IU basketball releases video message on Floyd

Indiana basketball released a minute-and-a-half video message Tuesday in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It begins with redshirt sophomore Race Thompson, a native of Plymouth, Minn., saying he has participated in two peaceful marches in Minneapolis.

The second, he said, “nearly ended in tragedy after a semi-truck came barreling down the highway at all of us.”

“My feelings about this are hard to explain right now,” Thompson added. “I am both saddened and inspired — and I am ready for change.”

The video continued on with players and coaches taking turns and speaking in unison. 

“Take time to listen,” guard Cooper Bybee started.

“As we seek equality,” teammate Al Durham finished.

It continued, “It is our obligation to support one another and become an inspiration and example, show unwavering commitment, with courage and civility, while relying on our faith to change and include, compassionately and completely, displaying courage, being resilient and understanding, respecting the rights of everyone. Let’s team up and unite, with solidarity as our goal, to live together as one.”

The final 30 seconds featured IU coach Archie Miller, who started by saying “Racism is one of the great barriers in our society.”

“It in no way, shape, or form can be tolerated,” Miller continued. “Let’s do our part for equality and collaboration, immediately.”

The full video is posted below:


  1. Take a pay cut and give some of those dollars to inner city schools. Actions speak louder than words.

    I find it all rather ironic when, 12 years ago, we ran a kids out of town who had once slept in cars on the streets of Chicago. We vilified an entire team…..Were they so horrific of human beings for us to act in such a way? We do a lot of preaching, but we do nothing to truly uplift or understand the circumstances of life many must endure. We blame them for not understanding the value of an education when our rigged society is built with a thousand trapdoors to steal those values away from the day they are born.

  2. Inner Cities Matter!

    But you have no outrage for falsified transcripts and ghost classes at UNC, Tom Crean of ESPN?

    An F is far better than a cheat. Penn State still plays football…UNC still plays basketball. But we had the worst kids in the world playing for Kelvin Sampson?

    It was never about F’s. It was about vilification and hatred. Where are minority coaches and AD’s at IU? How many minorities are represented on our Board of Trustees and higher administrative positions? IU perpetuates the same ceilings of white privilege….and white “judgment.” And then we hold up scripture and preach…We use athletes while preaching brotherhood.

    Tell the truth….Those Sampson kids didn’t use IU. We used them to feast on failure we knew inevitable. And then we kick a kid like Devin Davis out of town while bending over backwards for Mellencamp kids? Come on, man. Get real.

    1. The issues with rampant academic failures under Sampson related, more than any single issue, to not attending class on anything close to a regular basis. In other words, no effort was made by the student athletes to even try to perform academically. Excusing that conduct is as wrongheaded and patently false as the outright lie that a basketball coach hired an AD. Credibility, like brevity, matters.

      1. On the committee …It was named a hiring search committee. It’s a verifiable fact. Do you want the links to the official announcements from IU Athletics naming the search committee members?

        Show me any other program in the history of college basketball or college football where any coach even had an inkling on a “hiring committee” to select/impact/influence his own AD. Why in the hell do you think such incompetence at coaching kept Crean at IU for a decade?

        And it’s no coincidence Joey Glass was pouring his heart out over Crean while daddy was becoming interested in IU and the Sampson witch hunts were in full swing.

        You claim to be such an insider…If so, then give your name. ‘Bear Down’ has no more credibility than the McDonald’s Hamburglar. I know what you are. You’re a Crean apologist with a grudge. The man couldn’t coach worth a damn. He had no business being on a committee for input into his own AD.

        The AD should have been hired by Indiana first. The AD should have then named the new coach and thus become accountable for the hire. Glass began with zero accountability and he leaves with zero (because he’ll never have to face the music if Archie doesn’t pan out to be any better than the clown who brought in his own AD). What a marvelous gig for all….They’ll depart Indiana 40 million richer…while being at the bottom of the Midwest in NCAA tournament accomplishments.

        How many decades are you going to blame that on 19 F’s, Hamburglar? And you want to claim “credibility” while floating around here behind a screen name like everyone else? You’re a bigger joke…You attempt to bully every poster here by acting like an insider. And if you are an insider, that’ really nothing to brag. You”re probably one of the meddlers part of the undermining and problem/ part of the unmovable hierarchy getting rich off the fat of the land.

        1. It’s quite apparent you don’t have the slightest idea how search committees work in a university setting.

          1. Keep moving the goal post, apologist. I asked you to show me where another university hired the coach…and then subsequently allowed the head coach onto a search committee to select his own AD. It was half-ass backward because it was a rigged game from the start.

            If I would not have found that Joey Glass letter, all of the motives would have been forever hidden. You should be patting me on the back instead of riding my ass. You would have had Crean for 20 years. It’s more than obvious the lovefest that was going on between all the “insiders” securing their IU positions long before the fake processes and facades of bogus committees. Yes, I know perfectly well how committees work at IU. They work to legitimize a process that has no legitimacy. Decisions and selections rooted in cronyism and nepotism rules the day…and likely still rules tomorrow as Glass departs.

            And the 30 day drug screening is innuendo could be placed upon any roster (including many who played for Knight and the many Crean had to kick off his own team)….Not to mention how many were abusing alcohol under Crean and driving intoxicated.
            But Tom Crean was perfect…along with his perfect roster. But innuendo is something “The Hamburglar” purveys in. You supply nothing of facts yet you take a stance as if you know. As I said, if you’re such an insider then supply your name. Otherwise, you’re no different than anyone else drifting behind a fictitious screen name here.

            You’re simply an apologist. It’s not very complicated. I suppose you’re going to soon tell us all how Crean compares glamorously against the rest of the Midwest during March Madness? You know how committees work…? Do you know how cue cards work, genius?

      2. In other words, no effort was made by the student athletes to even try to perform academically.

        Which still falls miles short of the sort of corruption in creating 15 years of ghost classes resulting in numerous false transcripts reflecting all-out cheating and ZERO effort.

        Yet, Kelvin Sampson is still made a bigger villain than the white Establishment allowing such cheating throughout one of college basketball’s so-called ‘blue blood’ programs.
        And that’s without even mentioning the questionable deeds/behavior of Knight, the corruption in college basketball unveiled by the FBI (including the implication of Archie’s brother), the hookers under Pitino at Louisville….fake SAT’s bringing in Calipari’s top recruit to Memphis, the current speculation around Zion Williamson and how he was secured by Duke…and the list goes on…and on…and on…and on.

        But they are all flawless….while 19 F’s and a few 3-way calls remains the scurvy of college sports. Laughable and exceedingly insulting…and, likely, rooted in elitism (which is a convenient mechanism to perpetuate racism) .

        Do some of you possess any perspective? Or is it equal to Tom Crean (five years after the exit of Sampson) chasing around Jeff Meyer as if he’s Lizzie Borden with an ax?

        And then Tommy Perfect works an ESPN broadcast covering a UNC game (during the backdrop of the ghost classes allegations) and all he can do is give overflowing compliments toward UNC as if they operate flawlessly? Here’s your chance to speak up for the concept of ‘student athlete’ in college basketball and you give UNC a pass after dragging Jeff Meyer, Kelvin …and his “thugs” to the gallows…? Hold that ‘good book’ up higher, fraud.

        1. Sampson promised IU he wouldn’t break the rules he’d already broken at OU, IU hired him, he promptly broke them again on multiple occasions, then he lied about it. Defend that to your heart’s content, but those are the facts, regardless of how unpleasant you find them to be.

          Academically, he presided over a team with 19 F’s at the time of his dismissal. Most of the team stopped going to class during the second semester, with no negative consequences imposed on them by their coach. And most f them would’ve needed 30 days, at minimum, to pass a drug screen. Again, these are the inconvenient facts that some will ignore, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t so. They were.

          1. Do you think Crean ran for a bunker under McCracken during the clay pot attack?
            Do you think a man is capable of coaching beyond excuses when he’s chasing down a former IU assistant like he’s Lizzie Borden five years after the departure of the flunkies and thugs?

            Why don’t you admit some facts? How many F’s are you giving Crean when he has to get out alphabet blocks and cue cards 10 years and 30 million into his coaching “era” at IU? Must have been some real geniuses on the floor when they couldn’t understand 8th grade basketball communication and team/fundamental basics? Hell, Glass should have been fired with him as we witnessed such clown acts and degradation of our basketball program. Why weren’t we forming some “Firing Committees,” Jack?

            Maybe we should talk about intelligence rather than grades? Maybe it’s my turn to move the goalpost. I never witnessed Sampson’s players acting as clueless on the court as the honor roll jocks needing cue cards to tie their shoes. Gosh, makes one wonder what sort of classes Crean’s roster were enrolling in to get all of those top grades. Maybe “ghost classes” like UNC glamour boys? Or maybe all their work was simply being done for them …while Kelvin’s degenerates were left to fend on their own (a.k.a. set-up to fail).
            Geniuses who needed to be coached with cue cards. But nobody was offended by that? I’ll always have a soft spot for cue cards….Thank you, Chuck Martin. Thanks for not saying what you truly felt. Thank you for putting yourself through such an abomination to the profession of coaching. Thank you for saving IU Basketball from Fred and the “smart people.” Without those cue cards, who knows how long we would have watched “Weaves to Nowhere.”

        2. IU coaches, in all sports, have been on search committees for decades. It doesn’t mean they do the hiring, and it doesn’t mean Crean hired Glass. He didn’t. That’s fact, no matter how much or how often you attempt to twist those truths.

          As for Sampson, he lied. Repeatedly. He cheated. Repeatedly. His players didn’t even attempt to meet their academic obligations. Repeatedly. They did attempt to partake of illegal substances. Repeatedly. You can defend this to your heart’s content if you choose, but those are facts, too.

          Facts matter, H4H. Well, to some of us.

          1. Search committees are used as facades to legitimize cronyism and nepotism. They work to legitimize a process that has no legitimacy.
            Crean had no business being on a search committee for his own AD. Those decisions/negotiations/discussions should be separate and private from the future subordinate. And then you’re placing him on that committee already know the glowing endorsements one candidate has given to Tom Crean?
            I can understand the tail wagging the dog as Knight elevated his standing to do so after the winning of three national championships. Yet, there was accountability.

            Most of you deserve the standard Tom Crean brought to IU Basketball. Simply take a look at Conference Midwest Elite. I took me a matter of weeks to know the man was lost as a coach. Personally, his vindictive actions and his glorification of kids failures, along with the way he used the stage, national cameras and religion to use as props and to vilify people, (hmm? sound familiar to much of what we’re witnessing in DC?) made me realize he was lost of faith and decency.

            The committees were bogus formations to legitimize and disguise the nepotism present in the entire process. The contract extensions were added appreciation for the nepotism. The eventual discharge was an act of desperation because, finally, fans could take no more.

            Whatever those committees sat upon (other than their thumbs), IU should never be about vilification.

            May I end on a positive note? Archie Miller may still be a big question mark in terms of taking our basketball program out of the quicksand left by Crean, by it’s more than obvious we are dealing with a man far different than his predecessor. He doesn’t tear down anyone to elevate himself.

            There’s a reason Bob Knight avoid Indiana until the two in cahoots would finally remove the clown act from IU Basketball. He may be a shell of himself now, but when the fire was still in his belly, his silent glances upon those who chase villains and then look for autographs spoke a 1000 words.

            I never lived in the back of a car, thankfully. But I have the capacity to try and understand. We brought those young men to IU. We still have someone on this blog calling them “thugs” while refusing to use such a descriptive for white gangs part of prominent names at IU violently assaulting a young man on his porch…or for certain white football player’s violent grabbing a girlfriend by the throat. I doubt such a descriptive by as Sampson “thugs” is even used by said posters to describe a cop murdering a human being begging for his last breath.

  3. And I’ll take a kid who gets a peaceful ‘F’ in a classroom any day of the week over some violent brute jock who puts his hands on his girlfriend’s throat.
    Yeah, compare how we react to a kid throwing a clay pot compared to an assault charge of a recent football player against his girlfriend?
    I’m surprised Crean didn’t run for a hidden bunker under McCracken like our Vietnam Bunion Hero in the oval office. Call out the military! Bet our ‘Commander’ got a lot of straight A’s at his toy military prep school while cheating the draft.

    On a different subject: I’ve really done an about face on the idea of paying college athletes. I think they should be paid. African Americans do “dominate” much of our favorite past times…..I mean, they are certainly more a representation than ‘one’ vilified for kneeling during a national anthem.
    But many of these young men never get the shot to play for the big dollars in the NBA or NFL. And let’s face facts, many simply don’t have the time to invest in higher level degrees because of the investment college athletics takes in its full year cycles of conditioning and prep.
    We should start using the profits of the college stage and the huge dollars to begin to indemnify the years of abuses and years of keeping minorities so subjugated in all other aspects of society.
    Again, that would be ‘ACTION’ rather than hollow remarks.
    This is our chance to allow these young men and women to help their families get out of the grips of poverty and institutionalized discrimination.
    It’s time we stop with only allowing coaches and administrators to rob the bank of the millions of dollars the college athlete will never see. This isn’t even ‘reparations’….It’s simply doing what’s right.
    Less for the coaches …More for the athlete. End the ‘plantation system’ of college athletics.

  4. oops (2nd sentence of 2nd paragraph)…

    African Americans do “dominate” much of our favorite [pastimes].

  5. Your embellishments have really launched vertical the last couple of days. Sanction’s thugs were given opportunities of the privileged and defiantly squandered it with 19 F’s. I waste no feelings on them. Good riddance. But you incessantly blather on. It is indeed the position you own in IU fandom.

  6. Here’s an “embellishment” like no other. Enjoy.

    Letter to the Editor

    Marquette Wire: The student news site of Marquette University

    September 28, 2006

    After an athlete or coach signs a large contract, it’s easy to list reasons why he or she might not deserve the money. I was therefore not entirely surprised to read your editorial ripping Tom Crean’s new contract extension.

    Common sense, however, says that Marquette is right to do everything possible to keep Crean here. He took over a struggling program and helped push it back into the national forefront. This year, he heads a squad that many believe to be one of top 20 in the nation.

    To compare Crean’s situation with Tom Izzo’s is ridiculous. Izzo inherited a basketball powerhouse at Michigan State, while Crean revived a program that hadn’t succeeded in years.

    One must also consider that basketball is the sole source of athletic revenue at Marquette and therefore a much bigger investment. Saying that Crean owes his success to Dwyane Wade is equally absurd. Having marquee players like Wade and now Dominic James is only a testament to his ability as a recruiter.

    Marquette is lucky Crean hasn’t already been lured by other bigger name programs (he was reportedly on the short list at both Ohio State and Indiana) and should feel good about securing such a vibrant, successful coach for the next 10 years.

    Joey Glass is a freshman in the College of Communication.

    And the rest is history….A history of embellishment, and a team dubbed “The New Generation” standing below a heavenly beam…and Hoosier Rising videos, and We’re Back t-shirts…and”Everything Hinges” declarations…and “Movements” and NBA draft picks being the measure of a college basketball programs’ success…. frat rats becoming YouTube sensations with “This is Indiana”….and villain chasing …and more declarations on national cameras of a team that prays at halftime (well, now we know why they needed cue cards during the game)….and the list endless goes on.

    And you actually want to talk “embellishment?” The Joey Glass letter and the most painful decade of coaching ineptitude glorified by dimwits and apologists (along with witch-hunters) who were sucked in by a coach who used twitter to spout Christianity with images of IU in the background is the definition of the word.
    Nothing of substance. All embellishment….just like the buffoon holding up a bible for a photo op after trampling a peaceful crowd.

  7. Thanks, Jeremy. You can remove it all if you’d like. The “vilification” crowd is why we’re at where we’re at today. Do you honestly believe those who vilify are upset by 19 F’s? It’s there justification for what they want to believe.

    But ghost classes and cheats at UNC? They have nothing….And these schools are supposed to be sort of our blue blood rivals of basketball history. Think of the iconic games against Tar Heels and Blue Devils…? Yet, they have nothing. They still only see “our” thugs….They only vilify “our” terrible hire who was banned from college basketball for five seasons because of 3-way calls? They only vilify “our” flunkies rather than a basketball program which did everything possible to act as if their athletes could read above 5th grade levels while allowing the faking of classrooms and the falsifying of transcripts?

    I stand proud of Indiana for a short period in history where we exposed the truth of what really is happening in the value structures of American society. I don’t vilify or hide behind 19 F’s. For every one of those F’s, there are a hundred robber barrons who cheated the system and bought their children’s way into college (along with using money and standing to avoid being drafted into some of our bloodiest wars).
    I stand proud in the fact we had a coach who didn’t care of the risk. He knew his color, his own Native American ancestry, and the risk he was taking was never to be defended in the rigged game that is America. I loved every minute of every Sampson team….I loved watching kids not born of privilege playing a game that runs through their veins like a river unpolluted of righteousness and hollow superiority.

  8. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – Soren Kiersgaard

    We live in a society where an increasing number of people refuse to believe what is true or to acknowledge facts. Instead, their perceptions and feelings determine their truth, and they master language and the art of “justification.” They often appear to be immersed in relativism and fantasy, to the point where facts that are obvious to the vast majority simply don’t exist in their world. We see this in people who attempt to revise history or who deny common facts, like the fine (and well educated) southern gentleman who insisted the Civil War was “The War of Northern Aggression” and refused to acknowledge that it began when confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter. Or how about people who refuse to acknowledge that a human being’s gender is determined by biology? To them biological facts simply don’t matter. Some people still refuse to believe Neil Armstrong and other U.S. astronauts landed and walked on the moon? Try arguing with one of those folks. I could go on, but most of you get the point.

  9. Let’s all hope that I U has football this fall and Men’s and Women’s Basketball this winter. This site needs some fresh material to discuss, debating long ago items is wearing everyone out.

  10. Just read where Archie has made an offer to Bruce Thornton, a top rated point guard for the class of 2022. Thornton also has an offer from Georgia (among many other schools), which is where he’s from and where both of his parents went to college. Given that this kid is known for being a really good defender, it should be interesting to see Archie and Crean battle during the recruiting process. Will he leave his home state to play college basketball? Does he want to go to the school where his parents are alumni? Will he play for a coach who emphasizes strong individual and team defense? Does he want to play in front of 17,200 of the most knowledgable, most passionate college BB fans in the world?

    1. Really like this kind of PG. Physical power and passing 1st style really goes into gear at clutch end of games and can surprise opponents come tournament time. Steal him out of the Peach and belittle Crean again. Like Coach Miller’s recruiting direction.

  11. 2022? Crean will be fired by then.

    If you want your personal dream ahead of your team, you go play for Crean.
    If you want your team to atop the college basketball pillar, you go play for Miller.

    These are more ideology battles than recruiting battles.

    Do you play college basketball because it’s the best stage for a future draft night…or do you see college ball as four years of LEO and achievements collectively leading to the sports’ biggest Monday night?

    Do you seek the fastest millions….or a day 20 years in the future when you’re brought back to Bloomington for championship reunions?

    Do you enjoy weaves to nowhere …..while being the ‘main attraction’ or conquering the rungs on a bracket ladder as an integral part of a ‘1/5 fraction?’

    Nobody loses a recruit to Crean. Only a humbly taught intelligent game loses.

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