IU advertising fan cutouts for Memorial Stadium stands

Do you really, really want to go to Indiana football games this season?

Well, you still can’t physically go, because the Big Ten is not allowing fans at football games this fall.

But if you really, really, really want to be represented at Memorial Stadium — some way, somehow — there is an option.

IU is advertising “Hoosier Fan Cutouts,” via the web site FanCutouts.com, that will be placed in the North and South End Zones for the 2020 season. The lowest price is $60 for the “standard” package, which is just a cutout with a personalized message at the bottom.

There are two other cutout packages, for $75 and $100, which give fans the opportunity to win prizes. At the $75 price point, fans can win an Adidas regulation football (one per game) if an IU field goal or extra point hits the cutout.

The $100 “premium” package comes with a myriad of benefits: an individual photo of your cutout in the stadium, emailed to you; the cutout will be featured on IU Athletics social media channels; and entry into a drawing for Tom Allen signed footballs. Also, premium cutouts will be signed by Allen and mailed back after the season.

There are discounts if you buy multiple cutouts. It’s $10 off an additional cutout, or $20 off each additional cutout with a purchase of three, or $25 off each additional when buying four, and so on.

Cutouts can be of a fan, or their pet(s). Proceeds from the sale of cutouts goes to Indiana University Athletics and the IU Varsity Club. The cutouts will be handled by HardingPoorman Group, commercial printers in Indianapolis.

There are some basic rules:

  1. No commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans or other branding.
  2. Team-branded attire only.  No third-party branding, including on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or other branding of NCAA schools or sports teams.
  3. No political statements, logos, slogans or other political content.
  4. No offensive or negative comments about the institution or other NCAA schools or sports teams.
  5. No lewd, inappropriate or offensive photos.
  6. No arms raised in photos.
  7. No names, images, or likenesses of any NCAA athletes.  
  8. One person per photo.

Also, IU Athletics “reserves the right to reject any photo that it determines, in its sole discretion, violates these guidelines or is otherwise offensive, lewd, derogatory, infringing, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate.”

So if you want to go to an IU game in 2020, you kinda, sorta can. Here is a link to the fan cutout site that IU is plugging.

(above photo a preview of the FanCutouts site)


  1. For those season ticket holders, this should be free. (there you go Mike C – incase this goes into bb season.

  2. If Covid keeps fans out of Skjodt Hall this season, it would be a great opportunity to remove the sky boxes/suites.

    In such divisive times, it would be nice to see the old ‘Hall’ returned to the spirit of a game that was always all-inclusive in Indiana (dating back to a once all-inclusive high school tournament as a place where small schools and communities could experience an equal shot at immortality no matter “class” size or perceptions of competitiveness).
    Basketball in Indiana was a unifying force where divisions in wealth and status were given minimal favor. To remove the “cardboard class” in the suites seats would actually show we have some depth beyond the signs of these flaunting times when even during a catastrophic health/economic crisis so many wealthy have increased their wealth while hundreds of thousands suffer and lose jobs.

  3. If you don’t fully remove the suites, dedicate the entire section to a “Kids Zone.” Possibly a bit of remodeling where single parents can bring a kid who has never had much to an IU basketball game for free. Kids and families have been so hard hit by the pandemic…This should be a time all of the sports community recognizes acts of kindness instead of more silly ways to make gimmick dollars.

  4. Ron, somehow I have this sinking feeling about whether or not we will be able to attend women’s games this year? What a shame when you consider that this may be the best team we have ever had? This makes me very sad just thinking about it! We can only hope? Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Edgewood High School admits 750 folks to their small high school football venue.
    And IU can’t have ANYBODY in attendance in a HUGE football stadium?
    Is there any other conference keeping all fans away?
    I’m all for social distancing and everybody should weak a mask at any athletic contest.
    But keeping an outdoor venue of that size totally closed is just silly, it seems to me.

    MikeC, I feel your pain brother! But if they’re going to keep people out of an open air huge football stadium, I don’t see any way possible they will even consider having people inside Assembly Hall.
    Please, Please, Please IU. If Assembly Hall is indeed closed to the public, arrange to sell an online stream to all IU games or at least somehow make sure IU’s basketball teams are always available on BigTenNetwork or BigTenNetwork+.
    Not seeing the IU women play every home game this year would be painful to many fans.

  6. The IU guys appear to have a really good team but for the women, this could be a season to remember. Hard not to be excited by the ladies potential.

    And yes, BiG network needs to up their game (so to speak) this season.

  7. Well……Michigan to eliminate jobs & cut salaries ……. University of Utah to furloughs for entire athletic department ….Washington State cuts 10 jobs – reduce coach salaries …. capping coach salaries topic at congressional hearing …. Indiana hitting record number of C-19 cases last couple of days….. Maybe best to just follow t to Brown County….?

  8. I would only agree to buying a cardboard cutout if it came with a concealing venetian blind which could be activated via phone/internet connection.
    The other plausible option would be a phone app that activated a rotating cardboard head (sort of a Linda Blair reverse vomit model) making only the back (or a Dan Dakich bald spot) visible to cameras.

  9. Blow-up dolls still would have been the best option….Instead of ““Hoosier Fan Cutouts,” these could have been sold as “Hoosier Fan Blowouts.”
    Though you can’t be at the game, Don Fischer finally gets a shot at a date and a chance share that same old ‘deflating’ feeling with someone else.

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