No. 16 IU women falter after fast start

Via Stefan Krajisnik of the Indianapolis Star

As Jaelynn Penn had the ball stripped from her, IU coach Teri Moren turned and slapped her chair as if she knew what that third-quarter turnover meant.

In a game where No. 16 Indiana had 17 turnovers in a 78-70 loss at home against No. 14 Ohio State, that turnover from Penn was already IU’s 10th — a number that Moren hopes her team can stay below each game if it wants to win.

The Hoosiers came out hot after a road win at No. 23 Northwestern to take a quick 11-0 lead against Ohio State. However, the Buckeyes (10-1, 6-1 Big Ten) responded with a press defense that hassled Indiana the remainder of the game.

The press combined with a half-court defense that crashed down whenever the Hoosiers got the ball inside, and IU struggled to capitalize on the early momentum and allowed Ohio State to hang in the game.

“Just carelessness on our part,” Moren said postgame. “I thought we were not strong with the ball.”

Even when Indiana (9-4, 7-2) had control of the ball, there was little the team could produce offensively against Ohio State’s zone defense — particularly in the fourth quarter.

Indiana led at the end of the first three periods but was outscored 25-16 in the fourth thanks in large part to a common trend of struggling from the 3-point line.

After Ali Patberg hit her first shot from deep during that initial 11-0 run, the Hoosiers missed on their next 13 attempts to go along with 15-of-24 shooting from the free-throw line.

“All of those things are a recipe for a loss, especially against a team that has so many weapons,” Moren said.

Despite Grace Berger’s 26 points and Mackenzie Holmes’ 17, no other IU player got into double digits.

Moren has challenged Patberg to be more aggressive numerous times this season, including earlier this week, but the sixth-year senior still shot just 3-of-14 from the field.

This is now the third game in a row where Indiana’s preseason All-Big Ten candidate has been held to less than 10 points.

“My conversation with (Patberg) and all of them is that of an encourager,” Moren said. “… My job as the coach is to make sure that we help these kids stay confident because we still have the whole month, several months, hopefully, of basketball.”

This marked the second-straight season in which Indiana held a double-digit lead against a visiting Ohio State team but could not come out with the victory.

Both teams were coming off big wins earlier this week with Indiana’s victory at Northwestern and Ohio State’s win over Big Ten frontrunner Maryland.

It was a reminder not only of what can happen when a team struggles to capitalize on its lead against Big Ten opponents, but it served as a reminder to the players of how tough it is to maintain momentum in the conference.

“We’re sorely disappointed,” Moren said. “This is probably one of the most disappointing losses that we’ve had in our tenure here at Indiana.”

This game was not originally scheduled to be played until next week, but with the difficulties of this season, both teams elected to move it up. Berger said postgame that Indiana still had its usual two days to prepare and was ready to take on the Buckeyes regardless of when the game was scheduled.

It’ll now be another quick turnaround for Indiana as it welcomes Michigan State to Assembly Hall at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

“We don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves,” Moren said.


  1. Trying to decipher the cardboard cutouts in the background of the photo…Calbert Cheaney, Bobby Wilkerson, Brian Evans, ?, Quinn Buckner.

    Who is #54…?…Risley? Steve Risley? Doesn’t look like Benson.

  2. Shooting = F
    Turn overs = F
    Free throw shooting = F
    Mentality = (mental and physical toughness, focus, fun, confidence, maturity of experienced players, quickness of losing momentum including leads and struggles compound against OSU and the best teams) = F
    OSU Ladies team responded to coaching/strategy (4th quarter zone which was OSU game plan+not making things easy for IU Ladies by making them prove themselves at ft line). OSU Ladies responded to OSU coaching/strategy to go out and win game better than IU Ladies responded to IU coaching/strategy. IU Ladies still cannot put the ball in basket and shoot the ball well against the best teams. Then, in this one way to many turnovers. At least T. Moren is not afraid to call out players and team.

  3. I have watched Ohio State’s last three games. They finally have all their pieces back and are playing very, very well. I believe they could beat any team in the country at this time. Consecutive wins vs Michigan, Maryland and Indiana is no easy feat.
    The 17 turnovers and poor free throw shooting doomed the Hoosiers. A chance for payback later in the season.
    Arkansas defeated UCONN last night. Maryland put up 115 pts and crushed the Razorbacks earlier this season. The B1G should have 2 teams in the top 10 next week.

    NET rankings thru Jan 27
    8 – Indiana
    10 – Maryland
    11 – Ohio State
    12 – Michigan
    Michigan State on Sunday is a new opportunity.

  4. Discouraging, yes. Old cliche holds true, never as good as your last win or as bad as your last loss.
    This season isn’t over.
    MSU Sunday.
    4:30, not 4:00.
    GO IU!

  5. As I watched this game last night after the early run by IU it was partially the O S. defense and a huge lack of IU to value the ball and in the end turned into 17 TO’s which you cannot have against a team like this. But it was not all O. S. defense it was a lot of careless passing by IU. Yes its true you have to have more than two players doing well and IU did not have that last night, plus free throw shooting was poor. Against tough teams like this the coaching doesnt trust many in the rotation, I would have liked to have seen Key on the floor shes bigger and can defend than say Nikki. In the end it appears IU as a team is not what their elite ranking says , they are still behind Mary. and O . S. and on the other hand those two teams are both top ten and IU is not.

  6. B.Y. transfer is a disappointment physically.
    IU Ladies need whole game focus rather than getting to happy having a 7 to 10 point lead that as a pattern over T. Moren era tend to quickly give up. Happened last night as well. Several times last night IU Ladies were not strong with the ball getting it stripped plus which seems to continue happening lackadaisical passing.

  7. Still waiting for Patberg and Penn to hit an open 3?? They leave a lot to be desired from 3? If I ever hear again about home court advantage this year, I will scream!! No such thing this year when there are no crowds in the stands, would people quit with that! Oh, BTW, Miller just hit another shot while Patberg is trying to find her? This was a pathetic performance from what is supposed to be a very good IU team? How can you play like this on your home court? Our very poor 3 point shooting and poor free throw shooting doomed us! I have said several times this year as well as before the season started that we are a poor shooting team and that it would kill us against good teams and that is becoming very true! Another thing, 60% free throw shooting will not get it done. This team needs to spend more time in the gym on their own time practicing free throws! I vaguely remember reading an article years ago about Steve Alford who was a + 90% free throw shooter shooting 5oo free throws a day on his own time. No wonder he was as good as he was? BTW, this is 15 straight wins by Ohio St. over IU??? 15 for 24 from the free throw line and 17 turnovers is a recipe for failure!!
    Patberg is a very good player but, her defense is almost non existent! She had no idea where Miller was all night? I have been critical of her lack of defense all year and last night was another example?
    When the season started, many so-called basketball experts were showering IU with accolades of adulation! Well, the losses to Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland who we have never beaten and now Ohio St. at home is showing us the true example of the team we really are. We are no better than we have ever been! I thought and have stated that this would be the best team we have ever had, well, now I am beginning to wonder? Some experts had us ranked in the pre-season in the top 10, well, those days are gone! We are the same we have always been puttering along just below the cream of the crop in the conference. Now I know there is no true “Home Court advantage” this year with no crowds in attendance but, no way we should lose like we did last night to this team. Ohio State is not a super power! They are simply another very good team in the conference that can be beaten if we are any good at all? As stated before, WE have NEVER beaten them! Moren stated that this was one of her most disappointing losses ever! I agree, I thought that this would finally be the year we would get them! Steve W, you are correct, we are not who we thought we were!! We have a long way to go to reach the level of the elite teams we play? We are not mentally tough enough yet to get to where we want to be! I guess coming into this season I was expecting this team to reach that NEXT level of play with their returning experience from last season, well, my bad! So far, this is the same team we had last year with very little improvement! I am so glad that we are not allowed to go to the games which I have done for the last 30 years as a season ticket holder! I am dissapointed enough the way it is watching them on TV, can’t imagine sitting in the “Hall” watching this:-( Maybe things will change going into the Big10 tournament….we will see?? Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Gulbe, Holmes and Browne, our Bigs, combined to go 12 – 18 (.666) from the field last night. Grace Berger was 8 – 15 (.533). All other guards combined went 7 – 35 (.200).
      It’s not rocket science …. get the ball in the hands of the players that can consistently put it through the hoop.

    2. Home court advantage involves more than just crowd noise. And yes OSU is very beatable. Perspective: It’s an exception to see big ten team in final 4 or even elite 8.

      1. Teri should consider herself very fortunate to not be coaching in a men’s version of the BigTen.
        The men’s side of the conference is stacked with six or seven teams with very viable shots to be in the Final Four. Heck, wouldn’t surprise me if three BigTen teams make the men’s Final Four. Could have five in the Elite 8.
        Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and …dare I say, Purdue, all have a very good shot for Elite Eights. Minnesota and MSU could still be dangerous come tournament time. Indiana has an outside shot (need Brunk back)….Bad timing for a coach just barely getting his own recruits on the floor because the men’s BigTen is tough as nails.

        It’s nice and cushy over on the women’s side of the conference. You can look a lot better than you actually are (probably applies to coaching ability as well). Who in the women’s BigTen can truly compete with the national powerhouses in women’s college basketball?

  8. Believe or not this team is improved, Mack lost 20+ lbs so she can stay on the floor longer , even against good teams she is still a weapon and can stay on the floor longer drawing more attention. Problem is when she kicks it back out IU cant hit shots. So when State went to the zone in the 4th was a good move knowing IU’s perimeter shooting is poor. Even Moren when asked said “we cant win with just 2” . Ali is a good player , good distributer , but is letting her team down. Moren wanted her to be more aggressive and that would be good if she could score,,,, oh btw Miller just hit another 3 ptr. Who is supposed to guarding her. The one good thing is IU did shut down Greene and Sheldon from the field,, I say again we could have used KEY against Miller.

    1. “we can’t win with just 2’s” …….. Two points better than the 0 with 3’s. Do ii the hard way, drives + one. Well, there is the issue of free throws, so maybe not. Come on. one shoots the ball 9 times, gets 2 points and has 4 turnovers ?

  9. Is Teri Moren ever going to beat Kevin McGuff and Ohio State? I would have surely thought we could beat the lineup of Carmen Grande, Carly Santoro and Makayla Waterman in 18-19 and we couldn’t. Then a bunch of freshman and sophomores beat us last year. And this year we have more talent but apparently patberg is having a crisis this season while berger and holmes try to carry the whole team and gulbe only wants to jack up 3s. Seems like alot of talent that’s idk…mismanaged…somehow who do we talk to about this? Is danielle patterson having fun?

  10. I think IU’s pre-season ratings were clearly too generous. This team can’t be blamed for that.
    But while I’m disappointed in last night’s performance, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see all the gloom and doom, second guessing, and calling our particular girls who are working very hard to help the Hoosier team. I personally got cut from my seventh grade basketball team, and don’t enjoy calling out girls by name. Does it make us all feel better to point out their poor performance?
    Moren has brought this team to unimagined heights and part of that can be unrealistic fan expectations. Nobody said the BigTen was going to be easy. We are in fourth place in the BigTen. That ain’t bad.
    Go IU!

  11. Nat, if this is unimagined heights, I must be dreaming? We are basically at the same level as last year if we are paying attention. Still losing to the same people and beating the lower recesses of the conference! And Nat, yes players are working hard but, that doesn’t mean they are playing smart? And by the way, over the last few years 4th place in the conference is where we normally are. This team is way to talented to be in 4th place! So called experts in pre-season polls picked IU to win conference although we have NEVER beaten a certain team who always wins the conference! Moren’s comments of telling Patberg to be MORE aggressive is biting her in the ass! Ali seems to think now that she must take every big shot and make every big play trying to drive the ball between two defenders and losing it on more than one occasion. She is taking what has turned out to be bad advise. She needs to let the game come to her not put her head down and bull her way ahead? Our turnovers killed us last night in a game we should have won. Patberg as I have said in the past can be a great player but she needs to chill a bit and just play the game. Being more aggressive at times is leading to turnovers. Nat, I don’t agree with you about pre-season rankings being to generous, this team is good enough talent wise to win the conference if they play within themselves the way they are capable of. The biggest problem is Maryland. Maybe we can catch them in the tournament and get over that hump? And BTW, if these players are being coached up in practice (and I am sure they are), a little criticism will not hurt them Nat? Go Hoosiers!!

  12. I don’t know what next year holds for Danielle Patterson but I expected things from her this year. I only based this on high school rank, ND recruit though a sub but playing behind championship players. IU Ladies have gotten not much at all from Patterson and she doesn’t even play as much as she did at ND.

  13. It was only 3 seasons ago that Indiana finished 7th in the B1G and won the WNIT. The team this season is a far more talented and experienced group. Not even close. Great strides have been made and it will take more time to establish the program as a consistent top 10 contender.
    Today there is more parity in the women’s game than ever before. There are multiple teams that could win the national championship this season and a dozen potential final 4 contenders.
    Sunday’s game will be the halfway point of the conference slate for the Hoosiers. There is still lots of basketball to be played. Nothing has been decided yet.

  14. Thanks to Glass that was a good example of home court advantage though IU Ladies could have most definitely won anyway.

  15. For Ohio State 9 players got on the court and of those the least amount of min. played was just under 5 min. For IU 7 players got substantial min. all over 11min. besides that Key got 1 1/2 min. , Mcneil got 28 sec. Waggoner got 04 sec. I dont have to spell it for you, do what you will with that.

  16. Ron– When Moren said ” we cant win with just 2″ she was not referring to pts. Had the interviewer not stated their question in the way they did [which Im thankful for] she wouldnt have answered in that way. Being obvious the buckeyes just took adantage of IU’s weaknesses.

  17. MikeC,
    I misspoke. I SHOULD have said “Moren has brought this PROGRAM to unimagined heights. When “Coach” Miller left town under the cover of darkness, I suspect all of us would be thrilled to be where we are right now.
    No question all of us were hoping for more this season. I wasn’t happy when everybody said we should win the BigTen, because there’s no way to please anybody when expectations are set that high.
    I still hold out hope for this season. Second guessing the coach is clearly a Hoosier art form, but calling out college girls doing their best and trying hard is not my cup of tea.
    I have always appreciated your insight into the game.
    GO IU!

  18. This team was picked to win the conf. because they were a vet team 4 starters returning plus Holmes. From my view 2 starters improved their game the others did not and now are what they are. This team has the potential to be good , but have not played like it . The ones that have not played well are putting too much pressure on the 2 that are and teams are defending them to take away their strengths which lately is inside. Any commentators of our games are not afraid to say IU shoots the 3 poorly. All players are playing hard , but without the ability to hit a 3 ptr is one huge shackle for this team and they will not beat the buckeyes or the terps without it.

  19. Nat, I agree with you as far as Moren having done a far better job than Miller. Thank you for the much appreciated comment. I have been an IU women’s season ticket holder for about 30 years and really enjoy driving down to Bloomington from Kokomo to watch our girls. Not really to happy about not being able to attend the games this year but, I understand the situation. Just wondering if they might allow a limited attendance for the Big 10 tournament this year, probably not? That sucks!! I always enjoy taking in the whole tournament each year. Have been attending the tournament even when they played at Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse years ago. This could be the year that we could beat Maryland in the Big 10 tournament on a neutral floor Only lost to them at their place earlier this year by 4 points, 84-80. I understand you being critical of my words when I say something negative about a certain player or two but, I just call what I see? Not really trying to downgrade anybody. Just simple honest observations. I love this team and when I am critical of them, well that goes back to my coaching days having coached at several levels for around 25 to 30 years. I still really think this team has really good potential to be much better than they have played so far this year! Still believe this is the best women’s team we have ever had, without a doubt! their future successes are in their hands. This team has a real chance at a Big 10 tournament championship if they can just solve the Maryland issue! And who knows, Maryland could still slip up in the regular season and could be caught, we will see? Go Hoosiers!!

  20. Steve and Mike,
    LOVE this forum.
    Great comments above.
    No question this season has been a little disappointing to us to date.
    BUT I sense we are all holding out hope the IU women could still do something special.
    GO IU !

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