IU picked to finish fourth in B1G East

Indiana has placed a solid fourth in the Big Ten East in Cleveland.com’s annual preseason media poll.

The poll, released Friday morning, has Ohio State as the near-unanimous favorite to win the league. The Buckeyes received 33 of 34 first-place votes in the East (237 voting points), with the other going to Penn State (204).

IU (134 points) found itself behind OSU, PSU, and Michigan (169) in the poll. But that put the Hoosiers well ahead of the fifth-place team, Michigan State (94 points).

Maryland (76) and Rutgers (38) rounded out the East.

In the West, Wisconsin received 19 first place votes, while Minnesota received the other 14. Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue, Northwestern, and Illinois were behind the two frontrunners.

Of course, this is just a preseason poll. Last year, the media picked Michigan as its favorite to win the Big Ten East, and OSU instead swept through the league in dominant fashion. Nebraska and Iowa were the dual favorites in the West, and they finished fifth and third, respectively, in 2019.

Nonetheless, this year’s poll does mark an improvement in IU’s preseason stock compared to 2019. Last year, the Hoosiers (86.5 points) were fifth behind MSU (156) and PSU (154) in the poll.

For the full poll, click here.


  1. Same old peanuts and crumbs equal projections, forecasts, and hope. Stormy weather ahead with hopes it doesn’t turn into a tornado, cyclone, or hurricane. Instead, just that the drought may continue and rain showers may bring more life to IU football season and program.

  2. Recently read Phil Steele picks IUFB over Meatchicken on the road. I cannot remember a time in 60+ years that prediction ever being made by an analyst. Not even in ’67’.

  3. Best projections are from movie projectors. My dad used to have an 8mm Bell & Howell….There was once a day when this was the preferred way to watch family movies, film or football highlights in the form of a “projection” onto a screen.

    The movie ‘Best of Times’ featuring Robin Williams (Jack Dundee) and Kurt Russell (Reno Hightower) has a great opening scene of Jack Dundee hiding in the attic, using the family movie projector, while watching a high school football highlight of a rather painful/momentous game in his lifetime.

    Most old projectors also have built-in fans. Now we don’t need projectors or fans. Not even sure if we need nostalgia, mythical/legendary figures, heartbreak, redemption or seats where “fans” live out the ups and downs

  4. oops…

    where “fans,” ranging from the hopeful of youngest heart to the seasoned old-timer, will live out the ups and downs…. and roller coaster rides of life vicariously through their adored teams and heroic figures . Each fan will have the opportunity to shed a tear or erupt in cheer as the reshaping of their own history can be unleashed in imaginary or rewritten chapters of their own lives playing out on the field/court.

  5. Speaking of fans, I think society could have a lawsuit against the NBA. It sure is a sickness in society and is extremely detrimental creating beyond extraordinary damages.

    1. t. In my humble opinion a combination of the plague, shortened or eliminated seasons for the NBA/NFL, a year of disinterest, widespread limited discretionary spending and the pro-China,…anti American diatribe being put out by management and players will likely be felt a great deal in 2021 and beyond. Salary packages will have to be adjusted creating even more internal discontent. These clowns might be putting themselves out of business altogether. It’s similar to a Cat 5 huuricane tethering 200 miles off of a cosstline. It’s hitting…but exactly when, where and how hard is still unknown.

  6. Where can you find sesame bat wings on a menu?

    Answer: HouliHuanan’s

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