IU’s Scott named to Doak Walker watch list

For the second year in a row, Indiana running back Stevie Scott has been named to the Doak Walker Award’s preseason watch list.

Scott burst onto the scene in 2018 by setting several program records for a freshman, including yards (1,137), carries (228), and rushing touchdowns (10). He repeated his touchdown total in 2019, though his yards dropped to 845 yards on 50 fewer carries.

Scott missed the final two games — the regular-season finale versus Purdue and the Gator Bowl — due to injury.

Those 2019 numbers were still good enough for Scott to earn a second-team All-Big Ten nod, and now he lands back on the Doak Walker list heading into the 2020 season.

The list of semifinalists for the award will be identified in November and then reduced down to three finalists. A committee will vote again to pick a winner in December.

Heading into 2020, Scott needs just 18 yards to become the 14th Hoosier to reach 2,000. His 20 touchdowns share eighth in IU’s all-time record book.


  1. Good for Scott, it is always nice to be recognized as someone that could win the award. I hope this season Scott shows the next step in his development which would include forcing more missed tackles. I am guessing he will be hard pressed by James which should drive Scott to be even better this season.

    IU’s offense could be exceptional this season if the OL turns into a very good unit. There are are some exceptional athletes at skilled positions and if they excel this year it will be tough on opposing defenses. It will be fun to see how well coach Sheridan does with an offense that is well stocked. It will be a shame if this season doesn’t happen.

  2. V13- How do you think having only conference games will affect the overall perception of Hoosier Football’s improvements in competitiveness

    What would a 2-7 conference record do to the so-called gains made by Allen?\

    Have all the corners turned simply been mirages based very soft non-conference opponents and opportune match-ups with, primarily, lower grade Big10 opponents?

    If the season begins with 3 successive conference losses, does team morale quickly vanish? Can Allen maintain the uptick and positive vibe if we become a punching bag for nearly all conference opponents?

    How will limited fans or no fans affect the product and performance? I’m getting a charge out of how many athletes are discounting the importance of the 6th man/12th man. Maybe that flippancy with regard to needing fans is just more of the manifestation of the “me first” culture as the only thing that counts in sport anymore?
    But do we, Hoosier Football, need that adrenaline rush and vocal support (even in opposition on the road) more than many of the powerhouse teams busting at the seams with talent in our conference?

    You seem definitive in your statements regarding actually having a college football season. I hope you’re right. I am looking forward to truly witnessing where IU Football truly stands among its peers for the first time, possibly…..?….. ever?

    If there is a season, my Hoosier Football prediction will rest in a quote from a movie featuring a character named Clubber Lane.

    1. H4H, I will be more confident of having a football season if schools follow the recommendation of pediatric doctors and open up K-12 schools. That would show that things are moving beyond politics with this virus and make it more likely we will have a football season – no guarantees yet.

      An all conference season will be a good measure of IUFB but it will be a tough road. I think last year’s team showed they moved up into the 2nd tier of the B1G which means if the team has improved from last year’s experience they should have a winning season against teams in the B1G with a couple of upsets of the “big boys”. If IUFB has a season that is a losing system then I have to question the progress that has been made and what more needs to be done. IUFB hasn’t answered those questions yet but I feel good about the team being ready to give us good answers this season.

  3. oops…Sorry for the omission of the question mark at the end of that first sentence.

  4. Two realistic posts. If season happens IU football could get a realistic taste of its progression reality….and if season doesn’t happen it’s a realistic bummer because of what IU football reality could have been.

  5. Even if the season happens this fall, without victories over the originally scheduled non-conference opponents, it is unlikely that IU will produce a winning season. If those non-conference games had remained on schedule, I was confident IU could produce a 7-win season. And maybe eight wins if everything fell into place.

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