Hoosiers add RB Howland to 2021 class

Indiana added Illinois running back Trenten Howland to the 2021 recruiting class Friday.

Howland, considered a three-star athlete by 247Sports, amassed 1,401 yards on 178 carries for Joliet West as a junior, scoring 14 touchdowns, according to Enterprise Newspapers.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pounder had offers from Nebraska, Minnesota, and Purdue, among others. He committed to IU on the day of his mother’s birthday.

“I love you with all my heart, and on your special day, I would like to announce that I will be committing to Indiana University to further my academic and athletic career,” Howland wrote.

Howland should bring a good-sized frame to the Hoosiers’ backfield mix. IU already added more of a speedster earlier in the recruiting process with Michigan’s David Holloman. Howland was also recruited by IU running backs coach Mike Hart, according to 247Sports.

In his junior highlight tape, Howland’s versatility shows in his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, often times down the field on vertical routes. Howland is also a contributor on Joliet West’s basketball team and averaged 10.2 points per game, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Howland’s biggest outing of the 2019 football season was a 301-yard, five-touchdown performance against Plainfield Central.

IU now has eight commits for 2021, including four skill position players on the offensive side with Holloman, receiver Jordyn Williams, and tight end Aaron Steinfeldt.

Below is Howland’s junior football highlight tape:


  1. Even though ‘only’ 6-2, he’ll end up being a tight end unless running a full backfield set.

  2. I know he is a running backs coach but Coach Hart’s name continues to pop up in many of IU football backfield related recruits as instrumental in bringing them to IU. Backfield seems to be in good hands and if they play other positions that is still a credit to Hart bringing them to IU.

  3. Sorry Brad, I don’t agree that Howland will end up as a tight end at IU. He’s the type of RB IU covets and seems to come from the same mold as Jordon Howard and our current #1 RB, Stevie Scott. Scott is 6’2″ and is listed weighing 231 lbs. Howard is currently listed at 6’0″ and 224 lbs.

    1. There aren’t any plans to move him, and they didn’t recruit him with that in mind.

  4. Welcome aboard young man as I am sure you will find Bloomington campus a great place to play and get a great education. I have to wonder about a change in the offense with the different kind of RBs IU is pulling in. Could we see two RBs in a formation or are the bigger RBs for short yardage?

    1. He’s a taller Stevie Scott. There’s no change in the offense to a 2 back set. An use of 2 would be very rare.

      1. Sorry I should have made my comment clear I was joking about two RBs. I am sure we won’t see anything that crazy again but a little of it could cause defense problems.

  5. Watching his highlight real, I like Howland’s quick moves and ability to change direction and spin. And given his size, he has good speed. He made a lot of big plays when it did not appear there were any holes through which to run. My only issue is that he appears to run too upright. He needs to lower his pads, to learn to run lower so that his size will be an even bigger advantage. I’m sure Coach Hart will address that when Howland arrives in Bloomington.

    If he stays healthy, Howland will be another quality running back for IU. And Hart continues to demonstrate that he is an excellent recruiter.

    1. Never mind the running back, I’d be recruiting some of his OL. Huge holes. In a lot of these clips he wasn’t even touched until he was at least five yards past the LOS. On two plays (starting at 1:30) the RT #75 manhandles the DL, and the center #57 is no slouch either. Hey, Hiller! Who are these guys?

    2. highlight “real”…..?

      Back in the day when there was actually film, I believe the film was on a ‘reel’….and thus we called replays “highlight reels.”

  6. I continue to be impressed with Coach Hart’s work. Not sure how long TA will be able to keep him but we need to enjoy him while we have him. Continued IUFB success will make Coach Hart a sought after coach.

    1. Good vision and has the yearning to always lean forward. With good hands and impressive speed the offense adds more punch to the aerial assault.

  7. I hope we keep coach Hart until he gets a chance to be a OC or HC down the road. He is a very good recruiter and coach to lose for anything less than a chance to be OC or HC.

  8. It appears Allen’s strategy is working.

    They’ll soon be calling us Mini Clemson….When you can’t transplant IU Football to the South, you simply bring the South to IU Football.

    And with climate change on a fast track, playing in the South will soon feel hotter than games on the equator. Bloomington will soon have Florida/Carolina/Georgia/Alabama weather. We’ll produce peanut farms next to peanut football. Peaches will flourish and used for peaches instead of basketball baskets.
    The South will simply be too hot for year-round football (AND baseball, too!). We’ll have the weather, the football …and the Bible Belt. We’ll be able to fund our stagnant basketball. All of our dreams come true.
    The South will start going indoors more…and hijack our basketball. How you been, Chris Beard? Everything upside down. H.G. Wells, may I hop on your time machine? Do those people love each other, or are they simply a pacified bunch called to the darkness of a place no emotion will follow? Will all the filmed images of abuse we now witness simply numb us to the point of normalizing even the worst atrocities? I mean George Floyd ain’t even cold in his grave, and Trump says he’s a happy cloud camper already….Oh, Wells….Win some, lose some. Put on some Pink Floyd and move on.
    Will the Morlocks football team destroy the pacified crowd in sandals? Does the Rapture simply suck all of the LEO IU Football members to the heavens before we have to play the Morlocks? Finally, a real Hoosier Football Rising…..? Consult Floyd….Consult Wells…Ask Trump, he talks to those ‘happily’ put fresh in the grave?

    1. Actually, H4H . . .,

      The Allen strategy may well be working but it will take several years to determine this to be true. The problem for TA is the IUFB rut is 130 years deep. The problem is not only with the program personnel, but the institution, and fan base as well. Changing the systemic problem within IUFB will not happen overnight but over time. Only the irrational assume that deep-seeded systemic problems can be corrected in just a few years. Even if TA retires after a successful tenure it may not be enough to fully correct the problem with IUFB, might even take a couple successful successors utilizing the philosophies he is employing to do so.

      I do believe however, that TA is installing a philosophy which has to potential to start the process of changing the systemic failure that is IUFB. When you look at the philosophies behind systemic failures they are generally not localized but have a common thread. In an effort to hide their failures in localized incidents, these philosophies will resort to deceptive practices such as taking situations out of their context to try and cover their own culpability. We’ve seen both the TA & CAM naysayers do much the same. For example, every time there is a FB player problem the immediate refrain is a sarcastic, “Where is the LEO?” Nothing more than a diversionary tactic to point out a single problematic issue while ignoring the overall positive progress.

      No H4H, given time, I believe TA may well be able to overcome the many systemic problems created by his predecessors despite their devotees attempts to undermine his efforts. Funny thing about philosophical failures, they never can see their own faults because they cannot be honest with themselves. The see a localized failure and try to claim that it is systemic when in all actuality it is only systemic to wherever the failed philosophy is employed.

  9. Also tai I’m certain no IUFB HC has ever had the overall support from all inside and outside program resources as Coach Allen has. Maybe, maybe Coach Mallory had more real FB fan support. The aggressive management style of Allen w/o visibly ruffling feathers is easy to rub up against. He a is visually welcoming type of cat; a trait that I believe made Hep popular. With both still being tough enough to make things behind the scenes bend to their vision. Great time for IUFB FANS!

    1. HC,

      I’m just hoping that IU finally got the recipe for consistent success right in TA. To pull IUFB out of the 130 year rut requires a special type of coach with the ability to succeed within the confines of what he has to work with at IU. So far TA seems to have the program running in the right direction but can he maintain the trajectory as the challenges get tougher? Last year the conditions were right to produce 8 wins, but IUFB is not going to get such favorable conditions every year. Hopefully TA will be able to improve the program enough to make 8 wins the norm, not the exception. Time will tell.

  10. I do say, you know how to sing to a small choir, thinkaboutit.

    Trajectory? Can you see me smirking like a Hoosier baller on the bench during an NIT loss? I believe it was you….who has, on more than one occasion, explained last season’s couple of extra wins about the normal flatline as a product of the competition. In other words, when a select certain poster from you choir was constantly glorifying Ramsey (and his big arm), you were quelling the giddiness based on level of competition.
    Trajectory? Won’t the entire season will hinge on Penix living up to lofty expectations and staying healthy. Will he play like prime steak in primetime games against the big boys of the BigTen East…or Southern fried chicken?
    I’d say that’s the usual IU Football (e.g. mountain climbing with a kite string).

    And to think IU Football may struggle because Tuttle saw very few snaps last year and our version of Tom Brady transferred to the conference powerhouse, Northwestern? Trajectory? Sing to the choir, my Southern brother! Nothing like the joys of singing to a hungry Hoosier Football choir and still being able to gobble ’em up some prime steak with SEC football. Maybe IU Football is your shrimp cocktail…?

    Trajectory? Can you lasso me a moon while you’re at it? Maybe a Warren Moon?

    1. H4H,
      You went right past the last 3 words of my post, “time will tell.” If what TA is attempting to establish is successful, time will tell. I didn’t say this was a definite upward trend for IUFB, just that last year if sustained over the next few years, is a positive trajectory.

      1. My bad…I was running a hurry-up offense. Remember when Wilson came in with the “Win Today” motto (probably should give credit to Fred ‘P.T. Barnum’ Glass for just another empty slogan slapped on a t-shirt or billboard)?

        Glass should have went with “Hoosier Football: Time Will Tell.” Of course, it’s the slowest clock ever known to the game. Your great great great grandfather’s clock is still patiently awaiting the hour of power.
        Don’t set your alarm too early. Sleep in.

  11. oops…

    explained last season’s couple of extra wins about [above] the normal flatline as a product of the competition.

  12. Let’s combine ‘Win Today’ and ‘Time will Tell” and go with……

    Hoosier Football: Time Has Come Today!

    And THANK YOU! for the best damn bad-ass rock song ever, Chambers Brothers. And why isn’t this song being played to echo the current protests? And to think the Chambers Brothers were screwed by the record companies and received no royalties for their music? I suggest some of you polish up on your music history and look into the Chambers Brothers.
    Is it not the perfect song for the disparities and injustices now?

    Maybe Pat Chambers should use it for Penn State basketball?

    1. I don’t know H4H,

      I’ve been following IUFB for nearly 6 decades and I have seen far more lows than highs. I’ve seen 3 previous coaches give IUFB a similar level of hope. One had his life cut far too short. The other 2 were not equipped to handle the circumstances they had to face. TA seems to be on the right track to overcome somewhat similar circumstances that neither of his 2 predecessors could handle, and hopefully, we will not ever have to go through another Hep scenario.

      We have to remind ourselves that only 1 other program in D1 history has ever come remotely close to the futility that is IUFB. Their turnaround didn’t happen immediately, they were in a much easier conference, and it took a special coach to even achieve that level of success. It didn’t take a big name coach but, rather, the right fit for the right time in the right place to achieve success. If TA is able to come anywhere near to duplicating that level of success with IUFB which has to play in the much tougher B1G east, then we can all have fun discussing the accolades due him should he pull off such a feat.
      I may view things in a little more positive light than for your tastes, but I guess in this case, I’m like the old cliche of looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. I find looking at it from that perspective cuts down on the misery considerably.

  13. A few comments on the discussion above.

    First of all, IUFB is no longer in a rut. We’ve climbed out of the rut and we have not been the worst, or second worst college FB program in the country for many years. We can all agree that with the exception of a few brief periods, IU has had a terrible FB program, and I think we all understand the reasons why, but that’s in the past. The question we should all be asking is “how does IU sustain the progress the FB program has made in the last few years?” How does the program continue to get better, to reach new levels of success, to produce consecutive winning seasons and a major bowl game victory? How does IU continue to improve recruiting? We’re out of the rut, so now what? I don’t think any IU fan is satisfied. We’re optimistic, but not satisfied.

    To me, the value of the L.O.E. culture TA is establishing at IU is that it is unique and exactly what so many of today’s young men need. The last two or three decades have been very difficult for boys in American culture. Especially young men of color. So if TA and his coaches can walk the talk and show their players (and recruits) that they are sincere, it gives IUFB an advantage and goes a long way to not only making better football players and teams, it helps produce better men. And isn’t that what college, and NCAA athletics is supposed to be all about?

    Aside from TA and his staff, the biggest difference in IUFB is the increased investment (in relative terms) the administration has made in the program. Money talks and BS walks, especially in college FB. So I am optimistic that IUFB will remain out of the “rut” and perhaps even continue to improve as long as IU’s Administration continues to invest the money that is necessary to hire and retain quality coaches.

    1. To me, the value of the L.O.E. culture TA

      Speaking of “realignment”…..L.O.E.? Lost Of Explosiveness? Laugh On Exiting? Lack of Energy? Love Opposes Evil? Limp Offensive Engine? Land Of Egyptians?

      Maybe we just go with E.L.O…..while we L.E.O. all over the world? YES…and I do not jest!

    2. It’s in a rut until it beats good teams in the conference with any consistency. That is the first step/breakthrough to change perceptions. There are no changed perceptions of IU Football. The crowds do that talking. The exiting games early does that talking.
      There are over 40 bowls used to paint mediocre programs as “successes.” Simply playing in lower tier bowls has nothing to do with competitiveness against top programs in your conference.
      Outside of the revolving door of dominance of some select Southern football schools, the entirety of college football is a rut. IU Football remains in one of the lowest ruts of the rut….because the BigTen is rarely that competitive outside the comforts of its own conference.

      In my humble opinion, Kevin Wilson changed the culture momentarily. Maybe it wasn’t kumbaya (although I believe the vast majority of his players really liked him), but it was exciting football with a style and risk approach attempting to break some old molds/perceptions. You don’t get jobs at OSU because you’re incompetent.

    3. Po,
      I know IUFB has made some improvement record wise over the last few years, but I was speaking historically regard the dismal football record. When looking at the historical record of losses versus teams with similar longevity in D1 football, IU still has the most losses and will have for several more years. Check out the ncaa records, the historical W/L speaks to a 130 year rut. Is IUFB finally on the way out of the never ending cycle? The answer to that question is . . . and purely for H4H’s benefit, “Only time will tell.”

      1. Thinkaboutit with a rare honest answer from the small group of old seamen aboard the Scoop sloop…

        Let’s all remember, Allen isn’t being paid to be Captain Stubing of the ‘Love Boat.’

        If we were anymore in a ‘rut’ they’d call us Rutgers.
        And if you look at Hoosier Football’s W-L record against OSU, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin during ‘Wind Today’ and ‘Breakthrough Break Dance’ on the sideline mottoes, it’s beyond a dismal rut.
        I think it’s something like 2-30 over the last decadie. Maybe it’s 1-30? Why bother to look it up? One win against PSU in Bloomington when PSU was still operating from the immediate repercussions of Sandusky’s pedophilia. That’s our Hoosier football ‘claim to fame’ against the top four.
        We’ve been in such a deep hole, we’d be an oil well and not a football team in Texas.
        The guy that hung himself from the scaffolding during Memorial’s construction must have seen the future of IU Football. He’s obviously not been a big booster in heaven or something would have changed by now.

        Hoosier Football cursed until further notice. LBEO…Love Boat Each Other.

  14. I try to find the humor in it….as I did with the previous basketball coach.

    Fred Glass has always favored a certain type….reflecting his own ideologies. That may work better in recruiting football players (especially from the South). It doesn’t afford me much misery even though the glass has rarely been 1/4 full compared to the elite football teams of the BigTen (Which is still quite the tier down from the SEC, correct?) .

    I try to find humor in the slogans and empty promises…and the use of LEO and other hollow declarations to kumbaya the restless natives. At the end of the day, just win some games.

    I only find a bit of sadness (far from misery) to have watched basketball so terribly squandered while some believe football is at a cusp of competitiveness. Basketball was always my 1/2 full….Actually, more like completely full, but that day has long exited.

    In my opinion, Fred Glass has commanded some of the worst 12 years of sporting relevance in our history. The tiny successes have been blown way out of proportion by expert promoters who spend on promotion and self-promotion. One look at ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ sums up how the “time” was spent.

    They are employed to build winners….not to build clocks and slogans. Fred Glass exits to some with his current coaching picks as “works in progress.” But there not his picks, right? Because they are all hired by “committees”…lol.
    I see him exiting as a terrible failure.
    Has there been an AD who spent 12 years at IU while never being able to say a basketball team made it past a Sweet 16? Loyola of Chicago, for God’s sake, has had more to cheer about. All you can do his find the comedy….especially in the light of thinking the football experiment has any sort of shot in the Big10 East.

    Unless the conference was realigned for football, our only hope has always been basketball….Is what it is, my SEC brother. Banners, bitches….Banners. You can have your Pinstripe and Clorox Wipes Bowls.

  15. oops..(I need my spell-checker/editor back).

    But there [they’re] not his picks, right?

  16. think, you’ll get no dispute from me on the points you made above. You are correct and the facts speak for themselves. But what I want to emphasize is that is all in the past. What matters is what IU Administrators, fans and coaches do in the future, especially with regard to investing in the FB program.

    Let me put it this way. If IUFB were to miraculously win the Big Ten Championship, post a 10, 11, or 12 win season, go to the Rose Bowl and win it, and finish the season ranked in the top ten (I said miraculously), who would care about what happened 40, 30, 20 or 10 years ago? The Hoosier Nation just has to make sure IUFB does not slide back into the rut you so correctly referenced.

  17. We did that Rose Bowl thing…and most Indiana residents still didn’t give a hoot.

    Shortly thereafter, we proceeded to go out and get one of the best college basketball coaches ever….and the rest is more history in a state the lives and breathes all things basketball (to the point of Hollywood movie investment).

    Somehow we lost our way….Zero tolerance met more witch hunts (fueled by ESPN’s power in the media and their agendas to keep our one strength down) eventually to a coach who gave us a decade of zero coaching ability.

    Why didn’t we need the dollars of football to win banners before? Is this the new reason in town for bad hires and bad coaching at Assembly? Keep going with that and Butler will simply steal whatever hoops lore we have left.

    1. H4H,

      Good questions can bring bad answers. Not saying the answer is bad in the sense of being a poorly versed response but, rather, the truth of the response is not always a good thing. You ask why we have become so dependent upon football revenues and the answer is simply because the football revenues have to pay for things it never needed to when RMK was hired. All the added programs FB must subsidize are there for a reason. In today’s world, if you are going to have a FB team, then you must have all the added programs.

      As for how we could have messed up the athletic program so badly, one need look no further than the BOT and IU administration. The BOT has the responsibility to hire quality administrators who have the responsibility to hire quality department heads and coaches. Hoosier Nation bears the full responsibility for who gets on the BOT. The alumni have the responsibility for 3 of the 9 and the Indiana branch of Hoosier Nation has the responsibility for electing governors who appoint the other 6. It is as simple as that, in our little localized sphere known as IU athletics, the ultimate responsibility for the quality of IU athletics lies at the feet of the voter.

      I question for thought H4H, “If TA is ultimately able to bring IUFB to a level of respectability heretofore unseen, will you give him his due?” Secondly, “If TA’s LEO program turns out to be a very positive force in the lives of those within and without the IUFB program, will you take a second look at it with a less cynical review? I know only “time will tell” but who knows, maybe we’ll have the good fortune to put you to the test on these 2 questions at some point.

  18. because the football revenues have to pay for things it never needed to when RMK was hired.

    Like 30 million for cue card coaching on McCracken? If football revenues have to pay for that, then I say disband football.

    Doesn’t the BigTen share television and other revenues? Even if we didn’t have football, would the powerful footballs schools of the conference still have to share those revenues?

    I think Notre Dame set up an interesting system…They move into the ACC for basketball but allow their football program to function as an independent. Maybe we should do just the opposite and allow our basketball program to function as an independent? Would be required to change to a private/faith-based university? Well, that’s pretty much the direction Allen is taking our football program, so that would only seem more advantageous to get at all the money available in the world of “faith.”

    Maybe we should ask for reparations (back pay) for the years our basketball program was giving all the glitz to the conference via our relevance on the grandest basketball stages?

    Just remember one thing when you want to hold me to your fires…LEO is being used/framed alongside Allen’s major strategy (or natural tendency, if you prefer) to publicly present at a public institution daily proclamations of faith doctrines and scripture quotes. He is selling a heavy dose of Christianity aside LEO.
    Could his LEO function in the same manner…and recruit in the same manner without the heavy dose of religion? I think such pairings open the door for cynicism.

    I find a lot of ironies in sports these days….Notre Dame, with a legit powerhouse, highly supported, legendary football program presents itself more as a public institution than a private, Christian-based, college. You never hear coaches at ND publicly talking of scripture or telling television cameras of how they’re praying at halftime.
    The state’s largest public institution, Indiana U., presents itself within its major sports programs as if it’s a private model serving Christianity more than a school like Notre Dame.

    I would say Crean and Allen are one-in-the-same strategists. I reserve my cynicism for certain things….and this one is sort of an ‘obvious’ to me.

  19. So there’s my strategy …
    a) Indiana should exit the BigTen. We claim a private designation as a Christian, faith-based university.
    b) Now we’re done with worrying about the completely unfair conference alignment and facing three powerhouse football programs season after season.
    c) Basketball, with its fully independent status (much like ND football)., will slip into wherever it wants via its lore and tradition. Let’s start with The Big East to play our conference schedule? I think they’ll take us. I think it would be a very healthy change. Purdue would function as a semi-rivalry game outside the conference (much like ND football vs Michigan football).
    d) Football stays ‘Independent” and plays a bunch of patsies in the same manner as ND…and the occasional perceived powerhouse to provide some glitz (USC?). We position for one or two upsets (maybe even play ND?)..while never having to face a Murderer’s Row of conference opponents (Michigan, OSU, Penn State, Wisconsin).

    We play easily over .500 without the Murderer’s Row in football. LEO and Christianity continues to build ..as we get more recruits from the huge Southern talent pool. We erect a huge golden cross busting out of Hep’s ‘Rock?’ This becomes are ‘dome’ of sorts.
    Basketball is given a great ‘fresh start’ …as we give the Big10 the “Big” middle finger for never giving us a dime when banners were putting the conference far more on the map….than OSU and Michigan always getting spanked at Rose Bowls.

    I think it could work. Becoming and independent is the only way to go. We’ll never post successive winning football seasons until we get out of the Murderer’s Row. Basketball can stand on its own as an independent (and think of the dollars we start taking in as a faith-based school?). ….while still slopping up revenues in March Madness and adding more glitz to the Big East!

  20. Condensed version:

    Question 1: “If TA is ultimately able to bring IUFB to a level of respectability heretofore unseen, will you give him his due?”

    Answer: Yes ….but it will never happen because of the Murderer’s Row. Also, “respectability” is a very subjective term as it pertains to the low bars of IU Football.
    Does that mean winning more than once every twenty meetings against any of the ‘Top 3?’

    Question 2: “If TA’s LEO program turns out to be a very positive force in the lives of those within and without the IUFB program, will you take a second look at it with a less cynical review? ”

    Answer: I think the majority of coaches promote such ideals. You wouldn’t be a coach if you didn’t want to make the world a better place.
    My cynicism enters when decency (love/brotherhood), good will, justice, mentoring, teaching must work aside heavy doses of religion used as a prop. We’ve seen this method repeatedly used by political leaders acting as false prophets…and, most, recently used in DC after a peaceful crowd was pepper-sprayed for a photo op with a bible. It’s rather sickening. It appeals to certain sects, but most see it for what it really is.

    The rest of my ideas above contain much facetiousness….but there are some things I believe worthwhile to take seriously and digest (e.g. How ND operates as both independent and conference member….along with how religion is almost more prevalent and promoted at some athletic arms of public universities more than private counterparts).

    We know why the ‘Grand Apologist’ mocks….This is the guy who was happy with cue cards and March Madness irrelevance as long as it came with Sunday School kumbaya.

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