IU reports 4 test positive for COVID-19 in latest round of screening

In its latest COVID-19 screening update, Indiana athletics reported four tests have returned positive for the disease.

Those four positives were part of 112 tests for players, coaches, and staff during the timeframe of June 24-July 8, according to a Friday afternoon release. In its first round of screening, IU reported zero positives in 187 tests.

IU athletes began officially returning to campus for voluntary workouts a month ago, with football resuming activities on June 15. Men’s and women’s basketball followed three days later.

In total, IU has now tested 299 times and had these four positive results. The other 295 were negative.

“Per its recommendations, each positive test results in isolation until further notice and contact tracing measures are established to detect additional individuals who are considered close contacts and may have been exposed to the virus,” IU’s release said. “These close contact individuals are also quarantined until further notice.”

The release does not say exactly which sport those individuals are associated with.

More sports began voluntary workouts this week, including women’s soccer on Monday and volleyball on Wednesday. Men’s soccer and field hockey are slated to resume activities on Monday and Wednesday of next week, respectively.

The only other sport scheduled to return prior to the resumption of school is cross country on Aug. 18. IU’s fall semester is expected to begin on Aug. 24.

IU athletics is officially in “Phase Two” of its reboot of activities, which began June 29. In that second phase, the number of participants that could be on a practice field or court or in a weight room increased. Athletes in the same cohort were also allowed to begin passing balls to each other.

All workouts are voluntary, and both IU and the Big Ten have emphasized that athletes will not lose their scholarship if they choose not to compete due to COVID-19 concerns.

COVID-19 test results have varied nationally. For instance, Big Ten counterpart Michigan also reported Friday that it’s had four tests come back positive out of 375 administered. Yesterday, Wisconsin reported seven positives out of 428.

At other schools, numbers have been much higher. By the end of June, Clemson had 43 student-athletes testing positive. This week, Ohio State paused its voluntary workouts because of an unspecified number of positive tests.


  1. Many in our workforce are still locked down at home to minimize spread and minimize risk’/rate of spread. If it is non-essential and can be done from home, many companies (some with overwhelmingly younger populations) are still implementing work from home with no end in sight.

    Those precautions and demands juxtaposed against the imperative need to take any sort of chances at increasing spread/spikes in communities so we can simply have/watch college athletics during a pandemic nowhere near contained or moving in the right direction?

    Just don’t see it happening. But I would love to see IU Football compete in a robust schedule against only conference teams (possibly nine or ten games if the non-conference patsies scratched is actually filled in with more Big10 opponents).
    That’s something I’d imagine we’re all wishing to see. Pandemic aside (pretend it’s not there as our Bunion in Chief) are some of our most ardent IU Football fans actually looking forward to that sort of schedule?
    This will be a true barometer to measure IU Football ….given we can maintain a safe environment and keep them locked in a bubble for 3 months.
    But then there is the old proverb, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

    My hope is the only “spikes” will be in the form of unsportsmanlike conduct flags after end zone celebrations as our explosive “spread” offense puts up multiple touch downs against a very Covid depleted Buckeye team with most their first team in quarantine. Magic Kingdom isn’t the only place a Covid dream can come true….
    We can dream opponents get more spikes shortly before facing us on their schedule, then maybe we get more spikes (as in touch down unsportsmanlike variety)?

    Did I mention the Big10 Zebra Job Fair? 18-23 year old virgin zebras with barely a whistle wet and no underlying conditions: APPLY NOW! I wonder how many zebras will throw their mask accidentally instead of a flag? And who gets the honor to wipe down those cloth box enclosures inside the replay review thingamajigs? “The ruling on the field stands. It was a completed catch…of an invisible catch of Covid. FIRST DOWN! in the hospital in 10 days! Wait, further saliva spray review has also shown unnecessary spitting by number 52 during the tackle. 15 yard penalty and loss of tongue!”

    Of course, there are also volleyball “spikes”….But who cares about volleyball. Non-essential sports are expendable. Football is a game of gladiators and we will have football…spikes or no spikes..shoes, end zone celebrations…or that other thing no worse than a mosquito bite…. from a mosquito carrying a deadly virus!

  2. Ok H4H,

    I’m going to throw you a reality lifeline even though I am sure BD and others would just as soon I allow you to drown in your own rhetoric. How long do you want to remain closed down? Until we have a vaccine or a cure? What if we can’t find one? Do you want to remain closed down forever?

    We are now a century past the Spanish Flu epidemic and we still do not have a cure. We have a lot of people running around with the illusion that we can continue to hide in our bunkers indefinitely and everything will be fine. No, everything will not be fine. Unfortunately, we have no way of predicting exactly when we will have pushed this too far, but rest assured when it happens it won’t be pretty.

    If we do not get our economy back going pretty soon, we will run out of other people’s money and then things will get very ugly. If we don’t get our society, and that especially includes sports, back running quickly we are about one well-placed provocation away from you finding out just what a lot of people fear will happen.

    1. Much of the economy is still open. Unemployment is less than 20%. Europe is now open after controlling the virus there. The US national policy is a joke. That could be fixed in weeks.

      1. BP,
        You need to broaden your base of information. The US has a very cogent national policy, but unfortunately has several large state governors who have their own ideas. Sadly, their ideas turned out to be very deadly, but they had their own ideas.

        1. Now condescension at BP. Everyone needs to broaden their horizons who doesn’t offer up what you want to hear. You call that an “edge?” That’s not an edge. That’s a blunt instrument of I’m right, you’re wrong.

          Those governors didn’t have their own ideas. They were followers of the Bunion in Chief who was going against all recommendations of the CDC. It’s no coincidence he’s had no communications with Fauci for 6 weeks.
          He’ll undermine anyone who gets in the way of winning an election. It’s not about lives. It’s not about the economy. It’s certainly not about getting churches open and praying. It’s about holding pure unchecked power.

          With all the outbreaks/spikes of Covid in the South, it’s no wonder they have such good football. Too many concussions creating a lack of commonsense? Gladiator mentality? Maybe it’s also all of the overweight populations and beer bellies? “We have nothing to fear, but running out of beer?” Whatever the case may be, the football states are really ‘hiking’ up the numbers.
          Ironic…The football states will be the reason for no football. Texas of all places may have no Friday Night lights. They South fumbled Covid more than Rex Grossman at a Super Bowl. Sad.

        2. Cogent National Policy??? what rock are you living under?? What we’ve heard from our president (yes there is video/audio… not made up, not fake news) is “COVID is hoax”, “it’ll be gone by Summer”, then it was “we’ll let the states decide”, now it’s “the schools must open” but without any measures in place from the Dept. of Education. Those countries with truly strong National leadership and a truly cogent policy have this under control… oh and they are led by women in case you didn’t notice. The only truly cogent policy from this president and his enablers has been their very clear messages on “white nationalism”.

          1. On the bright side, now that FeverFan has weighed in, I actually have been granted a “point of view.” lol.


          2. Oh good H4H!!!!

            So you hear that buzzing sound too! I was beginning to worry that it all might be imaginary, you know, like the attic fire . . .

          3. What do you call Trump’s most loyal circle of supporters?

            Answer: Bunion Rings!

            Trump missed Vietnam, but he did stay one step ahead as a foot soldier during Brooklyn’s 1968 Bubonic Bunion Plague.

          4. Though dodging the draft, Trump never protested against the Vietnam war.
            He was actually part of the “Me Shoe Too Tight” movement.

            Before becoming a real estate developer, Trump actually dreamed of being a lumberjack. He felt he had much in common with the great Paul Bunion. Some of that legacy lives on the multiple ways he’ll give anyone the axe.

        3. You know I could have sworn I heard something buzzing around on this board. I would say that whatever that buzzing sound was needed to broaden its information sources, but H4H would get mad at me again, saying I was being condescending. The parroted tired talking points based on half-truths and innuendo really do get old.

          1. H4H,
            Do you really not understand sarcasm that doesn’t come from your point of view?


            Do you think Biden is losing his cognitive “edge?”


          3. Well I guess that was about all I could expect as an answer to my question about you being able to understand sarcasm that doesn’t come from your point of view.

            Obviously not

          4. Look who’s taking bait now?
            Yes, it was sarcasm at a time the country needs serious leadership rather than giving a crowd of your most radical supporters aiding in the spread of Covid some sh__ts and giggles. Meanwhile, put Fauci in a closet for two months because Dr. Bunions has everything under control. Hey, Commander in Bunions, if everything is under control, then go mingle and shake some hands in that crowd. You’ve got Secret Service. “Nothing to fear, but fear itself.”


  3. Oh, you’ve teamed up with BD (along with his superiority complex and condescension)…He is a bad boy. I understand the strategy in teaming up, but It’s so damn cute. Do you pick up his blanket when he drops it, too?

    What would be the point of offering anymore of my thoughts? You are right. I am wrong. It’s really all your brain wants to hear (along with that arrogant bozo you’re blanketing).

    Let me know when you actually care what I think…rather than you’re demeaning claims of “jester” for everything I write. I won’t hold by breath.
    Until then, it’s really not a debate and I’m just here so I don’t get fined….or is it found?

    1. H4H,

      First, you know that BD and me have had our own set of disagreements, just like we all have had with each other at one time or another.

      Secondly, you know full well if there is anything which appears to be condescension to anyone, it was certainly unintentional on my part.

      Finally, you just filibustered your way around the obvious points which were made.

      1. I’m going to throw you a reality lifeline even though I am sure BD and others would just as soon I allow you to drown in your own rhetoric.

        Throw me a reality lifeline? Drown in your own rhetoric? Nah, none of that sounds condescending.

        Might as well filibuster when that’s an opening posture. You’ve already taken your assumption of superiority. Dare I say, you and blanket-bro are also “drowning” in something?

  4. Britney Spears would be proud. Oops!.. I did it again.

    rather than you’re [your] demeaning claims of “jester” for everything I write.

    Demean on.

    You know what’s wrong with this country? It’s far worse than what Covid will ever bring. It’s lost its humility. It’s lost its decency. We have a president who bragged of grabbing a young lady by the _____. Start there with your doom and gloom. That’s more than a hideous virus. Decency and example shouldn’t require a vaccine.

    1. You know H4H, I believe your losing your edge.

      I always looked at you as a dedicated non- conformist, but then I remembered something. The easiest people to manipulate into conformity are the the non-conformist, just like the easiest people to manipulate are manipulators. All one has to do is find the right set of biases to feed to someone’s own biases and they fall right into place. Proof positive is your continual usage of all the tired narratives to attack the current resident of the WH, deserved or not.

      Funny thing is, history records another resident of the WH who had as much vitriolic half-truths thrown at him as the current resident. It finally escalated beyond just the hatred into something far worse. Not saying the current resident is on par with the one elected in 1860, but history does have a way of repeating itself. Especially when you try to destroy and rewrite it to suite your present needs.

  5. H4H, we lost decency long ago when the 1960s and 70s. The groups back then destroyed decency in many ways even though even though I was very young I wasn’t against many of them saying what they wanted. It was the ones destroying places putting bombs in buildings killing people, etc. Clinton wasn’t very decent as news has come through whether while President or when going on trips with Epstein. The days of decency are long gone for now but we can keep things decency ourselves. Not attacking each other and just giving different ideas we have.

    I think this virus points out how our society is so timid any more. We have become afraid of life – it includes death, and too many want to just be safe every day while ignoring things that kill people every day any way. This is just my opinion but as I have pointed out before it could just be my approach to life as I volunteered into the Marines. Our society is so much in a bubble compared to other places in the world, I think it distorts our ideas about the way to live any more.

  6. What does the “ groups from 1960-70’s mean”? The Weathermen? The Uninomber? Or the white survivalists like Timothy Mc Veigh (1980’s)? Why start in 1960? The KKK from 1880’s until now. The US has always had violent groups!

    1. BP,
      You are absolutely correct, the US has always had violent groups. Quite a few came in the 1960’s and early 70’s. We’ve seen everything from the KKK to the Weathermen to the SLA. Riddle me this, what do a great number of these variant groups have in common?

      1. Well, at least two of the three had ties to Big 10 schools (and the third likely did, though less prominently).

          1. I get that they’re all extremist organizations, each with some incredibly disturbing ideas regarding society and who’s to blame for all of the ills of it and coupled with a violent set of tactics they’re all too eager to utilize to achieve their warped objectives.

    2. The 1960s and 70s came after a generation of returning WWII vets and citizens sick of war and upheaval. They weren’t perfect but civil compared to other generations. The 60s and 70s saw a rise of violent groups to try and take power from what they saw as an evil society [most marxist see our society that way]. There were too many groups back then to list them all but don’t forget the SLA, Puerto Rican terrorist that bombed congress, SDS, Black Panthers, Weathermen,etc. Yes there have always been individuals/groups in the USA but since the late 1880s and early 1900s the groups haven’t been about overthrowing our gov’t/system like the early anarchist wanted to do.

      In a young country that developed law as settlers spread out, it is no wonder we have had violent groups throughout our history. After all, our country was founded on the premise that slavery would exist but be phased out; which caused major conflicts leading to war between the states. We have had issues between big money in the East with workers, farmers, and land owners. Marxist and Anarchist were very active in the early 1900s.

  7. The most horrific and systemic violence rarely makes the 10 o’clock news.

    Compared to domestic violence, sex trafficking, and child abuse/abandonment, those “groups” deemed as threats to peaceful society are Chicken Little.
    Most of the beyond sick ilk live in the underworld of street violence and protective money. Enter Jeffrey Epstein as a tip of that horrific iceberg.

    The ’60s and ’70s was tame compared to the traffickers and animals in suits and ties now. Counterculture and the visible protests can’t touch that sort of evil.

    1. H4H, I agree with you about the sex traffic , street violence, domestic abuse, and child abuse. With the ones that went with Epstein -Prince Andrew, Clinton and others were raping very young girls but prosecutors ignored it for decades. Mothers and any fathers should have pushed for getting him prosecuted. If I was one of the fathers and prosecutors didn’t prosecutors I would have killed him and Maxwell.

      Too many of our politicians and labor union people in high level of the union are crooked and steal money from us. Don’t ignore the violent groups in the 60s and 70s that were burning and bombing buildings killing people. I have never had a problem with people peacefully protesting even if I disagree with them.

  8. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” ………… Ben Franklin

  9. “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
    ― James Madison

    “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”
    ― James Madison

    1. H4H,

      Assuming these outstanding quotations you cite are accurate, and I have no reason to believe they are not, and assuming they represent beliefs shared by yourself, I find it to be quite amazing. You pontificate at great length regarding the needs to operate in a safe manner as pertaining to the COVID-19, but look the other way when long-cherished freedoms are abridged in the name of safety. The problem is what you may consider prudent measures with COVID 19 others may not, and what other may consider prudent measures in other instances, you may not agree with. Therein lies the problem, we see governing officials around the country rein in civil liberties with reckless abandon in the name of safety, but turn a blind eye to rioting and protesting. In some cases even applauding their riotous activities.

      Now I know your immediate reaction will be to claim that once again tai is being condescending. However, if I were to walk by you home and notice it was on fire, would you have a problem with me alerting you to this? Yet when I periodically mention that your logical house has smoke coming out of the attic, all of the sudden, I’m being condescending. I happen to think your Madison quotations are outstanding and a lesson to us all, which I hope we both share.

      Here’s where the kicker comes in. Having spent far too many years dealing with the regulatory environment, I can tell you those quotations were very prescient warnings from a very long time ago. The amount of freedoms being abridged, as described by President Madison, through the regulatory process are appalling. Here’s the real funny thing regarding your logical house. Despite your obvious distaste for the current resident of the WH, he has been a tireless advocate for the removal of the onerous amount of unnecessary regulations (not the necessary ones, but the unfounded ones) found in this country. However you may not realize that his predecessor placed the already overbearing regulatory process he inherited on steroids.

      Here’s another little logical issue I noticed. There has been much discussion about how these kids wanting to play ball are basically just teenagers who are being blinded by monetary interests and can’t make informed decisions. Funny thing, no one seems to think these 18 year old kids are too young to vote. Who and what to vote for is an arena where the pressures to act against one’s best interests are much higher than the pressures of where and when to play ball. Yet no one seems to think that 18 year old kids can’t make a responsible political decision, we even have some in congress proposing we lower the voting age to 16!

      Don’t give me the argument that these kids don’t appreciate that they might carry the virus home to a vulnerable individual. Nothing defines vulnerable any better than senior citizens in nursing homes having positive COVID 19 patients forced into their facilities by governing officials who may well have been elected by some of these 18 year old kids. I’m not picking on you or the 18 year old kids in this country, to the contrary, I applaud your usage of an outstanding pair of quotes attributed to President Madison, and consider them an outstanding selection for usage in this discussion on your part. What I am saying is we have to carry everything to their logical conclusions, and sometimes, those conclusions may well challenge closely held beliefs.

  10. “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
    ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince
    tags: philosophy
    “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
    ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

  11. I disagree with your take on regulations TAI. Maybe a momentary TIA ? Placing a self-appointed anti –environmentalist in charge of all public land? Turning aside clean water act ? Changing the regs to allow a chemical banned in most industrial countries? And not just national negative impact but here in Indiana. Examples; Large industrial pig farm approved by the state legislature on one of the remaining clean rivers and flows through a state park. Now it is a felony to take photos of livestock packing houses. Trying to think how much in donation those two took. More local, the child cancer cluster in Franklin In. from prior manufacturing. In Martinsville a dry cleaners was dumping waste water behind their building leading to the city water supply contaminating the well and leaching two miles into residential areas. Now super-fund listed for cleanup for the last 8/10 years. I have no trust in corporations self policing any thing and with current administration no fear of wrong doing. Small business type operations dealing with approvals and bureaucracy. OK. give them a break. but then you run into issues like Martinsville. What a messed up country we have at the moment. Both parties are going the wrong direction IMO, But we only have ourselves to blame,

  12. you guys speak and talk of Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Safety, while a young man (Indiana University student) was nearly lynch about 15 miles from campus while visiting a state park….which most Indiana University student do, provide they have the means or funds to visit the state park. Someone spoke earlier that we need sports….No, we do not need sports….we enjoy sports and other forms of entertainment..but we do not need sports….the rich billionaires/owners found a way to make a profit from sports…The Ivy league has cancelled their football seasons and most other sports program do you see anybody jumping off a bridge….NO…because they are not committed to sports financially like other Universities. As much as I like sports with the Covid 19 and the civil unrest going on no sports is fine.

  13. IU79, You act like those of us that love freedom, liberty, and justice don’t hate what happened to that student and hope the ones involved are prosecuted as someone trying to murder a person.

    No we don’t need sports but others do that count on it for their livelihood. There are many businesses, vendors, and others that need sports to return while the wealthy owners will do just fine without them. The players and coaches that have committed themselves to their sport also need for them to return. The camera people/all the behind the scene people, writers, and broadcasters need the games to come back. There are many people that need sports to come back despite the image and idea that sports aren’t really needed.

  14. My “logical house has smoke coming out of the attic?”
    That’s funny…and, once again, it’s an insult to intelligence because I’m not holding your viewpoint.
    Have you considered the attic space being empty? Possibly lots of hardening cobwebs? Maybe it’s where I store all my skeletons? Maybe there’s a oil painting; a self-portrait of a jester hideously transforming as a representation of my rotting soul?

    I think your attic access is locked. You may have a secret safe which holds all of your vulnerabilities. Or, if the attic contains mind and logic, then what part of the human body is the basement? I’m walking by your house and I see smoke creeping out the cracks of your basement windows. I guess you could say your logic is locked away in vulnerabilities and you’re blowing smoke out your ass. Maybe you left a can of ‘Kings’ford next to your furnace and the cat toppled it over? No worries…I’ll still try to save you and the cat….but I ain’t coming through the basement nor taking the time to lug that heavy safe made by EGO Industries down from the attic.

    Quotes can prove they mean completely different things to different people. I read them as prophetic to the growing threat to our balance of powers. A president who bullies, fires, pardons while destroying the credibility of all cherished institutions. “The Supreme Court doesn’t like me.” A president who undermines the press (Fake NEWS!) and perpetuates anything not fulfilling his agenda of moving power to his center. Discredit, discredit…discredit. Undermine, undermine…undermine. It’s a level of phony delusional narcissism attached to power which our Founding Fathers feared most. Not fear of war. Not feat of death. Not fear of protest. Not fear of failure. Not fear of vulnerability. Not fear of illness finding no cure. Fear of losing the fragile balance.
    A logical fear of a leader who craves to be king; the pure definition of tyranny as the “silent encroachment” is in the slick and oily hands of a hunger for self-infatuation and power which will undermine the balance of a fragile document which only survives in good faith, honor and decency. The document and a Bill of Rights penned by Madison will soon be deemed to be as “fake” as the undermined press and the undermined institutions serving as foundations of America are delegitimized….slowly and quietly one tweet and one rally at a time in the most egregious of bad faith.

  15. We absolutely need sports in this country. And ironically, the people who need sports the most are people categorized as “underprivileged” or minorities. The biggest money-making sports are the ones that allow a lot of otherwise underprivileged people to climb out of poverty. College FB and BB, which pays for all the other non-revenue-generating college varsity sports, allow thousands of underprivileged men and women in this country, who otherwise would never get a college education, to have the opportunity to get a good education (emphasis on the word “opportunity”). FB, BB and to a lessor extent Baseball also provide the opportunity for many underprivileged men and women to become wealthy as a result of careers in professional sports or as a result of getting an education that they would otherwise not be able to acquire!

    I watch the NFL Draft every year, from the first round through the last round. My wife asks me why I “waste” so much time watching that three-day show. My answer is that I love watching dozens of young men become multi-millionaires and many more having the opportunity to become wealthy. You can see how that event changes their lives, and the lives of their families, in such a profound way. And it’s not hard to imagine many young people watching it and becoming inspired to duplicate that success in the future. It’s inspirational and beautiful! What happens to those men, and their families, if professional football and basketball disappears? Unless he’s an idiot (and he’s clearly not), Patrick Mahomes’ family, his parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will never have to worry about poverty. LeBron James, who was clearly underprivileged growing up, will never have to worry about poverty for the future generations of his family. And there are thousands of other examples I could reference. Sports and our Capitalistic system, has given those two men, and thousands of others like them, the opportunity to change their family’s trajectory and quality of life for generations to come. That’s a great and beautiful thing, and the least well-off in our society need it the most. It must be protected and perpetuated for all the obvious reasons.

  16. The biggest money-making sports are the ones that allow a lot of otherwise underprivileged people to climb out of poverty

    False premise…One percent of one percent of one percent held up as “success stories” while those in power rest complacently in the rigged system perpetuating the deterioration of inner cities and institutionalized poverty. Sports serves as a happy diversion where owners and a narrow, competition-free, entertainment clan of limited outlets and cable companies reap billions while those stuck in the stagnancy (1/100 percent actually escape the ravages of poverty to play a sport) of limited opportunity and real wage growth find distraction and outlets of fantasy.

  17. And what we need is the NBA to get their filthy mitts far away from amateur sports. Their hunger perpetuates everything contrary to education and the values of team pursuits. They foster the individualization and self-infatuation culture infecting like an out-of-control virus in a “me first” world. It turns everything into the highest bidder for the grandest prima donna.
    Thankful we now have a basketball coach who isn’t brainwashed and absorbed with the “me first” mission and the brothel of “draft night” as the salient reason to put on a college uniform.
    There are tremendous joys in sports that begin long before it thickens a wallet (e.g. playing deep into tournaments, playing collectively stronger than any individual parts, perseverance with teammates over “fear” of losing out on the big “next level” contract, irreplaceable memories, valuing a real education over “ghost classes”, reuniting with teammates, cherishing the name on the school on the jersey and the fostered friendships which will last a lifetime).

  18. And if we do “need” sports, it’s for the reasons noted in the final paragraph; reasons abandoned long ago because the profit and greed motive has destroyed anything of lasting or endearing importance once a tribute to amateur athletics.
    A dollar doesn’t have the same purity of fearless power in achieving excellence for the sake of excellence. It will find pathways of least resistance. It will corrupt the “excellence” into merely being a synonym for self-infatuation.

  19. I thought that “attic” comment would get a rise out of you H4H,

    I said to myself when I posted it, “If this doesn’t rattle Jester’s cage, I’ll turn in my specially designed bait hook that I use for my good friend H4H.” Fortunately, you didn’t disappoint and a got a great laugh on your responses. Not going to take the time to respond, as your response was all I was looking for. However, I do have some comments for your posse in the matter.

    As for Ron, your comments remind me of something Ted Koppel said nearly 40 years ago to a progressive guest who had just been “hoisted with his own petard” by a non-progressive opposing guest. To my amazement Koppel quipped the old adage, “I guess it is all a matter of whose ox is being gored.” What I mean by this Ron is, “For every anecdotal story you come up with in support of your position, I can come up with multiple stories supporting unbelievable amounts of regulatory excess.” Only problem is we would probably wind up in one of those contests with neither convincing the other.

    One last thing for IU79, we don’t all need to get apoplectic over what may or may not have occurred down at the reservoir just yet. It wouldn’t be the first time a video clip had been edited to advance a certain narrative one way or the other. Not saying it didn’t happen but apparently the accused have lawyered up and are preparing to mount a most vigorous defense in the matter. Could be interesting, hope it doesn’t turn out to be another phony incident, as such actions damage the prosecution of legitimate incidents beyond the imagination.

    1. The “accused” can just hope for John Cougar connections….Justice will be served.

      Bloomington: Safest town in America. And what political advantage made it necessary to take down the posters of the female student from NYC who simply disappeared off the streets?

    2. Also gave you a friendly piece of bait to find agreement, but you’re so wrapped up in being right about opening up sports now that you failed to find a truce of sort.

      Thankful we now have a basketball coach who isn’t brainwashed and absorbed with the “me first” mission and the brothel of “draft night” as the salient reason to put on a college uniform.

      But, hey, I tried ….

  20. No cage rattled, partner. My bait for you was set earlier when I told you of all that condescension you have locked in the ‘safe’ place…lol.

    1. Awww, this is too much fun H4H,

      You know we’ve got to amuse ourselves somehow, what else are we going to do? As for the olive branch of TLC, the gesture is much appreciated. Maybe they’ll come with an article for you and me about the attributes of returning to a single class HS BB tournament again in Indiana.

      As for the ugly bit about the Lake Monroe incident, I suggest we leave it for the courts to sort out. I don’t want justice denied on either side, so I’ll agree to leave that issue alone for a while. Hopefully, everyone else will too, at least until we have something more definitive than accusations flying back and forth by both sides of that particular issue.

      Sure do wish we could safely get sports back so we wouldn’t have to go to such extreme measures to entertain ourselves.

      1. I’m Ted Koppel and this ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..is Nightline.

        Just glad you quoted Koppel and not ‘The Love Connection.’

      2. Narrowing the scope of the IHSAA basketball tournaments from multiple classes and returning to one all-inclusive tournament does seem like a wise move during a pandemic.
        Fewer sites…Less spread. Less busing. Fewer school systems converging on Indy. Less time spent at Bankers Life to play multiple tournament title games throughout a weekend.

        Sure makes damn good sense to me.

        1. You know H4H . . .

          That’s a great idea, the COVID-19 might present an opportunity to right a terrible wrong played out on Indiana HS basketball. Your suggestion meets all the criteria for why such a move is necessary. Let’s see how serious the powers that be are about this virus.

  21. Saying we (our society) don’t need sports is like saying we don’t need art, the motion picture industry, the music-recording industry, television, broadway plays, the internet or any other industry that involves entertaining and inspiring the masses. We don’t “need” Las Vegas and the legal gambling industry, but millions of people make their living from it and many millions more enjoy the entertainment value. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend, but it’s a really stupid argument.

    Maybe the word “need” is the issue. I guess it depends on how you define “need.” We’d don’t “need” sports like we need air, water, shelter and food, but unless you’re heading down that rabbit-hole or making some inane philosophical argument, we absolutely need sports, art, music and many other forms of entertainment/distraction. They’re all industries, and they provide jobs to millions and millions of people in this country and real economic power to many who would never otherwise have any.

    1. To a guy who couldn’t get enough of Tom Crean, you fail at finding the “art” in sport.

      Yes, we’ve built “industries” on throwing money down toilets to enrich a few holding the keys. We’ve built nothing other than cities and websites of addictions (add pornography and the $$$ that industry makes to what we “need”). We produce less and less other than addicted masses blowing their tiny tiny penny jar of disposable income.
      We have a revolving door of giant office spaces empty and begging to be leased while most our goods our built overseas or south of the border. We inventory more and more car lots until busting at the seams and inventory clothing stores until they can hold no more on racks. There’s nothing healthy in the economy other than fantasy, pornography, addiction and an iPhone store. Wall Street pimps is our economy.

  22. Off-topic (but Covid related)…I’m sure most of you are familiar with that tape/soundbite of Trump yelling “SLOW THE TESTING DOWN PLEASE!”

    Well, turns out his niece claims it’s a rather funny coincidence. Recounting stories from her father, she claims Uncle Donald yelled the same thing in a privately tutored trial run of an SAT exam over 50 years ago.
    Even the same Pee-wee Herman inflection as well!

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