IU wins in Camp Randall for first time since 2001, beating Wisconsin, 14-6

MADISON, Wisc. — The hit could be heard from behind the glass windowpanes of Camp Randall’s press box.

It was the result of Tiawan Mullen’s shoulder pads, with all 176 pounds of the Indiana corner’s weight behind them, shooting directly into Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz’s torso. The corner blitz plopped the football on the ground, and late in the first quarter, it was the shockwave the Hoosiers needed to shift a defensive slobberknocker in their favor.

“I knew he didn’t see me, and I knew I had a clean shot,” Mullen said. “It was on me to get him on the ground and get the ball out.”

Linebacker Micah McFadden was dropped back in pass coverage when Mullen converged with Mertz, but he definitely heard it.

“It sounded like a gunshot on the field, for sure,” McFadden said.

In a 14-6 win Saturday at Wisconsin, IU’s first in Madison since 2001, No. 10 IU didn’t need overly explosive offense to outpace their rival. Quarterback Jack Tuttle, in his first start, was more or less steady, methodically taking the Hoosiers down the field for the game’s first score after Mullen’s sack-fumble.

The defense, it was gritty, refusing to give a ground-and-pound Wisconsin team overly much on the ground for most of the day.

All week, in the aftermath of Michael Penix Jr.’s season-ending ACL tear, IU coach Tom Allen emphasized the word “team,’ and that Tuttle didn’t have to carry the Hoosiers. At Wisconsin, they proved it true.

“When we talk about what a team win looks like in our program, this is one I’m going to point to,” Allen said.

IU’s defense did its work, holding an opponent to under a two-touchdown score for the third time in four games. IU’s run game didn’t roam wild on a stout Wisconsin defense, managing 90 yards, for a 3.1-yard-per-carry average, but there were productive gains in critical moments.

And when receivers were open, Tuttle found them. He completed 13-of-22 for 130 yards and two touchdowns.

“Coach Allen says it all the time, and not many people believe it, it’s LEO,” Tuttle said. “We play for each other, we play for Indiana. That’s really the core of why we are making big moves this year.”

IU (6-1) has now won six of its first seven conference games for the first time since 1967. Those six victories tie the program record for conference victories, set both in ’67 and ’87. Never has a Hoosier team won seven Big Ten games in a season, and this iteration has two games left.

The dream season is alive. Wisconsin’s 10-game winning streak over the Hoosiers is just the latest to die.

But it’s certainly a victory well-earned. It was a scoreless first period, as Tuttle missed on his first two passes, and IU’s rush offense struggled to gain any yards at all on first down. Three times in the Hoosiers’ first two drives, Tuttle faced downs of third-and-7 or longer.

After that sack-fumble from Mullen, though, Tuttle and the offense began to find something of a rhythm. The Hoosiers’ signal-caller was able to find David Ellis for a nine-yard gain on second down, then carried his way for two yards to get a momentum-building first down.

“This is one of those games I didn’t even know what we rushed for, but I knew by watching the game, we rushed effectively,” Allen said. “It allowed us to make the plays we needed to make.”

Suddenly, Tuttle was hitting Peyton Hendershot for five yards, and Stevie Scott picked up consecutive gains of five, four, and five yards again. Tuttle showed the ability to escape in the pocket, rolling to his left and throwing out of bounds to Whop Philyor on first down. But then he found a wide-open Jacolby Hewitt for 16 yards, down to the Wisconsin 4.

That led to a one-yard toss to Hendershot in the corner of the end zone, giving IU a 7-0 lead early in the second quarter.

“We did a great job taking advantage of our opportunities in the red zone,” Tuttle said. “We executed the plays.”

Wisconsin mounted a response drive, but as the IU defense did twice, it would bear down and only allow a field goal. That was pivotal, as IU went into the half 7-3, with a chance to start the third quarter with the ball.

Tuttle took advantage, hitting Ty Fryfogle – a receiver he tried to connect with multiple times earlier on jump balls – on a 35-yard toss down the sideline. That perfectly placed ball was followed by another, this time to Whop Phiylor streaking across the end zone.

Tuttle hit him just in time, before Philyor’s feet hit the out-of-bounds line. IU went up 14-3 with just over 11 minutes left in the third.

Wisconsin (2-2) threatened late, but some of it may have been IU’s fault for leaving the door open. Junior safety Jamar Johnson short-circuited one third-quarter drive with an interception, but a run by Tuttle was fumbled back to the Badgers on a third-and-1.

IU’s defense held Wisconsin to a field goal on a 52-yard drive, thanks in large part to a shot by Mullen on receiver Kendric Pryor on a third-down Mertz throw into the end zone. But Tuttle nearly landed a dagger soon after, finding Miles Marshall on what could have been a 57-yard score.

But the 6-foot-4 receiver was seemingly too wide open, dropping the ball and stealing a chance to land a dagger.

The game was just destined to go down to the wire, and Wisconsin had one more drive. Pinned back at their own 8 by a Haydon Whitehead punt, Mertz led the Badgers down to the IU 17, keyed by the redshirt freshman’s 18-yard rush on third-and-8 at the Wisconsin 49.

But after giving up four yards on a rush to Mertz on first-and-10 at the 21, IU followed that with a McFadden sack and two straight incompletions. IU held on.

“Indiana is tough, just plain and simple,” Tuttle said. “We’re a tough team. Every single guy on this team fights and will never stop fighting. That’s the message we sent today.”


  1. People doubt this Hoosier team, there were many going into this game, need to realize what a special team IU has right now. Tuttle came in and looked very good and I hope coach Sheridan opens up the playbook for him next week. Our OL and RBs played hard and ran the ball against the top defensive team in the B1G.

    Defensively IU stood up to Wisconsin and showed they could handle the Badgers. It was fun watching them fight toe to toe with the Badgers keeping them out of the end zone.

    Beat Purdue and finish the regular season 7-1 with a loss to OSU by just 7 points; what a year for the Hoosiers.

  2. He doesn’t get much credit but punter came through twice today pinning Whisky deep a couple of times. Those were huge.

  3. Best part of the game was after the game. The players got on the mic and told recruits to come to Indiana and play for TA! Watch IU pull in some 5 stars now! This a special year. NO ONE thought this was possible just 2 years ago. I hope all Hoosiers appreciate this once-in-a-century kind of year. Rename Memorial to Tom Allen Stadium!

    1. It certainly is a very special time for IUFB. 2 successful seasons back to back, 1 season proving the other. Coach Allen and former AD Glass imagined the vision and created the goal to make it happen.

    2. Somehow, I just can’t imagine players jumping on Ara Parseghian’s back when he was talking.

  4. Great, hard fought team win. Wow! I could not be more pleased.

    Tuttle did well, and his stats should have been 14 for 22 for about 200 yards, but unfortunately Marshall dropped one that would have put the game away.

    I appreciate Tuttle’s courage, toughness and skill, but he needs to learn to slide or run out of bounds. I held my breath when he took that shot to the head, entered the medical exam tent and then again when he ran to the locker room. Glad he is O.K.

    I hope a lot of people witnessed the post-game on-field interview with TA, and how his players came by and sang TA’s praises, yelling “best coach in America” and “come play for this man.” I confess, that moment brought tears to my eyes.

  5. 92, you’re right about the punter. He did a great job today.

    Tuttle’s TD pass in the corner of the end zone was a perfect pass. P E R F E C T.

  6. If they wanted better ratings for the bowl championship series, they’d find a way to get the Hoosiers in. This is a story that only happens once every 100 years.
    OSU should have to play us again…Hell with this East vs. West malarkey. Should be the two best teams facing each other.

  7. We probably would have won 40-7 with Penix. Very down years for Wisconsin, PSU and Michigan.

    Great season …but I do believe the absence of fans may be affecting favorites way more than the underdog captaining the “Love Boat.”

      1. I’m enjoying it in my fashion….Remember Max Mercy in “The Natural”…? Fate is always teetering . Final chapters are only a vision right now. The joy can be in the immense possibilities where humility and karma fight it out until the end. Winning is a momentary thing dancing inside and outside the sincerity and graciousness of the shared effort.

        Personally, I would likely enjoy it more without so much effort to explain the achievement…whether it be “belief”…or “loving each other”…or “Glory to God”…or whatever mantra is attached to a definition of “winners.” Nobody knows how the hands of fate are decided….though the pretense of knowing is often narcissistic, preachy and nauseating.

        Guess that’s why I like Archie Miller….Not much in the way of declarations of all-knowing truths and mantras. He isn’t at Indiana to be some form of idolatry.

    1. HfH: You sir, have a myopic-biased disorder we call ‘Penixophilia’. Tuttle is, and will continue to be a better QB than Penix. I don’t know what you were watching at the end of last weeks win or todays game,..but your assessment at this point is actually in poor taste.

      1. You sir, are experiencing Tuttletitillation.

        There is only poor taste in your uncouth abuse of the truth and your flippant regard of a masterful season given to us by a quarterback facing another heartbreaking injury.
        A winning season (along with wins against PSU and Michigan) and a battle until the end against OSU was already in the books.
        Fine showing by Tuttle in the aftermath of what was already accomplished. Go back to when JT was recruited…I only had fine things to say about him.

        Thinkaboutit would also likely challenge your assertions of Tuttle’s superiority at the position. But you likely follow this blog enough to know he appears to be gone for good. Here’s to hoping he returns….He was one of a very small group here that doesn’t personally attack or use snide to communicate a position. He did love his SEC football….but that’s o.k.

    2. Dude – I haven’t commented on here forever, but I see you are still shaking your fist at clouds, whining and placing expectations on others that you would never except yourself. Good to see.

    3. The reason PSU, MI and WI are “down” this year is that IN and NW are “up”! Those are 2 wins that you don’t get anymore! When you only play 8 that makes it tough!

  8. IU made a couple big mistakes (dropped sure td pass by J. T. + J.T. struggle for an extra yard fumbling football) and still beat a top team in the conference and a really good physical team that IU physically matched in the country. In past IU had little room for errors against even average teams. IU only one 15 yard penalty. Consequently, winner is a LEO team/program culture that was much needed for IU football as evidenced by what was demonstrated Post Game with T.A. and players. Note: T.A. is has high expectations and challenges players to play in program. Excellent team win offense and defense. J.T. had the look of an engineer in the game.

  9. IU should be ranked 7th- above a Cincinnati team that hasn’t beaten anyone and above a 2 loss Georgia team. It’s time for the polls to reflect IU’s victories and strength of schedule and not just their players’ recruiting rankings.

    1. Exactly. When teams with 4 and 5’s are handed their &_÷>straps…needs to be reflected. Maybe 4 or 5 teams likely better than IU.

    2. What is even worse is B/R rates Coastal Carolina ahead of IU because they beat BYU which hadn’t played anyone tough building their resume on whoever they could pick up this year. B/R guys have a strong anti-IUFB bias. IU has moved up to #8 in the AP and #9 in the coaches polls.

  10. Punting game and kicking game and special teams are doing a good job. I expect J.T. pass for bigger numbers as his upside is realized in future games.

  11. This was a great team win and the interview after the game was a great selling point to recruits and families. 123 you are right and so are you 92.

    H4H it would be great if the committee would pick IU but we know they won’t. Maybe next year or in the near future when recruiting picks up IU will be there following a B1G championship.

    I feel great right now enjoying IU’s win and season so far. The OSU game was so much what could have been without the drops and fumbles. Come home boys and whip PU.

    1. H4H is absolutely right that if OSU get’s to change the rules to get to the BIG championship, the committee should make it an OSU v. IU rematch because IU actually played the games and have the best record of those who played more than 6 games. Also, we clobbered MSU that beat Northwestern, and beat Wisconsin that beat Iowa. That means IU is currently the undisputed 2nd best team in the BIG.

  12. This was the most complete game I have ever seen IU play. When they punted with 5 min. Left I just knew we were going to win. Great game!

  13. Time for me to congratulate Fred Glass (again) for making TA IU’s head FB coach. And we need to recognize Glass for getting TA the financial resources necessary to get/keep quality assistant coaches while greatly improving IU’s FB facilities. I was often critical of Glass, but I must commend him for uplifting IU’s FB program.

    Assuming COVID is behind us next September, there should be no reason that every IU home FB game is not sold out and that Memorial Stadium is filled to capacity.

    1. Is Tom Allen the Dr. Ruth of college football….? There is love at eleven different positions on our team! When we air it out…it’s mostly the perfume in the locker room?

      A dozen roses is so Hoosier football yesterday. Send your football baby mama eleven and a kiss to go to heaven.

      Will we be invited to the first Hallmark Card Bowl? That’s not a goal post, stupid Cupid…That’s a giant “U”..It stands for I love U.

      And now were popular with Coach K? I thought Coach Kavorkian died of natural IU Football watching causes years ago?

    2. Seeing will be believing on attendance for IU home games. IU Nation is not fully into football yet. I have a plan to fill the stadium: 1) name it after an important Indiana person for 10 years; 2) have an IU sports “Pass”: 1 Basketball ticket (17,600); 3 Football tickets (52,800); and open, first come first in, to all IU sporting events! Use parking and concessions to mollify the big donors! Simple and fair. If you can’t attend all 7 home football games, turn in your tickets to a donation program or to a re-sale program.

  14. The stadium should be filled next year and stay filled the whole game. IU is now a football school and fans need to show that it is. One of the best things about the post game interview is it was on national tv and I hope a lot of top recruits were watching.

    If we don’t see the top Indiana recruits coming to IU something is wrong and some very high rated recruits from across the country will be looking at IU.

    1. Sorry, PO and V13, but IUFB attendance post-COVID will be about the same as pre-COVID. Why? It’s Indiana. And when I say “sorry,’ you have no idea how rotten, stinkin’ sorry I am about it, but that’s the truth.

      1. davis, I have the same fear about the crowd when they can come to the stadium but just as few saw this season coming it could change. I believe you about feeling sorry about saying what you are saying and it being about IU.

        1. V13, honored that you responded to me at 4 o’clock in the a.m.! Unfortunately, my pessimism/realism is grounded in facts- such as the fact that if you look on the IU merchandise website, there’s nary a t-shirt, hoodie, or as much as a sweat sock branded with “INDIANA FOOTBALL.” Where the %&#! is the athletic dept???????? Why isn’t someone on the phone to the IU marketing public relations office saying, “Wake up over there! Sportswriters are calling IUFB the story of the season! Get some IUFB gear on the market, for crying out loud! Don’t you know how many trinkets we’ll need to sell to keep Allen from being poached?” This is what I meant when I wrote, “It’s Indiana.”

  15. For the whole game today I had a feeling of confidence with Tuttle leading the offense. I can’t sense why but even more confidence than I have with Penix.

    1. I am guessing it was about pass blocking but I was expecting to see him on the field and getting some runs against Wisconsin to see how he would do.

  16. Just call me ‘Kreskin’. Predicted Tuttle’s performance. IU by a touchdown. That cumulative Vegas numbers were off by an average of 11.58,…now they’re up to a bit over 15 per game. They’ll only respect you when you begin to cost them $. Great win. Great season. Only 4 or 5 teams actually better than IU. Texas A&M and Oklahoma aren’t 2 of them.

  17. Go Hoosiers!

    What a magical year. When all the players were jumping on Allen and expressing their love for him at the end of the game brought tears to my eyes. There’s no program on the planet that has a recruiting ad like that!

    Congrats Coach Allen. You’ve done the impossible.

    On to Purdue!!

  18. What a great team win! If Marshall had not dropped that wide open pass, the game would not have been close. This team has way exceeded my expectations. No way did I think they could be 6-1 with a 7 point loss to OSU at this point in the season as their only blemish. Just a fantastic job by Coach Allen!

    I do think the lack of fans on the road has helped IU and hindered the opponents who are used to feeding emotionally off the big crowds. This should continue to play out in IU’s favor for the next two games and the bowl game.

    Go Hoosiers! Just sad I won’t be able to support them in person in their bowl game!

    1. I think the BYU / Coastal game was a good example of crowd noise affecting the visitor. Attendance of 5,000 but sure made the noise for Coastal.

  19. So much for 47-10 predictions for a loss.

    Congratulations to the team and coaching staff.

    Now, on to Purdue. Next whipping coming.

    1. So much of a prediction because you under estimated IU. Thanks for the congratulations to the team and coaching staff and I will love IU whipping Purdue. IU is a far better team than many think.

      I love this team and LEO coach Allen has for the team and his players telling recruits to come to IU. I hope it resonates with recruits and get more than want to come to IU.

  20. Remember two years ago when I called Tom Allen our Barry Alvarez? I’m sure H4H could pull up some old post of mine and validate this lol.

  21. Yes, Indiana has benefitted from not playing in front of hostile crowds. But some of you reveal your constant negative ways of seeing everything.

    You miss that Indiana has played it’s 4th game in a row vs an opponent that has had 2 weeks to prepare. Indiana hasn’t had a single bye. Their starting QB who was in brief Heisman chatter, was lost for the season, among a whole slew of starters. This team had been resilient and has stepped up and did what it takes to win in the face of it all.

    This team is filled with heart. To see any “buuuuuuuut…” reveals more about you that you can’t enjoy the best thing Indiana’s ever had on the football field. Take your butts to next week vs a 6 million coach who is in the basement of his own weak side of the league. A guy who was praised on these pages over and over again, while Tom Allen was the embodiment of Hoosier frugality.

    This Indiana team is the embodiment of all that is great about college sports. Allen had proven what can be done when you look up from the Play calling sheet and you see young humans who are eager to play hard for each other and a coach that believes that they can beat anyone.

    Hell yes!

    1. DD, what a good post and I have said people just can’t put away the past for IUFB but more are noticing how different this team is over past teams. This team has played hard this season with no break unlike the last three teams had before playing IU.

      The interview after the game was great and I hope families of recruiting players saw it and became IU interested. You are right about this team embodiment of what is great about college sports and teaching and living shows athletes how to love each other and others too.

      I love see where Whop got after the writers saying this game was an upset. The only reason they believe it is they don’t understand how good IUFB is right now. The players understand they play hard and are good but need to get better. More and more people are starting to see how good IU is and PU needs to see how good IU is this coming Saturday.

      1. I saw that tweet by Whop and laughed- but aren’t these guys supposed to be wearing earmuffs and blinders?

    2. Double Down,
      Yours is the best post I’ve read in a LONG time.
      I just can’t over folks who can’t seem to enjoy a good thing.

  22. Actually, IU this year has matched up well physically with teams. Wisconsin could not with big ugly cheeseheads just bull doze IU around. IU has physical speed which matches Up well with teams like Wisconsin. IU was dictating game rather than Wisconsin. This whole year IU defense has held things together by takeaways and for almost all season keeping opponents off scoreboard. Penix was streaky but when he and offense struggled the defense held down opponents until offense could get on track. Seen the same thing yesterday. Defense gave up 2 field goals at Wisconsin because Wisconsin couldn’t do just whatever they wanted on offense.
    IU will have to keep winning 8+ with 12 game season next year and the year after if attendance is going to start selling out.

  23. IU better make best effort they can to keep Wommack around and actually rest of coaching staff. Things are going well with IU football program.
    And no back slide with Purdue. Physically IU is much better than Purdue but must maintain focus.

  24. Not to be overlooked the number of position coaching changes there were this past year at IU. It’s come together very well. Not just on the wins but also handling the current state of affairs. A major major credit to T.A. and staff leadership and organization.

  25. t, if Wommack leaves coach Allen has shown he can bring in good coaches to replace coaches that leave. Yes it would be a loss if Wommack leaves but I remember many wanting a change from Wommack last year. I hope our coaches realize the special place they are in and decide to stay for several years before striking out on their own. Clemson shows that coaches stay at good places to coach. I understand the fear about losing coaches but IU may be the place to stay as a coach and keep the improvement going. Just think how close the team is for qualifying for the play-offs this year [I don’t think the talent is there yet but they were close]. Remember coach Hagen leaving and the worry about replacing him; I think we have found a better coach for our DL now.

    Just enjoy this team for now and let coach Allen deal with coaching issues this off-season. One thing about life is changes happen all the time and that includes coaching staffs.

    1. Good coaches always want their position guys and coordinators to move up. It’s the nature of that profession, V, and it’s precisely how IU came to have Tom Allen. You never want to hold coaches back as it’s a pride thing when your assistants get opportunities to move up.

      1. When IU is ranked #8 or higher where is “up”: FL St, no; IA, no; UNC, no: OK St, no…

        1. With all respect, this is currently a one year phenomenon for IU football. We allocate far less financially than many other P5 programs, we pay at the bottom of the Big 10 for coaches, and our fan support, especially when you consider the size of the Univerzity, is poor. “Up” is everywhere. A magical season on a weird, off kilter year, is great. We need to build a program with sustained success. Then your question might provide a better answer than it would get today.

          1. I mean, you were saying last year’s 8-5 was a fluke. Now you’re saying this year’s success is a “one year phenomenon”. C’MON MAN! I swear IUFB is going to have to win back to back to back to back nattys for some people to recognize that this is now a legit football program.

          2. “Up” doesn’t mean more wins. It means more money. Maybe a lot more. Were this a normal (non-COVID) environment, does anyone doubt that Dolson (who? IU AD. Oh, yeah, that guy) would be fending off requests to interview Tom Allen left and right? Heck, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s happenin’ now. Nothing we can do about it if someone offers TA a raise of 1 or 2 million per annum. Now maybe Allen is the kind of guy who would turn down piles of money. Mich. approached Pat Fitzgerald pre-Harbaugh, and he turned ’em down to stick at low-pressure NU. But he did get a raise from NU (details not known, private institution), and Allen may be the kind of guy to realize that a high-expectations place like Lincoln or So. Cal. is not for him. But coordinators certainly want to move “up.”

    2. …v absolutely correct…and if Coach Allen is selected COY young successful assistants wanting to work at IU will be coating themselves in vaseline so they can slide past the crowded applicants to get an interview…only Q…how many will have a good handle on the 4-2-5?…

  26. How much fun is this?

    Friends of mine who are long time Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin fans are all talking about how legit our football team is. This year is no fluke. The Hoosiers are really good.

    Old Indiana teams would lose their QB, drop their head and mutter, “Same ole Indiana.” We’d go out and score a ton of points against a ranked opener, but the defense would be trying to stop third and long and give up a 50yd TD to lose 55-49. “Same ole Indiana.”

    Not this year.

    Not this team.

    They have learned how to win.

    And I hope this is a harbinger of things to come. There’s bedrock in the foundations of this program, not sand.

    1. DD it is a fun football season to watch IU win games they have won before. It is built on bedrock and I hope the Wisconsin game and the post game interview brings even better players to IU. So far it looks like the success can continue with the recruits coming in and back ups we have along with the starters coming back next year. It looks like the QB battle will be intense next year if Penix recovers fast enough.

      I have said in the past IU had some good players but not ones that knew how to have game winning plays; IU now has players that can make game winning plays.

      It has to be fun for you to have fans of other schools tell you IUFB is legit now. Our players will have a big challenge next year to live up to what they are doing this year.

        1. Lots of athletes recover from ACL tears. 4 guys on my team did and that was back when it was a zipper surgery that involved a lot more damage. Gymnastics is way harder on knees than football is for QBs. I don’t know why you would say this.

  27. Could we beat Notre Dame? It’s sort of a shame. College football is still a “what have you done for me lately” popularity contest. Normal seasons have somewhere around 12 games. OSU possibly becomes a national champ playing half as many?
    Why didn’t college football expand the playoff? They could have been inventive and committed to something far more entertaining.
    Instead of the dozens of meaningless bowls, we could have locked down in one city and had a College Football Elite 8 (maybe a couple ‘wildcard’ games to determine two of the Elite 8 teams thus making for a Top 12 pool )…then leading to a Final Four and title.
    It’s simply a popularity and prestige contest. And with limited schedules and canceled games this season, far more so.

    We may be legit but we will be left out of the party to prove it. By defeating more quality teams than anyone else in the conference (possibly, the nation), we have earned the right to play in the final games of this modified season.
    We will not …and thus have been denied our “legitimacy.”

  28. DD, two good posts above. Thank you.

    So davis, as far as IU fans are concerned, I have to disagree with the underlying doubt about IU’s fan base and their skepticism and reluctance to believe in IU FB and show greater support. Tom Allen is just crushing those old doubts and prejudices right before our very eyes. He’s just steam rolling right over IU’s FB history and the doubts that so many old IU fans have. Tom Allen is forcing the Hoosier Nation to recognize his program, his players and the success they are achieving. Even the most skeptical IU fans will have little choice but to get behind IU FB, because he’s not going to stop building his program for anyone, especially not those who refuse to believe, or those hard core pessimists who had the hope whipped out of them years ago. If TA is about anything, he’s about belief, and his coaching staff and players are 100% bought in.

  29. I do think it would be prudent to assume Wommack will be a target for wealthier FB schools, probably a struggling SEC school. But again, the question is, does Wommack want to simply make more money by taking a lateral position, or does he want to become a head coach? If he wants to become a head coach, he’s probably in the best job he could get, being mentored by someone who really cares about him and will do everything possible to help him achieve his career ambitions. He’s got job security at IU, and he’s not grossly underpaid. Can he earn more, absolutely, but at what risk?

    In spite of this budget-crushing COVID climate, IU’s administration should do everything possible to retain IU’s best Assistant FB coaches. Give them whatever salary increases that are possible, extend their contracts and increase their contract buyouts. It won’t be bullet proof, but it sends the right message and reduces the risk of them being poached. As for me, I’m most worried about our defensive backs’ and receivers’ coaches. These are the best performing position groups on the team and they are playing above their level of talent.

    1. Wommack’s base is $460k. DeBoer made $800k base as Indiana’s highest paid coordinator ever. For reference, a middle of the pack SEC team, Arkansas, pays their defensive coordinator $1.2 million. Wommack is underpaid for how he has performed.

  30. I don’t think the secondary is playing above their talent level because they are pretty talented. Rather, they are maximizing their ability or living up to their talent level.
    Also I notice IU players seem to let T.A. aggressively defend and be pro active for his players regarding officiating rather than themselves as he has coached them to do.
    Vs Wisconsin one 15 yard penalty.

    1. t: When Gene Stallings was coaching Alabama he was quoted as saying; “I want my best athletes playing defense.”
      IU’s secondary is made of ‘offensive high school studs’. I remember George Teague (later with the Packers) on the line of scrimmage with his 10 team mates daring Miami’s Vinny Testaverde to throw the ball. Teague caught the receiver 15 yards in front of him, took the ball, and ran it back for 40 yards.

  31. I agree PO. They have to have the right coach/s that IU apparently have in order for them to play as well as they have.

  32. Big Ten head football coaches 2020 total pay, in millions. National rank in parentheses:
    1 (4). Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, $8.04
    2 (8). James Franklin, Penn State, $6.7*
    3 (13). Ryan Day, Ohio State, $5.65
    4 (14). Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern, $5.22
    5 (15). Mel Tucker, Michigan State, $5.06
    6 (18). Scott Frost, Nebraska, $4.83
    7 (18). Jeff Brohm, Purdue, $4.8*
    8 (20). Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, $4.67
    9 (26). P.J. Fleck, Gophers, $4.28
    10 (30). Paul Chryst, Wisconsin, $3.93
    11 (34). Lovie Smith, Illinois, $3.8
    12 (35). Tom Allen, Indiana, $3.77
    13 (37). Greg Schiano, Rutgers, $3.76
    14 (60). Mike Locksley, Maryland, $2.47

    Of course, this does not include the big bonuses that TA should be getting after this season. In relative terms, he deserves every penny.

  33. 123, I agree with you, but Wommack is only in his second year as a DC. My hope is that he’s going to need more experience before he’ll be eligible for a 7-digit salary from an SEC team.

    There are currently 169 assistant FB coaches who get paid more than Wommack. 61 coach for SEC teams, 33 for Big Ten teams, 29 for PAC 12 teams, 24 for Big 12 teams, and 22 for ACC teams. And that will continue to be the challenge for IU’s Administration and boosters. How do we maintain the coaching talent necessary to stay competitive when IU’s FB revenue is close to the lowest of all Big Ten programs? First off, the obvious, IU fans must start selling out Memorial Stadium and attending all home games. This is a team worth watching and there should be no excuses. Secondly, big and small donors need to increase the money they donate to IU Athletics. IU will NEVER out-spend the big FB schools on coaching compensation, but we can still make IU FB an attractive destination for talented assistant coaches.

  34. Po you are right about the compensation for coaches but it will take big donors to specify money for football coaches at least in the short run. I am hoping fans start coming to fill the stadium because this isn’t a football team like IU has seen for a very long time. If people like it or not IU needs to start treating the football program like one of the top ones in the country. No need to go crazy like a couple of B1G teams have but upgrade money to reflect being one of the top programs in the B1G.

  35. V13, after this season is over, I think we’ll see some very highly paid coaches getting fired. Clearly there are several who simply do not deserve, in relative terms, the salaries they’re paid. Harbaugh is the poster child for that group. Brohm’s not too far behind. But there are many others across the country whose performance/results have never lived up to their compensation. And given the financial strain COVID has but on Athletic Department budgets across the country, you wonder how many schools will take the opportunity to cut their losses?

    On a completely different subject, do any of you folks from Indy remember Julius Brents. He’s a DB who was fairly highly rated coming out of HS in Indy and he is in the transfer portal.

  36. “Brents was a three-star recruit in the 2018 class out of Warren Central High School in Indianapolis and chose the Hawkeyes over offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Indiana, Michigan State, and others.”

    I wonder if Brents is looking to finish out his playing career a little closer to home?

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