IU still No. 12 in CFP rankings after win at Wisconsin

Indiana didn’t budge from its No. 12 spot in the College Football Playoff rankings following a win at then-No. 16 Wisconsin.

It’s the third straight week where the Hoosiers, the No. 8 team in the Associated Pree poll, have been ranked at No. 12 by the CFP selection committee. Two-loss teams like Georgia (No. 9) and Oklahoma (No. 11) remained ahead of a one-loss IU squad.

Needless to say, IU players and coaches weren’t happy.

Here’s a sampling of their reactions:

This tweet, by former IU cornerback Andre Brown, was “liked” by IU coach Tom Allen, before he posted his own comment.

The Hoosiers are now on pause because of a COVID-19 spike, which has this weekend’s Purdue game in limbo. But this adds an interesting element for the Hoosiers, who are feeling a bit disrespected before their next matchup, whenever that comes.


  1. Let’s see now,..Allstate has IU as 5th,..with a 37% chance of playing for the national championship. AP 8th, Coaches 9th. BCS panel 12th!!!! This panel must be made up of Larry, Curly, Moe and the 3 Blind Mice. Undefeated Cincy doesn’t have the quality wins while the rest don’t match IU’s ‘quality’ loss,..and yes, 2 losses are worse than 1. Wake up bozos!

  2. I would like to be part of the group only to hear their justifications to hear why IU is ranked so low by them. Having two loss teams ahead of IU with their only loss being a close one to #3 in the land. The past plays a part when it shouldn’t but how do you put Cincinnati ahead based on their schedule. To see how far off many are look at the odds were for the Wisconsin game.

    It will take time for people to understand IUFB has changed physically and mentally. I am sure they are factoring in that Penix is hurt and out but people are low rating Tuttle at their own expense. One year soon when IU has seasons like this they will open up their lives.

  3. Committees.

    Indiana has the 10th best Strength of Schedule. They’re 4th in Strength of Record.

    Also, in every single game the Hoosiers have played this year? They beat the spread.


    Honestly, this is a travesty. The committee knocked IU down so low, they might not play a New Years bowl game. With the Purdue game in doubt, we might be on the outside looking in. Cincy and two teams with two losses will be in.

    Bovine Fecal Matter.

  4. This is a travesty but nothing IU can do anything about other than win their next game. It is a shame IU is getting a lack of love for all this team is doing in a very tough year. Having two B1G members in the CFP committee doesn’t seem to help IU. How two loss ISU is ranked where they are is a major travesty but not the only one on the ranking.

  5. It’s all related to historical bias and stats. The people who vote in these polls must think IU FB is a flash in the pan, a fluke or an anomaly. IU winning at FB does not fit their narrative, so they must discount it. Did they forget that we went 8 – 5 last season and should have beaten TN is a major bowl game? Are they not realizing that our recruiting has continued to improve for years?

    I guess this is why, when he gets the chance, TA needs to start running up the score against weaker opponents. Because so many media types don’t actually watch the games, and only look at the stats, IU should shelve sportsmanship and pile on the stats and score points at every opportunity. In addition to the number of wins, I guess it’s also about margin of victory and posting dominant statistics.

  6. Because the committee’s interpretation of quality losses, IU is stuck in 12th in spite of the polls. No doubt that Iowa State’s 2 losses including a 17 point drubbing by Louisiana’s Rajin Cajuns is ‘far superior’ to IU’s 7 point road loss at Ohio State. The only group of creeps more corrupt than the BCS committee might be the Pennsylvania elections board.

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