IU chooses to lean into upcoming NIL changes

In his first couple of months as Indiana’s athletic director, Scott Dolson had one very big challenge on his plate.

A once-in-a-century event, a global pandemic, was wreaking havoc on college athletics. Budgets were in flux. Testing brought teams to a halt. One week, the Big Ten wasn’t playing football. The next, it was.

Every day was a new challenge, but Dolson didn’t want to allow one very big challenge to block his sights from another. It’s expected that in 2021 the NCAA will adopt rules allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likeness (NIL). An historic event, in itself, for the leaders of amateur sport.

“We don’t want to get so wrapped up in dealing with the day-to-day crisis,” Dolson said, “that we lose sight of a vision for the future.”

As with the pandemic, what’s ahead with NIL isn’t altogether clear. But IU has started to plan ahead, contracting with a sports tech company, Opendorse, to train its athletes on how to maximize their NIL value. The department has also assembled a task force to start hashing out what avenues might exist for student-athletes to earn NIL money and how they can make the most of it.

There are certainly worries about what NIL will mean, especially how boosters and agents and others may try to gain influence as money flows into athletes’ hands. IU football coach Tom Allen, cautioning that he doesn’t really know the full extent of what’s coming, did admit to some trepidation.

There are issues that have to be sorted out.

“They specifically have stated they don’t want it to be affecting recruiting. I’m like, that’s hard. How can you say that?” Allen said. “It’s going to be hard for that not to. But that’s what they want.

“Just the whole booster involvement with players, that’s a pretty dicey line. I can see that being blurred and being skewed pretty easily. That’s what makes me nervous.”

Why is NIL an issue?

A push from state politicians brought NIL to the fore.

Colorado and California passed and signed bills allowing student-athletes to make money off of their name, image, and likeness, though those NIL laws won’t go into effect until 2023. In July, Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a NIL bill that is effective July 2021.

Amateur athletes will suddenly be able to earn money from their fame, though it could be argued that it’s past time for that. Television converted football and men’s basketball into a billions-of-dollar industry. Coaches get seven-figure contracts. UCLA’s Ed O’Bannon famously saw his likeness in the NCAA college basketball video game and wondered why he wasn’t receiving any of the profits.

“To be fair to the colleges, they don’t want people to be bribed,” said Ken Dau-Schmidt, a nationally recognized scholar on labor law and a professor at IU’s Maurer School of Law. “They didn’t mean to set this situation up. In some ways, it’s their success that has made this untenable.”

The discrepancy was just waiting to be called out. In 2014, the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago ruled Northwestern football players could be considered employees based on the “right-to-control test.” Their lives were so dictated by their sport. Plus, football brought in massive dollars to the university.

While the full board declined to assert jurisdiction, the regional director’s ruling was a major statement.

“In Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum, he says ‘Life finds a way.’ In economics, money finds a way,” Dau-Schmidt said. “It used to be easy to argue, yes, these athletes are amateurs. But now, there is so much money in basketball and football for the Power 5 conferences.”

NIL will at least give athletes a greater share.

But to avoid a situation where some states allow NIL payments and others don’t, the NCAA is working with Congress to achieve a national solution. And universities want certain conditions. They want an exemption from antitrust lawsuits. They want “guardrails” to protect from NIL recruiting inducements. And they most definitely want it made clear that athletes are not university employees, because unionization, a minimum wage, worker’s compensation — these are all things the NCAA’s current model can’t sustain, particularly with Olympic sports funded by football and basketball.

As far as NIL payments, the NCAA wants its universities to be as detached from the process as possible. Hence, Opendorse, which will be IU’s third-party liaison between athletes and businesses. Until paid endorsements are allowed, Opendorse’s mission is just to train IU’s athletes on how to grow their brands.

“If the local sandwich shop calls the school and asks for access to a student-athlete, they have to hang up the phone. They can’t be involved,” Blake Lawrence, the CEO of Opendorse, said. “So how does the local sandwich shop get access to the student-athlete? That’s the question.”

What will NIL entail?

What will and won’t be allowed isn’t set in stone. Will it just be IU athletes tweeting paid praise for the local sandwich shop via Opendorse? Or will they also be signing autographs at and shooting commercials for said shop?

Lawrence, once a linebacker at Nebraska, who started Opendorse with ex-Husker kicker Adi Kulanic, obviously believes his company can provide the go-between in most facets. Opendorse has been involved in college athletics for a handful of years, managing recruiting and marketing posts for programs, as well as helping current and former athletes polish their social media profiles.

But student-athletes have never had access to the second half of the platform — the paid endorsement part — which has been linking pro athletes with businesses that want a quick shoutout online. Lawrence remembers the very first tweet his former college teammate, NFL corner Prince Amukamara, sent out on the platform, asking followers to visit Husker Auto Group to meet the business’s new manager. It’s a $1,000 tweet that a college athlete could have easily put out. Rules just didn’t allow it.

The question is whether Opendorse can do more than post advertisements to athletes’ Twitter and Instagram profiles.

“In the next year, we are adding offline endorsements to our technology so that a local business can come in and book not only a tweet but also an appearance or an autograph signing or set up a commercial shoot,” Lawrence said. “In the college space, we believe 99 percent of college athletes won’t have a manager or a rep or a publicist helping them, and the school can’t help them coordinate any of these offline endorsements.

“Adi and I, as former student-athletes, we are sitting here and saying ‘Why not us?’”

Any transaction that occurs via Opendorse, Lawrence expects the school’s compliance office, along with the school’s conference and the NCAA, will be notified. As far as who will curb the influence of boosters in the NIL space, lawmakers are still trying to provide answers.

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, the former Ohio State football player, has co-authored a bill banning boosters from making NIL payments, and it tasks the Federal Trade Commission with enforcing the rules.

Even if the FTC can effectively root out those who would pour money into an athlete’s pocket to attend a specific school, there is no getting around the recruiting advantages some universities will have over others. Will athletes head to bigger, richer college towns because there are more businesses to pay out endorsements? Will hometown heroes stay close to home, where their name has more impact? 

Who knows how it will shake out, but Lawrence envisions payments being publicly reported, like how public universities disclose their expenses and revenues each fiscal year. Over time, that will give recruits an idea of what each market can offer in NIL pay.

“You can say ‘We are planning on selling out every game’ … but once the stadium is open and the seats are half-filled, the truth comes out,” Lawrence said. “With NIL right now, we are in the Wild Wild West. We don’t know what is real and what’s not. But in the not-so-distant future, this will be one of those things a student-athlete knows, the minute they step on campus, what is their earning potential at one school or another.”

What is NIL worth?

Right now, the prevailing thought is basketball and football players will have the best chance at capturing NIL dollars, just based on their followings.

In a random sampling of nine IU athletes, Opendorse estimated sophomore forward Trayce Jackson-Davis, with around 47,000 combined Twitter and Instagram followers, could pull in the most in NIL endorsement money, nearly $25,000 each year. For comparison, senior guard Al Durham has about 25,000 followers and can earn about $13,000 on the platform, according to Opendorse.

The individual accolades an athlete has won, and the prestige of a sport at each school, factors into the calculation. So basketball has more brand value at IU than football. Still, Opendorse believes IU wideout Whop Philyor can make around $15,000 directing endorsements to his 33,000 followers. Safety Jamar Johnson can claim around $9,000 with his audience of 22,000.

Most athletes from non-revenue sports tend to have smaller followings, and it bears itself out in their earning potential. Opendorse projects just $173 a year for baseball’s Grant Richardson, $43 for volleyball’s Breana Edwards, and $74 for swimming’s Michael Brinegar.

But the revenue and non-revenue distinction isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. One of IU’s more famous athletes of the last decade was gold-medalist Lilly King. At Oregon, it’s a softball player, Haley Cruse, who has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers with her dance videos.

According to FiveThirtyEight.com, Cruse could earn more than $100,000 a year as an “influencer.” UConn women’s basketball’s Paige Bueckers could make $700,000.

IU women’s basketball’s representative in the Opendorse sample, Ali Patberg, could generate $8,815 in NIL revenue with her 10,740 followers on Instagram and Twitter.

“The old ‘gatekeepers’ model of media was dependent on there only being so much space in this sports section or only so many minutes in a newscast to talk about these things, and people must not care about these other sports. I think we’ve realized that’s not true,” said Galen Clavio, director of the National Sports Journalism Center, who wrote a book titled Social Media and Sports.

“We are going to see a democratization across men’s and women’s sports, revenue and non-revenue sports, Olympic sports, because some of these personalities are going to come to the forefront.”

Clavio, one of the members of IU’s NIL task force, has a hopeful view for what college athletes can earn in a freer market. While there are concerns that shady characters may find a way to use this system for their ends, it’s not like NCAA rules and sanctions have completely shut them out to this point. College athletics has value, and this will just allow athletes to capture something additional to their scholarships.

How will it all play out? Nobody is quite sure, including Dolson. But that’s why IU is trying to learn all it can, gathering experts like Clavio, as well as assistant coaches and compliance officers, to discuss potential issues as part of the task force. Change is coming, whether everyone in college athletics wants it or not.

“We just have to be ready,” Dolson said. “College athletics is changing, it’s modernizing in so many ways, and you can either look at it as ‘I wish it was back in the old days’ … or you can look at it as ‘Hey, it’s an opportunity.’ It’s an opportunity for us to grow, and to make certain we are on the forefront of it, and as aggressive as we can be, and that’s the road we have chosen.”


  1. Not sure how all this works? IT STINKS. College athletics along with everything INTEGRITY is hard enough to try to control now let alone this idea/s. Do athletes then eventually hire other students or individuals to take care of their business. (the athlete’s) (creating a job for someone else). In other words it becomes an out of control monster creation like most things when government and those in charge to implement such a system gets involved. However, my thought 1. roll back mainly major level university coaching salaries and all those related salaries. 2. roll back all high level administrative university salaries 3. LOWER COST OF GOING TO COLLEGE/HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATION every way possible

      1. All cost of attending college is interrelated as in money. Aren’t athletes regular students? Suppose to be student first though I know for some it’s not so. Though for many it still is student first. Now, besides athletic scholarships, experiences and opportunities, I would have no problem with added benefits for immediate family attending games or at least certain games regarding athletes representIng his or her respective institutions based on some kind of guidelines or system. Without support including attendance, cheering, tv watching etc from students, alumni and basically fans money for sports, athletes, and athletic programs don’t exist. Therefore, all students should share in the benefits. In this case and as usual money benefits.

        1. Regular students can use their names, images and likenesses for any purpose they choose. Until now, that hasn’t been an option for student athletes. So, no, they haven’t been treated as regular students in that regard.

        2. University Student-Athlete Socialism….I like it! As we enrich the athlete and coach, we lower the cost of tickets and college tuition.

          And hasn’t the ‘Name-Image-Likeness’ of the entire student population of a university/community already enriched the athlete by providing a prestigious stage (in varying degrees) to perform his/her craft? Haven’t all those collective efforts for decades giving a university a sort of national swagger long before the explosion of 24/7 concern with sports, served as a form of free advertising?

          Behind every banner is a stellar institution. It’s a stellar institution because of the thousands never to put on a jersey (professors, dedicated and diverse students enriching our institutions in things never measured in dollars). They invest in the community and the classroom …and forever place far deeper meaning into the name of the college on the jersey than simply the “name, image and likeness” of one person wearing the jersey at any given moment in history.

          Does the actual community and the teaching/educational reputation of a university simply mean nothing to the athlete? Does Indiana University’s name, image and likeness mean anything more than the University of Kentucky beyond those differences found on basketball courts and football fields?

          1. If the college athlete is getting paid above a scholarship and living expenses for Name, Image and Likeness, does that open the door for charging the athlete to wear the name “Indiana” on the jersey?

            Doesn’t the name “Indiana” (University) provide a certain amount of advertising for all of the work and the long-acquired prestige which the particular athlete in time has never provided?

    1. As if there’s a lot of integrity in college sports to tarnish. t, have you ever thought that players may be much less susceptible to the inducements (a/k/a bribes) of street agents and boosters if they knew there was a legit way for to get a share of the moolah? I think this could actually restore some integrity to the system. And what would be so terrible about one college student hiring another? I remember a couple of guys who built skybeds (beds on stilts) in the dormitories and hired other students to pass out flyers and schlep lumber up the steps. Their business ended when everyone had settled into his or her room, but they did a lively little business for a little while. Met some cute co-eds, too. Made me wish my dad had been a carpenter instead of a salesman.

      1. At UNC, ‘NIL’ means you’ll be paid in ghost dollars to match your likeness in ghost classes.

        With the way we shot the ball last season, I’m wondering if some bricklayers’ unions owe certain Hoosiers NIL money?

        Many questions…Many questions.

        Will some Hoosiers owe NIL money back to those represented by the Assembly/McCracken banners for not living up to name, image and likeness of a banner-driven Hoosier marching deep into NCAA tournaments? Aren’t they sort of stealing the name, image and likeness of what is represented in those symbols of greatness while not holding up their side of the bargain? They get the banner history of a great former player/team and the “prestige” of their name, image and likeness for free?

        And why should a Hoosier basketball player be able to claim ‘NIL’ funds when their name doesn’t appear on the jersey?

        Many questions….Many questions.

        Does anyone even care about what they accomplish as a team/unit anymore? Personally, I think such goals are nil to most of them.

        noun: nil; plural noun: nils
        zero, especially as a score in certain games.

  2. Never wanting to turn arrows backwards always wanting to move forward…mankind just can’t control himself.

  3. I see the relationship between the issues…It’s a relationship in contrasts. A constant effort/drive to enrich athletics/AD’s/coaches (and, now, amateur athletes) in a university system of greed ahead of substance contrasted with an opposing effort to impoverish the average student with out-of-control college tuition/costs/lifetime debt.

    I would argue that ‘t’ is wrong in one manner of his interpretation of the “forward” obsession… The national student loan/debt crisis moves no one forward. I would also argue it’s a far bigger crisis than any exaggerated claims of missed football seasons and the mega revenues breaking the back of amateur athletics (along with breaking our collective need for diversion). The greatest diversion tactic is how the mountains of student loan debt just keeps translating to a ‘forward pass.’ But there will be a breaking point when the buck will have to stop somewhere. How will the strains on the ‘payback’ system of the student loan debt crisis accelerate coming out of a pandemic and the millions of families and recent grads challenged in cash flow and future job markets?

    While we obsess over NIL and narrowly protecting and enriching the college athlete, we are destroying the wider justification and value in higher education.

    The exorbitant cost versus any benefit form of analysis for thousands upon thousands of recently graduated students and their families has become a suffocating endeavor in reality where compounding cycles of outstanding debt remains a form of financial entrapment in high interest college loans for decades. Now we place that cost vs. benefit analysis and the stomaching of a debt crisis on the heels of a pandemic?

    When will the trillions in national student loan debt break the back of justifying major college attendance? When will the choice begin to lean more toward training/vocational schools in a system where only but a few paying from $100,000 to $200,000 for college degrees can be warranted in return on job/employment earnings while staring at the decades of personal debt?

    I also wonder how the near “professionalizing” of a college/amateur athlete with added financial enrichment far and above a scholarship and other reasonable costs will one day come with a certain amount of backlash in the form of lower participation/interest/attendance from a student population incurring decades of debt to attend the same university as the obsessed over athlete? Are we splitting the ‘common threads’ that once tied all (student & student-athlete) to the college experience?

    Putting so much investment of time and effort into issues like ‘Name-Image-Likeness’ for the college athlete while remaining seemingly tone deaf to the exploding costs/debt upon families sending kids to college? Seems like two trains heading in opposite directions….while still someday colliding when they’ve finally encircled a giant globe of entertainment priorities vs. an education debt crisis put on the back-burner.

  4. H4h. I agree. Good points. You explained it well as to what I was trying to communicate.
    My point about not wanting to turn arrows backward and (uncontrollably) moving forward is refusal to lower college costs for all students rather than allowing specific groups, mainly the hierarchical decision makers (wealth power elites inside the university and outside the university) to rain down money/financially down on themselves and give a few sprinkles here and there, to others…while ignoring real problems as you suggest.
    There is an emphasis on vocational and tech schools. They are still affordable and SKILL ORIENTED. However, vocational and tech schools can increase costs to students a lot and still be under the big university cost cushion. Other considerations are that so many jobs are working for individual/s or small companies….salaries, retirement plans, perks, job benefits vs living costs…American dream of raising a family (couple kids) with a decent home…or have those two trains braked to a screeching halt before coming into contact with each other. Notice any symptoms?

  5. College athletics for football and men’s basketball are promotional and fundraising endeavors for major universities. All of the other sports are financially supported by them and the entities they’ve created (shoe and apparel agreements, merchandise sales, media contracts, sports centric donations, endowments and sponsorships, etc.). None of it happens without football and MBB. And, make no mistake, when one or both of those programs are performing well, friends, fans and alums get out their checkbooks. Owing to that, admissions, majors, general areas of study, housing, facilities, etc. have all been fitted to support those two sports.

    But that’s where the break occurs. Student debt for the regular attendees is a function first of both demand and available funding (money to borrow), both of which eliminated any sense of frugality or expense management on the part of universities. Cranes, backhoes, scaffolding and other obvious signs of construction are as prevalent on campuses as ivy, pennants and raccoon coats, and it’s because colleges have never had to manage their money (as the financial situation involving Covid has proved).

    In short, if you want the cost of college to moderate or even reduce, cut off the funding sources for students. When you do, they’ll be forced to seek alternatives, and schools will be forced to recast their business models to meet the new reality. Until then, nothing will change. But NIL has nothing to do with the high cost of college, and superficial cuts to coaching salaries won’t lower the cost of attendance for regular students one iota.

  6. The point is few within a university setting (leadership) want to acknowledge or address the crippling long term costs of a college education (individual and societal) while frequently addressing athlete’s “Bill of Rights,” NIL, testing and testing protocols during a pandemic, etc, etc.

    One may not effect the cost of the other, but the indifference/abandonment in addressing the insanity of escalating costs for the average student/family against the backdrop of coddling to millionaire coaches (along with excessively long contracts) and the prioritization in taking care of athletes (financial, health/testing during a pandemic, NIL gratifications, etc) far above and beyond seems beyond tone deaf from the leadership of our institutions.
    It’s the optics and the priorities of such a dichotomous treatment under the name e.g. “Indiana” which may eventually empty the stands long after a pandemic is over.
    There is a tipping point in those optics….and the NIL simply conveys/exaggerates the dichotomous relationships and costs; a correlation in opposite worlds of treatment without the causation.

  7. Bear Down. I agree that government, banking and etc involvement making money available whether thru scholarships and mainly loans for several decades just caused colleges to lick it’s chops providing little incentive to hold higher education costs in check. Though it seems that it was to assist and help students there is a huge imbalance of college increased cost vs assistance and help for the actual college students. College elite decision makers looked at the money young people could get and simply said give it to us.

  8. H4h. Yes. If athletes are going to benefit NIL or paid beyond scholarships plus a few family perks to see games then yes, athletes should be charged for wearing college names on jerseys, charged to get in the game they are going to play in, charged for parking, charged for transportation, charged for meals, charged for utilities, charged to use practice facilities including to enter facility for practice, charged for tutors, charged to use dressing room facilities, pay rent to use and play in facilities, charged for all upkeep on all facilities etc etc etc.

    1. So, the universities can make as much as they want from any student-athlete’s name, image and likeness, but the S-A shouldn’t be able to make anything at all? Nothing? Maybe this is the way to unwind revenue producing college sports and simply turn them over to the professionals.

      1. I’m curious to who wants their name, image and likeness when they accomplish so little as a team…? I suppose false advertising makes anything possible in sports, business and politics. But as far as team accomplishments, Indiana football and basketball is pretty much fake news.
        Dare I remind…?

        Elite Eights & Final Fours (2010-present):
        Conference Midwest Elite (Eleven teams): 28 Elite Eights & 17 Final Fours
        Indiana: 0 Elite Eights & 0 Final Fours

        Our relevance in the NCAA tournament over the last 20 years has the name, image and likeness of King Kong’s turd.

        Football has the name, image and likeness of a cliff.

  9. Yup…Sort of like short-term rent to live in the IU highrise before they go one-and-done….or two-and-done. If it’s a business, then it’s a business. They should pay in the form of advertising expense for trademark rights and logo rights to put that Indiana name so trivial to their NIL.

  10. Bear Down, Nonsense. And no the university shouldn’t make NIL money either. Rather, it should be used to decrease cost of every student to attend college even if it’s one single penny. Student athletes are already paid for his or her hard work and dedication with scholarships, perks as in tutors, study tables, use of facilities to play in, meal tables, transportation, coaching and opportunities while in college and after college that many other students don’t get. Those are some but not all. How about representation of his or her respective university and all that traditionally goes with it for dedicated hard work. However, if NIL money is used for the following…I am for money being used for athletes families to attend a certain game or games as needed per whatever guidelines that may or may not entail.

    1. And college is their form/stage of FREE ADVERTISING for draft night (the only thing most whose NIL are meaningful ).

      All of this nonsense could be avoided by simply seeing how well the “ME GENERATION” jock can advertise himself/herself to the dollars at the highest level of any sport without the college stage/university/March Madness/Bowls, etc, etc..

      Not only does the college athlete get the many offerings outlined by ‘t,’ but they receive an incredible amount of free advertising and stage. Often that college stage ensures millions upon millions even though some are basically busts at the professional level (e.g. Oladipo & Zeller). Playing for a top college or a well known coach fuels the insanity and the hype behind the player’s name.

      1. How mad do you think March would be or lucrative those bowls would be without those athletes? Do you think they’d be as popular with athletes who were decidedly less skilled?

        1. Less skilled is rather relative….If it means far less narcissism in amateur sports, I’d settle for a little drop off to have more team focus …and a show of some appreciation for fan support.

          March Madness has basically turned into one massive gambling game.
          I’m not sure if the name of the athlete behind those forces means as much as they’d like to believe. Also, I think much of the “madness” arise via attachment to alma maters, geographic factors, and, of course, cheering for the school currently attended.

          I don’t know the answers ….but I’m not for professionalizing amateur sports. I do believe some form of insurance coverage should be provided by the NBA and NFL (or fund it by reducing some of the insane college coaching salaries) to compensate highly sought after talent in the event of career altering/career ending injuries.

          Just seems like we’re getting further and further away from the name of the school on the jersey and team goals/camaraderie/building meaning anything beyond nil.

          It used to mean something to wear the Indiana jersey (at least in hoops) beyond all things individual. The school name on the jersey used to mean something at the high school/community/town level as well.

          We can’t even find a 2nd stimulus package for Americans during a pandemic. These sort of stories turn my stomach. Many seem so out of touch with reality….

          1. The insane cost of a college education for the average student…The insane costs of everything relative to stagnancy in wages. The massive amount of hurt people are going through during a pandemic. Insane coaching salaries. Bubbling everything to protect the insane salaries while fans remain locked out of stadiums.

            So now I get a story about Tim Priller suffering irreproachably because he couldn’t take advantage of NIL…? Hell’s bells, he should have never donned a Hoosier jersey. He was never the quality of player to be granted a scholarship to wear cream and crimson. Toe-tripping bricklayer. Ball State would have likely turned him away. He should consider himself beyond lucky to have never been given the fat boot.
            Give me a bucket to fill my tears.

          2. The good ole days were the good ole days, but they’re long gone. Blame big tv contracts and apparel deals (three guesses as to which coach was one of the first seven figure shoe guys), bit big money entered the arena / stadium decades ago. Closing the barn door when the horses are three time zones away won’t do much good now.

    2. So, money from athletics should be used to offset the costs for regular students? Why should that be the responsibility of the athlete to provide this subsidy? What has the regular student done to be able to use funds they didn’t earn or have any role in earning?

      1. And no one is giving you a story about the Priller’s of the world, nor is the level of coaching salaries relevant to anything other ignorance. It literally has nothing to do with NIL, though I understand your need to deflect when you’re unable to address matters substantively. It just doesn’t help your argument, as we’ve seen repeatedly. Maybe try something new?

  11. I’m confused…Does the Barnum & Bailey Clown School owe Crean ‘NIL’ money? I’m all for some of the players who primarily came to Indiana to play for Crean getting some of that cut.
    It’s sort of sad…Jesus will never get a dime for name, image and likeness. How abusive is that?

  12. His name still has some value. In 2014, who knows what “Thriller Priller” may have been worth.

    At the time, NIL rules were the last thing on his mind. Priller was just a 19-year-old freshman, totally surprised by how big basketball truly was in Indiana. But the easygoing big man wasn’t overwhelmed by it, either. Even when he hit a backboard 3 in a game and the crowd exploded. Even as he came up with a steal and fed Nate Ritchie for a dunk, and the crowd was in love.

    Guess your “brilliance” ignored the same topic on an adjacent thread….

    Your opinion has no more merit on this topic than anyone else’s. You throw around personal attacks of “ignorance” so much (for mere opinion you don’t hold) that I would suggest a little less time in the mirror. Are you really so weak that you must insult every time there is a challenge to what you believe?

    These are not topics reflecting any adherence to good ole days. t also offered plenty of counterpoints to address all forms amateur athletes are compensated now. I’ve added the enormous free advertising college stages provide for the their name which influences drafts, hype and future earnings.
    I also added the idea of real earning protection via high dollar insurance policies if top prospects stay in school at the risk of injury.

    1. Maybe it’s your selective use of facts in furtherance of your agenda that betrays you, maybe it’s your willingness to turn away from facts in furtherance of same, or maybe it’s your penchant for making up “facts” to move you argument forward when nothing else works. No matter, as I have zero issue with calling you out when you get it wrong. I realize that annoys you to no end.

      1. Your posture of superiority is used throughout this blog. Everyone recognizes it. Your repeated definitive opinions have nothing to do with facts. Unyielding and always right. It’s the manifestations of nothing other than weakness.
        All of these topics have gray area. There is no right or wrong. College athletes have been given incredible opportunities and free education. Are they athlete-athletes or student-athletes?
        Society has many inequities (perceived or real…or some combination of both). Join the club, poor fully paid student-athlete struggling to get some extra cash for the use of his/her name, image or likeness.
        All of the world is one giant copyright infringement.

        Like I said, charge them back for the use of the ‘INDIANA’ name on the jersey. They are ripping of the NIL of banners part of the INDIANA traditions/lore/perseverance/intelligence in the game (with some exceptions of recent memory). That tradition, along with the spectacular fan support, is a major tugboat and catapult behind the individual gloat which they fail to recognize.

        OPINION: Considering the fact they’ll get “deserving” money from NIL within all the muddy waters of legalities and guidelines, etc, I still contend such topics during this day when so many have lost loved ones, suffering, homeless, without food to put on family tables or out of work is beyond tone deaf. It’s evidence of an extreme lack in empathy, perspective and maturity by those currently pushing these topics and those college athletes feeling cheated. Normalization …I get it. Chew gum and dribble this nonsense at the same time. Talk about the inequities of an 18-year-old on a free college ride with full stomach at a prestige university while blowing bubbles of a country in a pandemic and economic crisis. Yippee. It warms my heart.

        Get us to an Elite 8 or a Final Four….Maybe even prove Indiana can still assemble a group that stays together long enough to bring a banner home….or make some cash for the use of “Priller Time.” The irony is Priller could barely chew gum and dribble at the same time. Add him to the player Elston was teaching to catch a baseball…Lord, what’s all of it do to the name, image and likeness that was once Indiana Basketball?

        Brevity, ignorant one, brevity. It’s what’s for dinner. That was preemptive so you don’t have to bother. Or bother….The only thing remotely factual is your posture.

          1. You only posture tiddlywinks. You add adolescent insults to anchor the weakness and the tiddlywinks.

  13. Often one gets great enjoyment speaking into a mirror only seeing and talking to himself. He is often referred to as a bumbling old man. He never quite has the ability to make sense as to what goes on around him. Sometimes it is a younger individual who strives to show his wisdom as that bumbling old man pointing his finger of criticism only to have four fingers pointing at himself.

  14. Lol. It’s pretty much the atmosphere in which we live.
    However, I will never be for college athletes NIL above what benefits they currently have …other than scholarships like stated before; money available for family attending a game or games. I am for decreasing college attendance cost reduction across the board and salary reductions.

    1. NIL and the cost of attendance for regular are unrelated. There is no commonality whatsoever.

  15. I agree….If they can get more cash for making bunk beds, I really don’t care. I highly doubt NIL or more narcissistic focus will change our trajectory or get us immediately back on track with the rest of Conference Midwest Elite.
    The greatest affront and insult to hard-working athletes was to put them under the guidance and tutelage of a coach who was paid 30 million dollars to print cue cards.
    Continue to promote a basketball culture that obsesses over the “next level” and draft nights? Now the NIL malarkey emphasizes the continued treatment of college as another step in self-promotion. “What can this stage do for me”…rather than “What are we willing to accomplish on this great stage as a team.”

    1. But they’re forbidden to work, so your bunk bed idea isn’t applicable. You seem to be advocating for IU to de-emphasize college athletics to more of a club level status, well beyond what Myles Brand suggested. Interested to know why you’ve adopted this view.

      1. Sarcasm in response to davis’s post. Keep up. College athletics is already a club. How do you think a bozo like Crean is given ten years and 30 million to fsh up with cue cards?

        Open up the safe…If you truly want athletes a slice of the pie above and beyond a scholarship (and the rest of the extras offered by ‘t’), then stop with ‘pie in the sky’ diversions and dip into those balance sheets. It doesn’t take a genius to divert a teenager with a Ponzi scheme rooted in more narcissistic diversions and ideals. Chump change compared to the layers upon layers of insider bureaucratic inventions to lock the real dollars away from the “coveted” athlete so many pretend to be an advocate.
        Sell them the ‘NIL’ while truly giving them nil….This is no different than how 90% of American corporations operate. It’s called false advocacy and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show mentality. Show me the money! I’ll worry about the fame and my glorious image later.

        1. I’ve dipped into the balance sheets, though it’s obvious you haven’t. As for Crean, your points don’t gain credibility when you continue to lie about him.

          1. Impressive…Now you’re in the balance sheets. Maybe you’re under some sheets as well.

            Crean’s record compared to all of Conference Midwest Elite culminating in cue card coaching is indisputable. Nothing to lie about. All factual. And Joey Glass’s love for ‘The Witch Hunter’ before he arrived at IU is documented and simple history to find.

            Connect the dots…You’ll have enough ink to print ‘NIL’ on a cue card.

  16. And if we truly believe they deserve some of the gold mines of college sports, then why force them into such petty diversions and means to find money for reinventing the jock strap? Give them a slice of the sort of dollars reserved for AD’s and head coaches…and assistant coaches…and strength trainers…and every other job invented and funded on the heels of insider nepotism and connections. Dip into the real cash and assets always available to balance a balance sheet and hide the gold made by the not-for-profit athletic departments. What’s a fair dollar figure? I have no idea…but I’d take paying TJD or Michael Penix some extra cash (or the value of a high insurance policy to protect lost future earnings in the event of a devastating/career-ending injury) instead of the nepotism involved in finding a highly paid video coordinator job for the son of the guy who kisses the head coach’s ass at Indiana Elite.
    Cut out all of the nepotism fat and overly protected insane salaries written like they’re Supreme Court justice’s lifetime guarantees in length and security? …I’m all providing the athlete some of those funds above a scholarship rather than all the diversions to play with NIL tiddlywinks. These NIL distractions are no different than the upper echelon of corporations bringing in pizza for underpaid workers. It’s pretend advocacy while never opening the door to the real bucks always reserved for the committee room insiders and those of a perceived elite status who always seem to get huge salaries, buyouts, parachute packages, vehicles, homes, etc, etc no matter the success or the results.

    1. I was referencing the lies you repeatedly tell regarding his influence in Glass’s hiring. As for finances, it’s always been clear that you have no understanding of how college athletic budgets work, and you’ve admitted it.

      1. When the budgets can find 30 million for a cue card coach who was obliterated in March Madness results by all of our basketball peers of the Midwest (that damn stubborn ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ anchored in truth), I suppose those budgets have some real masterminds behind them. That’s a club I’m proud to say I’m not within miles.

        Glass was hired via nepotism. Crean was hired because Glass’s son was fixated on him. Add in the relationships at the state level between Harry Gonso (also on the Board of Trustees so often referenced lovingly by thinkaboutit) and Glass. There was never any mystery in the connections and relationships rewarded in the Jesuit/Christian Lovefest Marquette Club where obscenely lengthy coaching contracts/extensions/job had zero to do with qualifications and everything to do with faith alignment and cronyism.
        The grand “lie” is that any of these savvy marketing carnival promoters cared deeply about Indiana University. Keep buying the hype slogans, the “We’re Back” t-shirts, the “New Generation” malarkey, the “Hoosier Rising” DVDs and, yes, the epitomize of the grandest affront to our basketball heritage, the set of coaching CUE CARDS. You bought into all of the lies. I did not.
        I knew what I was getting in Glass & Crean from Day ONE. I knew the false legitimacy and bogus validation built into those glorious committee rooms advertised on the official Indiana Athletics site, IDS, Indy Star and the HT. That’s the history that matters here. Those are the facts. They are indisputable. It took nearly all of the rest of you almost a decade until the light came on regarding the incompetency running our basketball program and the bag of goods you had been sold.
        I say “almost all of you” because they’re were a handful on Scoop who began to smell the lies from Indiana leadership. The lies were in competency. 30 million paid in lies and pretend slogans when we were constantly slipping further backwards in relation to our Midwestern basketball peers.
        You’re so concerned about lies….? You don’t see the lies in competency at IU Athletics? You didn’t learn from the basketball lie? You weren’t offended by “weaves to nowhere” and botched timeouts at a Wichita State NCAA tournament game, cue card coaching on storied McCracken, parading out a Bobby Knight when lost most his marbles. You’re worried about little old ancient me? I’m what boils your blood?
        Better take a hard look at football as well, my brilliant friend. That’s another Fred Glass manipulation of facts. That’s another Christian brother from the Lying Club. It’s another bag of goods. It’s another sell job. It’s pretend greatness by beating up on cupcakes. Quote some scripture and it’s all suddenly success. Do you really want to talk about lies? What planet do you live on? You know so, so much and you see so, so little.
        Maybe you should think of trying something else. Do you like photography? It appears you love to spend much time in a darkroom.

        1. Again, your narrative of how Glass was hired is a complete falsehood, which makes you a liar. As for how Crean, you just demonstrated your abject ignorance of how his contract was structured and the sources that funded it. You continue to look foolish for a reason, notably your rejection of the facts.

          1. If you’re the antithesis of ignorant, one would think my “lies” wouldn’t drag you around like a pet poodle? Keep screaming “Liar! Liar”…and “Ignorant! Ignorant!”…and we might just fund you a billboard.
            The facts are in the history, my brilliant drooling poodle. My history was always knowing where the Fred & Tom train was heading. There are trains in competency…and there are circus trains. Both our major sports programs are now cabooses taking up the rear of national relevance. Equal Incompetency Justice? Football Lives MATTER!
            We botched the rich Indiana /Hoosier basketball history emanating from the one truth planked in maple on storied McCracken. We ripped up the floorboards of teaching and learning the game to build a caboose for the waving clowns. May the truth set you free! May we expunge those charlatans like yourself from our fandom who promote the affronts and the real distortions of facts. We teach the game of basketball with cue cards printed from the competency of a 30 million dollar clap-happy Dasani guzzler Crawl back in your darkroom if that’s the light in the lies you fail to witness.
            I’ll drag you out for an occasional walk, PoodleDown. Photography 101 with another shot of Conference Midwest Elite and a leash. You’ll come crawling faster than thougts of Joey Glass to a committee room.

        2. My little old sell job on this platform you know pound your chest, spew claims of uniformed and “ignorant” others, in your kingdom of truth is what boils your BearDown Snuggles bear blood?
          Lies in competency at a basketball program didn’t boil your blood? The stalking of a Bob Knight clearly attempting to avoid a clown’s handshake of validation didn’t boil your blood? Cue Cards held up Chuck Martin (a decent black man made to look like a buffoon) didn’t boil your blood?
          All of the charades and empty promotions for such little results didn’t boil your blood? These bozos are an affront to faith. They were an affront to my faith in IU. They are an affront to honest and sincere belief in hope of things beyond this world. They turned Indiana into a Carnival Cult Club where “expertise” is built on two stilts holding up a giant gaudy billboard of self-indulgence, protected self-created contracts and self-promotion.
          Lies? They certainly boil my blood. But you don’t boil my blood. I saw you coming faster than the incompetency following Crean’s shadow of blabbering tweets to Joyce Meyer.
          If you are a sincere fan of Indiana, cupcakes to sell “breakthrough” should boil your blood. Stalking and snickering at a Hat Trick banner, Hall of Fame former coach because you need a photo op should boil your blood. Holding twitter bibles upside down should boil your blood. Watching Hoosiers on an IU bench giggling and laughing it up when we’re getting spanked in an NIT game should boil your blood. Suites in McCracken dividing the cronies from the peasants below should boil your blood!

          And upon such backdrops of so much sold for so little depth and competency at the games we love and spent so much of our Hoosier childhood learning and loving in this mecca for basketball in the state of Indiana? Yes, narcissistic little old NIL is just more of the same that should boil blood. More lies. More pretense to be great at something when it’s built on all self-promotion and no substance. The substance? The substance is long gone from Indiana Basketball…Football? It’s ready to “Shock the World.” Sorry, Indiana. You’ve already shocked me long ago. You shocked me via what you’ve become. You sold yourself out to being nothing other than another politician and another used car salesman. Shocking hires..Shocking incompetency…Shocking cue cards. Shocking claims of “everything hinges” on one recruit. Shocking Hanner Perea hyped as the next Hakeem the Dream shockingly bad at basketball and shockingly found in a convenience store parking lot drunk on his shocking ass. Those lies don’t boil your blood?

          The shocking self-indulgences of parading an old hunched over Bob Knight across McCracken as if his greatness and his team’s greatness was your own. More lies that don’t shock you? Put it all on a billboard and shock the world with some more affronts and lies.
          And now BearDown…? Shockingly brilliant in the ignorance of history before him.

          It’s really no longer shocking…It’s simply a comedy in tragedy. A once storied basketball program so wrought in cronyism to become this. A true comedy in tragedy. Can it be restored. Can it be cleansed of such bozos? Can any of us get behind the walls and inside the hiring rooms which hold such truths? I can not. I do not hold those keys. I can only be witness to charades and find humor in the comedy in tragedy. Cupcake Wars isn’t just on the food channel. It’s are new lie. Here’s the last winner.

          1. You’re deflecting on an effort to obscure the fact that you’re a liar. Your lack of brevity doesn’t change the fact that you engage in lying.

          2. There is no lie in the history, my poodle drooling genius.

            All know where I stood early. All know how I saw the Fred Flintstone and CharaTom clown show coming down the tracks. I saw cue cards printed on scripture 10 years before your brilliant drool had a clue. Where were you on Scoop back when the history began? I don’t seem to recall your poodle claw marks. Dare I say you’re some old coward apologist now covering his poodle tracks with a big old mean new screen name? Me thinks so..Me knows so. Swallow some more truth while you continue to know it all. Lol.

          3. All of your windy defenses don’t change the fact that you’re simply and unquestionably a liar. You post dishonestly and spew nonsense. The truth doesn’t require many words, while (your) lies require volumes upon volumes of unhinged babble. Most people see that. Easily.

          4. Beg to differ, PoodleDown.
            The lies are in your refusal to acknowledge the history right here.
            The lies are in your weakness and your posture with everyone here.
            You do a lot of chest-pounding. You do it with all. My targets are rarely members of this Scoop family …unless they come at me with personal attacks.
            Most everything in sports discussion and coaching discussions…and level of competition discussions …and prognostication discussions have no basis in fact. We are all moved by emotions and distorted realities.
            You are simply so buried in your weakness to always be right.

            I may be wrong on plenty. I will never claim to be fully informed. The “Club of the Informed” hasn’t done a whole lot for Hoosier relevance as of late.
            But I saw the train coming with Flintstone and CharlaTom. I saw it in Joey’s false narrative and over-the-top personal childish investment beyond a normal outlier of the facts.
            Where were you on Scoop when the cue cards were rolling down the track? Where did you stand? Were you hogtied to the tracks swallowing all the hogwash and bleeding your heart out for the cronies while parading on Scoop with a different screen name?
            Me thinks so. Me knows so. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but frauds shall never hurt me.

  17. NIL? Brilliant. Allow the athlete the distractions/fixations to wander up and down the social media candy aisles of a ‘Five & Dime’ NIL store while the coaches, AD’s and all other insiders live on Park Avenue and dry off their sweat with Neiman Marcus towels…
    Just open up the safe to the real money. If you truly want to give college athletes a slice of the pie, then quit diverting them to more time-consuming gimmicks and baking cakes in test kitchens. These test kitchens in NIL narcissism and “pie in the sky” ambitions for draft nights is simply the tactics used in corporation hierarchies to appease the lowlifes while never sharing in the real pie. Then it’s spun as if the inventive athlete is so….so…brilliant to wander in the candy aisle.

    1. Repeatedly lying about the circumstances of Glass’s hire don’t turn a falsehood into a truth. You’re lying. No amount of windy deflection from you changes that.

  18. And not to blabber on with more spin, but if the NBA and NFL are so deeply in bed with college athletics and the promotion, drafts and early luring of said “top athletes” away from a 4-year college experience, maybe they should find some of the dollars to pay the NIL and insurance policies above and beyond scholarships while they remain in college? Don’t they use their names more than anyone? Maybe Rivals and rankings sites as well? ESPN and other networks constantly profiting from draft nights and endlessly advertising themselves via the constant fixation of moving an athlete from college to pro ranks?
    Instead, the make the athlete search for new was to bake a cake instead of access to the real slice of pie and the culture in place to fixate on teenagers in their “me world.” Spread the wealth instead of the promotional hype and BS so few athletes will ever see….while they destroy college and amateur athletics.

    1. oops…Instead, [they] make the athlete search for new [ways] to bake a cake instead of [having] access to the real slice of pie

  19. You are also quite adept at deflecting which is your grandest lie as a contributor here.
    I have always made my position known and have never hidden behind changed screen names.
    And if you know the history of my positions, then where were you on Scoop at said time?
    To repeat….

    Where were you on Scoop when the cue cards were rolling down the track? Where did you stand when I knew IU would dip into further irrelevance with the Fred & Tom cronyism show?
    I thinks you were here. Me thinks so. Me knows so. Now you’re fishing for a fight when all the dust of my truths have been settled. The only truth is Conference Midwest Elite and a sloppy ‘Letter to the Editor’ of the Marquette Wire written by soon-to-be-hired AD’s son (soon after the sloppy target of such over the top obsessions from Joey became IU’s next coach post witch hunt).
    The truth in all of those facts shall set you free. It’s easy to pound your chest here and call someone a liar. You’re projecting. You’re weak. Those tactics are yours. It’s another truth. Most here have stopped engaging with you because of your bullying tactics and your pretenses.
    Where were you when the train was heading down the tracks upon the hiring of the witch-hunting buffoon coming to clean up Dodge City?
    I was right here using this screen name. What were you hiding behind, PoodleDown?

    1. You’re deflecting yet again. I’m only discussing the lies you’ve told since I joined here, and they’re lies. Glass wasn’t hired in the manner that you dishonestly claim he was. That’s a blatant lie.

      1. You have know means in knowing the potential cronyism and motives behind hires wrought in structure to sell/legitimize a hiring process. The connections at state government levels between those who landed top jobs at IU is easy to locate and validate. The love Joey Glass had for Tom Crean is also a truth never shared until yours truly unveiled the sloppy letter long before daddy and bozo were hired in “legitimacy.”
        None of those connections business/Indianapolis politics in Lucas Oil negotiations/Marquette connections are lies.
        The fact a bozo coach was given numerous chances and extensions ..culminating in cue card coaching is beyond normal loyalty. Cronies.

        1. Deflecting even more because you’ve been exposed as a liar. With every post, your desperation grows. And you post a lot. Brevity would be your friend, yet your ego overrides whatever sense you have.

          1. You’ve exposed nothing other than the same old apologist’s defense for the cronies who took down IU Basketball. Joey couldn’t keep his little trap shot. There is no lie in what all would not have known or discovered until I began to unveil all the cronies connections.
            And they are not finished. They still permeate IU Athletics. Fred has found himself on another committee. Gee, I thought he had retired…? It appears he’s still wants his paws in the crony Jesuit Society of IU Athletics. They are on a mission from god…and are now prepared to line more pockets and give more extensions to scripture-quoting used car salesmen.
            Don’t expect battling with Conference Midwest Elite anytime soon.

            You are the only liar…and coward here because you refuse to admit your obsession long before you were posting as BearPoodleDown.
            These sorts of obsessions I’ve dealt with plenty here. You are the only arrogant coward throwing out personal attacks behind a screen (something that used to be very frowned upon here which likely explains your into more than balance sheets).

  20. Where’s Podunker…? I’m concerned. All of those personal attacks he made against the Michigan governor is now a bit troubling. Can’t go to vacation home…Can’t go boating, etc. etc.
    His last comment here was that gigantic spew of Marxism taking over America. Did the FBI pick up on his hits/posts on Scoop? Hope he’s not under investigation.

  21. Once again, your repeated telling of a lie doesn’t magically make it truthful. What you’re falsely alleging never occurred. You’re not even close to reality, and it makes your lies even more unhinged and borderline maniacal.

    1. And your posture here along with your obsessions with yours truly (obviously, going way back before posting comments under your current handle) is unhinged in delusions of grandeur and borderline psychopathic.

      Get over yourself, jealous crony.

  22. A-Hope was a lie.
    Joyce tweets were a lie/
    A witch hunt was a lie.
    Extensions was a lie.
    Cue cards was a lie.
    Joey’s letter was a lie.
    Everything hinges was a lie.
    30 million was an obscene lie.

    Competency was sold by the lying cronies who were colluding long before the took Kelvin to the gallows over nothing. May the truth set you free.

    1. And if you care for details, I’ll gladly extrapolate on how each of the above listed was a lie. Or, if you prefer, so massive in “deflection” tactics as to cover up the truth of voids in character and competence. Yes, let’s talk about deflections and lies. We can cover it all again.
      You should really get over me and take a hard look at the many lies to an entire fan base emanating right from the heart of the program leaving IU so pathetically far behind Conference Midwest Elite over the last decade plus.

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