IU gets a bump in the polls after Wisconsin win

Indiana’s win over Wisconsin offered a little boost in the polls.

The Hoosiers (6-1) are now ranked No. 8 in the Associated Press poll, a jump of two spots. IU also jumped two places in the Amway Coaches poll, going from No. 11 to No. 9.

IU won its first game over Wisconsin since 2002 on Saturday, breaking a 10-game losing streak to the Badgers. It was IU’s first win in Madison since 2001.

This is the seventh week in a row the Hoosiers have been ranked in the AP top 25, which matches a program-best streak. This is the fourth week IU has been in the AP top 10, which is the most since the 1967 team was in the top 10 for five weeks.

IU next faces Purdue, trying to hold onto the Old Oaken Bucket for the second year in a row. The Hoosiers won last year’s contest in double overtime, 44-41.


  1. It is good to see IU back in the top ten but they should be a step or two up except too many thinking IU is like it used to be in football and not the way the team is now. It is like Mullen, Whop and others have said coach Allen doesn’t get the respect he should from many, that is starting to change, but it also goes for the team too and pollsters, writers, and other coaches need to figure out how good this team is. They think the game against OSU was a joke and that the B1G is down in talent but the talent is still on the teams, IU has just handled this season and plays hard and is talented enough to beat those teams. It is a shame this season couldn’t have stadiums full of fans because IU’s current team can feed off the opponents crowds as much as the home team does.

  2. I thought IU should have leapfrogged a Cincinnati team that hasn’t played anyone. But #8 in the country is an amazing accomplishment. They are a great team. This is a team that deserves to be #8 and definitely looks the part. I hope TA can keep his coaching staff together another year. The goal next year has to be Big Ten Champions. I can’t believe I just typed that without an ounce of sarcasm or disbelief.

    1. Why would Wommack leave now at 33 years old? He’ll have plenty of opportunities, but he’s in great situation right now with ‘uncle mentor’ TA. Keep in mind, IU does pay well compared to most gigs, even at a coordinator’s post. Thirdly, IU now has nation gravitas,…it’s on national broadcasts,…it’s in “Americas Premier Conference, ..The BIG Ten!”

    2. 123, it is amazing we can talk about IU being ranked #8 without sarcasm or disbelief. Teams have to come up with reasons to explain IU’s win against them instead of just admit that IU is much better now. It started with PSU saying IU didn’t win because Penix didn’t score the last extra point, yes it was close but close replay showed the nose of the ball across the goal line. It is now that Wisconsin fans think IU cheated by stealing signs of the plays they were running instead of accepting IU’s coaches and players study the film and picks up keys to know what is coming. If this is a reason, an article about Clemson doing this and it is happening across the country, then the easy fix is to start huddling again with a messenger bringing in the play, or maybe figure out your signals are too simple.

      Brad, I agree that Wommack should stay at IU for a few more years, if not longer, as he needs to prove this defense is real over a few years. However too many schools look to change their teams and go after the hot coaches in the country. Build up his cred at IU and Wommack can pick the school he wants in the future but we can never know what his life goals are or which school with offer him a chance.

      Too many fans still can’t believe this team so they worry something will happen soon to derail the success. It will be tough enough to replicate this season next year due to fans in the stands, the players buying into to how good they are, teams focusing on IU as their game to win, etc.

      I choose to be excited about this team and enjoy things I haven’t seen from IU since the Mallory special years. I wish I could see more film of IU in 1945 as that team was loaded with top players too.

      1. V13: Good points. It’s interesting (not ironic) that Wommack dons his baby blue pullover in honor of ‘Dicken’s boys’. Phil Dickens and the IU COMPLETE ATHLETIC PROGRAM was given a 4 year ‘death penalty’ prompted by Ohio State and Michigan (Possibly others). Why? Because he was beginning to entertain recruits that those two schools wanted. They thought IU and Phil Dickens should be content with leftovers. There were never any real violations…just league retribution based on heresay. It affected basketball and everything. Now, the league will be providing a sacrificial opponent in order that OSU gets to 6 games. Make no mistake about it….OSU and Michigan are responsible for ANY and ALL IU athletic woes post 1958. Basketball, soccer and swimming finally overcame it,…but it’s taken decades for football. Like you said, these %>รท*-offs have a hard time dealing with it. Remember, Michigan almost singlehandidly kept MSU out of the league by voting them down and promoting Pittsburgh. Nasty, whiny neighbors. If you ever wondered why you never heard of the Van Arsdales, Rayl, Bolyard, McGlocklin, Walt Bellamy etal in postseason conversations…that’s it. I watched (WTTV) a late night final game in that period at St. John Arena in Columbus. IU beat ‘champion’ OSU. Rayl scored a ton, eclipsing Gary Bradds’ league scoring average. Toward end of game, Bradds was throwing the ball in bounds after another 25′ by Rayl. He was seething….instead of throwing to an awaiting Larry Siefried….he hit Rayl in the head as hard as he could. My dislike isn’t for Purdue but the aforementioned. OSU is exaxtly what it appears to be, ..a priveleged bully that deserves and needs to be slapped upside the head..I hope Alabama beats them like unwanted orphans at a county poorhouse.

  3. The reality is this,..at full strength, which OSU was in game #1,..,they would annihilate #’s 5, 6 and 7. Wanna schedule an 8th game? How about overrated A &M, or the Cincy Fickels. Florida is legit….but I’d like to see IU v the gators in a big bowl game. Another big recruiting plus.

  4. Seems to me being ‘ballfaced’ has happened many times in the B1G. The last time I saw it happen Todd Jadlow punctuated a basketball from an out of bounds pass in with an Iowa players nose. It was hilarious. All depends on the owner of the ox being gored.

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