Trio of Hoosiers on Maxwell Award list

Indiana landed a trio of players on the initial 90-person watch list for the Maxwell Award announced Friday.

Quarterback Michael Penix Jr., receiver Whop Philyor, and running back Stevie Scott are now officially on the radar for the award, which honors college football’s most outstanding player.

All three are intriguing talents, including the redshirt sophomore quarterback Penix, who threw for 1,394 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2019 despite numerous injuries. His completion percentage of 68.8 was a new single-season record for IU, ranking sixth all-time in Big Ten history.

Philyor was one of Penix and Peyton Ramsey’s favorite targets last season, amassing 70 receptions for 1,002 yards and five touchdowns. He had three games with 10 or more catches, making him one of only 10 players in FBS football to do so in 2019.

Scott, on the other hand, rushed for 845 yards on 178 carries, scoring 10 touchdowns in 2019. He heads into his junior season needing just 18 yards to become the 14th Hoosier all-time with 2,000.

Scott was previously placed on the preseason watch list for the Doak Walker Award, while Philyor has been named to the Biletnikoff list. This is Penix’s first recognition of this preseason.

They join Tiawan Mullen (Bednarik), Peyton Hendershot (Mackey), and Harry Crider (Wuerffel) as nominees.


  1. T, there are many list but the Maxwell is a good one for IU players to make. It shows the improvement in the quality of IU players and I expect we will see more on the list in future seasons. I hope we get to see the IU team this Fall so we can see how well the team plays.

  2. …ya, it’s not like we’ve often seen Hoosiers on the award lists…even mundane recognition lists…more like sporadic…

  3. Only 3 Alabama football players are on this list….We’ve made the big time! Move us to the SEC! Give Allen another raise and a lifetime contract extension! This is a “breakthrough” list! Win Lists Today!

    Maybe it would have been smart to postpone “lists” during a pandemic? Again, just seems a bit tone deaf when the lists of the dead are approaching 150,000 Americans and someone needs to be recognized for their football potential.
    Beauty pageants held in the hallways of a hospital’s overrun ICU would be another good idea to pass the time.
    Another idea to fill empty stadiums and the eyesores of vacant seats in view of an ESPN camera (e..g. behind home plate in MLB games) would be cardboard cutouts of those who have died from the cities of the teams competing. Pipe in organ funeral music because ‘sports cares.’

    Never thought I’d see the day when sports would become so hideously narcissistic as to use cardboard cutouts for replacement fans when so many Americans are suffering and dying. It’s lost its way, folks….When it should be a time to give back, we trivialize the breath, the life, the time given from a precious short day to admire another.
    Cardboard cutouts don’t rest in the coffins of the many fans who once occupied those trivialized seats.
    Schools can open! Put some cardboard teachers in the classrooms. Feed the kids with cardboard cafeteria workers. Bus them with cardboard bus drivers. Exercise them with cardboard PE instructors…Give them after school activities with cardboard coaches and cardboard tutors.

    Are you the money…or are you the ‘cardboard’ of America?

  4. I suppose cardboard cutout students to go along with cardboard cutout teachers and the other cutouts would solve the education normalcy problem.

  5. Pittsburgh area company claims it is developing a system using drones and nozzles to disinfect whole football stadiums in 3 hours. In an earlier post I mentioned flying over stadiums spraying to sanitize them so it wasn’t that far fetched.

  6. Do you disinfect (fly over – crop dust) the stadium after every game…a stadium which will probably only have 1/6 to 1/10 of the fans in the stand if any. With the start of the televised baseball games it will be very interesting to see what their television rating will be. An as far as sticking with baseball tradition, they can take that placing a runner on second base and stick it. They re doing everything to speed the baseball game up for television money….don’t they realize people tune into the game to actually watch “TRUE” baseball…oops maybe we should start doing this in the 7th or 8th inning to keep games from going extra inning.

  7. And taking a knee while the National Anthem is played isn’t going to expand their fan base either. Bowing down to a mob that has been organized by self-described Marxists is bound to turn off a significant portion of the fan base.

      1. Marxists….really!!! It should not really affect their fan base. Isn’t that what everybody wants a quiet orderly protest about social injustice. So Bravo to the young man and gentleman who took a knee.

  8. Disinfecting an entire stadium will not stop the spread of COVID-19 or make any specific environment safer. Touching a surface where the virus exists is harmless (unless you have a cut or abrasion) because people do not get the virus through their skin. It’s when you touch your face (eyes, nose or mouth) with the virus on your hands that you are at risk. So use hand sanitizer after touching anything that could contain the virus and avoid touching your face unless you know your hands are clean.

    Also, sunlight (UV light) is a great disinfectant. I don’t know that the specific data is yet available, but COVID-19 will not survive very long when exposed to direct sunlight. In hospitals, one of the tools used to disinfect hospital rooms are UV light machines. They roll the machine into the room, turn it on and it bombards the entire room with high energy UV light. The light kills all the bugs on surfaces missed by disinfectant sprays.

  9. A bit ironic that the football team ‘would’ come into the season off of a solid bowl appearance, respect from the pre-season mags and multiple personnel on various pre-season achievement lists,…….with the stark reality that there might not be a season. If they do play, no cupcakes and even less, in stadium butts in the seat. How I-you-ish.
    LEO. Just not too close.

  10. Yes, I can see the sports page opinion columns now, “Oh, what might have been!”

  11. A season consisting of only conference games…? I must eat my vegetables? Broccoli and nasty nutrition instead of being a good boy for eating my first course of cupcakes to get to a second tier dessert bowl of gummy bears and fruit loops? And I still have to consume one bite of real competition between the vegetables? Blasphemy!

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