LN’s McCulley commits to Hoosiers

UPDATED (8:42 p.m.)

After Lawrence North coach Patrick Mallory relayed the news of Indiana’s scholarship offer, he remembers there being a smile on Donaven McCulley’s face.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” McCulley asked.

It was June 11, 2018. McCulley hadn’t even played varsity football yet. And, yes, Mallory confirmed, that scholarship offer meant exactly what he thought it meant.

“Buddy, when people see something, they see something,” Mallory said. “Let’s roll with it and see where it takes you.”

Before he was a bonafide four-star recruit, before any other schools were sold on the potential of the Wildcats’ sophomore-to-be, IU was there. The Hoosiers believed in McCulley before McCulley could truly comprehend what was happening to him.

So when the bonafide four-star recruit had a choice to make, with offers from Purdue, Iowa, Ole Miss, and Missouri on the table, he returned that confidence exponentially. Thursday, the 6-foot-5, 195-pound quarterback from Lawrence North committed to the Hoosiers.

“They were really the first school to believe in me,” McCulley said. “There was always that relationship with their coaches and all that. I just feel like you won’t find another head coach like Coach (Tom) Allen. They are rare.”

McCulley was sold on Allen’s “love each other” mantra and the trajectory of the program. IU, for a while, has been sold on the rare talents that McCulley possesses.

He’s nearly 200 pounds and can run a 4.6-second 40-yard dash. Mallory will attest to McCulley’s arm strength, as well.

“For a high school quarterback, it’s the best I’ve ever seen,” Mallory said. “That doesn’t mean just watching the Indiana kids. That’s watching any kid that’s a top quarterback coming up.”

Recruiting services have ranked McCulley accordingly. According to 247Sports, he’s the No. 3 prospect in the state for 2021. He’s the 11th-best dual-threat quarterback in the country and the No. 23 quarterback overall. He ranks at No. 319 among all prospects, which tops any recruit the Hoosiers landed in the 2020 cycle.

It was looking more and more likely Wednesday that IU could be in position to land McCulley when Purdue received a commitment from four-star quarterback Sam Jackson (Naperville, Ill.). But McCulley said the Hoosiers were always at the top of his list, especially since they came in early.

He was able to develop a strong relationship with IU offensive coordinator Nick Sheridan during that process. The way Allen runs his program also really stood out.

“The way he cares about his players, he’s just a genuine guy,” McCulley said. “I just thought he’s one of a kind as a coach.”

McCulley adds another talent in the line of succession behind Michael Penix Jr. By the time McCulley arrives, Penix and Jack Tuttle will both be redshirt juniors. Dexter Williams could still be a redshirt freshman, if he redshirts in 2020.

“They said they feel like I can take them to the next level,” McCulley said. “I’m just something different, and they just like how I play. I’m a unique player.”

McCulley’s range of skills make him an appealing prospect. A multi-sport athlete, he contributes for Lawrence North’s basketball team. He runs the 400-meter dash for the track team, as well as the 300-meter hurdles. So he has a tendency to gain speed as he moves downfield.

On the football field, he completed 63% of his passes for 1,958 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2019. He added another 563 yards and two scores on the ground.

McCulley is, of course, the focal point of Lawrence North’s offense. But he’s very much about spreading the ball around. He’s such a soft-spoken, coachable athlete, Mallory finds himself trying to get McCulley to be more selfish.

“Man, he will spread that ball around, whether it’s to him, or his best friend on the team, or one guy that’s simply a teammate. He doesn’t care about who gets the credit,” Mallory said. “Sometimes it’s like ‘You know what? You are are a four-star quarterback. Go be a four-star quarterback.'”

Playing in probably the most talent-rich conference in the state, the Metropolitan (MIC), McCulley hasn’t exactly had the luxury of sitting back in the pocket behind Lawrence North’s line. He’s flashes an ability to not only run for yards but extend plays with his feet, making throws both inside and outside the pocket, in-rhythm or off-balance.

“I feel like I’m the type of guy you can’t game plan for,” McCulley said. “You never know what you are going to get. I’m not just a system guy. I can think on the go. I can make plays with my feet, my arm. All that.”

With McCulley onboard, IU has now landed two of the top five in-state prospects in the 2021 class, along with Valparaiso defensive end Cooper Jones. Bloomington tight end Aaron Steinfeldt and Fort Wayne lineman Vinny Fiacable are each ranked in the top 20.

IU has nine commitments overall for the 2021 class. With the commitment of McCulley, IU’s recruiting class jumped from No. 62 in the country to No. 55, according to 247Sports’ class rankings. 

McCulley, that all-important quarterback in that class, embraces his opportunity to stay in-state.

“I love being in the spotlight,” McCulley said. “I just can’t wait to represent my state, put on for my city.”


  1. I have watched McCulley play a couple times on tv. 3 star @ 77 per espn. He can play at IU but I don’t see a difference maker or even a solid big ten QB until if it happens his junior or senior year. That’s ok. If he is the crown jewel of recruiting class then 2021 recruiting class must be cubic zirconia with a lot to be desired and a lot to prove.
    As mentioned Sam Jackson @ Purdue is a 4 star @ 83. So did McCulley choose IU as his first choice or was IU consolation prize. Nevertheless, IU got a 3 star qb. YES STARS MATTER. Just keeping it real.

    1. If Sam Jackson is recruited as wide receiver at Purdue then that’s not a comparison and IU was more than likely number 1 choice for McCulley.

  2. embellish…embellish…embellish.
    Has there not been a qb who wasn’t going to change our world? And who’s to say if any of these guys stay committed? And who’s to say the minute they start getting calls from a powerhouse program, they don’t decommit? And who’s to say they don’t transfer after they become restless on the bench behind Penix? And who’s to say they remain injury-free? Just LEO and wait and see. Sit around a campfire and sing kumbaya. Make some S’mores …Roast some marshmallows.
    Wait and see…Wait and see…Wait and see. That’s all Hoosier Football has ever been to me. Soon to be Hoosier Basketball as well. Every year a harvest is sold. Every year we starve to win against the traditionally better football teams of the conference.

    But the journalists have to sell it…I mean, what else are they going to do? Are they ever going to hold any coach to real accountability? Just change the name of Bloomington to Kumbayaville. Print money for coaches. Zero harvest.

  3. OK, first, Penix is already changing the team. They won 8 last year and have a chance to win 10 this year. Second, ratings do matter. IU now has 3 quarterbacks that rated higher than Nate Sudfeld, the highest QB recruit of the Wilson era who will be battling to be an NFL starter. McCulley is a tremendous athlete with a very good arm- but he’s not going to replace Penix. He’s also a 6’5″ 190 lb run-first quarterback. He needs to add 30-40 lbs of muscle before that is going to work in the Big 10. But this is the best group of quarterbacks IU has ever had. Penix, Tuttle, McCulley and Dexter Williams all have starter talent. I doubt IU will keep them all but wow this is fun to see and definitely not the same old, same old.

  4. It is a good day for IU to have McCulley to commit to IUFB. IU’s roster keeps improving each year and as these players gain experience the team should get better each year. It isn’t easy in the B1G East but I think our players and coaches are up to the challenge.

    McCulley is ranked #11 in the country, he will have time to mature physically and mentally to playing in the B1G. He has the height to really be a big QB in a couple of years. IU has three QBs now rated in the top 15 QBs in the country when coming to IU, with the incoming QB really impressing people even if he isn’t rated that high. It will be a challenging room to become the starter and IUFB will be better because of that competition.

  5. This is nothing but good news for IU FB. Keep getting top QBs and create a competitive environment within the team, and good things will happen on the field.

    As for this young man’s size, my guess is that he’ll top out at 220 lbs. as a Junior in college. If his legs are a big part of his arsenal, then you don’t want him to get too heavy.

    Lastly, my guess is that his rating suffers from the fact that his HS team is simply not very good. Don’t tell me a HS team’s record doesn’t influence a player’s ratings; it certainly does. Bottom line, if IU’s coaching staff wanted this guy, and they got him, that’s a big positive.

  6. There seems to be a discrepancy regarding McCulley’s ranking. According to the Dailey Hoosier, “He (McCulley) is rated No. 317 by 247 and No. 210 by Rivals and McCulley is a 4-star recruit according to both services.” Looks like a great get to me.

  7. Truth: Hoosiers get highest ranked commitment for ’21, 9th highest in program history, in-state QB who runs like a pronghorn and could play small forward for Archie.

    HSR/Scoop commenters: HE SUCKS. HYPE! LOSERS!! Oh, and there were too many peas and not enough corn in my meals on wheels delivery today. And they forgot my extra large whoopie pie!

    This place is so dreary. Back to the real world, which has way more sunshine than the eternal dark cloud that seems to pervade the comments section. There are riots with more hope than some of you have.

  8. Story was updated…but why did you have to remove the “crown jewels?”

    I got to see the crown jewels many, many years ago. Not far from the crown jewels is the ‘Tower of London.’ When wives couldn’t bare sons, there were beheadings.
    King Henry VIII promoted much LEO…or so I’ve been told. Hampton Court, tapestries..and much LEO. But you must PRODUCE!
    We are two years away from even knowing if this anointed qb (like we haven’t been here before ) eventually wears the uniform and produces. Has Penix produced yet? Did Gunner produce? Who has produced against the best of the Big10 East? Did Ramsey? A ranking is like a nice womanly figure. Victories against Picklebreath U. are not sons….nor are they worthy of wearing crown jewels.

    Win against OSU and then you can avoid the ‘Tower.’ Gosh, not to change the subject, but it sounds like that mayor of Seattle is going to hauled away to the ‘Tower.’

  9. And I was just getting settled into Penix turning us into the equivalent of an SEC powerhouse…?
    Time will tell…Wait and see…Crystal balls….Comets…Blue moons….We are not alone. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who throws the deepest spiral of them all?
    Mirror: Peyton Ramsey…and he will take Northwestern to a Rose Bowl. Do not underestimate the strength of a northerly Lake Michigan wind behind his back.
    Meanwhile, you will continue to love each other. Careful with that Windex…It burns my eyes. Time will tell…Wait and see….Time will tell.

    1. Here we go. Let’s make him a 6 star ⭐️. IU football jumps over the moon but lands out of bounds. Watching him play passing and as noted running the ball… then he runs right into that Whisky Cheesehead LB lurking around like he’s lost and that takes care of that. No, he is only a solid 3 star qb.

  10. DM is the keynote of the Tom Allen era of recruiting. A solid 4☆ Hoosier HS QB. His commitment shines a brighter light on IUFB as the destination for top Indiana talent. Coach Allen’s style is working perfectly.

  11. I know it is a long way to go until this recruiting class is signed and a lot can change, but TA & Staff are certainly on the right track. The current IUFB recruit average is at 3.25 which stands solidly as 4th best in the B1G. A lot of people get sidetracked looking at the overall rank which is meaningless as it skews based on how many players are needed. The next step to making IUFB at least competitive in the B1G, is the recruiting average holding consistently at or above 3.25, with it hopefully on the way to the 3.5 – 3.75 range. When you look at the top programs in the country they stay around the 3.75 range consistently, with the elites periodically getting into the 4.0 – 4.1 range.

    1. I would like to know the ranking ‘mean’ of the entire roster (not just a ranking average based on any given recruiting class) as well as the ranking ‘standard deviation.’ Please also provide a bell curve of the roster comparing a Hoosier Ranking Bell Curve to three upper tier Big10 teams and three upper tier SEC teams. Please explain your results.

      Your assignment is due on Monday, 6/15/20, posted on Scoop by 10:00 a.m.

      Extra Credit (10% boost to your grade for this assignment): Separate roster rankings comparing offensive lines, defensive lines, key “impact” positions (e.g. wide receivers, linebackers, quarterbacks, kickers). Feel free to have fun with this and get inventive. Ranking coaches will also be considered if sufficient non-apologetic data can be provided.
      ■ Extra Extra Credit (worth 25% boost to your final OVERALL grade): Watch ‘The Fantasticks’ this weekend. Provide a 2-page report (or length of a typical Harvard post will also be fine) . Think of how the movie can serve as metaphor for watching an IU Football game. Please do not provide any statistics with this extra credit.

      Professor Leo Downs.

      1. You still teaching at Windmill Tilting U? Creative Writing / Science Fiction Composition Department?

        1. Yes, Joey. And you were my most creative student. Don’t you remember when you professed a ‘Clown Day’ and you dressed up as Tom Crean? You brought a knitting set and said you were doing ‘Weaves to Nowhere in Apology.’ You also signed autographs at the conclusion of that memorable day in the life of a munchkin.
          Best get on your assignment, Joey. You’re currently flunking and I’m not sure if your extra credit paper, “Under the Committee Room Floorboards” (a basic rewrite of your ‘letter to the editor’ in the Marquette Wire), is going to save you. Just have dad give me a call…We’ll work something out.

          1. Do you still carry two briefcases in an effort to achieve balance? Can you respond in fewer than 12 paragraphs? Will you?

        2. BD,
          Love the response!!! Hopefully the Jester can give you an appropriate return volley.

          That being said, I’m going to give H4H the “CliffsNotes” version of an answer. To give the full request would cost a lot more than I suspect the Jester would be willing to pay.

          That being said:

          Rough estimate of 2020 IUFB roster qualities versus top 3 of B1G east & SEC top 3

          UA 4.0 LSU 3.69 UGA 3.91 OSU 3.86 UM 3.55 PSU 3.6 IU 2.82*

          Bonus – Clemson 3.83

          * IUFB hampered by last KW recruiting cycle with a 2.48 in 2017. IUFB pre-TA traditionally ran at below 2.75. Throw out current Sr. class and the 3 year look is 2.94 for IUFB. For comparison if 2021 continues on track, IUFB will field roughly a 3.02 average for the fall of 2021. The comparison to the top SEC & B1G east teams is consistent with the traditional recruit quality levels.

          1. Try pulling a rabbit out of your hat….besides the numbers out of your donkey.

            Here are the numbers that matter:

            vs. OSU 0-20
            vs. Michigan 0-20
            vs. Penn State 1-19

            Now run the numbers for Tom Allen and Michael Penix as well. Throw in ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ for 2009-19 and continue to tell me how IU is rocking the Midwest/Big10 world. Thanks, Joey. Thanks, 30 Million Dollar Man (not to be confused with Lee Majors x 6)…Thanks, Fred.
            But let’s have more LEO…and ‘feel good’ stories…and statistical ranking analysis…to keep hope alive. Maybe some more “Time will Tell” inspiring words from the the sailing soothsayers choir. Throw in some scripture as a cherry on top.

            Man, I must be doing something right. I have the trifecta. I have now garnered the attention of the three most brilliant Scoop contributors of all-time. Gosh, and I even inspired the return of Double Down. Or, I suppose you geniuses thought you did that? And I can’t afford you? Not to mention, the doctored images (which hit such a profound level of creative genius they cause a silencing of the lambs geniuses…lol).

            thinkaboutit + Bear Down…? Even without the ‘brownbomber,’ it still sounds like a laxative commercial.

          2. What I find interesting is the small margin of difference between top SEC teams (along with Clemson) and higher Big10 teams…Yet, the SEC teams and Clemson pretty much slap around the higher Big10 teams like a rag doll. Pretty much do the same to ND as well.

            Have you ever heard of causation vs. correlation? This really gives me hope as an IU Football fan…

            And Tom Crean had some very highly ranked teams which never got past a Sweet 16 while eleven other Midwestern teams went to a collective 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours.

            Results. Do we pay coaches for rankings, hoopla, slogans, scripture, subjective recruiting evaluations…. or results? Maybe we just pay them 30 million over 10 years to blabber “This is Indiana.” Maybe another 5 million per year to proclaim beating Charmin U. is a “breakthrough?”

          3. I guessed accurately on the Creative Writing / Science Fiction Department – “Where facts don’t matter in 12 or more paragraphs!” Tilting, tilting . . .

          4. Plenty of facts….Are results in Conference Midwest Elite are basketball facts. How long have you been on Scoop?

            Are results against OSU, Michigan and PSU (throw in Wisconsin for good measure) are plenty of facts.

            The added salaries of Crean, Miller, Wilson, Glass, and the myriad of assistant coaches (along with those wonderful dietitians and S&C coaches) alongside the dismal results are quite the assembly of facts.

            Joey Glass loved him some Tom Crean. That’s also a fact. His father and the Clown Act he kept as an IU basketball coach for a decade ending in cue cards is also fact. How many facts do you need? With those sorts of facts, what’s wrong with providing some comic relief…? Or do you just prefer watching the same fumble replay for 10 years, Joey (clear throat…I mean, Bear Down)?

          5. Plenty of facts….Are [Our] results in Conference Midwest Elite are basketball facts. How long have you been on Scoop?

            Are [Our] results against OSU, Michigan and PSU (throw in Wisconsin for good measure) are plenty of facts.

          6. Okay H4H,

            The record for IUFB against the top teams has a very simple explanation, the severe historical talent gap. Historically IUFB runs below 2.75, normally around 2.5, whereas the top B1G teams (Especially the B1G east) normally run at 3.5 to 3.75. That is a major gap. Credit should go to TA for closing the gap in his first 4 years at the helm by nearly a quarter point. No other IUFB HC has been able to close the running 4 year average like that in recent history.

            The thing about the elite programs is there is a ceiling of between 3.75 and 4.0 with an occasional exceptional year at 4.0+. By consistently improving their overall recruiting average player rating quality, the lower tier teams have everything to gain. The closer a school comes to the 3.5+ range, the better the chance to becoming consistently competitive. That doesn’t rule out an occasional miracle win or unexpected loss, but it does show that over time the talent quality is reflected in the record.

            Coaching quality can only go so far and if a great coach hits a recruiting ceiling at a difficult school to recruit to, their talents are obvious to see and they move on. Best example is Nick Saban, wasn’t going to win a national championship at MSU, but certainly could at LSU and Alabama.

            As for the SEC versus top teams in the B1G, it is also a simple answer. Using the 2020 rosters, looking at the 4 conference recruiting years the difference is substantial. The 2020 recruiting year was the worst for the SEC with 3 schools posting below a 3.0 average player rating. While the B1G normal posts close the half the conference below 3.0. 2020 was the best with only 4 schools below 3.0. It is simply the level of competition in the SEC exceeds that of the B1G. The top schools are never really tested more than 1 or 2 times a year while the SEC schools may be tested in more than half their games.

          7. And how many NCAA tournament games has Archie won since replacing Peach Basket Bozo?
            I mean, the guy is a sizable basketball IQ upgrade (opinion), but the Zero and Archie is a fact (consult Podunker for added verification). His record against Purdue is another fact. His dismal losses at home and roster members laughing on the bench during an NIT loss is another fact. Want more facts?

            If you guys loved facts so much, you would have stepped out from being an “insider” …and allowed someone who knew what they are doing to take your alma mater back to respectability. Now go back to playing with your Lincoln logs and drooling over the hyperbole of rankings and “crown jewels.”

          8. OSU is 0-4 against Clemson. Not sure how the other Big10 teams fare, but I’ve got a good idea.
            IU is basically 0-infinity against OSU, Michigan, PSU, Wisconsin.

            It’s not that complicated. You either win…or you lose. You either schedule respectable opponents to challenge your program…or you puff it up with marshmallows and hype everything (including moral victories).

            Keep hope alive. Time will tell. LEO. Pay coaches millions for dismal results and soft scheduling. IU’s revolving door….All spin, no action.

            But thanks for the sincere effort, thinkaboutit. Those are a lot of pretty numbers that still add up to Zero. Zero wins against top programs. Zero meaningful bowls. Zero wins in low tier bowls. Zero Elite Eights and Final Fours ….all under the leadership of Fred Glass.

          9. H4H,

            Of course you are going to go 0-infinity against the better teams in the conference if your recruiting quality is at 2.5 while your major opponents are pulling in at around 3.75. That’s not hard to figure out. We know this has been going on for the vast majority of IUFB history. The question is, “If TA can continue the recruiting improvement, at what point should the results begin to change?”

            Getting IUFB recruiting to run at or near the 3.0 mark is a major accomplishment by IU historical standards. That doesn’t make IU a FB powerhouse but it is a significant, albeit incremental improvement over past results. A lot of people seem to think a HC should be able to turn a program around overnight, but how many programs out there have been, historically, at IUFB’s dismal level of futility? If TA can get IUFB consistently over the 3.5 recruiting level by his 10th year, considering the depths that this program had to be pulled up from, he will go down as IU’s greatest FB coach.

          10. think- Thanks for being a good sport. I like you, man. You are all good sports. Thanks for putting up with me.

          11. Its like I have told you H4H,

            Wouldn’t be the same without our beloved Jester, even BD agrees.

  12. IU Looking forward to Winn’s over Whisky, OSU, Mich, Iowa, Mich St, and even Purdue plus bowl win on its way to a 10 plus win season. It could happen. It could not happen. 0 wins for 20-21 thus far.

    1. Please acknowledge 0 losses so far for 20-21 also. But I do understand you must exercise your bias.

  13. t, you repeated your assertion that this kid is a 3-star in spite of the fact that I copied and pasted a report from another sports news site that confirms that both Rivals and 247Sports rate him as a 4-star. Is it your personal opinion that McCullen is a 3-star, or do just refuse to acknowledge that the two most prominent recruiting sites rate McCullen a 4-star? Irregardless of how either recruiting site rates him, McCullum is an excellent talent and a great commitment for TA and IU FB. This is nothing but good news.

    DD, your post at 9:14 PM yesterday was the best comment I’ve read on this site in weeks, if not months. Well done, sir.

  14. I get the other sites ratings. That’s fine. For myself on recruits whether B.B. or fb I refer to espn player profile ratings only for consistency for myself. That’s all. Not saying it’s any better than the others. McCulley per espn is a 3 star.

  15. The Creative Writing / Science Fiction Department needs an editor. In addition to inventing “facts”, we now have “Are (sic) results . . .” missives with which to contend, along with the requisite “but Crean . . .” ridiculousness. Somebody better hold me back! Somebody?

  16. It is hot outside, the bike is packed – waiting for it to cool a little before going camping. While waiting I (for some reason), reviewed some comments, For example one participant has totaled 1,522 words on this tread. Of those 1,000 + words, I believe only the comments “Tower of London” and “beheading of wives” are new information that has not been mentioned about a million times.

  17. H4H, thanks for being on this site as you bring different perspectives here just too much negativity at times. IUFB is a tough place to turn around but coach Allen and the staff are working hard to do that; the players seem to love it at IU with him here. H4H, I hope you enjoy it here and IU’s athletic program more than it seems you do. Put more joy in your life and enjoy yourself. The world isn’t as bad as our national media makes it out to be as there are beautiful people and places in our country. In the spirit of our special elitist Hollywood people ” imagine if H4H had no Hoosier Report to post on, imagine if there was no strife here, and imagine if IUFB wins the B1G championship along with the National championship, what a wonderful world this would be…….

    I hope the 2020 season goes well and they can control the virus. IU has the talent to have a great season and it would be a shame if it doesn’t happen.

    1. H4H, my change on the first verse didn’t make it so this is what it should have said “Imagine if H4H had no Hoosier Sport Report to turn to and how bad it would be, imagine….

  18. Harv, it takes an epic level of convenient narcissism to think you had anything to do with me coming back and dropping a comment. Indiana got a highly rated commitment, which never happened in the history of ever for Indiana football, and I thought it was cause for celebration. Who knows what will happen, but this is really great news.

    But, unsurprisingly, I come back and you and t are smearing a dirty diaper on the floor before anyone else can get a word in.

    Sorry you guys find such comfort in bring such salty, angry fellas. Keep up the vitriol. It’s easy. The amount of deflection you put on others (usually between the ages of 18-23) for their lack of character would make the top of the stat list in Crean’s practices. Own your salt. Your salt is far more cynical than any coach, player or administration under the Indians flag has ever brought. The dark cloud of gloom you guys bring makes the northern Indiana winters feel Caribbean.

    Enjoy the remainder of SIP. Go cross your legs, sit up straight and breathe deeply. Namaste.

    1. Eliteness, success, 4 and 5 stars are to IU football tradition as to northern Indiana winters to feel Caribbean.
      And this 21st century IU basketball because of some actual eliteness, success, 4 and 5 stars during the 20th century has struggled to join that past football tradition. REALITY CHECK.

  19. Stroke of brilliance to point out that Indiana hasn’t been good at football and they aren’t as good as Ohio State and Michigan. In fact, you should spend at least 60% of the total volume of comments here to express this. Maybe if you keep saying it, you can suck all of the joy out any shred of good news that comes from football.

    What you and Harv don’t realize, is that your entire way of expressing your hostility to anything about our men’s programs, has very little to do with Indiana sports, and is entirely a reflection on you. You guys completely take the joy out of this place. Pretty much why no one comes around much anymore. There’s no dialog anymore. Just long monologues of negativity and sourness that point to your own wounds.

    Good luck to you guys. I hope someday, you can look in the mirror and be happy with what you see. I’m just not going to play in this sandbox with you guys. It’s not really that fun anymore.

  20. DD,
    I really hate you DD’n on the H4H so hard after our beloved Jester had just shown a modicum of humility in an earlier post. If you’re going to punch with someone shows any vulnerability, don’t expect them to let down their guard very often. As for t, its that chronic westlayfayitis that keeps cropping up. I think we need to find our friend a better treatment regiment to help with the cure.

    I know it is easy for folks to stay stuck in pessimism about IU sports after so many years of perennial failure. Its gotten so bad that even the BB program is stuck in a 3 decade-long state of mediocrity. The hardest part is for us to remain patient, especially with the BB program, but it is required. I think we at last have not only the BB program on the right track, but the FB program as well. The only thing impatience will get anyone at this stage of the game is another round of failure.

    I actually believe that TA may have stumbled into the formula for success at IUFB. Its going to take time to prove this, but I think he is actually on the right track. As for CAM, anytime you bring a focus on defense, you are heading the right way. CAM’s problem very simply has been keeping a healthy team on the court. He is showing good recruiting chops for the type players he needs to fit his system. Proving this on the court and on the field will be important for both programs this year.

    1. See how dysfunctional this place is? I point out how toxic two posters are to generating any meaningful discussion around here and I’m the one who’s called out.

      Should have just stayed away. That’s the real lesson here. Cheers.

      1. Awww DD,

        Now you know it isn’t any fun without the Jester. Besides that, I was more upset that you wasted a great tirade at the wrong time. H4H had gone in to docile mode, save it for when the Jester deserves it!!! Its like this, even HC would miss H4H after a while!!! The whole gang, including yourself, is what makes the board so much fun. Would hate to lose any of the parts.

  21. See HC!!!

    I told you that you would miss him! Where else would you find a worthy replacement for our beloved Jester to use your “Montonous blather” phrase on?

  22. TAI needs to realize is that anyone can express whatever opinion that they feel like expressing. You can see the dripping condescension in how he assumes what you think and feel. H4H and t are able to bring their epic levels of monotonous negativity, and I or others are well within our bounds of responding to it and calling it out. It’s an exercise in pissing into the wind, though, because these fellas ain’t changing. I don’t express my opinions for their sake, it’s towards the rest of us that have to swallow the assault of bovine fecal matter they spray liberally and regularly. And you can see the cycle of dysfunction play out over and over.

    Harv is allowed to do whatever is in the bounds of what Jeremy is willing to put up with. All of us for that matter. Jeremy doesn’t get paid to allow Harv to post here. Yet, he’s here 7 days a week monitoring his posts and approving them, so Harv can have a place to express himself. Pretty much every other online community would have banned him by now. Harv should be deeply grateful that Jeremy spends the time he does to allow him to post here. But no. He just uses this space to rant about how angry he is about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING sucks. He should thank Jeremy everyday that he’s still allowed to post here. And within that gratitude, maybe find a tone and behavior that would reflect that gratitude. NOPE.

    Instead, what we get are stacks of paragraphs that completely overwhelm the topic at hand. No one else can find any flow in a discussion, there’s no space for anything else. And, remeber, this is what is like when Harv is throttled with comment moderation.

    So, time to find other places to go. Let those who find the “Jester’s” antics cute and adorable stay and keep playing.

    Many still lurk who have been around this place a long time. Olive branches have been extended. Myself and a number of long-time posters have offered to share our personal contact info with Harv to see if we could all hang over lunch in person some time. Connect with the human over the poster. All of those offers have been rejected. He’d rather come here and anonymously make us miserable. Believe it or not, I really feel sorry for the guy and would love to “reach him.” But he doesn’t want it. And that’s his choice. All good.

    I’m just one person in an online community who is tired of the overly aggressive, negative posters bringing down everyone else. It isn’t just here, it is many online communities. The normal folks just leave and find something else to do. I’m going to do the same, but before I go, I’m going to say my piece. And I’m sure it’ll come across as confrontational and sanctimonious no matter how kindly I express myself. So, I figure, I should just make myself heard as clearly as possible.


    1. DD,
      That was quite an epic response of your own there. However, if I came off as condescending it certainly was not my intention and I do apologize. My reason for calling you out was not because your response to H4H was right or wrong but, rather, ill-timed. H4H had just responded in a very decent manner before your post came through. I am assuming you missed seeing rather conciliatory response by H4H, which if you did, I can understand.

      As for both H4H & t’s negative perspectives, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, just I like have for you. I suspect they are both very passionate about IU sports, but are extremely frustrated by the anemic performance of such over far too many years.

  23. DD, I’m completely with you and HC on this subject. I’ve long since stopped reading H4H’s comments. I ignore them completely, literally as if they don’t exist. On occasion, the only way I get any idea of the subject matter is if I read the comments posted by others in response to his blather. And I realize those should also be ignored.

    thinkaboutit, I agree with HC that you have missed the target. Since I don’t read the comments you and HC refer to, it provides no value. If you find negative nonsense funny, good for you. But I believe the majority of people who visit this site get turned off by “stacks of paragraphs that completely overwhelm the topic at hand” and simply chose never to return. I have to assume most people don’t want to sort through nonsensical diatribes in hopes of finding a few pearls of content about IU sports.
    And while I don’t know the stats, I’ll bet the Hoosier Sports Report, as an “online community,” has fewer visitors than any other online community in the Big Ten, if not all other online communities associated with Power-Five Conference schools. And I think we all know the primary reason why. I occasionally visit a similar site dedicated to University of Arizona sports, and it has far more participants contributing to most of the conversations pertaining to stories about Arizona BB and FB. How fun would it be to have such a robust community of IU Sports!

    1. Po,
      There are a lot of postings which I happen to find distasteful. I don’t particularly like it when anyone goes on a over-the-top tirade regardless their perspective, and I have to myself in that regard as well. However, if we are going to start censuring everything we find distasteful, what was the point of fighting the last world war? We lost an awful lot of good people in that effort. Was it for nothing? Sometimes I wonder.

      Frustration brings out a lot of negative emotions, and currently there are a lot things to be frustrated about. It is not about whether or not there is frustration but, rather, how we respond to it. If we handle it incorrectly, all we do is add to the frustration.

  24. No one is calling for anyone to be censured. It’s pointing out an obvious sore in why this community has dwindled down to almost nothing. Sharing opinions is one thing, dominating the entire comments section with a total and complete assault on the senses is another. It’s exhausting. A good number of folks have just faded away because it just isn’t worth it anymore.

    Most people are self-aware enough to notice when they’ve lost the room. Some are just incapable of seeing it. Perhaps their pain is too much for them to carry? Pointing it out isn’t censoring, it’s illuminating the source of bleeding and offers a call to healing. But that’s a big, big step.

  25. DD Very well said and from the heart. Your posts have been missed over the past few months.

    I have a question for either you or VO. Whatever happened to Four Guards?

  26. Here’s an idea! How about each person who logs on to The Hoosier Sports Report gets a daily limit of characters per comment string. When the maximum number of characters on a string has been reached, the system simply won’t accept additional characters. A person could edit their comment before posting it, choose to post multiple short comments, or have one big verbose dump (Who me?). That would eliminate one person from posting “stacks of paragraphs that completely overwhelm the topic” and derail an otherwise interesting discussion on IU sports.

    1. I have a better idea, just skip post that are too long which gives each of us a choice, no need for big brother to limit us.

      1. v, I totally and completely concur. Incessant rants of blather are not articulate and communicates zero.

  27. tia, I’m not calling for anyone to be prevented from posting comments that are within the rules of the on-line community. Just like a zealous street-preacher shouting fire and brimstone messages, or a mentally ill homeless person talking to himself, they are free to say what they want. But why would anyone waste time trying to engage either of them in a discussion?

  28. As predicted, Iowa dumped Strength Coach Chris Doyle today. They’ll pay him over a million dollars to wave his due process, go away quietly and refrain from filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Does that make IU’s Strength Coach the highest paid strength coach in the NCAA?

    Doyle’s son was a linebacker for Iowa and has recently entered the transfer portal. It’s just a matter time before Ferenz and his son get paid to go away. If he survives this season, I predict Ferenz will be gone in early 2021. Looks like a good time to start going after Iowa’s recruits.

  29. I would hope the Indiana black players quit going to Iowa after the revelations and realizing Ferentz was there the whole time allowing that atmosphere. If his son stays as OC then I would really not go because it is clear they really aren’t making a change.

    It is a shame this type of thing happens at universities but when you have coaches from a different era I guess it isn’t surprising but things like no hoodies etc are ridiculous trying to hold on to the past.

  30. Donaven McCulley has all the tools to become an outstanding quarterback and leader. It won’t happen overnight but with the proper mindset and work ethic he will become one of the best in the country. The Hoosiers need to improve on defense in order to ascend to the next level and compete in arguably the toughest division in NCAA football. Build it and they will come.

    1. Swartzie,
      I was with you on everything you said about Donaven McCulley, I think he may have the tools to become a very good QB. However, you lost me when called the B1G east “arguably the toughest division in NCAA football.” The B1G east is not even remotely close to being as tough as the SEC west. With the resurgence at Georgia and Florida showing signs of life again in the east, I’m not sure if the SEC east is not close to becoming tougher than the B1G east. It is very humbling to have to say this with me being a B1G fan stuck in SEC country, but it is the truth whether we want to admit it or not. I omit the ACC as they really only have one very tough school with Clemson, but top to bottom the SEC west is head and shoulders better than any other division in the country and it has been this way for a very long time now.

  31. The good news is our defense has for two years relied on freshmen in key spots with many sophomores filling the other spots. It was a much improved defense in 2019 and now with experience we can expect the 2020 defense to be one of the better ones in the conference. If IU keeps bringing in the quality of players they have the past three years they will have a roster to challenge and beat some of the best teams in the B1G.

    1. We’ve not been able to close the gap with other Big 10 schools in recruiting, especially on defense, and we probably won’t, at least until we have a breakthrough season. We need to rely on player development to get where we want to be, and that will always be the reality. Coaching turnover makes that more difficult, but that’s another reality. Losing Mark Hagen really hurts.

  32. News Flash! IU FB is NEVER, at least in our lifetimes, going to “close the gap” in FB recruiting relative to the traditional Big Ten Powerhouse FB schools! It’s not going to happen and is therefore an unrealistic goal. We can discuss the reasons why it is not going to happen, but that’s a different subject. But what we can point to as reasons to be optimistic is that IU is a) narrowing the gap, little by little, b) improving recruiting relative to IU FB’s past, and c) will improve recruiting enough to (hopefully) produce winning seasons and occasionally upset one or two of those Big Ten Powerhouse FB programs. IMO, if you expect IU FB to overtake OSU, PSU, MI, etc. in recruiting, you’re setting yourself up to be perpetually disappointed. If that’s your expectation, IU FB will always disappoint you.

    I’d like IU FB to get to the point where, like Northwestern, we occasionally defeat one or two of the Big Ten’s Powerhouse FB programs and go to major bowl games every once in a while. I’d like IU FB to be like Iowa or Wisconsin, always producing winning season, being competitive with the Big Ten’s best and going to bowl games on a regular basis. We’ve got a ways to go to get to that level, but I’m seeing progress in the quality of the talent being recruited.

    But maybe TA’s LOE motto (i.e., philosophy), evaluated through the lens of the current social unrest, will be the factor the allows IU to rapidly improve FB recruiting. Maybe that’s the secret ingredient that will allow IU to differentiate itself relative to many other Powerhouse FB programs? I mean let’s be honest; why would any player want to play for a coach who is guilty or suspected of being “insensitive” to their players’ “feelings” or emotional/psycological wellbeing? Isn’t that why IU fired Wilson? Isn’t that why Iowa just fired their long term Strength coach? Isn’t that why OSU will soon fire Gundy? If that’s the new key criteria, who cares about the school’s tradition in FB, home-game crowd size, etc., as long as the coaching staff treats all players the same, with love and dignity? Shouldn’t playing for a coaching staff that loves their players (like sons) be the most important criteria in deciding where to play college football?

    1. Po,

      I wouldn’t be so quick to make the assumption that IUFB cannot close the gap with the elite B1G schools when it is already happening. You have to remember there is a recruiting ceiling even for the elite football schools nationally. Roughly around 3.9 to 4.1 average player rating the best even the elites will do. Traditionally the B1G elites have recruiting around the 3.75 to 3.9 range with a few exceptional years closing in on 4.0.

      IUFB has traditionally been around 2.5 to 2.65 with a good year getting close to 2.75. TA has brought average up to the 3.0 range in his tenure. If use 3.75 as the threshold for the recruiting gap, then TA has already closed the gap by nearly half a point. Doesn’t seem like much when you still have 3 quarters of a point to go, but realistically TA has closed the gap.

      I find your comments on the potential effectiveness of TA’s LEO philosophy most interesting. There was one other time in my lifetime when IUFB came close the closing the gap. In the late 60’s, John Pont nearly did it. Unfortunately as good a coach and recruiter as Coach Pont was, he was unable to handle the political upheavals of that era. Where Coach Pont came up short in his understanding of the times he was coaching in, Coach Allen has the potential to excel. What really helps TA is that it appears that LEO was in his core beliefs before the recent upheavals which leads to far more credibility than for others who may come on board after the fact.

  33. Tai, I agree with you about recruiting and the chances of IU to close the gap even more. The good thing is IU doesn’t have to reach the same levels just enough that IU can beat the top schools with a solid roster that has a few exceptional players. Penix is good enough for any team in the B1G if he can stay healthy and play an entire season. IU’s QB room is now as good as any other team in the B1G. IU’s RBs are comparable to any RB room in the B1G. WR and TEs are getting close to being equal to B1G powers. The question is can we get enough talent on the OL to equal other OLs. With Jones and Bedford we have two that match other OL players and we need to have our guards and center to reach that level.

    Defensively I would put our secondary talent near any other in the B1G. This coming season should be the year they play like they are as good as other secondaries in the B1G. Our DL is getting closer with Johnson playing at that high level. Lewis could be a DT we haven’t seen at IU for a long time with Sio and Elliot near that level. IU needs to find exceptional DEs to pressure the offense and the QB – I hope coach Peoples can bring his magic to IU’s DL.
    LBs have the talent but need to step up to get to the B1G level, that aren’t too far off right now.

    Our kicking game is comparable with the exception of a killer return man that makes teams pay for kicking to him. IU has a great LS with very good Punter and a Kicker rated in the top 0 of the country when in HS.

    Just a bit more improvement and IU will match B1G top teams 11 on 11. It will take longer to gain the same talent B1G teams have on the 2nd and 3rd teams.

    IU needs to have the kind of year this season needed to pull in top players to IU so we can add them to the special players we have now.

  34. think, perhaps it’s semantics, but while I will agree that IU FB is “narrowing” the gap, I don’t believe it will ever “close” the gap in FB recruiting against the OSU’s, PSU’s, and Michigans. To “close the gap” would mean IU begins signing the same level of talent, with each recruiting class getting the same rankings, and signing the same number of 4 and 5-star players, year in and year out. I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

    Why? Because there are too many systemic obstacles that would need to be overcome before that could happen. Demographics is a huge problem. Game attendance, which determines revenue, is a huge problem. IU could sell out Memorial Stadium every home game and still not come close to generating the revenue MI, OSU and PSU generate during a football season. Lower revenue means smaller budgets, which means coaches that get paid a lot less than their counterparts at the Big Ten’s elite FB schools. And lower revenue means a smaller recruiting budget, limiting IU’s reach across the country (look at the extent of where Alabama, Clemson, OSU and MI recruit; they’re nation wide). And it’s not just ticket revenue from home games! It’s donations from wealthy alumni and boosters. I don’t know the facts, but I’ll bet IU FB generates the lowest amount of alumni/booster donations in the Big Ten, if not the entire country.

    And lastly, the biggest obstacle is that the Hoosier Nation has proven it wants or deserves an elite FB program. If it did, the Hoosier Nation would not tolerate the incompetent and neglect that the BOT and University Administrators have demonstrated for so many decades. If we don’t passionately demand it, we’re never going to get it. Oh, on a collective basis, I’m sure the Hoosier Nation would love IU FB to be successful, but we don’t care enough to do what it takes to make it happen. The Hoosier Nation is filled with students, alumni and fans who have been conditioned (beaten into submission) to have little or no expectations regarding the FB program. We’ve long since learned to live without a winning FB team. Students don’t expect it, alumni don’t expect it, and fans in Central and Southern Indiana don’t expect it. There feelings about IU FB fall between disdain or contempt, and we still hear those idiots who suggest that IU drop FB entirely! I dare say that not a single IU Trustee or IU Administrator in 60 years has ever feared losing their job because IU FB produced a losing season. At nationally elite FB schools, the administrators’ job security depends on how successful the FB team is (see Tennessee’s recent history). Unless IU’s administrators begin to begin to have the same pucker factor, IU FB will NEVER close the recruiting gap with the Big Ten’s FB Powers! Our best hope for the indefinite future is that we produce winning seasons, go to bowl games, and enjoy the same level of success as schools like Iowa, Northwestern and MSU.

  35. Po your thinking may be flawed. Case in point……. Boise State. The Broncos have finished the season ranked 11 of the past 15 years , 4 times in the top 10 and as high as # 4 in 2009. Albertsons Stadium holds only 36,307 and there is no revenue from the Big Ten Network or revenue sharing from major bowl games as there is in the B1G. They are not recruiting 4 and 5 star players and I’m quite certain that their alumni / booster contributions don’t match the amount received by IU. They experience coaching turnover much like most programs do.
    Must be the blue turf.

    1. Swartzie,
      Funny thing is, your last comment may be closer to reality than many realize. Had a good friend who played for Boise several years ago share some insight into the blue turf. According to him, the blue turf was actually very disorienting to the opposing teams who played mainly on green colored fields. Add to this the Boise State uniform colors and oftentimes they actually blended into the background.

      This all became a tremendous home field advantage which BSU leveraged to pick up a couple extra wins a year they might not normally get. As time when on, as they continued to have success it built from there. Kind of like the advantage Vanderbilt basketball has with the benches being at opposing ends of the court instead of along the sideline. Vandy hasn’t done as much with the court as BSU has with the blue turf, but it works.

      1. Crimson turf at Memorial Stadium combined with chrome-dome helmets = 5* recruits signing like mad and unbeaten home records for IUFB. Dig it!

  36. scwartzie, I could not agree more even though I had not thought of Boise State achieving in a similar equation. In todays world I can’t think of a better model for a HC than someone resembling Tom Allen. He is near perfect for the IUFB future development. This year though is his watershed season with so many new position assistants and 2 of them being new coordinators and entering a more challenging schedule than last season. For the 1st time in decades I believe IU has the player talent to make positive things happen. The new coaches have to be resolute to the challenge. I believe in Allen 1000%. Right man for the right opportunity. Boise State bound.

  37. The issue of meeting OSU, PSU, or Michigan in recruiting misses the point. Po is correct if how good a team is based on ratings but it isn’t that way. Even top rated players struggle, at least some do, while while low rated players excel. The odds go with the higher rated players but how well coaches evaluate players is a bigger factor in how good a team is. The key is to have a solid team like IU now has while adding a few exceptional players. We saw this with Coleman and Sudfeld but they didn’t have a solid team around them IE poor defense.

    This season IU has a chance to be very good with exceptional players mixed in with solid players. We will see if they are able to climb up in the B1G East with the players we now have.

  38. At this point I believe that coach TA has the program headed in the right direction and is methodically building a solid foundation / culture for the future. Player development and perfecting technique / fundamentals are essential in order to successfully compete against teams with superior god given talent. Game management is vital along with a great kicking game. It takes the entire team pulling in the same direction every single day to reach full potential. When we get to the point where the Hoosiers take the field every week expecting to win magical things will happen. As Tony Robbins says….. “the past does not equal the future”
    Go Hoosiers!

  39. I would love for IU FB to achieve the success that Boise State has had over the last 10 – 15 years. But let’s be honest, BSU does not recruit at the level of OSU, PSU, and MI. They do well developing the players they sign, but BSU competes in a relatively weak conference. If Boise State played in the Big Ten’s East Division, it would not produce such impressive records. And Boise State does not have the same systemic obstacles that IU must overcome. The school is located in Idaho’s largest metropolitan area, providing an immediate and large fan base. There’s no NFL or NBA teams 50 miles away to compete with for fan interest. And BSU’s boosters make HUGE financial donations on behalf of the FB program. While the state’s population is small, BSU recruits a lot of players from the deep pool of talent in California. I respect what BSU has done and hope IU can do achieve the same level of success, but BSU is not and will not soon be on the same level of OSU, MI and PSU.

    I agree with all the comments above about TA and the excellent job he’s doing. He is improving the level of FB talent at IU. He is doing a great job developing the talent he signs. He certainly appears to be “walking the talk” when it comes to LOE, and I think that will pay large dividends in the years to come. Recently, college FB people have stopped snickering about TA’s LOE and are now, in the face of the current social unrest, beginning to appreciate the wisdom of TA’s philosophy and are rushing to copy it. IU was ahead of the curve with its “Student Athlete Bill of Rights,” and we have to give credit to Fred for that. So I’m optimistic about the future of IU FB. But I’m also trying to be realistic about the level of success it can achieve. My biggest concern is how the Hoosier Nation will respond to the improvement TA and staff have achieved. Will we have the emotional courage to believe IU FB can sustain success and jump on the band-wagon and support IU FB with great passion (and more money)? Or have too many people within the Hoosier Nation had the hope pounded out of them over the last six decades so that they can never rid themselves of the cynicism that prevents them from getting excited about IU FB?

  40. Po, IU fans do need to be realistic about how much we can expect IUFB to close the gap to OSU. It doesn’t mean that we have to close the gap in recruiting other than to bring in good players at all positions that can play at the level of the OSU and others. If IU keeps getting better players each class then they will be close enough to win against any B1G teams at least once in a while. No reason to not win for 30 years or more, just remember that MSU didn’t have the classes OSU, UM, and PSU had but they could beat those teams every other year or so. One of the things I learned as a coach is as long as I had three or four excel players and good at other positions we could beat teams because the really good players could make a big differences. Now playing bigger schools it was harder because they had more depth and that is what IU faces. Now we could play those teams close and beat them once in a while and that is what I want IU to do. Once they are there for several years they could make another move to get much closer to the “big” boys.

    1. V13, you make a very good point. IU needs to be more solid at every position to have a chance to compete with the big boys, and we’re not really closing that gap recruiting wise. What we can do is have a few difference makers that can even things out, and that’s what the coaches are searching for. Right now, only Penix fits that bill, bit hopefully some others emerge. Purdue saw this with Rondale Moore and it elevated them quite a bit. IU needs that kind of a game changer if they want to take that step up. MP has that potential, and maybe there’s someone else out there who can fill that role.

      1. BD,
        I absolutely agree with you that the presence of a game changer on the field can be an equalizer under the right set of circumstances. Hopefully if we can keep MP healthy we will find out if he can be that for IUFB. I think he has the receivers who are capable but they have to have someone who can get the ball to them at the right place and right time.

        I do slightly disagree with you on IUFB beginning to close the gap. I know it may seem incremental, but raising the average rating for recruits from the traditional 2.5 to hopefully near 3.25 over 4 years will have an impact for IUFB. Obviously there is still a .5 to .75 spread from the elites, but that still beats the 1.25 to 1.5 traditional spread between IUFB and the elite schools. Just getting close to 3.5 puts IUFB on equal or superior footing with all competitors in the B1G with the exception of OSU, UM, and PSU who unfortunately are all in the east with IUFB. With a few game breakers, as you suggest, 3.25 to 3.5 might be enough to pick off maybe a win or two every 5 years with each of the big 3 as a place to start seriously closing the gap.

        1. Rivals and 247 ratings at the level IU recruits are notoriously subjective.One currently has IU as #5 in the Big 10 based on player ratings while the other has us as 9th. That’s a wide swing, and the more respected of the two is the latter. The point is that ratings only matter to fans scoring at home, bit they don’t impact program building. Pursuing and getting better players impacts program building, and IU is still not close to where they need to be. That said, a few difference makers can go a long way, and that’s where we must be better, along with the D and O lines. We’ve done decently on one but are still lagging on the other, so development there will have to win the day.

          1. BD,
            I agree that the rating of HS players is much more an art than a science, I tend to go with rivals much more than the other rating services. Mainly because they have stuck to what their doing for a very long time. I actually thought Scout was much better before the 247 buyout. As for the other option, everything they do is agenda driven (mainly what puts money in their pocket), so I tend to discount the 4 letter network considerably. I agree that the rating services are not the true measure of what can be achieved with a particular young athlete.

            I think the far bigger measure is whether or not the build and skill set fit the system they are being recruited to. In that sense, TA & Staff have been very disciplined in recruiting specific body types to accomplish that task. If the ratings are any measure, they do show the potential that the caliber of preferred body types and skill sets may be improving.

  41. V13, we are in agreement.

    And the most important position IU’s coaching staff needs to recruit is at QB. No other position has the potential to alter the outcome of a game against a more talented and deeper team. That’s why I believe TA deserves great credit for the job he has done upgrading the talent and depth of IU’s QB room. If Penix stays healthy this season, IU has the potential to upset one or two of the East Conference powerhouses.

    But beyond that, and over the future, the Hoosier Nation needs to reward the team for it’s improvement by increasing support. When this COVID-19 is under control, the Hoosier Nation needs to start filling Memorial Stadium for every home game. Whne we do that, it will make all the easier for TA and staff to improve recruiting.

  42. I’m thinking the wild card here is the COVID-19. IU football, IU Men’s and Women’s basketball all have the making of a potential season to remember. Especially the Women’s team.

    Than you read Clemson’s football team has 20+ players showing positive test for the virus. The NBA/Disney idea not looking too good now. Five MLB teams closing training camp in the last 10 days. Add IU will receive $38 M less $$s from the state this year.

    Hate the idea that the virus could have, and probably will have some type of negative effect on such a promising season for IU athletics. And before someone downplays the impact of this virus, my daughter-in-law had a brief struggle with it ( with an $82,000 hospital bill) and I know 3 people who have died from it. Guess that ‘virus will disappear in April when it warms up’ comment has been retracted or ignored.

    1. Ron,
      I meant to respond to your comments earlier. While no one should take the virus lightly, there is a question which must be answered. Which will cost more lives, staying open or locking down? I think the potential costs of staying locked down in terms of lost lives has been vastly under reported.

  43. Ron, I recently read an article that suggested that having few or no fans inside Big Ten stadiums will benefit IU FB more than most other Big Ten Schools because IU’a players are not used to playing in front of a lot of fans in their home games. Kind of an interesting silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The college FB players testing positive for the virus now will be well recovered and immune by the time the season is supposed to start. And I doubt any of them will suffer severe symptoms. Young and normally healthy people, with few exceptions, seem to deal with COVID-19 as they would a bad flu.

  44. IndyStar.com just published an article on IU FB Coaches’ new two year contracts and salaries. Key assistants were well rewarded and some of the new guys should be very pleased. Overall, IU’s coaching compensation budget was pretty much the same as last season’s budget. When our former $800K OC left for Fresno, it allowed TA to spread the difference between $800K and Sheridan’s $450K around to other position coaches, thereby reducing the risk of key position coaches getting easily poached. Overall, I think TA and the AD did a great job with the FB Coaches’ Compensation budget, and it should allow TA to keep his staff in tact for at least the next two seasons.

    Never say never when schools like Alabama, Clemson, MI and PSU can afford to pay FB coaches huge money, but at least none of our coaches should feel as if they are grossly under-paid.

  45. I agree Po. It’s the knee-jerk response from College Administration and politicians that is the concern.

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