IU women’s basketball will not play Saturday

Indiana women’s basketball will not be playing a game this Saturday, after all.

Following the cancelation of IU’s game with Butler due to COVID-19 cases in the Bulldog program, the Hoosiers went looking for a replacement, preferably for Saturday.

But IU released a statement Friday saying a game would not be played Saturday. The plan is to add a game next week, according to a spokesperson. An announcement about IU’s upcoming opponent is expected in the coming days.

IU (2-1) has not played since last Sunday’s loss at then-No. 11 Kentucky. Butler (0-3) is now idle following a 93-54 loss at Michigan on Wednesday night.


  1. After watching the Rutgers Maryland game both teams scoring around 90 pts because of the 3 and I have to agree with Mike c. There is great concern with IU’s lack of 3 pt consistancy. On top of that teams will most likely zone and make it much harder for Holmes to motivate on the inside and force IU from the perimeter.

  2. Accurate. IU Ladies during
    T. Moren era (no other time either) have just never sustained a highly dependable 3 ball especially as a team. So what you see…IU Ladies so often work hard, compete, play defense, pass, cut, run a system, usually great effort, but have trouble putting the ball in basket, plus making free throws. Other high level teams overall seem to have more dependable shooters including 3 ball shooters that neutralize much of the effort and hard work IU Ladies put in during game. It’s like IU Ladies GREAT EFFORT vs a high level team that puts in great effort also but they just seem to be able to put the ball in basket at a smoother more dependable way than IU Ladies…especially at crucial times in games.

  3. Lack of effective 3 point shooting execution will be detrimental to our success. Effective 3 point shooting is normally a staple for a team’s success! Most highly successful teams have effective 3 point shooters in their lineup. Unless you go to the free throw line much more than your opponent, your chance of winning a game against a strong opponent is negated if you are not an effective 3 point shooting team in today’s game. Obviously recruiting very good 3 point shooters can lead to a team that will be very hard to beat. Having a Holmes on the inside as SteveW mentions is an effective tool which can lead to victory but, as mentioned, if that tool is shut down then the perimeter shooting becomes essential to a team’s success. Hopefully, IU will be up to the task in that area for the season? Go Hoosiers!!

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