Winter sport athletes extended extra year due to COVID-19

Just like athletes in the fall and spring, the NCAA has extended winter athletes an additional year of eligibility due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic will continue to impact winter sport seasons in ways we can’t predict,” chair of the Division I Council, M. Grace Calhoun, the athletic director at UPenn, said in a press release. “The actions today ensure the continuation of local decision-making in the best interest of each institution and its student-athletes.”

The release from the NCAA did not specify how roster limits will be dealt with in the 2021-22 academic year, but if this decision remains in step with adjustments made for the fall and spring, teams should be able to bring back current seniors without it counting against the limit.

In each season, added eligibility has been granted to athletes of every grade, so it’s not just seniors that are receiving an additional year. That essentially makes this season a bonus year for everyone, negating the need to redshirt athletes to save eligibility.

The council also sorted out other issues relating to the pandemic, such as the minimum number of games winter sports will have to play to be eligible for the postseason. Teams can participate in as few as 50 percent of the required minimum of contests or dates and still be considered for the postseason.

Additionally, teams in winter sports are not required to have a winning record to be eligible for an at-large bid.

In a move to accommodate schools that have had to cut sports due to budget shortfalls, the council has also waived the requirement for Division I schools to field a minimum number of teams “provided the school indicated on its Sports and Demographics Survey forms that it intended to sponsor the requisite number of sports but cannot due to COVID-19 challenges.”


  1. An extra year to further a free education…..What would normally cost any other student anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000 (out-of-state) available for free (plus housing expenses) with a scholarship extended out another year.

    Think of that against the backdrop of many student university populations still paying full tuition for reduced classroom opportunity, rolling schedules, etc. along with no protection of extra granted time at no cost in the event of contracting Covid or more shutdowns.

    Someone like Joey Brunk could be on his way to a Masters degree ….or multiple degrees. Much added time to study with shortened seasons, etc….all free of charge.

    1. You’re assuming IU will choose to go along with this, something they (and any other university) are under no obligation to do. The NCAA merely opened the door to an extra year. Schools aren’t obligated to pay for it.

      1. Covid infection rates across the U.S. exploding again…The ‘king’ of the SEC, Saban, now infected. Worldwide rates skyrocketing. NFL outbreaks almost routine…
        Question: Why are we hearing of so many NFL players testing positive compared to college players? Is the NFL doing more frequent/accurate testing and/or providing a more honest assessment …or are college teams doing a better job of keeping athletes contained/bubbled? Just curious on some thoughts….

        1. College players are relatively self-contained. Pros (and college coaches) go home at night.

  2. Does any major sports university (including mid majors etc) take care of non athletic and other non scholarship students who pay for all his or her education AS WELL AS sports scholarship and other students who are on scholarships

  3. Major universities don’t pay for athletic scholarships for their student athletes. You continue to be mistaken about that, and to link the cost of attendance of “regular” students to athletics.

  4. I don’t think he’s linking it as much as using the disparities in treatment of an “athlete” of a given university to a general “student” of a given university.

    And the constant drumbeat of doing more for the “student-athlete” continues while the costs of education skyrockets and the country gets buried in a student debt crisis over 1.6 trillion dollars.

    Exorbitant coaching salaries also never trimmed along with continual efforts to guarantee a student-athlete a ‘Bill of Rights’ …..(and potential extensions on scholarship offers during the pandemic) while most Americans are losing income, jobs, healthcare and faced with decisions to not send kids to college.

    Meanwhile, the CEO of Amazon increases his net worth 25% during the pandemic. Don’t know if it’s entirely accurate but I heard a report that Bezos could give every Amazon employee $100,000 today and his personal net worth and cash positions would only be reduced to the valuation at beginning of the pandemic.

    We are living in truly tone deaf times. The millions of Americans suffering is a hoax. Sports serves as distraction to ease the suffering of a $200/mth cable bill… the normal times of haves and have nots.

  5. Their relationship is in the breaking point and when the masses facing the negative side of gross disparities can no longer accept or support a privileged flippant and unemphatic class who wall-up opportunity and wealth (be it sports, educational opportunities, corporate world greed).
    The pandemic has only highlighted just how little a privileged class (sports, business, politics) cares about the livelihood/well-being of their overall communities, audiences and their work forces.

    There is a very convenient illusion that suggests a satisfied privileged class (top of sports world, top of stock market world, etc) will sustain through all national hardships. Nothing trickles down including empathy. There will be a breaking point as bank accounts empty alongside passions invested in revering a privileged class who stay so high atop the empty stands factory floors while followers and those integral in their successes are so lowly regarded.
    A forgotten relationship between fan and performer …or a centerpiece of a corporation void of recognizing the driving forces of each worker is the commonality pushing the disparities to a breaking point. The forgotten relationships is the relationship.
    The narcissism at the top of structures duping their successes as the rest of our successes.

    1. This is laughingly, tragically ignorant, and nothing else. Your notions are simply and utterly ridiculous on their face.

      1. You are such a pathetic pus wart of an excuse for a weakling who tosses insults behind the false bravado of no face-to-face.
        Price used to censor people who used personal attacks in your manner. Once again throwing around “ignorance” because it’s looking right back at you upon your visit into a mirror which must constantly trouble you.

        There are many breaking points in which this country is headed…including and not limited to personal debt/student loan debt, decades of wage stagnancy, the precarious thin line of healthcare affordability/availability, increasing gross disparities in income, stresses of caring for an aging population, family care and time constraints as many work multiple jobs to simply stay afloat…and then throw in a tiny little worldwide pandemic against the dam wall already pushed to its limits.

        You put the “ignore” in “ignorance” by discounting the frustration in much of the masses and eroding inner cities while the upper echelon of sports (college and professional)/entertainment networks/government bureaucracies and business and education hierarchies retain their massive job protection and long term salaries (a status quo of privilege) . They flippantly give “normalcy” to everything (as does or Commander in Bunions) because to address the real issues would do harm to their own gross advantages built into the illusion of a vibrant economy outside their bubbles.
        But it will hit a breaking point…Personal debt will hit a breaking point. The masses will stop buying into the illusion and stop supporting systems where so few reap any rewards.

      2. May I also add “your face is simply and utterly ridiculous on their notions.”

  6. Currently it’s our successes at the top which define our national image/portrait/focus. We live in star-struck illusions and are fed happiness and distractions in a technology driven tidbit world.

    I see it as a grotesquely top-heavy ship….The ship is very prone to the smallest of wave toppling the top-heavy mass entirely over. The weight of all the gold at the top will then become the hull and quickly find the sea floor.

    1. There was no insult, and there was no personal attack. What you said was ignorant and ridiculous. You’re conflating issues that aren’t related, and you know it. Sorry if that upsets you.

  7. A differing opinion from your own is simply “ignorant” because of your own shallow belief systems.
    Listened to an interesting interview on BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ tonight…I would suggest giving it a watch …or an ear to broaden your own horizons easily deemed as far grander in ignorance. So anchored in your narcissism and insulting manner, I doubt you can overcome your very weak defense systems of casting insulting and demeaning adjectives at someone offering different ideas than your own. Enjoy.

    1. No, it’s ignorant both for the lack of factual content combined with the fact that it’s totally unrelated to the topic of college costs and student-athlete eligibility as a result of the pandemic. I trust that clarifies.

      1. And to address each of your contentions separately…

        I don’t have a cold heart for athletes. I believe many are used and abused and I think they deserve many protections and assurances (insurance and healthcare for future problems due to head trauma would be nice as well) to ensure those simply motivated by greed and power are not left unchecked (whether in amateur or pro sports).
        But I also believe there is some extreme tone deafness going on and it gets tiresome.
        If you make the world of amateur sports void of any commonality, thankfulness or empathy with those who bring the passion to pay a ticket price, can it ultimately survive? It may operate within its own budgets and be driven as self-sustaining and self-funding but empty stands make it all look rather pointless from my angle.

  8. As for what is “demeaning”, only one of us engaged in multiple, tantrum-filled posts involving immature name calling. It was reminiscent of a certain Commander in Chief, who also blusters endlessly at any and all who disagree with him while saying little and never quite finding the facts to support his positions. MAGA.

    1. Nice pivot….with the Bunion in Chief. I’ll try to keep this brief.
      I gave you one recent and timely supporting podcast to many of the positions I addressed. In a nutshell, O’Neill (‘Jim O’Neill: Is this a time for governments to be bold?’) basically addresses how current models of capitalism are failing on many levels to address institutionalized inequities and disparities because of a profit for mere profit motive rather than profit for purpose.
      Obviously, you don’t have to agree with any of it but to claim my “notions” are somehow void of your own brilliance is your cheap form of constant posturing and attack. Take that posturing into any face-to-face and see how far it gets you. It’s a cheap tactic and an extremely weak tactic indicative of someone struggling with self-esteem. Get some help.

      1. None of that is related to the cost of attending college or the supposed inequities between student-athletes and “regular” students. You’re babbling uncontrollably about unrelated issues. Check your dosage.

        1. Of course it’s related..t found the relationship as well. You just lack the emotional and conceptual depth to grasp it. Or, you’re so anchored in an agenda that perpetuates a status quo (even during a pandemic and economic crisis burying millions in lost wages and jobs which will never return) for the “privileged” inner sanctum of IU Athletics (as many did with the sinking ship of our last hoops coach), you simply take the insult route to mask behind your card-carrying cult membership.
          But get yourself some help. Your arrogance and superiority posturing (similar to the co-apologist’s tactics who couldn’t resist his normal “dig” tactics long ago identified by our late and beloved “blabbering” Tsao Tsu Gonzalez) bleeds nothing other than weakness and self-esteem issues.

          Question : Did you post on Scoop when Tsao was part of this happy family? You seem to thoroughly know the history of my positions on various topics (one in particular, lol) so I would assume you were aware of his as well…? Were you aware of his position regarding the tag-team artist you now use to support your insulting ways? I mean, seeing how you are a Scoop historian, I would think you’re familiar with his elegant ramblings to counter-punch and es to set ‘Po the Great’ straight?
          Gosh…I wonder how Tsao would handle ‘BearDown the Great?’ Me has a feeling he’d see right through it as most here do. Lord of the Flies and the children have lost themselves to their basic instincts. Sticks and stones may break my bones….but frauds of arrogance and blind narcissism shall never hurt me.

          1. Seriously, get some help. Your delusions of grandeur have a real grip. Might be beyond what medications could accomplish.
            And you failed to answer the questions regarding your thorough recollection of my history on Scoop (borderline stalker) while having no recall of Tsao….? Odd….even for an oddball stalker.

  9. Bear Down, why are you wasting your time trying to debate someone who routinely posts comments that are “are simply and utterly ridiculous on their face?” You know what this is really all about, so why provide oxygen to the fire?

  10. And the co-apologist just wasted his own time because he’s also a cyber bully who can’t resist team-tagging to accomplish a cowardly petty dig. Talk about more ridiculous….?
    Let’s begin with blind support for a 30 million dollar Joyce tweeting cue card prop artist whose weaves to nowhere cost us immeasurable lost ground to the rest of ‘Conference Midwest Elite.’ The 3-way call between Joey, Fred and Tom is the gift that just keeps giving.
    More ridiculous…? Your recent political manifesto of enumerations addressing the feared extreme “Leftist” and your fueling of hatred toward the Michigan governor. Nice how your ridiculous cult-inspired views were set in perfect timing while her and her family were facing homegrown terrorists plots and death threats via true extremists. You’re such a red-blooded Christian faring true American. Tsao had you pegged. He’s dead so now you have your team-tag cowardly “terrorizing” ways free of his backlash.

  11. You’re continuing to deflect in your typical deranged manner (yes, you’ve tried the “former name lie previously). You’re flailing badly. We’ll just sit back and laugh while you keep spinning out of control.

  12. Nobody puts baby in the corner….I just bought a box of Sugar Babies. Damn store was out of Bit O’ Honey. Ranking my Top-4
    4. Milk Duds
    3. Sugar Babies
    2. Bit O’ Honey
    1. Good ‘n’ Plenty

    Combining all four sugary treats of childhood candies I still crave basically gets you to the sum of all my parts….I’m a Bit O’ a Baby and Plenty of a Dud while trying to Milk my way through one Honey of a Good life (sarcasm).

    But it’s all good, BearDown. I tripled the meds and I’m feelin’ reaaaaaaaal sweet.
    I’m sort of tiring of you. I tend to get obsessed with attack dogs but the interest fades gradually if the counterpart has no real sense of humor or creativity (translated: inability to convey some minimal amount of self-deprecating humor or laugh at oneself and not just someone else).
    At the end of the day, you’re sort of dull.

    I’ll conclude this night with some Wilson Pickett.

    1. Seems like a good opportunity to tiptoe away, shutting the door ever so gently. It will take you hours before you realize you’re alone.

  13. Jeremy only allows me to stay here because I’ve taught him taxidermy.

    Have I told you Tom Crean hired his own AD….sorta speak? No, I meant Adrian Dantley (‘AD’). Adrian in now his assistant coach at Georgia. Good Catholic boy. Nice hops….in Crean beer.
    Cue the Hitchcock cellos!

    You’re so dull. You could have more time than Crean needed to understand an ‘X’ is not an ‘O’ and you’d still need cue cards for self-deprecating humor.

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