IU athletics outlines next steps for advancing discussion on race

Indiana’s athletic department will require annual racial inclusivity training for all staff and student-athletes, as well as make Election Day an official day off from athletic activities.

Those were among the six steps outlined by outgoing IU athletic director Fred Glass and incoming AD Scott Dolson in an email distributed Monday. This follows discussions hosted by the athletic department last week regarding racial injustice, which came in response to the palpable outrage that followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“We were heartened by the very large number of participants and the sharing which was deep, personal, powerful, and inspirational,” the email read. “While we believe such talking, listening, and learning are an indispensable start, it is only a start and not a substitute for action.”

The racial inclusivity training outlined by IU athletics will be both mandatory and held in-person. Among other things, its aim will be to “lead to better understanding of how various words and actions are perceived, provide tools for improved communication on issues relating to race … and teach approaches to effectively prevent and address both overt and unintentional racist words and actions.”

“Just as our mandatory, in-person, annual sexual assault prevention training reflects an effective commitment to battle that scourge, so will this training in combatting racism,” the email said.

IU athletics’ Excellence Academy will also host a program on civics, citizenship, and voter education. In the email, it’s noted that many student-athletes want to have their “voices heard through the electoral process,” but they do not feel educated enough on candidates to pick officials who will best represent them.

It’s promised that the program will be “comprehensive, voluntary, and non-partisan.”

IU’s move to make Election Day, starting with this Nov. 3, a mandatory day off follows the lead of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, which has called for the day off to avoid competition and scheduling conflicts. At IU, voluntary academic and health services will still be available that day. 

IU is also following the lead of the Big Ten, which recently established a conference-centric Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Coalition, by creating its own Indiana University Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Coalition. The group, comprised of “faculty, campus administrators, former letter-winners, and others,” will be charged with fostering “communication and understanding within IU Athletics on issues related to race and, building upon that, help develop and implement action to make significant progress in combatting hate and racism.”

“The establishment of the Coalition will help address concerns shared by students and staff that we not lose momentum as time moves on in pursing and securing racial equality and justice,” the email added.

On that same note, the university will maintain the Athletic Director’s Council on Diversity and Inclusivity, which was originally created in 2016. Lastly, IU is also promising to hold at least one conversation on race each semester, similar to the conversations held last week via Zoom.

“We need to be the change we want to see in the world,” the email said. “This first round of action items is a good start, but it’s just a start.  We will stay committed, engaged, and active in fighting racism and securing racial justice and equality.”


  1. When is Fred’s last day? It can’t come soon enough. The level of hate he remained silent to when he took the job will always remain the trademark of his insulated life. He made a party out of kid’s who came to IU ill-equipped for college life and college academics. Instead of having a decency or perspective that maybe, just maybe, there are some entrenched societal failures behind “19 F’s, he chose to allow a humiliation party to continue. Atop the endless barrage perpetuated by his clapping man of faith at the basketball head coaching position, he stayed silent to the underbelly of societal structures that promote failure…and thus promote labels of failure. Don’t you remember, Fred? A team of “thugs” wrecked your basketball program. You joyously promoted that failure and those who failed as the throwaways of society. Never was there any redeemable value….No, just like George Floyd, they had no dreams…They had no mothers. They were simply throwaway human beings who walked the streets as “wreckers.”
    Maybe hold another six meetings with your insulated buddies to understand the connotations behind the use of “thug.”

    Additionally, where are the African American hires heading up leadership, coaching, administration, boards at IU? The numbers are pretty damning….I’ve done the research. IU is about as progressive as Hee Haw. Should have named Steve Downing as Athletic Director.

    Lastly, what a horrible insult to make Chuck Martin hold cue cards. Tom Crean should have held the cue cards…He’s the guy with the alphabet soup brain.

    Leave, Fred. You set us back further than your college dorm years. Go back to your insulated life dealing with all those white business moguls and politicians of Indy. Maybe cozy up to Pence (the hallmark of backward “yes men” with no spine to do what’s right).

  2. Yep, more and more media sharks are circling Iowa’s Head FB coach and Strength coach. My guess is that both will soon be found guilty in the court of PC Public Opinion and asked to resign, departing Iowa with big fat contract buyouts. Doyle for apparently saying racially insensitive remarks over the last 21 years and Ferenz for not being aware that some of his players felt “uncomfortable” at times. It’s payback time, and all the disgruntled former players have been invited/encouraged to testify to their apparent mistreatment by Iowa’s FB program.

    Who knows, TA’s LOE philosophy may just make him the hottest commodity in the FBS Division of College Football.

  3. I don’t think the LOE is…but the LEO is a hot commodity as long as it is and or stays real.
    One can easily find hypocrisy in consistency trying to sustain such mottos over a period of time. However, I will give T. A. credit for his sincere efforts trying to sustain the LEO motto. Again however, don’t expect it to be perfect because man made things or ideas never are. Maybe, trying to do a sincere good job of LEO would be more realistic.

  4. The bad look on at Fred, who I know, isn’t good. Fred is a good man and doesn’t need to be so criticize him. I like the steps the ADs are making and coach Allen is good with every player which is why he says LEO. He brings in very good coaches no matter what color they are.

    I hope Dolson keeps improving the football he Glass did. I hope he brings in coaches of diverse but get the best coaches that will come to IU.

    I hate racism and I hope there isn’t any in IU athletics.

    1. Hey V- Just curious. You say that you know Fred Glass? Just wondering if you know Harry Gonso personally?


  5. You know, Fred? Tell us more. Bear Down is also a proclaimed “insider.”

    Hmm? I’m beginning to believe all of my conspiracy theories are true. There is no objectivity here. A sizable lot who comment on Scoop either have friends or relatives that either work for IU Athletics …or work for the various newspapers/websites that have a stake in IU Athletics. If it somehow lines your pockets or your friends’ pockets, then what you are doing here has questionable ethical implications. You should divulge these relationships up front….as any legit conveyor of “news” would do.
    Sometimes “good men” do bad things. But we are here to witness IU put a sincere effort to build winning sports programs (not an effort built on ideologies or nepotism only to protect insiders and friends in order they keep their “good” jobs). We shouldn’t be on Scoop as lobbyists for friends who we believe to be “good.” If you are on the ‘inside’ somehow and posting on Scoop, you should give full disclosure.
    Personal feelings and personal relationships can muddy the waters of objectivity. You should be fair in those debating you to state those relationships up front. Once you open that door, vagueness just doesn’t cut it.

    1. Only one person here has proclaimed me an “insider”, something “insiders” never need to do. And not one of the conspiracy theories are anything other than long-winded fiction.

      Brevity: It’s what’s for dinner!

      1. Would that be your 7th or 8th commandment…? Lol. Everything you say here is as if it’s written in stone. You profess yourself as holding indisputable facts without sourcing any of your facts. That’s the definition of acting as an “insider.”

        I’m only giving definition to what you do. It’s no different than any innuendo or theory when it involves no source to substantiate the claim. Simply because it’s said with “brevity” doesn’t make it more truthful than a long-winded outline suggesting a theory based on the outcome.

        If you have sources, than cite them. Otherwise, it’s no different than V13 saying he “knows” Fred Glass personally. I know Jesus personally…Care to dispute it? Consider me an “insider” to his cloud space.

        1. I don’t need to cite anyone, nor will I simply to address your insecurities. I information I know to be true, or I don’t offer it up. That makes one of us.

          1. I’ve known many like you…and I’ve seen many on Scoop like you long departed.
            There is nothing secure about anything done here. It’s a game of hide behind a box and a screen name. Pound your chest all you like, you are a ghost with no name. You might as well be a ghost class at UNC. You don’t exist in any genuine or meaningful way….just like every other short-winded and long-winded ever-changing shapeshifter moving down the river of Scoop names. Some stay. Some leave.
            Unless you are a Price…or a Blau…or any person willing to put their real name in front of an editorial or a simple account of IU Sports/News/information gathered, you have nothing that can hold validity or accountability. You having nothing to lose and nothing to risk. You are simply an expert on all things….in mom’s secure dark basement.

            Unless “Bear Down” is going on your gravestone, you are fake news behind a curtain just like everyone else here. Hate to break it to you, Tarzan of the Brevity Jungle.

        1. “Tilting at Windows” isn’t a major at Harvard or any other reputable university. Alas, you imagine the length of your dissertation?

          1. Oh yes, and there are numerous courses taught by Professor Bear Down at Teddy Bear U.

    2. Yes H4H I know Fred not as a close friend but as a man; while coaching a prep school in Indy I coached his son and got to know Fred as a result. You are stepping off the deep end lately with your questioning anyone that doesn’t toe your line. That isn’t the way you used to be on this football site and I hope nothing has happened in your life bringing this change about.

      1. V13- Is this the son that gave the long glowing love letter for Tom Crean at Marquette?
        Wow…Much is beginning to be explained here.

        I’m entitled to an opinion, V. You may not like the opinions, but I don’t think Fred Glass has measured up at IU. I also think actions (or lack thereof) speak much louder than the hollow statements on racism from Fred. He stood silent while much vilification took place at IU. There was zero effort at understanding. …He sat in quiet office behind a pious basketball coach who painted an entire team as “wreckers’ and ‘thugs.’ I believe much of the venom from the fan base was rooted in much of the same racial divisions and dehumanization we see today. You don’t have to dehumanize people because they make mistakes.
        I’m glad to know you don’t know him personally. He has never had to be accountable to anyone at IU. The president of IU is aloof. All these hires were built on false validations in committee rooms assembled to give the appearances of actual forethought and validity. IU Athletics is a mess.

  6. My opinion regarding some examples for similar mottos of LEO. The letters may change to protect the innocent. The blue chips as in monetary reward rattle in the pockets of recruits in some form or another. The pattern is obvious in my opinion….As recruits have tracked to the illustrious winning programs.
    1. Coach K…Duke
    2. thru 10…..KY, NC, Kansas, UCLA, Bama, Clemson, The OSU, Penn State, Oklahoma, Oregon and the list goes on and on. Name that coach, staff, ADs and administration that match the school.
    I found it impossible to make a top 10 list. These are just some of my opinion examples. Just put program after program on the list. Try to rank them. You will find it’s impossible to do because all big time programs are corrupt. However, I awarded the national championship to coach K.

  7. Like any major university all those hires made many people a lot of money and a great financial life. I am sure they have brought much financial security happiness, high self esteem, and self actualization.

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