IU athletics reports zero positives in first round of COVID-19 testing

Indiana athletics announced Tuesday the results of its COVID-19 testing efforts, and it’s quite the number.


Out of 187 athletes, coaches, and staff tested as part of the university’s pre-participation screening process, zero tested positive for COVID-19, according to IU. The athletic department began testing on June 9 as student-athletes and coaches returned to campus for voluntary workouts.

In comparison with testing results at other institutions, zero stands out. Iowa reported nine of its 40 student-athletes, coaches, and staff tested last week were positive for COVID-19. Kentucky tested 106 football players and that yielded six positive tests for COVID-19 antibodies, which meant they had a past infection. Those athletes were cleared to participate after further evaluation.

In recent weeks, Kansas State, Boise State, and Houston’s football programs have had to shut down workouts because of numerous positive COVID-19 tests. KSU, in particular, had 14 athletes test positive.

Last week, Clemson athletics reported 28 positives out of 315 tests but did not specify which sports that included.

While there have been staggering results elsewhere, the zero figure isn’t unheard of. Oregon State, for instance, recently reported zero positives in its first wave of testing. Notre Dame tested 91 and came up with one positive test.

IU football’s voluntary workouts resumed last Monday, while men’s and women’s basketball returned last Thursday.


  1. The question is, “What are IU athletics and other institutions doing right and others not?” Don’t want to speak too soon as IU could run into problems just as easily, but if this continues to be the norm, then maybe other schools should take note.

  2. Although the fact IU has zero cases is admirable, my concern is the risk in coming months for a group that has no immunity built up. I hope the team and coaches can stay safe all year as it would show real discipline and determination.

    What I wonder about are the teams with multiple cases ahead of the game as the season rolls around. Do they get the virus and recover becoming ready for the season without fear of getting the virus again.

    1. That’s the other side of the coin V13,
      I’m concerned about that possibility too.

  3. I’m sure IU Coaches are reminding their athletes every day to continue practicing all the safety measures that have kept them from contacting the virus up to this point. The key for these young men and women is not to change their habits now that they’re back on campus. The temptation to socialize with other students will be very difficult to resist. I’m not sure I could have refrained from socializing at IU when I was that age.

  4. Hey! This stat should be calculated in with all that three-star, four-star, whatever-star recruiting jazz! All those four star players will do you no good if they’re in quarantine. IUFB’s recruiting class ranking should jump up with this!

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