environment people do jump to conclusions but we need to quit doing that. I have no leeway for anyone that harms others that are weaker however since I wasn’t there I have to go by what she posted and the prosecutor agreed to charge him with.

    I fully expect he will miss 3 or 4 games this season but we will have to wait and see.

    1. I didn’t judge the punishment nor his rights….And whatever the girlfriend says on social media may, again, be rooted in fear. I don’t go to social media sites.
      But please tell me if these accusation were placed upon someone like Eli Holman, the same people defending Hendershot wouldn’t be calling Holman a “thug” and demanding him being placed on a bus and driven as far from Bloomington as possible?

      Yes, ….after seeing how the Mellencamps got soft sentences (one a football walk-on and the family name contributing much $$$ to football facilities), I think I have a pretty justifiable reason to be cynical. Don’t condescend….You can’t claim Allen’s holy ground on this topic.

      Let’s just all “pray” nothing further happens to the young lady …And let’s pray she’s not going to bed every night scared out of her skin for the next time the door opens.

      1. H4H,

        You and Po are making assumptions for which we do not have facts and probably will never know for sure. This is how a lot of people have innocently gone to prison or worse over the years. We used to believe that an individual was innocent until proven guilty even when there seemed to be compelling evidence. Unfortunately, in today’s court of public opinion, one is usually guilty until proven innocent.

        To assert, “Let’s just all “pray” nothing further happens to the young lady …And let’s pray she’s not going to bed every night scared out of her skin for the next time the door opens; a lot of police reports get torn up for various reasons;” and “IU’s Athletic Department should hand down it’s own punishment and send a loud and clear message that any form of violence against women will not be tolerated,” is trying and convicting someone in the court of public opinion.

        Unless Hendershot has confessed to TA or IU anything beyond the trespass charge, they really have very little beyond normal procedures to rely upon. To be honest, if a one or two game suspension is commiserate with what would normally be meted out to misdemeanors of similar level, then that is likely all he will get. If the judge is satisfied with the plea bargain then the university doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on to punish him beyond that of a misdemeanor trespass charge. Remember, IU has to walk a fine line too and I suspect that is what their legal counsel is telling them. If they come down too hard and it turns out that the trespass charge was all it really was, the university risks counter legal action themselves.

        There are far too many cases that I am aware of in the employment world where an employer has taken preemptive action against an employee only to have the charges they based their job action decision on to later be dropped. Unfortunately for the employer, they often find themselves on the short end of a very painful legal lesson.

        1. You’re probably right…Just Kelvin’s recruits were the only ‘thugs’ who ever stepped one foot into Bloomington.

          This young lady may have made up the whole story…Oops. I just tried her in the court of public opinion. She just me be a typical jealous chick. Add her name to thousands of women who concoct falsehoods because they are emotionally unstable.

          Did I mention Dabo Swinney is a perfect human being? How can any thugs every play for that guy? I heard you get kicked off the team for saying ‘GD.’ Now that’s clean living! You could never assault a girlfriend or be a racist on a team that doesn’t even permit the use of a ‘God D___ it!” coming out your cake hole.

          Repeat after me: Only thugs with Kelvin…Only thugs with Kelvin….Only thugs with Kelvin.

        2. IU kicked a football player off the team and out of school for something the county attorney determined wasn’t worthy of a criminal charge. IU can and will do what they choose, regardless of the legal outcome.

      2. I didn’t go to the social sites but read it in a news article and she explained that she posted because people like you said he attacked her and threatened her and wanted to set the record straight. She said he didn’t do that and wanted others to know she wasn’t afraid of him. I am sure the prosecutor saw the differences from the police write up, what the woman said and Hendershot said to make this deal. I didn’t like how people called the bball players thugs but let it go as there are too many ignorant people on the bball site when they did that.

        1. Victims of domestic abuse often change and soften their stories following an incident so that LE and prosecutors go easier on the accused. The public facts of this matter are known, but there will be internal punishment for PH based on what occurred.

          1. I agree with Bear Down…Numerous reasons why a story would change. Future fears may be one of many …Victims, as crazy as it sounds, can still feel guilty and remorseful even when on the receiving end of a threatening or violent act.

            I would suggest some of you go back to the Scoop thread when this incident involving Hendershot was first reported. I would further suggest reading some of Double Down’s comments on that thread. It is rare for these sorts of incidents to simply stop.

            V13- Let football go. It’s not healthy (since we’re now doing Dr. Scoop psychoanalysis for why obsessions over things only ending in dysfunctional feelings of frustration plague many of us).
            At the end of the day, IU Football has acted like a worthless “thug” to its fan base. It beats you up. It doesn’t appreciate you. It steals your time and your money. It punches you in the gut right when you think the relationship is improving. It may even drive you to drinking. I sometimes wonder if it’s in cahoots with Ohio State because it finds pleasure in bringing you a loser. Yes, IU Football is a thug.
            All of that LEO stuff….is to make you feel guilty though YOU, the fan, has been the victim of years of indifference and neglect. LEO? You should file a police report for what IU has done to you for five decades. That’s called a welcome mat to ‘The Church of Pain.’ RTF is my motto. RESPECT THE FANS.
            Stop with all the kumbaya, slogans, scripture quotes, sideline cartwheels, pogo stick high-fives and warm embraces for making a simple tackle. Try winning some games against tough RESPECTABLE opponents. Stop being a thug to IU Football fans.

            IU Football: The Church of Pain. Damn, there I go again. Roy Hobbs just belted another one over the center field fence. When OSU comes to Memorial, that’s Allen’s next locker room speech. “LET’S WELCOME THE BUCKEYES TO THE CHURCH OF PAIN!”

  9. Ranger, you could justify letting off every person accused of a one-on-one crime with that logic. What about Morgan Ellison? Wasn’t it about 18 months ago when Ellison was accused of sexual assault by a female student in what amounted to a “he said/she said” case? But in spite of the fact that Ellison was never charged with a crime, some IU “panel” suspended him from campus for 2.5 years? Morgan Ellison was never charged with a crime (because the DA could not prove him guilty), but he was kicked off campus. Hendershot WAS charged with four crimes and would have gone to trial because the DA believed they had the evidence necessary to win a conviction. Now, even though Hendershot has plead guilty to breaking into his ex girlfriend’s apartment, you’re suggesting that IU should not suspend him?

    Can you see the problems that could cause? At the very least, it creates really bad optics for IU. In a culture currently dominated by the “me too” movement and serious racial strife, and in the wake of Ellison being kicked off campus, not suspending Hendershot could raise some uncomfortable questions TA does not want to answer and expose IU Athletics to all sorts of nasty accusations.

    1. Po,
      You are again conflating issues for which we do not know all the facts. On face value, if Ellison was innocent, the punishment was excessive, but we have no way of knowing that. What we have to realize is that a great number of things get handled privately for the benefit of those who may or may not have been victimized. All we wind up knowing is a severe penalty was handed down. Whether or not it was merited, we do not know.

      1. I don’t think it has anything to do with “optics.”

        Did Wilson ever really get his day in court….? My God, talk about being tried in the court of public opinion!? You make me laugh. The guy didn’t elevate himself with the ‘Good Book’…and enjoyed having a few beers in town. Oh, and he made one of Scoop’s most famous original posters angry because Wilson acted like a “jerk” when there was no pancake syrup left at a breakfast function/introduction to fans. And he wasn’t willing to be bullied by his AD.

        We constantly convict in the court of public opinion on here. As I said, Allen will never make a wrong move. I’ve seen this movie before with Crean. Once you hold up the scripture, your decisions and your word as is good as gold.
        Swinney ain’t no fool…It keeps the NCAA away…It keeps the FBI away….It silences the first suggestions of racism or unscrupulous behavior. Just hold up the Good Book …just like Donald did after pepper-spraying a peaceful crowd. Doesn’t even really matter if you’re a woman abuser…or a racist at that point. Your wishes and your proclamations to anyone’s guilt or innocence is instantly made ‘the word’ and remains protected.

        Off-topic (but not really)…since Podunker is drifting into the area of “optics”…Any of you catch Al Sharpton’s remarks concerning Goodell today? Wow…I’ve seen the light. Be careful how you say ‘Goodell’….Sometimes it can sound like ‘Go to H___.”

        So many manipulators of circumstance. That’s all leaders are anymore…No men of true decency and conviction. Simply manipulators of circumstance protecting their pocketbooks.

        1. You ignore all Wilson did and get kicked out of the bars for being drunk. He came in like a prima donna and looked down on RA in the dorm. You also forget cases were being taken up for abuse, that Wilson didn’t follow the guidelines after Fred worked with him to set them up, and the comments he made to injured players.

          Diamont even said he claimed Hitler was a great leader which to a Jewish player and others is disgusting in this day and age.

          Wilson improved IUFB but had too much baggage to continue to be the HC. He made blunders in games worse than what coach Allen is said to do. Wilson is a very good offensive coach but he couldn’t recruit QBs to IU that were very good, Sudfeld was brought in by coach Littrell and inherited Tre.

          1. Wilson was brought to town to be just what AD Glass wanted. An old school FB coach with a pedigree built at successful programs. He beat, bent and broke IUFB into B1G culture of competition. He did exactly what he was hired to do. He wasn’t polished, warm or forgiving. He is a throwback from another time. Something IUFB had to have.

          2. V13- I never heard the Hitler story. I stay pretty sheltered to what is reported on Scoop. Never heard any commenters here on Scoop mention that accusation until I just read it from you. I’ve heard the stuff about possibly having too many beers.

            After doing some rather quick and ‘soft’ research (about 3 different websites including ‘Bleacher Report’), it’s my understanding that Zander inferred a Hoosier “coach”made that statement. Terrible statement, indeed. Not sure if Zander’s original tweet can be found, but I don’t believe he named the person/coach who made the comment. Make of that as you will.

            Wilson did bring in Allen…And Allen sure seemed to say many great things about Wilson when he brought him in.
            We all seem to forget that Allen was not a Fred Glass hire. He was a Kevin Wilson hire…and promoted to head coach by Glass upon Wilson’s exit. This could be the same movie with a different ending, but I seem to remember this film at IU Basketball. Exiting coach vilified. Opportunist who walks on water and quotes scripture can do no wrong….I just hope this doesn’t end with a DC holding up cue cards….”Call out Screen Passes”…”Make sure to tackle”….”Watch out for Misdirection”….”How’s pepperoni sound for Pizza?”

  10. So as to disarm the nitpickers, I will correct an error in my above post. Hendrshot plead guilty to Trespassing. I do not know whether he broke into his ex girlfriend’s apartment or not.

    1. It’s not a nit, PO, but appreciate that you reeled it back. If you invite me to your house and then ask me to leave and I don’t, I’m now trespassing.

  11. There is blood in the water at the University of Iowa and the sharks are circling the FB program’s strength coach, Chris Doyle. He has been at Iowa for 21 years and is the highest paid Strength Coach in the NCAA. But all of a sudden he’s being accused by several former players of making “racially insensitive remarks.” If you don’t think someone will try to make hey out of IU’s apparent double standard involving the way Hendershot’s and Ellison’s cases were handled, you might be a bit naive.

    Soon, IU’s new Strength Coach may be the highest paid Strength Coach in the NCAA.

  12. And Bob Knight never choked Neil Reed… until the footage was found. Was anyone ever going to believe Neil Reed without that footage? And was that even a choke grab? And was that even a knee to the throat…?

    End of the day, even camera footage doesn’t change minds set in stone of what any firm bias will want to believe.
    Those with money (or, more often, the favored skin tone of justice) lawyer up and, at least, get a trial in the ‘court of public opinion.’
    If you have no money or are of the skin tone most associated with guilt, you get no scrutinized court or court of public opinion.
    Most of the time, your name is never known. The\ keys of white justice simply lock you up and nobody knows the difference. The only reason George Floyd gets a court of public opinion is because technology has brought cameras to assaults gone without witness for decades.

    I would advise any young lady feeling threatened to invest in good camera systems….Don’t just rely on the phone camera you’re holding (heck, you may have left it on a cocktail table ..or something). Install cameras everywhere. Those cameras don’t bypass any accused person a day in court (as they shouldn’t), but they certainly come in handy.
    Always remember, that Neil Reed was never choked without a camera….There would have never been a court of public opinion. The awful deed would have died in silence right next to Neil Reed.

  13. It doesn’t surprise me one that some of are saying”we don’t know the facts”defending this guy here’s what i do know you’re in college where there are thousands of women on that campus and you worried about what one female is doing and getting violent with her for what college is a time for exploring your options if it doesn’t pan out you move on to the one you are still young enjoy college life and another thing if the police report was so questionable some of you suggest why take a plea deal then?let it go to trial if its so sketchy but the fact is he is taking responsibility for his actions and rightfully so he had no business putting his hands on that woman under any circumstances what so ever and he knew he would have to serve some real jail time if found guilty he should get a minimum 2 game suspension

  14. Bear Down on a brownbomber sounds like a laxative commercial….

    Sorry to change the subject.

  15. Well, just to be as precise as possible, according to published news articles, it does not appear that Hendershot was invited into this women’s apartment and then refused to leave when asked. Below is how the IDS wrote it:

    “The woman told police Hendershot sent her several angry texts accusing her of infidelity before walking into her apartment uninvited around 11 p.m.”

    Hendershot allegedly then took her phone from her hand and walked around the apartment looking at it. The woman told police when she tried to retrieve her phone from 6-foot-4 Hendershot by jumping and grabbing it, he grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall. Officers noticed redness on her neck when they arrived.”

    1) “Walking into her apartment uninvited” 2) “Taking the phone from her hand,” 3)”Officers noticed redness on her neck….”

    Victim’s testimony and the physical evidence (neck redness and damaged phone) would probably have been enough to get Hendershot convicted. So, if I was the head coach, my justification for suspending Hendershot would be the part about “grabbing her by the neck and shoving her against the wall,” and I’d make an example out of Mr. Hendershot so that all my players, and all future players clearly understand that any type of violent behavior toward a female is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. To be specific, and regardless of how the legal system closed this case, I would give Mr. Hendershot a choice; be suspended for the 2020 season or transfer to another school. Either way, he would not be playing FB in 2020. To do anything less is a slap on the wrist and sends the wrong message, making it more likely the behavior will happen again in the future.

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