Dolson on firing Miller: ‘It’s a results-oriented business’

In explaining the process that led to Archie Miller’s firing, Indiana athletic director Scott Dolson aimed to make a few things clear.

For one, Dolson likes Archie Miller. He said he’s never worked with a coach who is more collaborative. In just random conversations with his wife, Dolson brought up over and over how much he enjoyed working with Miller. This wasn’t personal.

Two, Dolson said he wasn’t part of some “anti-Archie effort” to drum up support for a change. Before he disclosed a stunning fact — that just two donors were able to pony up the cash to buy out Miller’s contract and pay for the costs associated with hiring a new coach — Dolson wanted to clarify that he wasn’t fielding calls. He didn’t take the “temperature” of his donor base after Thursday’s exit from the Big Ten tournament, taking their opinions into consideration. This was Dolson’s decision, and only his.

But after the season ended on a sixth-straight loss, and inevitably not in the NCAA tournament, Dolson sat down and honestly evaluated a program that’s close to his heart. He was a student manager for Bob Knight’s teams in the 1980s. He was the administrator over men’s basketball before he ever took the lead of IU’s athletic department. And when he objectively appraised the Hoosiers’ basketball program, it didn’t matter how much he liked Miller. It didn’t matter what the donor class was pining for.

Results matter.

“It’s a results-oriented business,” Dolson said, “and ultimately the results are what they are.”

In firing Miller, Dolson is trying to maintain a bar of high expectations for a once-glorious program, and what Miller accomplished – or failed to – does not meet that standard.

IU still hasn’t been to the Big Dance since 2016. The Hoosiers have lost nine straight contests to rival Purdue. This season, IU was woefully inconsistent on its way to a 12-15 finish, never winning more than two games in a row. Something needed to change.

Dolson visits IU’s men’s basketball practices at least once a week, so he felt like he had a pulse of the program. Once the season ended Thursday, he sat and talked with people he trusts, including some former IU players. Dolson decided the program needed a different voice, and he went to IU President Michael A. McRobbie to get his blessing for a change. McRobbie signed off.

The next step was securing funding to make it happen.

In the middle of a pandemic, athletic department funds are tight. So he needed boosters who were willing to pay for the $10 million buyout in Miller’s contract and any other costs that may be incurred with a transition to a new coach. That can include buying a coach out of a contract with their current school.

Dolson had two meetings over the weekend. One donor agreed to cover Miller’s buyout. Another donor committed to funding any other transition costs.  That solidified Dolson’s decision.

“I don’t want to just assume that it’s an unlimited open checkbook,” Dolson said of IU’s resources in pursuing a new coach, “but, at the same time, if we feel it’s the right person, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.”

Now there is an opportunity for a clean slate. But parting ways with Miller made for a “tough day,” Dolson said. The two met Monday morning to go over the decision. Dolson then spoke with the team, as well as 2021 signee Logan Duncomb and his father.

A “transition team” has been created to oversee the program in the interim, which will be led by academic advisor Lorian Price. That group also includes assistant coaches Kenya Hunter and Mike Roberts and strength coach Clif Marshall. Tom Ostrom, Miller’s lead assistant, was not named by Dolson.

“Change is hard. Uncertainty is hard. I wanted to assure them,” Dolson said. “I wanted them to hear directly from me, our commitment and my commitment to maximizing their opportunity here within IU Athletics, and IU Basketball.”

Dolson emphasized that winning is a key “multiplier” in a student-athlete’s positive experience at IU. Winning is important.

Winning consistently is important for the health of the program.

“I think consistency is a word that is really important to me,” Dolson said. “I probably overuse it, but it’s just important in everything we do and it’s building that identity. It’s building that ability to mention Indiana Basketball and people know who we are, what we stand for from a recruiting standpoint, ‘I want to be a part of that system.’ And I think that, to me, is just something that’s really, really important for a coach to come here and really establish it, so that people understand what it means to be a part of our program.”

Dolson said he isn’t going into this search with any names in mind, but IU isn’t hiring a search firm, either.

He also wasn’t going to narrow the field publicly Monday, saying it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone with IU ties, or even someone with head-coaching experience.

His criteria are broader, though still uncompromising. Dolson wants someone who both “embraces” IU’s tradition but also has a “vision for the future” and a playing style that’s attractive to recruits. He used the renovation of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall as a metaphor, believing it’s possible to marry both the appeal of the past with something that fits basketball’s future.

“You kind of want it all,” Dolson said. “You want to blend the ability to succeed in our conference, the ability to have a style of play the players want to play in, the recruits want to play in, and that ultimately prepares them for the next level, as well.”

Dolson said he will not be making any comment on the coaching search until a hire has been secured.

“I’m really looking for someone that can help reestablish the identity of IU Basketball,” he said. “It’s something I’ve probably always been a little paranoid about. I want to make certain that we have a vision for the future … to not live in the past, but to build on it.”


  1. IU still hasn’t been to the Big Dance since 2016.

    Still view that as a rather unfair assessment…It’s accurate ..but it’s not accurate because just about all pundits and bracketologists had us in the tournament last season.

    Without the cancellation of that tournament, who’s to say what may have happened? Yes, it ‘s a “results driven” business….Last year was a season which would have resulted in a March Madness trip.

    It’s easy to say you weren’t manipulated by a fan base looking for retribution….But much of this sudden bonfire is due to many apologists looking for the first shot to even the score of the Crean firing. I’ll never equate the two coaches. Crean had nine years ending in cue cards….Archie had a cancelled March Madness and a final season of an empty Assembly Hall amid a pandemic.

    1. Unless you’re some how related to Ryan, for the life of me cannot understand your misguided affinity for this guy’s presence while at IU? You want unfair?
      How’s this; Greg Lansing with the next to lowest budget in the MVC with a .602 win % over a decade (all games) while your boy was .433 in conference over 4 years.

      1. I’ve been here a long time, Mad Brad. My well-documented affinity for Tom Crean left me plenty misguided…Lol.

        After parting ways with snake oil salesman in 2017, I had no misgivings in knowing I’d forever be in a happier place no matter how many different coaches …or how many more decades it would take to return the Hoosiers basketball team to the biggest stages.
        I’m not a tyrannical fan dreaming of quick fixes. Once the fraud was gone, everything was an upgrade. I’ve been pretty clear on that.

        Merely saying the statement is unfair ….We were in March Madness last season had the pandemic not put an abrupt end to the season. I prefer the way CBS Sports stated the recent past…

        Indiana has cycled through four head coaches since the tenure of legendary coach Bob Knight ended in 2000, and now it’s set to hire a fifth following Monday’s news that the Hoosiers are parting with Archie Miller. This historically proud program has now missed the last four NCAA Tournaments and hasn’t advanced past the Sweet 16 since 2002 (courtesy: CBS Sports)

        There wasn’t an NCAA tournament last season….so you can’t fail to make something that didn’t exist. CBS’s statement includes Tom Crean’s last season of actually not making the tournament.
        Archie missed on one tournament…if you consider, like many, he should have the first two years as mulligans (I mean, the roster he inherited was just plain lousy…and Indiana recruiting had all but dried up). Last year’s tournament cancelled. Without the mulligans to filter out Crean’s toe-trippers, Archie missed on tournament in a beyond challenging pandemic year.

        I have nothing invested..Life isn’t fair to people who make minimum wage. I’m not crying in beer for some unfairness handed to a man who’s made millions to coach a game…and will walk away with more millions while he casually pursues his next job. I’d say the whole system is rather “misguided.”

        Archie was never my first choice….I had many others…I probably would have preferred. I was talking of Underwood on Scoop two years before Illinois hired him. I used to get ridiculed by a guy on here named Chet…because I thought Illinois would be back to playing top basketball with Underwood.
        Please don’t tell me how “misguided” I am, o.k., hotshot?

        1. H4H: If you projected ‘Brad’ Underwood,..then congrats. It’s too bad that you and DD are seemingly unable to address inquiries without attacking and name calling. This whole thing isn’t about Underwood, Bob Knight, Cue Cards, Denim shirt, Mike Davis or Branch McCracken..not even about Glass. It’s about Ryan Archie Miller doing an irreparably terrible, rotten, inept, embarrassing, incompetent, disgusting, unwatchable job with as much or more in resources and support as there is in college hoops. Objectively, if one were to read our posts…I think the conclusion would be that if there is any ‘madness,’ it would eminate from your crypt, not my living room.

      2. Trying to figure out what is going on at ISU. They let go both the men’s and women’s bball coaches almost at the same time.

  2. To those that criticize ‘under the radar’ hires, let me point to Micah Shrewsberry.
    He’s Penn States new man. Indy native, 44. Played D3. Assistant under Stevens and Painter. Head coaching record 15-48 at IU-South Bend. Don’t have a clue who Scott will hire, but by comparison, Fife at MSU looks like a seasoned veteran.

  3. Micah Shrewsberry….? That’s what my wife sounds like when she asks for her second strawberry daiquiri. …My ..cahn I shre sheberry dungaree..?

  4. $$$$$ talks. In the 2020s donors are scarce but vocal. After all, we have a gym name nobody can even spell. I will do some personal research but I’m highly certain the cost-to-compete is known on this next hire. The details are being arranged. There is no shortage of good options out there.

    If I shall reflect on what truly got Archie bounced, I think it was his personality in the end. Of course he lost too much, we all know that. But there was no rah-rah Tom Allen type enthusiasm. (The only difference between Corso & Allen are the results!)

    Archie, to his detriment, told it like it is. Yet he never threw guys under the bus. He was named Archie for a reason; his rough, never happy edge. When you win, that can work. You can own the program. (Ref. Knight) When you lose, that personality doesn’t light up the room, nor the donor$.

    Clearly Dolson knows what his options are. He’s too savvy not to. He knows the price of entry. The IU bball tree is not void of names. Woodson, Wittman, Cheaney, to name a few.

    1. Corso entertaining including Holiday Bowl victory against (probably overrated) undefeated 9th ranked Brigham Young team…not bad for IU football…something that T.A. has yet to do.

      1. Just the opposite. BYU as an independent kept them lower in the polls. It was one of the great games in college football history. Tim Wilbur, an otherwise rather slow defenseman returned that kick, determined not to go down. I watched the game with an assistant coach of the Chicago Bears, at his folks home in Florida. I convinced him that QB Tim Clifford was worth a late round pick. The Bears took him, I think at the time…in the 9th or 10th round which no longer exists.

    2. What really did Archie in was his first decision not to allow McKinley Wright to enroll with him at IU. Wright has proven with CO that he is one of the premier PG’s in the college game. The lame excuse of “IU had no scholarships” was untrue, as Archie played with 11 scholarships and went out of his way to re-recruit the 6’9 kid from the Philly area, only to run him off later by refusing to play him even after he played a critical role in the W over PN St. His decision not to “Re-recruit” Smith after 3 solid years of 10 points and 5+rebounds/game was a second bad decision on personnel. Can you imagine this past season with a proven PG, Wright, and a proven PF, Smith, on this team. Then add in a proven SG, Stewart. That would have been a very good NCAA qualifier team. Those stubborn poor decisions are why Archie was fired. All he had to do was say “yes” and on each player he said “no”!

      1. I question if Smith would be as effective in this yrs IU system as he has proven to be with Arkansas.

  5. I suspect when new coach is hired Dolson will be a genius just like many think he seems to be now….and the new coach a great hire that will go undefeated since 76. Reality: if that happens those things will be true. However, in 2025 the question is how good A. D. will Dolson have been…and that great hire will either be mired in success or failure.

  6. Very impressed with Dolson. He gets it and has the leadership quality to recognize a problem and solve it. He knows Archie was a bad fit and not up to the challenge. In fact, I would call Archie’s performance an unmitigated disaster based on expectations. Can’t believe some on this site only loved Archie because they hated Crean. It certainly couldn’t be because they thought he was a good coach. Miller never looked comfortable. Never looked like he enjoyed the job. Maybe that’s why his recruiting was so poor. Good riddance and let’s get a guy that commands respect, has fun, recruits well and wins!

    1. Well said, Hopeful. I didn’t dislike Archie, but it was increasingly obvious that he had to go. And it was increasingly absurd to argue that Archie should be kept on at IU. I didn’t think Dolson would do it so soon, but I’m relieved he did and grateful to those wealthy boosters who made it possible.

      As I was concerned would happen at the time, firing Crean when and how IU did, set IU BB back many years. Spending a million-plus dollars to fire a coach one year after winning the Outright Big Ten Championship, going to the Sweet 16 and being honored as Big Ten Coach of the Year was a stupid decision born out of collective hubris, unrealistic expectations and too much emphasis on style of play. There is no dispute that it damaged IU BB or that IU’s BB program is now weaker than it was four years ago. Let’s be honest, this could easily turn into a train wreck. If it takes too long for Dolson to hire the new coach, if TJD and a few other players decide to depart, the new coach could be faced with a short term roster crisis and a rebuilding project resembling what Crean inherited. I applaud Dolson for taking the necessary action and trust that he will continue to do everything possible to minimize the damage, but there’s a limit to what he can control. The Hoosier Nation now must accept some responsibility for the mistakes of the past and support Dolson’s efforts to right the ship.

  7. Archie’s recruiting was poor? He did recruit three consecutive Indiana Mr. Basketballs….Maybe being awarded Indiana Mr. Basketball isn’t the measure of talent it used to be? And how does a coach predict a kid who wins the award is more interested in being a low level one-and-done than staying in school, pursuing some memories and developing a more refined game (e.g. Romeo Langford)?

    If we don’t allow any coach to develop one recruiting class, we’re going to have a lot more Archie Millers. Archie will leave Indiana to never have a senior he recruited out of high school….That may work at some very healthy programs where a coach leaves with solid rosters and recruiting intact. Archie inherited something far more uninspiring. He inherited a thin roster that was a mishmash mess. He inherited a program lost of any identity or culture…or defensive mindset/work ethic.

    Conversely, I would contend many didn’t want to give Archie a chance to even develop one team containing his own upperclassmen in candy stripes because they were so enamored with the last self-promoter done such an egregious injustice when discharged after nine years of party balloons and reunions.

    No matter who the new coach will be, this is a very disruptive process. We are in a geographical/conference environment of peers currently even more competitive than the decade of distancing from Indiana preceding the Archie Miller hire. Conference Midwest Elite gained its greatest ground (unprecedented distancing from Indiana’s March Madness success) in the decade preceding Archie stepping foot in Bloomington. Archie came into a program which had been thoroughly outperformed in March Madness by all Midwestern peers….He then got a one-and-done Mr. Basketball with no interest in making Indiana into a relevant program again. He then got a pandemic after gruelingly enduring/respectfully honoring numerous holdovers he didn’t recruit.

  8. Richard Pitino wasn’t unemployed very long. Just hired by New Mexico. Less than 24 hours later he has a job. That might bode well for Archie, IU and that donor.

    1. From your keyboard to God’s ears. But I won’t hold my breath.

      I really hope I’m wrong, but I think Archie’s performance at IU has damaged his brand/reputation and his marketability. And although it is unfair, his brother’s problems at AZ don’t help either. Pitino Jr. never enjoyed the advantages at MN that an IU BB coach is blessed with, so he’s likely to be viewed as having done more with less while many will view Archie as having done less with more. In addition, my guess is that Archie will take some time to do some serious introspection and healing. My guess is that his next job will be delayed by a year or that he’ll be hired as an assistant to a strong head coach.

  9. My Lord….You have rewritten history. You want the history of what Archie Miller inherited? Take one look at ‘Conference Midwest Elite’…I’ll recap one more time since it’s not sinking in:

    2010-18 (What Archie inherited in terms of March Madness relevance)

    Twelve Midwestern ‘Elite’ March Madness Teams not named Indiana University:
    27 Collective Elite Eights ( Wisconsin 2, Marquette 1, Notre Dame 2, MSU 3, Michigan 3, Butler 2, Dayton 1, OSU 2, Louisville 3, Kentucky 6, Xavier 1, Loyola 1 )
    17 Final Fours ( Kentucky 4, MSU 3, Butler 2, Louisville 2, Michigan 2, Wisconsin 2, Loyola 1, OSU )

    Indiana = 0 Elite Eights. Recap: 12 Midwestern teams above were tearing it up to the tune of 27 collective Elite Eights..and 17 Final Fours during the Crean years. Gosh, Archie …You really messed things up after inheriting a dynasty.

    Purdue has a lot of BigTen titles…..You sound like those who used to brag of the comb-over years at Purdon’t while Indiana was far more relevant on the biggest stages of the game. March Madness sells recruits. It’s on ESPN and CBS..and TBS…It’s Bracketology. It’s what dreams are made of….It’s a chance for teams to someday be called back for those reunions Fred and Tom were so special at organizing. Now if you like cutting down nets after losses on the BigTen Network, you must be sporting a comb-over.

    1. Crean was/is an over-rated commodity with some charisma. AM was simply over-rated. It wasn’t unlike a triple A ‘short’stop with above average defensive skills batting .291 with 14 homers. After being ‘called up’, becoming error prone, hitting at a .204 clip with no home runs.
      The boy just couldn’t hit a major league curve.

  10. Archie was paid top dollar to do a top job. Pure and simple. Archie got the top dollar, IU got sub par results. Archie had his chance and did not measure up. Unless he manages money like basketball teams there should be no concerns about Archie. Archie is history, just where he belongs.

  11. Looking forward, as I consider potential candidates to replace Archie, one name sticks out; Joe Pasternak. He’s a “Hoosier by choice, not by birth” and a graduate of IU’s Business School (so we know he’s very intelligent), former IU BB Manager for four years under Knight (what better coaching foundation can you have?) and successful head coach at UC – Santa Barbara. He checks a lot of the boxes. He’s got strong IU roots, has enough experience as a head coach, would see the IU job as a major step up in his career (that’s very important) and is young enough to withstand the pressure and stress associated with the IU job. I confess that I place great importance on intelligence since I believe Bob Knight was one of the most intelligent men to ever coach college BB. I also think Pasternak is the right age. I don’t think a man on the back side of his career would be right for IU at this time. It’s going to be a tough job for a few years and IU needs a young man with the energy and resilience to deal with an impatient and demanding Hoosier Nation.

    My second most likely candidate would be Ritchie McKay, the current head coach at Liberty who has been very successful there. My only concern is that Liberty plays in a weak BB conference. But McKay has ample experience and has proven he can build a winning program.

    Other potential candidates would be Dennis Gates from Cleveland State and Mark Pope at BYU. Gates, who is obviously very talented, may not have enough experience (only two seasons) to qualify as a head coach for IU at this time. And I’d be concerned about Pope taking the IU job and them wanting the Kentucky job when Calipari retires. But Pope is very smart and has a good track record at BYU.

    1. I wish you wouldn’t throw out names….If it does happen to be one of those you list, I already come to the table with a negative bias. If you want “intelligence,” how on earth could you support Crean for nine years?
      And wasn’t Archie one of your main attractions/name drops after Crean …? Start ordering lumber for guillotine construction for your next name drop. I’m just wondering what drops faster…?…your names or the blade?

    2. Ah, Joe Pasternak. He did a nice job producing ‘Destry Rides Again’. (Doubt they’re related, but who knows?)

  12. I bet Archie gets a better gig than coaching basketball at a football school…(if you want to talk about where ex-coaches belong).

    I’m getting worried…If we were landing a big name, I think we would have known by now. The best names available are not involved in the current March Madness sideshow. Looks like we’re going “under the radar” again.

    If it’s not going to be Stevens or Beilein, this was just stupid and agenda driven. Donors now becoming guillotine operators with a checkbook who know absolutely nothing about basketball but use their dollars as a means to threaten leadership.

    I’ll be highly disappointed if we don’t hit a grand slam on his one. The only head coaching name in March Madness that remotely makes the needle jump a fraction of the excitement (and recruiting shot in the arm) that would come with Stevens or Beilein is Chris Beard.

    The more the clock ticks, the more this simply looks like a political agenda move.

  13. From your description Joe Pasternak sounds like a good fit and maybe the most realistic of some of the names mentioned in the last couple of days.

    But man, leaving the Santa Barbara area for central Indiana – tough call. Even with the earthquakes, fires, landslides and cost of living it’s still an destination area.

    Ran into Wilt Chamberlain there one weekend playing volleyball. Had to be 1970/1971.

    1. Yes, SB is a beautiful area. But it is a very expensive place to live and California is, in many ways, sliding into the proverbial abyss. And IMO, there is no more beautiful campus that IU. And perhaps Midwestern values are more appealing to a man with young children. I don’t see much downside about Pasternak accept that he will be an unknown in the Midwest as far as recruiting is concerned.

  14. March 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Yes h empty, he was my first pick. And I think he’s a very good pick, primarily because he is only 38 and already has an excellent foundation on which he can build. His youth is important because he’s going to need time to build IU basketball back up to where Hoosier Nation expects it to be. My only question is, will we give him the time he needs, or will he be sabotaged by our outrageously unrealistic expectations that he return the program to elite status immediately? Also, and probably equally important, he has a reputation for being very tough minded. And he’s going to need to be tough minded, just so he can block out and ignore all the BS that will be thrust upon him from the legions of college basketball “experts” that reside within the Hoosier Nation.

    Sound familiar? Rinse..Repeat.

  15. Dolson can say what he wants but he and donors don’t fire and buy out a present coach to that extent to hit a single. Fillers and networking talks have already taken place for a home run or even a grand slam.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, t.
      If it’s not a home run, then this was nothing but an agenda/political/ideology-driven axing. Spend that sort of money and create this sort of hoopla on the eve of March Madness to give us a bunt single from Drake, Santa Barbara, Laurence North High School…or a Dane Fife?

      And we were running out of patience for a coach left with filtering out very average holdover recruits for two seasons…and was then faced with a cancelled March Madness we were slated to participate….and a pandemic?

      But we’re going to have patience with a bunt single because he has a nice looking family and held Bobby’s clipboard? Sounds totally worth chopping up another roster, dealing with the latest holdovers just putting in their time and dumping another 20 to 30 million in guaranteed contracts and buyouts to get someone who coaches the game no better than Archie Miller and does 50% the recruiting of Tom Crean.

      If this isn’t a home run hire, then Dolson’s ass should be grass. Why is his job so protected? He best get this right…(meaning it better drop some jaws in a fantastic/grand slam way).

    1. No doubt about it…no way you get 2 donors to line up no matter the cost. The cost is known & therefore discussions have already occurred. I’ve laid off way too many hard, trusting, contributing team members in my work life to absolutely know that contingency plans are well known at this stage. You don’t jump out of a plane w/o a parachute.

  16. Some emailer sent a note to JMV that the Chris Beard thing is a done deal. It wasn’t JMV saying it but someone emailed in who in the past has been spot on with things he has sent to JMV.

    1. Believe it when Dolson announces it. Until then, it’s just another rumor. But if true, that would be a very expensive choice. A good choice, but very, very expensive! Beard is making $4.6 million now and his contract has a healthy buyout. IU was paying Archie $3.9 and just convinced some boosters to get on the hook for millions of his severance. Where would the extra money come from?

      1. I heard there is one supporter that stepped in to help on buy out and another one to help with salary for new coach. I don’t know much about Beard, but may have a bit of concern for a home grown TX guy fitting in at Bloomington. Will see if that happens.

        1. Kind of like an Indiana kid going down to the “good ole boy” network of Texas and trying to be successful. Probably would never work. Oh, wait, but it did. What era are you living in? Kids don’t care where the coach is from. As long as he is good at what he does and help them get to the next level that is all that matters. Also, Beard would do alright in B-Town and settle right in pretty well.

          1. I was just wondering if his family/wife will like it in Indiana. She is from TX and her family is there. You know the saying “happy wife, happy life”!!

  17. I was impressed by Eric Musselman when his Arkansas team came to Bloomington and beat IU. He schooled Archie with a patch quilt roster and the style of play he coaches must be attractive to ambitious BB players. I just assumed that he’d also be too expensive. But based on the thought that IU might go after Beard, I doubt Musselman would be any more expensive. One would think that the IU job would be far more appealing than staying at Arkansas.

  18. Throw enough at the wall and it will eventually stick….

    I think we should just hire the Seven Dwarfs. The Mop Lady assumes the role of Snow White.

  19. Agree with Harv. This better be a homerun. This could be the best job in all of basketball.

    Dolson, make history. Get the man no one thinks would ever leave to come back here. You know who he is. Sell him the future and the chance to be a legend.

    1. That man has already stated publicly that he’s “flattered” but not interested in leaving Boston. We need to discuss real viable candidates. It’s fun to fantasize as long as those fantasies don’t turn into expectations that are beyond Dolson’s reach.

  20. These guys are all alike…funny…Brad Stevens said he was the Butler coach and had no intention to leave Butler for any job not to long before he was named head coach of the Boston Celtics. Hahaha.

  21. Part of me wants to believe it’s a done deal as we await the announcement of the grand slam hire.

    Part of me has a pit of dread deep in the belly as I wonder if Indiana is THE destination we all still think it is.

    Part of me doesn’t want it to be Brad Stevens because I know how the Indiana job can make someone look very average. He’s a Butler guy but he’s still an Indiana legend…Do I want to see his history destroyed by a program that is so knocked out cold on the canvas that it is almost impossible to return to glory days?

    Who has the personality, the best credentials…and the least to lose (not in terms of money but in terms of current status/perceptions)? Remember how we used to say that even the biggest football names would never risk their reputations on Indiana Football? Has Indiana Basketball become that beast? Why would a grand slam name want to work the drive thru window at BK?

    Maybe this is the pit of dread in my belly speaking…..Here comes the next carnival preacher telling us “This is Indiana”….Here comes the sorta young middle of the road family man with no desire to live in beautiful California ..or historic Boston, NYC, etc. Here comes the Average White Band to pick up the pieces…..Here comes 104.5 and the same tracks of same 70’s songs they’ve been playing for the last 25 years. Renaissance? Who the hell am I kidding? This can’t be a big name…What is “big” in Southern Indiana in 2021? Do you want to give up California to take the boat out on Lake Monroe? You want to give up Boston to look at dorm halls across the street?
    Do you want the constant second-guessing and scrutiny ….and those who’ll expect you to instantly walk on water and win titles within 2 to 3 years?

    Brad may be right. Strap yourself in and prepare for Dane Fife. Not much to lose …Everything to gain. Bloomington looks about as same during a sunrise or sunset as East Lansing. Buy the big home in the country club subdivision. Make roots for a decade and still be a relatively young man before retiring where there are either magnificent skylines or sunsets….

    Enter my grand slam side of thinking…Welcome aboard, Mr. Stevens. What took you so long? Here’s your 5-year, 30 million dollar contract and the keys to Assembly Hall. Yes, we’ve agreed to your terms and will also remove the name “Skjodt” from the arena. We will also remove all the “Hall of Champions” memorabilia, statues and posters…because we agree with you…Why should every time you walk through the doors it feels like a 80-year-old historian will pop out from behind a pole to explain how IU Basketball died here. All changes will take effect immediately, Brad. May I suggest the Trojan Horse for lunch….? The breaded pickle spears are marvelous.

  22. This is sort of interesting…

    For Texas fans, the notable element of Beard’s deal is a buyout that would reportedly cost a non-Big 12 program only $3 million after next season, but cost a Big 12 program twice as much. Since Beard was a student assistant with the Longhorns in the early 1990s, there’s been plenty of speculation that he might choose to return to his alma mater (courtesy: SB Nation/ Apr 29, 2019).

  23. About a year ago I thought Beard being successful at TT…translates to IU success as one of the best candidates. Maybe, home run but know grand slam. However, enter
    B. Stevens and Indiana family ties including mom and dad. Grandparents like to see grand kids instant geographic availability. And recruiting…Yes, Coach sign me up.

    1. If you break down what Stevens said the other day during the press conference while talking about the Indiana job, he did refer to Boston in the past tense. He basically said it has BEEN an opportunity of a lifetime. “Been” is a past tense reference. It was subtle, but subtle enough for him to slip up and not realize what he said in the moment. Also, I heard Rick Pitino on Dan Jockitch’s show that if he were the IU AD, he would have gotten on a plane, flew to Boston and not return until you had a deal done with Brad.

        1. Why would you want to hire a man who took the job just for the money? Why try to bribe a man who really doesn’t want the job? How long would that last? The fit has to be organic and IU needs to hire a man whose best attribute is that he really, really wants to be the IU Men’s BB Coach. Pitino wouldn’t understand that because he’s a narcissist and a scumbag.

          1. But do you really think the person that is putting up this money for the new hire is just saying to SD, “hey, here is a ton of money, just go get whoever, I trust you”? No, that person is making an investment of sorts in Indiana basketball and will want a return on that investment. Getting a Dane Fife or other unproven assistant coach is probably not what that donor would have in mind. It would have to be a Stevens, a Drew, a Beard or someone on that level that as t said a bonafide grand slam. I am sure that donor did give SD a short list of who that money was for.

    2. This is only speculation, but I do feel it holds a bit of water. Ainge has admitted the Celts roster “isn’t very good”. My sense is (BS) really doesn’t care for the ‘Association’. Ridiculous salaries, players with too much power, egos through the ceiling…etc etc. Everyone on the roster making more $ than him. Essentially like any NBA coach,…a ‘manager’ not a head coach. I get the feeling BS prefers what it takes to put together and develop a team in contrast to being a manager to a bought-and-paid for stagnant roster. I also imagine he likes Barnstable over Lake Monroe and the other niceties that a Boston offers. The family ties thing might be the tipping point? We’ll see.

      1. Man, it sure would anticlimactic if UC Santa Barbara gets trounced by Creighton in the opening round and then we name Pasternak as our new head coach.
        Postgame Reporter: “You just got trounced in the opening round of March Madness…What are you doing next? ”
        Pasternak: “I’m going to Disney World!….I mean, Indiana.”

  24. H4H the reason for the Doubled buy out for Beard—Tt was afraid Texas would throw money at him like they do for their Football . The intriguing hiring of Beard may be IF he brings Asst Bob Donewald with him. He has a lot of experience coaching across ALL fronts: College , NBA, even International. Donewald was HC of the Chinese National Team when they were ranked # 14 in the FIBA World ; and his dad was former asst. to Bob Knight as well.

    1. I think it’s going to be Fife. Instead of a guy from Texas, we’ll get a Texas league single…..also known as a ‘bloop single’ falling between the dynamic charging outfielder/outlier (Stevens) and the outstretched arms of a veteran solid infielder who has lost a bit of his speed and reaction time (Beilein). We’re still down 3 runs…bottom of 9th. Fife on first….counting his money. Dan Dakich on deck. Few remaining fans thinking of what pizza joint to go to.

  25. The challenge Dolson has is to find a coach who has yet to peak. He wants to find the man who has all the right attributes; intelligence, energy, experience, inter-personal skills, integrity, ambition, resilience, etc., with a professional trajectory that is still pointed up. Give that kind of man the right culture and atmosphere and all the necessary support, and he’ll be very successful in a short period of time. That’s why I don’t want IU to hire some man in his 60’s or late 50’s. No matter what they’ve accomplished in the past, their best year are behind them. IMO, the key is the fit between the organization and the individual, where 1 + 1 = 3 or 4 or 5. Look back at the hiring of Bob Knight. At the time, he was provided a huge advantage. He had a brand new, state-of-the-art Assembly Hall and the most basketball-crazy fan base in the country, and it didn’t take long for Knight to reach his peak.

    1. t, I agree, but Brad Stevens is not available, and will not become available for IU. He’s already announced that while he’s flattered, he’s not interested. I suppose there is some amount of money that could bribe him to take the job; every man has his price. But do we really want to hire a coach who took the job just for money?

  26. Brad Stevens has not reached his peak. Zero NBA titles and Zero COLLEGE MARCH MADNESS titles.
    He described his first March Madness run as…Butler caught lightning in a bottle.
    Question: will Brad Stevens become a legend in the college game (legend only to Butler) as is Tony Hinkle. B. Stevens much lesser chance of significance in NBA based on his NBA coaching performance. In college is the Butler story, only. However, there is still much upside for him in college game.

  27. Does Stevens want to leave Boston without taking the Celtics to the Finals? Coaches are stubborn. I think Brad believes he can accomplish the same ( or greater ) levels of success in the NBA as his college coaching achievements. Leaving will look like giving up. Is he fine with knowing he joins the growing lists of college coaches who can’t translate ..or transform their methods and personality to big achievements while coaching the greatest performers in the game? Is he o.k. with knowing he tried to swim in the deep end of the pool, nearly drowned, and the parents convinced him to stay in safer shallow end with flotation wraps (IU money) on his arms?
    Personally, I think Brad will continue to gulp chlorine in the deep end until he conquers or sinks.

    He’s certainly a “grand slam” for us…but is it a “grand slam” for Brad Stevens when he looks in the reflection of the waters?

    1. The problem with the NBA from a coaching perspective is that he is reliant on the decisions that Ainge is making from a roster standpoint. I am sure Stevens has some input, but at the end of the day Ainge is making those decisions. It is no fault of Stevens if he doesn’t make it to the Finals in the NBA. At least in college, he has the say and control over the personnel for the most part. In today’s NBA unless you are putting together a super team, i.e. the Nets, then you aren’t going anywhere anyways. IF Boston ownership isn’t willing to pay the luxury tax and get 2 or 3 superstars there, then Stevens has zero chance getting to, let alone winning an NBA championship no matter how much he desires that. Eventually, he will realize that and move on or he will be asked to move on.

      1. All true…but that’s the miracle of Stevens….He gets to Final Fours and “Finals” without the traditional superstars of the game. This is what separates him from simply the best recruiters, those who simply load up college rosters with one-and-done’s, or build NBA “super teams” via throwing the most cash at a slew of the biggest names.
        Brad wants to prove his methods and his brains can get the ugly duckling to the Finals….Ainge’s impediments are no different than not dabbling on the fringes of shady college recruiting. Do more with what most perceive as less. Prove five very skilled playing Brad’s “style” is greater than the sum of selfish parts (even superstar parts…e.g. The Nets).

        Lastly, I just don’t think he’ll mess with his cemented legendary status at Butler. He just has too many years and too many memories tied to that program.

        It’s Fife…..bloop single.

        1. After 8 years in Boston, even the Boston faithful are getting restless with Stevens. You would he would have figured something out by now. It isn’t like Boston is the Memphis Grizzlies. One of the elite franchises that really hasn’t done much in those 8 years he has been there. At some point it won’t be Brad that makes the decision to leave Boston. That is just how Boston is. Right now Boston is similar to IU. History of great teams and championships but recently a run to the conference finals and that is about it. Much like Indiana, in Boston it is about titles. If those don’t come soon then Brad will have his coaching decision made for him in Boston.

          1. So you’re saying Boston is about to revoke Brad’s parqueting spot? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

            They’ll get over it…The Hoosier state still gave them the Hick from French Lick.

  28. Considering all the traveling meaning on the road a lot living in Boston area vs Bloomington area? I suppose wife and kids can secure jobs and endeavors wherever. To be significant at NBA…how many championships needed 1, 3, 5, 10? vs how many college big ten titles and big ten tournaments and March Madness tournaments ? I suppose what is considered legend or king of the hill? And money…since money is being thrown around…it may be a thunder storm tornado blowing it off trees. Maybe, some dollar bills or pocket change can land on T. Moren and staff head. I find it not really amazing but what is reality…that there’s no money for whatever until whatever becomes how much. (Many examples labeled spending caps, being thrifty, salary freezes, pay cuts, buyouts etc etc etc only after money has leaped into many multi millions of dollars). Some kind of perspective.

  29. she has a good argument now. lose in the first or second games upcoming and I could see some hesitation. No question she has moved the IU Women’s program into a new level.

  30. when he finally gets on the plane, heading east or south or the east coast, that plane needs to head waaaay east. Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, where-ever and find some 7’+ bb players. Seem most teams in the last few years have a/few foreign guys. Between that and the transfer portal holes can be plugged.

        1. Flex Seal couldn’t shut that thing….nor the holes in his team’s defense. Maybe Flex Seal his shoes to the court?

          I still think it’s Brad Dane Pasternak…

  31. Butler was terrible this year….It wasn’t very long ago since they usurped the IU Basketball trademark of excellence in teaching and playing a team game. Their current coach is fine man …but the brand is fading. If Brad truly wants the simpler life, less traffic, SunKing beers, cornfields and white bread, what’s stopping Brad from rescuing the Mothership Butler? It’s not like he doesn’t already have all the money he’ll ever need. Why candy stripes over Mothership? If LeBron can return to Cleveland to secure the underachieving city their one title, can the former Butler ‘superstar’ coach return to Indy for his final greatest achievement?

    1. The same reason he and Holtman left in the first place, $$$$$$$. That’s why a former neophyte Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s former head coach is now on the sideline. That’s how Stevens got the Butler gig in the first place. Affordabilty + Collier thought BS had a real upside.
      The ‘psychic ability’ that Barry Collier has shown, starting with Thad Matta has been nothing short of amazing, in lieu of $$$. Credentials: Local high school average player, Depauw D3 player, IBM salesman, grad assistant. Face it,…when Butler announced that Brad Stevens was Butler’s new head coach,..most everyone, including myself said “huh? who?”.

      1. It might have been ‘Green Bay’, I’m not sure? Either way, low echelon Horizon League.

  32. Does anyone feel like this Stevens thing has moved from pipedream to possibility?

    The biggest tell? The national media has totally shut up about it after scoffing at it for a few days. AJ Guyton had been a big advocate for Chaney, but he posted a picture on Twitter of him and Brad Stevens today with the caption #isitbrad.

    I have no info. Who knows. But I think this is more a possibility than everyone initially thought. Hell, the Boston fans are already throwing him under the bus on social media.

  33. Bears just gave me Andy Dalton.. I’m now prepared for more disappointment….and a Hoosier bloop single.

    1. That is probably why I have been snarky on here lately. I too am a disgruntled Bears fan. Pace needs shown the door. Not why you make this move. Heck could have gone .500 with Foles and saved a few million.

      1. No way Dolson can be as dumb and the Bears’ General Manger!

        What is it about the Bears that prohibits them from finding a good quarterback.

    2. I hear that Bobby Douglas might be interested in coming back in a package deal with Bob Avellini.

  34. It would be great if IU could hire Stevens as long as Stevens takes the job for the right reasons. But NBA coaches aren’t really just about a specific team, they’re about the NBA and the lifestyle it affords. If Stevens gets fired by Boston, he’ll just become the head coach for another NBA team. These guys move around from team to team over a 20 to 30 year career.

    Steven’s original contract with Boston, signed in 2013, was for six years at $22 million (total), averaging $3.67 million per year. But I can’t find any information about what his new contract pays him. Anybody know?

  35. Beard’s latest contract with Texas Tech was six-years for a total of $27.45 million (that’s an average of $4.58 per year). His buyout is currently $2.5 million if he accepts a job in the NBA or at another NCAA Division I institution not located in the state of Texas or the Big 12 Conference. The buyout falls to $2 million on April 1. So the buyout probably isn’t the issue, but that salary is a whopper. Assume IU would have to offer him a minimum of six years at an average of $5 million per year.

    So based on that data, we could also assume that IU would have to offer at least the same amount, if not more, to get Stevens out of Boston. And if Dolson is thinking about offering that kind of money, he’d better have a few wealthy boosters committed to underwrite a big chunk of it.

    My guess is still Pasternak.

  36. Indiana State new coach impressive interview with JMV for Indiana State. Of course as usual he’s won 0 games at Indiana State. His philosophy is good for ISU and he’s not dry or boring. Seems to know exactly what he is going to implement.

  37. Maybe wishful thinking, but I sense there is at least a good pool of potential coaches for IU this go-round. There wasn’t exactly a lot of solid candidates the last time IU was looking for a coach. I just hope they land someone with a fair amount of charisma who can stand the heat and pressure that comes with being the IU coach. IMHO, Archie was lacking on both of those fronts.

  38. I would like to think it’s going to be Chris Beard. He is young enough and has proven success at a school not associated with winning basketball. His Bobby Knight ties are interesting. Money is not going to be the issue. Wealthy donors have seen their portfolios increase significantly over the past few years. Mark Cuban could do it himself. If Beard chooses not to come to IU, it will not be because of money. Brad Stevens would be my first choice, Beard my second and Nate Oats my third.

    1. Hopeful- I like your order of choices…though I don’t know much about Oats other than Quaker Oats.

      I’m intrigued with landing Beard because of a possibility to get Mac McClung in another transfer deal….Could McClung transfer again without sitting out a year? McClung is probably another pipe dream but it would be massive shot in the arm of our roster/backcourt. I was hoping we might get him in a transfer when he was leaving Georgetown. He’s a taller Jordy Hulls with oodles more athleticism. Though not as deadly accurate as Jordy from outside, McClung has tons of gumption and fearless in big moments. Glory, guts and gumption written all over his grumpy face.

    2. All three of your choices are excellent, but two are unlikely. And fyi, Mark Cuban has recently gone on record saying that he refuses to get involved with IU’s coaching hires and termination buyouts because that’s not how he wants the money he donates to IU to be used. But as we learned recently, there are other wealthy boosters who have demonstrated their willingness to step up when necessary. I like Beard, but he is a native of Texas who has already demonstrated he can win at TX TECH; and he’s getting paid extremely well. So I wonder what his motivation would be to leave the program he’s built and start over at IU? Furthermore, would his time spent with Bob and Pat Knight have enhanced IU’s reputation in Beard’s mind or would it have damaged it? Knight and his son were still very bitter towards IU during those years Knight coached at TX TECH.

      1. I think Beard may have reached his ceiling at TX Tech unless they win the title this year. In the Big 12 do you ever think he could get the players to overtake a Baylor or Kansas and in some years Oklahoma? I would say he will be a consistent 3rd or 4th place team in the Big 12 and maybe a nice run or two in the NCAA. Would you want to do that every year and not really see that change for 10 years?

        1. Kansas is probably going to lose their coach and suffer a severe penalty after their season is complete, so that may shift the balance of power in that conference. Baylor will remain an issue, but that hasn’t stopped Beard in the past. Having visited both campuses several times, there’s not much difference between them or the towns the schools are located in, so I don’t think Baylor has any inherent advantage to Baylor. Besides, which is a more competitive BB conference, the Big 12 or The Big Ten?

  39. Hall & Oats….? I also like the idea of the pep band playing the following when/if we finally get a big who can “kiss” a nice turnaround jumper off the glass.

    I’m really liking the idea of hiring Oats. It’s the quirky things that gives me joy in life.

  40. Kiss off the glass….? Opinions? Best Hoosier post player for kissing turnaround jumpers off the glass? I’m going with Steve Downing. Feels like he had about 10 of them against Walton in the ’73 Final Four.

    Benson was more of the sweeping/running hook. D.J. White? Not bad.

  41. This is for the old boys…I never knew of Wayne Pack, but my goodness could he ball. Couldn’t help but admire his game after searching for some McGinnis and Downing highlights.

    No March Madness for Hoosiers so I’ve been going down memory lane….Washington High School Continentals…1969. Wow….were they ever good. Downing, McGinnis, Pack. I think the ’69 Continentals could defeat 3/4 of today’s college teams. Tons of skills you just don’t see a lot of now…Pack was so damn good at just a transition pull-up jumper. Simple enough looking play that so few guards can execute today.
    ONE STATE CHAMPION…The way of Hoosiers..The way it should have stayed. Hoosier Basketball (not just IU) began to slide into digression when we destroyed our most unique trademark of a singular statewide tournament. It was all the capillaries of our basketball roots…making their way back and forth through cities, small towns, dirt roads and highways all leading back to our heart. My late mom used to be glued to following the high school tournament….She was originally from southern Indiana and always hunting for scores in the paper from the Jeffersonville sectional.
    Shame on Indiana for ruining something so beautiful and unique in amateur sports….

    1. Yes, those days were more magical than any Disneyland theme park. Some of the Indiana tournament games including state finals were televised coming thru Hinkle Fieldhouse with Tom Carnegie and Tony Hinkle. I remember the last second shot when the Unionville Arrows beat Bloomington High School to win sectional championship in 1966 and watching all those televised tournament games. It was not unusual for sectionals to have near a dozen schools in them. I was A spectator at the 1969 State Finals in a sold out Hinkle Fieldhouse as Marion Giants almost beat the Washington Continentals….what I remember are examples how good of guys they seemed to be even after high school evident by Pack utube video.

      1. Wow..Very cool you were there, t. Pack did come across as a guy of true character. That’s the type of coach/man I want leading my Hoosiers. Thankful, appreciative, kind, honored….So many coaches and candidates are so stuck on themselves it’s nauseating.
        Archie may have never jumped through hoops of fire ….but he seemed more humble than most. I hate letting go people who are nice examples to youngsters and young adults.

        I hope you bought a program from that ’69 State Final and saved it….Very cool. I tried to get tickets for the Loyola vs. Georgia Tech game at Hinkle. Too expensive. Been there once and you feel the basketball history the moment you arrive.

        1. No saved program. Yes, Hinkle Fieldhouse and one of the greatest coaches ever Tony Hinkle…basketball, baseball, and football. (1000 wins)
          I did attend 70’s state finals as a spectator and when Butler crushed # 3 Michigan under Hinkle. Maybe, at least one of his greatest Hinkle wins was in football in1943:
          Great Lakes Training Naval Academy Station 19
          National Champ ND 14
          I KNOW IT’S BUTLER BACK MORE THAN A HALF CENTURY…BUT I WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY DID HINKLE EVER MAKE who turned down Major League Baseball to take a job at Butler.

          1. Speaking of $$$. Sometime around 1940, Butler the site of East Regional.. Profit of $1,200. Ticket price $0.65 and $1.10. Attendance 11,000.

            The NCAA bought what at the time was The Tourney from the National Association of Basketball Coaches for $2,531 and future free tickets to coaches. Thought to be the best bargain in college sports. 2019 tourney brought in $1.01 Billion.

            IU was chosen (by committee) to represent the Midwest. Coach McCracken had to appear before an IU Athletic committee and got grudging approval to attend.

    2. Nice detour from the “next coach” talk. That final game in the ’69 IHSAA tournament was Downing, McGinnis, and Pack vs a scrappy team from Gary Tolleston (?). Final score was 90-something to 90-something. That ’65 team from Indy Washington wasn’t too shabby either. Billy Keller, Ralph Taylor, Marv Winkler, Eddie Bopp. . . Yes, I’m an old boy. While I’m here, would Bob Huggins be considered a “home run?”

      1. While I’m here, would Bob Huggins be considered a “home run?”

        He might be too winded after rounding first…
        Don’t like to sound cruel, but if some implied Beilein is too hold…is there such a thing as too unhealthy? I mean, we probably need at least three to four years to get recruiting rolling again…and get back to deep tournament runs.

        Oates of Alabama is looking very intriguing. I haven’t watched them a smidgen…but I’m hearing great things about his offensive fast pace “style” combined with a very strong concentration on defense. Nice looking guy, too….and young. And with our Assembly Hall, how can you not like the idea of ‘Hall & Oates’…?

        And wasn’t DJ White from Alabama…? Good of reason as any….Roll Hoosier Tide!

  42. So far Dolson has been both smart and bold! Now finish the project by hiring either Beard or Stevens. Go for the best!

    1. BP, your two top choices are excellent, but are you setting yourself up for a major disappointment if neither is hired?

  43. Question: Say MSU gets beat tonight and Fife is the guy, does Dolson make the announcement prior to NCAA finishing or even tomorrow? Same thing with Beard, if TT gets beat sometime this weekend and Beard is the guy, is the announcement almost immediate? I am not sure if there are rules in place that prevent that from happening or just have to wait until they are out of the tourney.

    1. I don’t think there are any formal rules in place, probably just a matter of professional courtesy. But I doubt any coach whose team is still playing is focused on negotiating a contract with a prospective employer. I doubt Dolson has met or will meet with any of his primary candidates as long as their teams are in the NCAA Tournament. But if his primary candidate is coaching an NCAA Tournament team, my guess is that the deal will take a few days after that team’s season is over before any announcement will be made. But there is no reason not to announce the new hire while the Tournament is still in progress.

  44. Here’s another question. Will Archie be hired by another school before the end of April? Or will he take a year off to recover, reflect and re-charge.” It’s been a tough road for Archie and he must be feeling bruised and battered. I don’t think he expected to be fired this year. Since money’s not the issue, if I were him, I’d take some time to get my head right, figure out why I failed at IU, and prepare myself to avoid the same fate in my next job.

    1. I’m sure Archie learned and will be looking for a school where the fans give a coach more than three years before they start talking about firing the coach.

      1. Bingo…And if you consider 2 years of dealing with holdovers, a cancelled March Madness and a pandemic year, he got about 6 months.

        We’ve turned ourselves into a Steve Miller Band tune…Take the Money and Run.

      2. He comes across as a guy (maybe suited) to D2. He has more money that ever dreamed he’d have, so find a nice little college town where he and his family are comfortable…and no pressure.

        1. Next hire we fire might end up in Division III…..He might just have enough money to form his own conference and own division. Whatever the “division” …the money lives by multiplication.

        2. Maybe not D2, but a smaller school in a less competitive, mid-level conference where expectations are lower and he’s not expected to sign top-20 recruiting classes year after year. I mean look at how many years Dakich lasted at Bowling Green!

      3. Not if he’s making $3.9 million to take a historically successful program in the wrong direction! I sometimes think some IU fans fail to realize, or simply refuse to acknowledge what an absolute disaster this IU BB season has been. And combine the results of this season with the prognosis for Archie’s recruiting, it was pretty obvious that IU BB’s trajectory was pointed down, not up. We were in for several more lean years under Archie’s leadership. And had IU’s home games been played with normal attendance this season, I think the college BB world would witnessed just how unhappy the Hoosier Nation was with Archie’s performance.

  45. Duke and UK also “failed” this year…Any explanations for their “failing” to have good seasons and miss March Madness? And the only reason MSU is in is because the tournament is already missing on the recent “bigger” names. It’s sad the politicking for Izzo kept many better teams out.

    Inheriting/honoring a very lackluster roster left by Crean, Archie was still slated to take his team into March Madness in his 3rd season (last year) before the tournament was cancelled. This year was a season of the pandemic atop Smith abruptly transferring and Brunk sidelined the entire season….

    Archie “failed” at IU? I think he failed those still feeling scorned by the loss of their love affair with the Carnival Christian. Archie never wrapped himself in holier-than-thou armor or had the benefit of witch hunts to rally the torch crowd. He didn’t BS us to death at podiums. The failure may be more on our shoulders for valuing grandiosity and gibberish over genuine.
    The “failures” all preceded Archie by leaving him a set of cue cards, a flat-lined program, a split fan base, an Indy shock jock who constantly railroads against the program based on his own disenfranchisement from Indiana.
    IU Basketball was nothing approaching sound or healthy when Archie was hired….Archie “failed” to instantly resurrect a program which hadn’t visited a second weekend in March Madness during the nine years it was sold as “We’re Back” and “Rising.”

    We’ll likely see Archie resurrect himself in the same manner Kelvin Sampson did after being scapegoated, ridiculed and vilified ….by the “righteous” meddling crowd. Houston unpretentiously becoming a basketball stronghold again. While Sampson raised himself and Houston from the ashes, all we could do was bang a drum, hold reunion parties…and put out DVD’s while flushing 30 million on the Gong Show. And then we ask Archie to become Kelvin and Houston in two years…Do you see the irony?

    1. Man, give the TC thing a rest. It’s irrelevant. No one cares, except you. I doubt the Creans do at this point. Your disdain for certain religious beliefs is well documented and to some, if not many, somewhat offensive.

      1. Brad, he can’t give it a rest. That subject is the air he breaths; it sustains him. Derangement is a real condition and his obsessive disdain for Crean will probably be included in his obituary. My best advice is to stop reading his posts. When you see H4H at the top of a post, just scroll down below it. I’ve been doing it for years and it makes participating on this site much more enjoyable.

        1. I wonder how much rent Crean pays to live in H4H head? As much as H4H bitches about him, it is probably a pretty high number.

  46. And while Crean couldn’t get top-ranked teams past a Sweet 16 while having the most highly touted lottery pick/premier center to come out of Indiana in decades (followed up by the Indiana Elite “Movement” to Bloomington), only a couple hundred miles away, Archie “The Failure” Miller, took tiny Dayton to an Elite Eight.
    We were putting out Hoosier Rising DVD’s while Archie was unassumingly taking the Flyers to a stage Crean couldn’t get to in nine years with massive fan support. Who’s the failure?

  47. This is why Chris Beard would be the Home Run hire–these are words from one of his players after walking into Assembly Hall; “”When we first got there, when we first looked around, you know, just soaked in the atmosphere,” Edwards said of Assembly Hall. “We know what kind of great arena we’re playing in. How much history has been going down in that arena.”

    And Beard, who worked under Knight as an assistant at Texas Tech, made sure to let his team know how much success his coaching mentor had with the Hoosiers.”

  48. Good stuff, TJ. I agree. But the only thing going against Beard is he’s not very handsome. And the sporting of a beard doesn’t really help Beard…We’re not talking a young handsome Bob Knight meets George Clooney here… I mean, if Scoop’s Brad can condemn Archie for being too short….? and if ESPN, CNN and FOX “news” only promote runway models to be their top anchors/camera eye candy, then I suppose top coaches should also have to check the boxes of “tall and handsome.”

    When Knight rides into Bloomington like a general on a beautiful majestic horse, I sort of see Chris Beard being that guy who is on the flat wooden bench seat of the covered wagon bringing in blankets and supplies. Texas cowboys and generals should be tall…otherwise they just sort of look like unshaven truck drivers.

  49. Will the 1975/76 Hoosiers remain the last undefeated National Champions after the tournament?

    I still remember the celebration that took place on IU’s campus that night. I was a Senior in High School visiting from out-of-state to see if I liked IU’s campus. Needless to say, after that celebration, there was only one University that I was going to attend. I’ll never forget it, or the night in 81 when Knight won his second championship.

  50. Will the 1975/76 Hoosiers remain the last undefeated National Champions after the tournament?

    Yes…and double yes. Gonzaga plays way too soft a schedule. The Illini will be your national champs.

  51. Was it just me or did Izzo seem somewhat relieved to be done with this bball season? I know they had to deal with the virus more than other teams and I think it took a toll on a team that some projected at the beginning of the season to be a final four team.

    1. Nice heat between Henry and Izzo at half time.

      Interesting Mich State made approach to Al. One team picked up 3 George Washington players & working for the 4th. This whole transfer/grad year/portal thing is looking to close to free agent status (w/o the $$).

      Recently read an article – NCAA may change the tourney – all teams qualify. Seems to me the change would dilute tourney to meaningless. Kind of kill the whole tourney.

      I’m working on BB OD, in a good way – Waiting for the IU Ladies to step up.

      1. I love the idea that everyone is in. Eliminate the stupid conference tournaments, and have a defined path for play in to the field of 64. There are currently 350 D1 schools. All it would take is to add in a couple of local rounds and some sort of pared down third round of lower seeds/ranked teams to arrive at 64.

  52. I would even add just like Indiana State even if Gonzaga were to go undefeated and win national championship an asterisk would be most appropriate because in big ten 1. What place would Indiana State have finished in big ten even though they may have split win loss record during regular season with some teams in big ten that year? Would have Indiana State even made the March Madness tournament?
    2. Though Gonzaga would make tournament what place does Gonzaga finish in big ten?Not undefeated. Gonzaga goes out in elite 8 or out in final 4 game depending on matchups.

  53. Looks like Committee trying to help Gonzaga as much as they can by number 1 overall seed and easiest road to final 4.

    1. There is no such thing as an easy path to the Final Four, but perhaps there is an easier road on paper. Any team that survives the juggernaut of the one-and-done tournament is deserving of the title. Gonzaga knocked off all comers this year, including Kansas, Auburn, West Virginia, Iowa (of the dreaded Big10, which hasn’t won an NCAA basketball championship in a long time), and Virginia. Give credit where it’s due.

  54. I hope Gonzaga pulls it off. The contingent of Indiana fans that always live in the past would have their last foothold kicked out from under them.

    It’s time to pass the dusty crown.

    1. Part of me wants to see the ’76 team hold its “dusty crown” until Bob Knight goes gentle into that good night.
      But if the crown gets passed before that, then no better choice than Few. He seems like a great person and one of the few coaches in the game who has had great success but remains somewhat humble.

      With the marketing of making Assembly into a museum of sorts (‘Hall of Champions,’ statues, reunions for every Final Four/Championship team), it’s not just the fans who should be blamed for living in the past.
      The past was marketed out the wazoo to prop up those in the present. And then who can forget the classic moment of Crean stalking Bob Knight after a Hoosier game (while BK was doing his ESPN broadcasting gig ), nearly having to be restrained from getting in Knight’s face….? Yes, let it go Hoosier “contingent”…Let it go. Lol.
      The nine years preceding Archie was a marketing bonanza of the past. And many “homers” from East to West found great pleasure celebrating those old teams and historic Hoosier moments (reunions and ‘Hall of Fame’ inductees) without fully absorbing how it was thoroughly being used as a marketing tool to prop up men not very good at building a new McCracken Court winner.

      I also think we needed a new arena….but that’s a whole new topic. Just the facelift given by adding the lighter-toned wood (instead of the yellowish maple popular of the good ole days) for the official March Madness NCAA court /logos provided a much more modern/uplifting touch. Much remodeling was done….but I would have gone further. Keep the banners but modernize them…Less museum look. Consider a complete makeover of the Hoosier colors and uniforms. Much of Assembly still looks like a 1970s high school gym (too much golden maple and color schemes out of date).

      1. For years and years the Chicago Cubs promoted attendance by extolling the virtues of watching baseball in Wrigley Field. No mention of the team.

        1. Rich: I particularly liked your post. How true! I used to point that out years ago to others. ‘Friendly confines’, Harry, half sloshed up in the booth espousing the virtues of ‘Old Syle’ “aaaaahhhh”…perrenial losing roster.
          Kind of like baseball in AAA. Fans for the most part couldn’t name 2 guys on the roster….instead, ‘great family entertainment’. ‘Loveable losers’.

    2. Wow! Maybe we should also take down those five Championship banners hanging in Assembly Hall lest any Indiana fans be encouraged to “live in the past.”

  55. My point is March Madness is a tournament of games among the best. Conference tournaments are a shorter version within respective conferences. However, regular season is over a 4+ months. Often, a national champion would be different depending on how many times tournament would be played over and over. Maybe, to a much lesser extent regular season championships. I do agree though…Give credit where credit is due.

  56. I was reading earlier about the Firing or Archie and people speculating “what happened”. I think Archie was the victim of his own short comings and those short comings were laid bare at the feet of IU. I say this because I got to wondering “whatever happened to Ed Schilling and why did he leave IU after 2 years (1 1/2 yrs actually). He is coaching at Grand Canyon Univ. and has helped them get into the NCAA. His “specialty” is player development. notice he leaves IU and the player development goes anywhere from stagnant to south of the border-then Bruise Flint leaves for a lateral promotion of recruiting for another school …and the locker room environment goes to “hostile environment”—NO ONE is having fun and shooting stays the same for 2 1/2 years. I also notice that the Asst Coach that took Archie’s place at Dayton is being looked at by Minnesota. Archie was a facade while his more able assistants did the work. I would really like to know what transpired between Archie and Ed to make Schilling decide to leave, because the IU program suffered under Archie’s rule.

    1. It’s interesting speculation, but it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the reasons, Archie failed at IU. The program is worse off today than it was when he was hired. He was paid a lot of money to make the program better and win a lot of basketball games. That did not happen. He failed. Full stop. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

      Since I believe we learn more from our failures than we do from out success, I hope Archie will take some time and do some honest introspection. I hope that process will allow him to change, grow, and become a better coach in the future. I hope he has a long and successful career in coaching college BB. At the same time, I hope IU’s next men’s BB coach leads IU to winning multiple Big Ten and National Championships throughout the remainder of my life.

    2. Ya, right. Hunter never got better, Race never got better, Davis never got better and I’m certain Franklin never got better. Pretty shallow thinking.

  57. I find it hard to believe Izzo is getting a total pass on the way he grabbed his player in such a hostile manner….I thought grabbing kids in such a manner died with Knight, Crews, Alford and all those other Knight coaching decedents viewed as tyrants for such intimidation tactics and accosting of kids?

    The Establishment is full of complete hypocrites. Izzo should be sent to funny farm retirement villas….There is no excuse for getting physical with kids. He looks dated and about as emotionally stable as the bozo he dumped in our lap for nine years. And we’re having discussions about not letting go of the past? When I watched Izzo grab that kid so violently while exiting the court….the images of the past used to nationally shame Indiana and Bobby Knight were the first to pop up in my memory banks. But it’s all fine with Tom “The Hard Love” Izzo in 2021..? And this is at a university just investigated for its gymnastics program concealing decades of sexual abuse against teenage athletes?

    1. Jack Ferguson, from Fort Wayne, played high school ball at Homestead. He is 50%+ from 3 point range this year.

  58. 26 points for Justin Smith today…Nah, his abrupt transfer and Brunk’s season-long injury/absence had zero effect on our season. It’s just that you’re a complete failure, Archie and …a late transfer and injury of two roster imperatives part of our game in the paint…along with a pandemic …..and an empty lifeless Assembly Hall were all due to your failures. Get on the couch for some introspection, you Looooooooooser.

    Damn you, Virginia Tech…Bracket already busted.

  59. DD its speculation; based on the fact he hired Schilling to develop players and Bruiser flint for recruiting. Both men left after BARELY staying a year (2 at most). The fact that Schilling didnt get back into coaching until the 2021 season. The observable fact that players didn’t develop and improve during the length of time from when Schilling left program and Archie’s firing. The observation fact that NO ONE SMILED and NO ONE APPEARED to be having any kind of fun during that same time . The fact that Archie’s replacement at Dayton had a 20 win season this year and his name has come up to replace Pitino at Minnesota. The players appeared to Labor trying to appease the coach; body language ( and it didn’t take long for Al Durham to enter transfer portal) the other player gave him HIGH marks for a team mate

  60. They were both close to that scumbag, Calipari….Good riddance.

    Here’s what I remember when Flint and Schilling were on the bench during Archie’s first year…I remember them as part of a bench which found players laughing and joking it up after an opening loss in an NIT game. Player development? How about some character development? And Crean left Archie some real “characters” on the roster who were merely putting in their time. Where were Archie’s assistants shutting that laughing down while embarrassing the candy stripes on McCracken? Should have pulled an Izzo and grabbed those shameful gigglers by their jerseys and shook them off their chairs…This is Indiana, you damn toe-tripping prima donnas.
    Sorry, if you’ve got players giggling on the sideline while their teammates asses are being handed to them…? I’m ripping up their scholarships and firing all assistants who didn’t intervene.

  61. Who cares? Archie Miller is gone. Tom Crean is gone. Kelvin Sampson is gone. Mike Davis is gone. Bob Knight is gone. Let the dead bury the dead. In the meantime, I look forward to a new day of IU hoops.

    1. Everybody needs a niche….We’re the Turner Classic Movies of college basketball. It’s still marketable and can still generate large sums of cash and viewership. Glass wasn’t here to build a winner…He was here to strengthen our TCM image. TCM isn’t just a Tom Crean Movement….It’s a Hoosier Turner Classic Movie event! Order your DVD today! And don’t forget to watch the BigTen Network’s version of Hoosiers “Gone With the Crean Wind”.

    2. Unfortunately, in a cruel move by the NCAA, Sampson is back in Assembly Hall. LOL.

      1. Sampson back with his team. Davis has been back with his team. Cameo appearance by Knight. And if Crean had qualified for the tourney odds are they would be playing in Assembly Hall. If IU and Georgia had both qualified, somehow they would scheduled to play each other. ?

  62. At the end of the day, Archie showed a lot of weakness. Players he inherited disrespected him. His assistants didn’t lead or help set examples. Does it excuse their behavior? No. They could have valued their opportunity rather than just put in their time. But it did prove the job was probably just too big for Archie. He was trying to be “old school” basketball …but his personality and his demands for accountability were weak. He played upperclassmen and holdovers from the Crean era when they should have been benched for poor performance. Giggling on the sidelines during an NIT loss was a precursor of things to come. It may be the sort of symptoms that explain Smith’s transfer. Justin Smith comes across as a guy who respects the uniform he’s wearing…..If disrespect is growing among teammates and a coach appears weak in his handling of a roster, then I can see how it all unravels in a hurry.

    But beware….The Indiana job is brutal because many come in with issues of entitlement. We tend to get recruits and coaches who are empty shells and have perceptions of themselves much higher than the reality. A head coach has to command respect…Does it require a tyrant? No. But you have to snuff out those who are using the Indiana image and jersey to simply put in their time. That’s not love of candy stripes…That’s merely taking advantage of a relationship. The candy stripes become their “sugar daddy”….and makes for Sweet Sixteens a sugar tower.

  63. Does it mean anything that they pulled the bet in Vegas on whether Stevens is going to be coach at IU?
    Very telling when Vegas pulls bets. Those guys know way more than they should. Also he called a meeting prior to shoot around this afternoon in Boston.

  64. ORU! Haha. Who would have thunk that three point shooting and making free throws are valuable tools to advance in the tournament?

    My passion of distaste in Big Ten teams in order of rank: Michigan, OSU and Purdue. I love our rivalry, but I personally loath the other two much more. I really enjoyed watching the Buckeyes sent packing.

    1. The best of the Big have yet to play…..But it’s March Madness and with stadiums 4/5 empty, it may just be Upset Madness.

  65. NCAA investigation for disparities between men and women facilities for their respective tournaments. Yes, argument regarding money and revenues…still may be a violation of Title IV.
    While IU and donors are throwing cash around like drunken sailors…Give T. Moren and staff a raise.

  66. Kofi Cockburn vs. Old School Krutwig…..Gonna be a fun one on Sunday.

    In my humble opinion, Loyola is the only team that can truly stand in the way of an Illini title. Though the Illini bring far more talent in the backcourt, Loyola is no slouch.
    Loyola gives nothing away in coaching…Loyola has pitbull guards who can shoot. They make free throws. I don’t care if GT was without their star, GT may be the most ferocious defensive team I’ve seen…and they shot over 60%…yet Loyola still won.
    The x-factor could be the highly skilled Aher Uguak playing behind Krutwig. Both may be able to counter Cockburn. Should be a blast.

    Better be prepared Illini….Loyola is for real.

  67. Talking about B.S.
    Must be nice to be able to play pickem.
    Just signed 6 years extension for $22,000,000
    or sign with IU for 6 years at $22,000,000
    Pretty good pay for accomplishments.
    Actually, IU could even probably go closer to $30,000,000 for 6 years.
    MONEY / Pink Floyd is appropriate.

      1. That Stevens has come out and pretty emphatically said he wasn’t coming to IU. Whose next on the list? Before Archie was hired I was all on the Mack for IU coach. Does anyone think he has run his course at Louisville?

  68. If Purdue loses this game how much longer does Purdue put up with his game? Win a Big titles here and there and then crash and burn in tourney, excluding last year. He is getting paid a lot for basically an occasional Big title and on average one win in the tourney.

  69. Well, Stevens is a no go to Indiana. Every other name is a giant “meh” to me. That doesn’t mean they won’t be good. I just don’t have a whole lot of enthusiasm for all the boring, dull names of people who aren’t perfect for the job, getting the job.

    Soooooooo. I will shut up about the coaching search until a hire is made. And, whoever it is, I’m fully behind them. The sniping and whining before the coach has a chance to get out of the gate is a huge bummer. You do you, everyone else. I’ll do me. The new coach has my full support.

    Love watching March Madness today. There’s a lovely feeling of being on the other side of a lot of pain and suffering. A good friend of mine lost her mother to covid earlier in the week. Brutal. Something about watching these games and hearing squeaking sneakers all day felt normal and wonderful.

    I loved watching Purdue experience another first round exit. But lament the fact that ORU and North Texas beat two teams we couldn’t get within double digits of.

    I’m looking forward to a random game tomorrow: Georgetown vs Colorado. I think Pat Ewing is building something there and have always loved Pat. Pulling for the Hoyas.

    Be well everyone.

  70. Big 10 performances so far (Wisconsin withstanding) indicate the league was likely overrated going into the tournament. IU beating Iowa twice says volumes. A healthy Illini is the real deal…maybe Mich,… and Badger blowout of NC enjoyable and eyeopening.

  71. That didn’t take too long…Jr. Patrick is with the Ottawa Blackjacks as ‘Lead Assistant’ coach.
    Funny…I clicked on the Ottawa Blackjacks roster and only one guy came up. Hit me. Stick. Does the superstar on the team wear ’21?’

  72. Justin Smith, big time game yesterday, good for him. Arkansas can make a deep run in tourney IMO

  73. I have a question for ya’ll ; hiring a coach with “Indiana ties”–IF Beard is the hire would Stew Robinson as assistant be acceptable to fill that bill? He is currently Asst at Youngstown State but was on Staff with Beard when BOTH Knights were at Tt. The ex-current Asst Coach Mike Roberts was also on that same staff.

  74. Georgetown…loses by 23. Life without McClung.

    Arkansas….Life with Justin Smith = Archie Miller @ Indiana fired = Life without Justin Smith, Joey Brunk + no full availability/healthy Franklin & Thompson down the stretch of the season.

    Coaches look marvelous until they lose key/integral starters to transfer often with little or no time to reset.

    Without Steven, Beilein or Beard to massively light up the recruiting board, simply be prepared for more of the same = being at the mercy of your key players who can transfer on a whim = Life in college basketall 2021.

  75. Wonder how many $$$ millions coaches have made by players hitting 3 ball?
    qualifiers: given that players can do other things reasonably well and play hard.

  76. 14.7 M ESPN brackets entered. 108 still alive as of this morning. I don’t even try anymore after missing evert game in one of the brackets.

  77. NC already out…MSU already out…Duke never in…UK never in….Syracuse now looking great after a lackluster year….OSU already out.

    I’ve been saying it all season …and I said it during our so-called resurgence in football. These are not normal times. These are not times to measure performance with much accuracy. Athletes are transferring left and right…All teams/athletes react differently to the absence of fans (especially those now missing their fervid fan bases)…and the mental stresses of quarantining. And a full-fledged pandemic…Very strange year to fire a coach…especially a coach yet to develop his own recruits into 3rd or 4th year guys.

  78. Alabama wins another National Championship in a row with Clemson and Ohio State in playoffs. Just like clockwork. Yet, somehow upsets in basketball and blue bloods not being in the tournament, prove Harv’s point that Indiana’s football team still really stinks. And Archie Miller should have been given a pass.

    No matter what happens, Harv makes a point and everything that happens validates that point.


    Can’t enjoy anything. Just hate hate hate hate hate.

  79. Huh…? Not sure where hate fits into anything I said..but whatever.
    Sorry we didn’t get Brad….In all honesty, he had way too much to lose. Many of the big names know the risk. We’re like the guy who has used up all his pick-up lines at the bar. And then we flash all our money. Maybe that looks classy to some….We’ve fallen far.
    Home run…or patience. I don’t make the rules. We have no more witch hunts in our hip pocket to flame the “resurrection.” And if we think it’s still the best job in the world, then we must strictly be talking about how much the next divorce makes the next ex-Hoosier coach exorbitant wealthy.

    It is good for the cash …but will you respect me in the morning?

    Down goes Virginia. Down goes Texas.

  80. I doubt that he’s interested,..don’t know if his health is up to it.,..and if both were yeses, he’d probably be hired by now. Played for the Sycamores, Illinois born, very successful as a top recruiter as an assistant, put Butler ‘on the map’ (again).
    OSU’s all-time winningest coach. An all time head coaching record of .740. Multiple Big 10 championships. National runner up. Still relatively young, 53 year old Thad Matta. It would be nice to see the Buckeyes giving one of their steals back. He accomplished more in a rather short span than most of these possible replacements will accomplish over 30 years. Matta would solidify everything in short order and likely get things back to respectability with little in the way of a learning curve. I hope he wants it, feels good..and Dolson knows it.

  81. I still prefer Hall & Oats. I’d like a new face. Archie may have been short…but Matta is just hard to look at. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very handsome version of Larry Bird (wink-wink little birdie in Sycamore tree) but I got plenty tired of his chirping beak when he was grabbing Oden, Conley …and Deshaun Thomas from Indiana roots while we were getting taken to the seventh layer of hell over 3-way recruiting calls.

    Let’s get a new face….Get the guy from Alabama who looks like Kevin Costner. And …since we’ve been doing so many baseball analogies for the impact of the hire (home run, bloop single, etc) , let’s not forget Kevin Costner starred in a great baseball movie, ‘Bull Durham.’ I sort of think Oats would be an inside the park home run….He covers all the bases. Hot commodity…Currently getting free advertising while his Alabama team marches on in March Madness, looks like Kevin Costner….
    and I want to hear the pep band play Hall & Oates tunes. Let’s get this done….It’s getting into the late innings here, Dolson. I’m thinking you’re throwing a no-hitter at us.

    Speaking Hall & Oates and “Maneater,” can Loyola slow down Koif Cockburn? I’m not sure anyone can but I’m super excited to see the Rambers and Krutwig give it his damnedest.

  82. First half I’ve seen enough. I don’t like Bradley Stevens arrogant attitude and so-called goody two shoes towards IU job and Celtics. Stay away and off list. Very realistic that Chris Beard by the way he addresses questions and I do like his attitude. However, Beard has a good deal not only money but facilities and culture at TT unless he just wants his family to live in Bloomington area with Knight and friends. Though Porter Moser (don’t care if Loyola loses by 20 second half) has ups and downs a little lately Porter Moser has strongly trended upward and shows well in March Madness. 1. It’s the way his team plays is very identifiable that is exciting, enthusiastic and fun to watch 2. Another up and coming coach that’s won a few games…so if IU hires and fires enough of them law of averages say one will stick…if you don’t succeed try and try again. Insane but some say so was A. Eisenstein. Of course these one and done tournaments often make underdog teams more determined.
    Concerned with recruiting with both, Beard and Moser.

    If not the two mentioned then…in order Alford, Fife, M. Lewis or whoever including hiring Archie Miller back.

    1. Thanks for the props, t. Loyola is an extremely poised team.

  83. Wow! Loyola plays a great brand of basketball. There style of play perfectly suits their personnel. How does their coach do it and IU struggles so much? Strong guard play, being able to take their defender off the dribble, strong rebounding, etc. I like a coach that recognizes the weaknesses of their team and then recruits players to fill those needs. That is something Miller was incapable of doing and why he is no longer coaching IU. I know, I know, some will say if only we had Justin Smith. Well, if Justin Smith believed in Miller and the future of IU basketball, he would have stayed. Give the guy credit for seeing the writing on the wall. Of all the coaching options, I agree with H4H, Hall and Oats would be a great option.. I think it’s going to be Chris Beard and I would be excited by that choice.

  84. The brief encounters of Beard carefully answering questions of media, Knight connection etc … I think Beard…Not sure why he would want to though considering his current circumstances.

  85. Ooooooh, the vaunted Big10, the toughest conference in America. Right….. Adios OSU, Ill, PU….. Come on Michigan!

  86. Maybe you boys will start listening to ol’ Harv…Lol. I’ve only been talking about Loyola, Moser (student of Majerus) and the brilliant old school craftiness of Krutwig for 2 years.

    I told one of my three friends that Loyola was the only team standing in the way of Illinois winning it all. Terrible match-up for Illinois. Not to mention, how much all those “experts” on CBS (especially the moron, Seth Davis) completely disregarded the talent in the backcourt of Loyola. They are not a one trick pony….I honestly didn’t think they’d get past the Illini….but it’s March Madness. Loyola played a perfect game and Krutwig harnessed his inner Mitch McGary.

    Post players who face the basket and are patient…Lost art. Krutwig and McGary (former Michigan center) are brilliant at it.

    Lastly, Underwood and Illinois are a class act. Great sportsmanship. Nice to see the Illinois kids hugging the Loyola players after the game. Underwood is a fantastic coach…He merely met his match in Porter Moser today.

  87. Accurate….and Loyola won despite missing a couple ft’s and Krutwig missed a few shots…Loyola didn’t have to be perfectly perfect…but 13 points good enough.

  88. McClung ….Buckle up for the second half.

    Mac McClung depletes Georgetown of a star via transfer to Texas Tech.
    Justin Smith depletes Indiana of a star via transfer to Arkansas.

    Which transfer pays off and gets to a Sweet 16…or possible Elite Eight/Final Four?

  89. Winner = Smith

    The entire backdrop (story that no journalist has told) of our 2020-21 season is what on earth happened to cause Justin Smith to leave? Archie likely still has his job if Smith stays in Bloomington…

    And for all the hype surrounding Chris Beard and Texas Tech defense, it’s inexplicable how many times they lost Smith in give-and-go’s or cutting/backcutting to the bucket for slams. Smith probably had 20 points and I’m not sure if he ever made a jump shot. He’s not multi-dimensional…yet Texas defenders continually let him slip behind them. Coaching? Anywhere?

    McClung didn’t look himself…Wonder if he knows something?

  90. One of the arguments for giving Archie a pass after this disastrous season was that the Big Ten was such a loaded and dominant conference. Based on how Big Ten teams are doing in the tournament, that’s another hypothesis that went up in smoke. Big Ten teams are getting their butts kicked, making IU’s conference record look even worse.

    Smith looked real good playing for Arkansas today.

    1. Let’s see all B1G teams beat at the dance are all overrated. Shallow thinking as Iowa who is still dancing IUBB whipped twice. A lot of mud thrown on the wall just slides off.

    2. PO: It has been made all to clear that the B1G has been exposed. And yes, IU’s challenges ahead will be a tough climb. If a team is in the bottom rungs of a conference that is getting manhandled, how bad is it? Pretty bad.
      Whoever ends up running the show, it won’t be easy to turn things around. B1G basketball has crahed into the retaining wall while IU has done a Bill Vukovich. Over the fence, on to the golf course and burning.

      1. Bad memories. Drove one of the ambulances one year – practice days. Early 70’s. One driver was killed. More often at the Riverside track. California.

      2. Nothing has been exposed…You are agenda driven.

        People are all over the place on here…It was only weeks ago when some were saying Holtmann was “Mr. Fantastic” and would have been a big upgrade from Archie. Holtmann was seen as quickly building an elite program at OSU….A few of the Scoop regulars were talking of a potential Final Four team. And then quickly out of March Madness before one change of socks. So is Holtmann now a lousy coach? Is Underwood a lousy coach? Is Beard a lousy coach for losing to Arkansas….? Are we poised to hire another average coach?
        First rounds in March Madness are always the traditional upset rounds…And it’s what makes it fun as hell. If it was an exact science, there would be a lot of wealthy people winning their bracket pools and beating Vegas.
        Once you get to the Sweet 16, then the cream (not to be confused with “crean”) most often rises to the top.

  91. Smith was complemented by a very adept interior big …(who is not a freshman) finding him on backcuts. Additionally, any player worth one’s salt will improve with each season he stays in college. Did Smith improve immensely? Covered later.

    As far as the BigTen, I think you just dissed a magnificent coach (Moser…who learned under the coach we should have pursued instead of bozo) and a magnificent team performance (Loyola) getting in the way of Illinois. Match-ups that go against a team’s pace can give the best of teams fits. I still think Underwood is a top coach…I would have traded him in a heartbeat for our last two.

    Probably also giving plenty of dissing to another magnificent coach (Sampson) and a gritty team that has no quit (Houston) stopping a very underrated Rutgers team.

    Wisconsin and Purdue…? I’ll go with DoubleDown’s “meh.”

    Iowa is still to be determined…as well as Michigan.

    Justin seems to be a great young man. It is troubling when a great young man doesn’t want to stay at Indiana. Reminds me of a time …a very long time ago when Jason Collier pulled a shocker to leave Bobby Knight for Georgia Tech.
    I really don’t think Smith looked a lot more refined. He looked more confident …and that might just come from getting a fresh start and it seemingly working out. He’s a dunk artist who is exceptional above the rim. Does he have a game beyond 10 feet? Does he have a turnaround jumper or a long distance shot? I’ve yet to see a lot of evidence. He simply fits a team with better experience and speed.

    When are we going to name this new hire? So much for all the theories of it being a done deal…or a “home run.” Looks to me like there was simply a big money (meddler) campaign that bullied Archie out of town. Money talks. It’s sad that those with the thickest wallets now manipulate much of the landscape of big programs….while knowing so little about basketball. Next man up. Reset. Restart at bottom of the hill again….”Because it’s Indiana” thick tongue coming soon.

  92. H4H and Po; dont know what your thoughts are but I didn’t think the front line of Texas Tech was all that good. Reason Archie got fired is/was IU could put more talent on the court than Texas Tech can (excluding McClung ) and H4H i can remember you saying Archie should get him from the transfer AND missed him. Smith transferred ,I believe, because his style of play always found him in foul trouble(crashing the boards) teams like Wisconsin or Purdue always boxed him out. He never developed a shot not EVEN a mid-range shot and while at IU his success came from crashing boards OR he did nothing but get lost standing around waiting to rebound. I think Chris Beard got MORE from what talent he could put on the floor and Archie never developed the talent he had. Thats why Beard is still coaching and Archie is reclining in his chair.

    1. TJ, the hypothesis that Beard would be motivated to take the IU job is that IU is a place that would allow Beard to recruit better talent. It continues that if Beard gets better talent, his ability as a coach will produce greater success (i.e. NCAA Championships). I don’t know if that’s true, but Beard has certainly proven that he can do more with less. He’s made it to the finals, the round of 8 and the Sweet 16 with relatively modest rosters. Plus, not to be overlooked, IMO Beard has a far more dynamic and energetic personality, whereas Archie was very dull. Creating a “buzz” about IU BB and getting the Hoosier Nation excited again will be an important part of the job for whoever gets the IU job.

  93. It cracks me up how Archie Miller got a free pass on this site with respect to the transfer of Smith. I’ve seen tons of comments where the previous coach and even the football coach have been blatantly accused of running a player off. And now we have Al Durham enter the portal rather than stay for another year at IU. Looking at how lackluster the team was over its last six games that were all losses, and seeing TJD go off on Miller, it’s pretty apparent that the IU program had a lot of negativity and perhaps toxicity flowing through it. Yet several commentators here have insinuated or flat out stated that Archie Miller got a raw deal for not being given more time with his recruits. News alert: his team’s best record came when he had two of Crean’s recruits as seniors. I think the “his recruits” argument falls flat on its face. Oh well, water under the bridge. I really hope IU hires someone with charisma who can take the heat that comes with being the Indiana coach. Go Hoosiers!

    1. Great points, PACNW, you are exactly correct. Two of Archie’s most productive players over the last four seasons were Crean recruits, but Crean gets abused for leaving IU’s cupboards bare. Funny how Crean produced an 18-16 season in his last year at IU with such a lousy roster, but some argued that if Archie would have been allowed a fifth season and produced 18 wins next year, IU should have extended his contract. I guess the preferred style of play distorts the perspective of a lot of Hoosier BB fans.

  94. CONCLUSION: Record setting number of posts (I think). IU men’s basketball ($$$ expensive) strategy since THE GENERAL BOBBY KNIGHT: throw enough on or at the wall and hope something sticks.

  95. Archie doesn’t get a pass from me. When he was first hired I was excited. Maybe it was just as much the fact that Crean was gone, as it was thinking that Miller was a super coach. Miller turned out to be a disaster. I think he lost the respect of the players and the fans. He was simply not up to the job. He could not put together a complete team. Please don’t tell me he got a raw deal. He got what he deserved. As for Justin Smith, he had it with Miller and the direction of the team. Good for him that he achieved success elsewhere. Looks like Oats is out of the running. What do you think about the LOC or Arkansas coach?

  96. Fine JS transfering to get away from Coach Miller. Now that AM is gone who’s Durham running from.

    1. The question is NOT who Durham is running from, it’s what program he wants to run to. He wants his last year of eligibility to be spent playing for a team that has a chance to be highly successful, like the type of season Arkansas is having with Smith’s help (and there’s no doubt Smith has been a huge part of Arkansas’s success this season). No matter who IU’s coach is next season, it’s going to be the start of another re-building year. Durham’s not stupid and doesn’t want to waste another season being mired in mediocrity. And maybe Durham knows things about some of his teammates that the rest of us don’t.

      1. Maybe it’s US Al is running from. Many comments on this site that our starting guards ‘would not be starting for any other team and probably not be a member of a D1 team’. After every game, unless he was close to TJD in scoring the negative comments here continued. Credit CAM with his support of Al. I’m guessing he will be coming off the bench but an important cog to his new team. (Like the interest from Michigan State).

        Kind of fits in with the kid from Indianapolis 3-4-5 who elected to play for Louisville instead of IU. His father noted the family did not feel comfortable with how quickly, personal and vicious the IU fans can become.

        I don’t blame Al if he or his family read some of the comments here. Wish him the best.

        1. I think you’re on to something there, Ron. I was saying something similar a few weeks back…Hoosier fans are often their own worst enemy. And I don’t see anything healthy in having a local shock-jock ex-Hoosier filling the airways with his own disgruntled agenda-driven attempts at verbal sabotage; a constant spew of malarkey and over-the-top critique of the program due to his damaged ego and feelings of disenfranchisement from Indiana Basketball.

        2. I’m skeptical about that. Almost all college programs have fans who express unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the coaches and players from time to time. Unless your name is Nick Sabin, Mike Krzyzewski, or Dabo Swinney you’re going to catch heat on social media. Just part of the sporting world these days. And yet, to emphasize how fans can have outrageous expectations, Sabin told a story to a 60 Minutes journalist not too long ago. Sabin and his wife were having dinner at a nice restaurant in the off-season when a women (Alabama booster) approached the table and started giving Sabin an earful about Alabama not winning the National Championship the previous season. She was terribly disappointed in Sabin for allowing his team to lose in the National Championship game to Clemson and demanded to know what he was going to do to reverse the trend. And if you ever want to hear real vitriol from college fans, tune into a sports talk radio station headquartered in an SEC town. It makes anything read on sites like this one like Sunday school lessons.

          1. Or just listen to old recordings of Paul Finebaum’s radio show. Every SEC coach was fair game there. He had some really good regulars on there.

      2. So I am to surmise Smith did not run from Coach Miller. This story has more shades than a chameleon.

        1. I think the point is no one should be surmising reasons. The reality is, we do not know.

  97. No matter who IU hires it’s still throwing and trying to get something to stick because over the past 20 years a few ups and to many downs not just wins and losses (though results have been winning lacking) has resulted into men’s basketball image destruction.
    If Loyola makes a run to final 4 award that coach. That’s comparable to a Brad Stevens run of two times in a short period of time. Then, it would amount to two things 1. RECRUITING 2. OF COURSE WINNING. It’s obvious Loyola is well coached.

    1. Well, I say Moser eliminates himself from IU coach as he fails to make it to 2nd final four with Loyola.

      1. Lid on the basket. Nothing to do with Moser. Loyola simply couldn’t make open shots today. Moser wouldn’t take the Indiana job. Leave Chicago? Loyola is paying him enough and he loves his team.

  98. Watching these teams who are advancing, it is apparent there’s one common denominator:

    They’re having fun.

    It’s been such a stark reminder of how joyless it has been watching Indiana basketball these past 5 years.

    1. Agreed. And then there were two Big10 teams left dancing. I expect we’ll have yet another year without a Big10 national champion. Hey, it’s only been 21 years since Michigan State won it all. In the interim, there’s been how many ACC champions? So much for the vaunted Big10 as the best conference in America.

      1. Gonzaga has a great chance….but it’s not like the Pac12 or any team from the NW has done any better than the BigTen. Mark Few seems to have as many tournament and Final Four whiffs as Izzo.

        BigTen has had 5 championship game runners-up in the past 13 years. Teams from the Pac 12 have had one. 8 of the last 13 runners-up have been teams from the Midwest (e.g. ‘Conference Midwest Elite’)….Just haven’t got over the hump on a Monday night. But it’s not like getting to a championship game is bad advertising…. for the BigTen or Midwest (e.g. Butler, Loyola, Louisville, UK, Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, etc). Haven’t done Midwest compared to West or Northwest in Elite Eight comparisons, but it would be my guess that the Midwest rules that category over the last 15 years.

        And we can harp on the BigTen until we’re Kentucky blue, but even the guy who recruits season after season NBA level talent, Calipari, has only one title since 2012.

    2. !/2 of Crean’s IU earnings would still get the ‘poor man’ pretty comfortably over 15 million. How poor are we talking here…? …because I’m seeing zero correlation between pay and performance for 99% of the coaches out there.

      Getting the job is the measure of your success. Everything hinges on getting hired. The rest is gravy…Read some hate-filled blog posts by those still living in mamma’s basement isn’t too hurtful for most to walk away with 20 to 30 million.

  99. Now that I’ll agree….It’s probably why Bozo Tom and Cookie McCaffery were close friends.


    But I did hear Doug Gottlieb make some interesting observations on a postgame radio show following the Iowa vs. Oregon game. Basically talked of “fresh legs” for Oregon after moving forward due to a Covid forfeiture (in addition to not even facing an up-tempo VCU team) . Gottlieb also mentioned “live scouting” advantages. Iowa had no Oregon vs. VCU game to scout. Lastly, he spoke of Iowa’s long stay in Indianapolis….Two weeks in quarantine since the conclusion of the very late-running Big10 tournament (which is another fatigue argument …BigTen teams always being the last to conclude their seasons before the bracket announcement).

    For what any of it is worth…..

    1. Except for the failed experiment at Madison Square Garden where the Big Ten was one of the first conferences tourneys done that year.

      1. Definitely a failed experiment….Conference tournaments for the power conferences are beyond redundant. Most the top five to eight teams get bids anyway. The tournaments are only meaningful to the small schools and the mid-majors.

        The “short rest” thing is also probably overrated. Then again, the better teams of the BigTen are usually the ones playing in the final weekend of the conference tournament. And then the “Madness” begins in less than a week. Crean’s top-rated teams still got plenty of rest via fairly early exits from the BigTen tournament….but the added few days didn’t add up to any deeper runs in March Madness (never getting to an Elite Eight). It might be more important to just have the few mental relaxation days…Just a 5 to 7 days before brackets are announced to clear the cobwebs and get the mind off basketball.
        Why should teams/kids from the BigTen have the shortest window to clear the minds….or rest the body on the eve of the most important tournament in their college experience?

  100. Fans are such visionaries.

    (Some coach wins the most recent tournament game)

    “Is Dolson going to interview this guy? He has their team playing with heart/passion/brains. Did you see that inbounds play? They should hire him.”

  101. Idea: the money being paid nowadays. Hire 3 or 4 or 5 Head Coaches from small even division 2 or 3 maybe include a high school coach and pay each individual $1,000,000 each. These guys could more than double there salaries and IU could start a new trend by a delegation of coaches to coach Indiana Hoosiers….each coach specializing in job tasks as head coaches of one team.

  102. Just don’t hire a coach whose direct forward stare would line up with Juwan Howard’s bellybutton. Now that’s visionary….

  103. I have never seen or even heard of one major program Bb of FB coach earned and worth his nowadays salary and that includes those who win championships almost every year. Rather, coaches like Greg Lansing of Indiana State earned and was worth his salary and he got fired.

    1. New record for number of blogs on Hoosiers Sports Report…continues to get broken…just like in the heyday of the few who set on the court house town square talking college basketball and the famous ONE CLASS INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT…WINNER TAKE ALL…

    2. So far, I’ve found the tourney entertaining. Nice seeing some of the small schools winning, but Abilene Christian, not so much today. Two B1G’s left but each tested this evening. Bummer so far for the B1G.

  104. Per channel 4 Indy news, Mike Woodson was interviewed last weekend and Thad Matta is up next. ?

    1. For some reason I thought a replacement was in the bag. Or are these interviews just blowing smoke?

  105. Woodson over Matta (has been inactive health boring)…interview A.M. and hire him back…A.M. now has big ten experience.

  106. If Loyola makes it to final 4…hire him….close replica of Stevens tournament success. Question: can he recruit at IU?

  107. One thing overlooked regarding Stevens…with his tournament success…Stevens never coached Butler after Butler made not one but two conference leaps…

  108. Is this coaching search turning into another fiasco without a consulting blue ribbon group that proved blue ribbons don’t always mean first place. Sure that there was targeted first, second, and show though continued interviews until one of the top 3 are available.

  109. Yes. It’s looking more and more like it was agenda driven without a plan. And when you fire a coach before he has a chance to see his own recruits become a senior class, I’m not sure how many potential hires are going to jump from a program showing more patience and nearly paying as well.

    Porter Moser would not be interested.

    We might have to end up settling for the Mop Lady.

  110. Random tournament observations….

    Michigan is really missing Livers….”Best team in the Big” is minus its best player.

    Much like I thought Loyola was the only team that could get in the way of the Illini reaching a Final
    Four, I feel the same way about Creighton with regard to Gonzaga. Hand the crown to Gonzaga if they get past Creighton. Creighton playing up to their max could be the perfect brew for an upset against the ‘Dogs.’ Creighton has the “dynamite” point guard….Also, they go on shooting rolls and are capable of really lighting it up. Love the kid Jefferson from East Chicago…Wears 23 and is cut like MJ. Versatile to the max. Creighton is dangerous.

  111. If you question the the big dance weekend display that CBB has changed or not just ask Bill Self. I’ll bet he’s developed a fever from the shock. I can’t recall ever seeing an established competent HC so helpless. Dolson no doubt possesses the understanding that CBB isn’t transitioning but has transitioned. Redefining the target for a HC he seeks. This will be fun to watch.

  112. We’ve got a break in the action, so; Indiana public universities present $$$$ request to the State Senate.

    IU …. $75 M
    Purdue …. $3.2 for 2022 and $1 M for 2023
    Ball State …. $58 M (building restoration)
    Indiana State ….$1.6 M
    Ivy Tech ……. 0
    Vincennes …. $4.5 for 2022 and $4.6 for 2023
    Southern Indiana ….$48.4 (renovation & general repair)

  113. Adios Armaan Franklin? He just entered the transfer portal. If IU loses Franklin and TJD, the cupboard is going to be pretty bare for the incoming coach. Oh geez, can you say big time rebuild?

  114. Hoosier Nation to Dolson— Time to end the speculation on coaching before everyone enters the “portal”.

  115. I guess other than players transferring, what is the hurry in hiring a coach right now? I like that Dolson is taking his time and keeping it somewhat quiet. Make it the right hire, not the right now hire.

    1. Agreed. Rushing to get the wrong guy and not being thoughtful about this process has been what’s put us in the mess in the first place.

      I’m fine with taking our time.

      Really going to miss Armaan though. That kid is going to be a nice player. But I understand wanting to transfer to a team to play in the NCAAs. Being a part of another rebuilding effort probably doesn’t excite a lot of these kids.

  116. Is Dolson little brother of Glass? In the mist of this latest IU men’s coaching interview search fiasco…GIVE T. MOREN AND STAFF MORE CONTRACT SECURITY = RAISES AND EXTENSIONS.

  117. There was no interview fiasco. The Matta thing didn’t even happen, t. You’re taking the bait.

    1. just quoting channel 4 sports reporter. Matta was next with no time frame mentioned. Personally, not excited if he hired.

      1. Agree …Matta would be another ho-hum name. We need the home run (Brad, Beilein, Beard)… .or someone who is building major success at a current relevant team making consistent noise in March Madness.

        I would go hard after Nate Oats. I believe it to be a far more interesting/uplifting hire than Matta or Fife…or any other ex-Hoosier, ex-BigTen name.

        Would love Porter Moser …but I simply believe his heart is too invested in Loyola. He’s already turned down bigger money.

      2. Every beat reporter completely threw that report under the bus. It was about as credible a report as Justin Albers reporting that Billy Donovan’s wife was shopping for houses in Bloomington 4 years ago.

        Lots of bad/made up reporting out there.

        Just remember, Dolson is leading this on his own with internal advisors. No outside search firm. There won’t be many, if any, leaks. We’ll likely only know what’s happening when the announcement is made.

        I’m a skeptic on any “insider” info until then.

  118. Double Down enters to “t-up” t. Lowercase Mr. t can’t believe it! Here comes another t! Is t guilty of a flagrant one or flagrant two?

    Think there’s ever any bathroom locker room jokes of guys leaving behind a “flagrant two” in a stall?

    Archie was a flagrant one hire. Crean was a flagrant two. Both have now been flushed from IU….along with something in the order of 50 million dollars. Chump change.

  119. Dolson is currently interviewing the Mop Lady…..(a.k.a…Ms. Lady Buckets).

  120. Victor Oladipo would make a great coach….I would offer him now for 2025. Get ahead of our next firing. Victor will likely retire from the NBA in four years. He’ll have all the money he’ll ever need…and we’ll pay him even more. He has the personality. He has the love for candy stripes. He’ll restore the culture and my guess is that kids would love to play for him.

    Conclusion: Make this next hire more of a transitional ho-hum thing to prepare for O-LA-DI-PO! in four years.

  121. I’m really concerned that folks on here think Beilein is a good choice. He is old as dirt, would be 69 before next season would end. I think he is way to old to lead this program.

  122. Yeah, Beilein is too old to lead a college basketball program….but over 70 million “folks” believed a 75 year old man who wanted to inject chlorine into his arm was plenty young to be the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation in the world. Priceless.

  123. One Class coaching search open to all and everyone participates as in one class Indiana basketball. Coaching search bracket and Vegas odds. Enough betting to pay for the new coaching salaries with money to spare…and give T. Moren and staff a raise.

  124. Topic #1 : My perspective of the Big Ten’s failure in Indy is related to style of play. All of the big upsets of OSU, Purdue, Illinois and Iowa all had similar opponent traits. First of all, in every situation the opponent shot a better % from 3 and/or hit more of them. Secondly, the guard speed and ball pressure were more outstanding. In each game the opponent spread the floor then beat their man to start the ball movement. It turns out to be quite fascinating to me. Of course, the Big Ten was known this year as tough, rugged and full of really good big men. Turns out, that rugged & big style of play didn’t translate so well. Also, in my opinion, the Big Ten plays waaaaaay too much man to man defense. In our own case, I don’t recall 1 possession where we played zone all year. Same with Purdue. In the NTX vs. Purdue game, NTX played zone throughout and Purdue played 90+% man to man and got beat off the dribble all night long late in the shot clock. Their game plan simply did not change and it was highly successful.

    Onto Kansas last night….same dealio. USC spread the floor and took them to the hoop all night long. & they played a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 zone, I couldn’t tell for sure. Then they fell back into a match-up zone upon penetration. They flat out smoked KU on both sides of the ball.

    Topic #2: I got $100 that says Durham goes “home” to go play for Crean. That’s right, I’ll take GA and give ya’ll the field on this one.

    Topic #3: Armaan Franklin is a very, very smart kid. His reasoning to enter the portal is exactly on point. Who wouldn’t want this kid? He’s a straight A student and shot 43% from 3 and improved immensely. He’s going to get A LOT of bites and it wouldn’t surprise me if he left after he finds out who’s interested. I doubt he goes far from home though given his close relationship with his mom (as depicted on The Journey, at least). He’s likely to only play for us 1 more year anyway, graduating in 3 yrs. He likely won’t be here for any so-called “turnaround”.

    The bring this all together, watching the style of play that is winning, I wouldn’t be surprised if our whole team transferred. Then again, nothing surprises me anymore. I think Archie was trying to instill this pressure-the-ball style of play, we just didn’t have the personnel to execute it reliably. We were too slow. I think we should’ve played more zone. As I chronicled earlier in the season, this team was at its very best when the defensive pressure was up and we scored in transition. When we tried to score during offensive sets, it was largely a disaster. Once again, poor shooters miss shots, open shots, FT shots. As Coach Knight used to say “the team who gets the most good shots shoots the best %”.

    1. Great analysis AW! However, I can’t see Durham going to Crean and his team that didn’t make the NCAA tournament. I think Al would want to go to a program that on paper should be a strong, sure-fire tournament team next year.

    2. Aptly described AWinAZ. The change in CBB play has happened before our very eyes and has been transitioning for several seasons. The change really became noticeable now because of no tournament last to hold any contrast to. Plain to see the conferences mixing it up in competition.

  125. You didn’t address the elephant in the room. Who’s are next coach? Care to make a best guess?

    I’m seeing a very underrated Creighton team that could be Gonzaga’s its perfect season…Point guard on Creighton is magnificent. We’ll see.

    Agree with much of what you say, AWinAz…But March Madness is also about big performances and teams which embody the personality of their leaders (coach and floor leaders). You really can’t plan for the basketball IQ and near flawless execution Krutwig brought against Illinois. He has skills that have become somewhat lost from the game….Vision, interior passing, facing the basket, patience in the half court, etc.

    Speed is lacking on many BigTen teams….I’m not even sure the BigTen is losing games based mostly on”style” difference or match-ups. Franklin is very talented and much improved…but he still doesn’t play at the next level of speed witnessed in many of the top backcourts moving on through the brackets.
    Arkansas, Alabama, USC….they just play at a pace that looks two times faster than what my BigTen eyes were used to. Even Loyola is surprisingly athletic (not necessarily “above the rim” athleticism) in terms of transition speed and how the operate in the half court. Remembering Krutwig’s quick hands as he deflected the ball from Dosunmu in two late game critical possessions. It’s almost a from of quickness based on pinpoint concentration and discipline ….Speed is related to relentless concentration, focus and will. Many teams have the talent and capacity to play with focused quickness…but they’re not repetitively disciplined and coached to implement it.

    1. Observation: what place do teams like Loyola (2 tournament runs), Butler (2 last decade tournament runs under Stevens and they have won other games during tournament history), Indiana State with Bird, Dayton 1967, Penn 1979, among others…what place do any of these teams finish in a major conference such as ACC, or big ten, big East, PAC, etc REGULAR SEASON? Point is March Madness is a tournament vs a longer regular season grind… and in reality which is the most realistic prestigious? March Madness EMOTIONAL runs of 3 to 6 games evaluation vs Regular Season 20 to 25+games evaluation?….kinda like a good big ten Northwestern team getting on a hot run for a one and done string of a few tournament games = the giant killers….what if tournament was best 2 out of 3 series or 4 out of 7 series…I get it MARCH MADNESS is EMOTIONALLY FUN.

  126. Pac-12 looking at some NCAA $$. Tourney brings in $29 M so far. $2.4 M per school paid over 6 yrs. The current run takes me back to the late 60’s, UCLA with Henry Bibby and Curtis Rowe.

    The B1G, false expectations.

  127. As the IU transfer portal continues to ‘fill’ emphasizes just how much damage AM did while here. Top assistants bailing early on….now, only guys on the roster that can’t play are staying. An unmitigated disaster. Whoever ‘dares’ take this job as head coach better have a truck full of construction materials and a heavy duty mask to dissipate the stench, because this is a complete rebuild!

    1. I do not understand the logic behind the idea that a player electing to transfer AFTER the coach has been fired reflects badly on the fired coach.

      1. Do you think the idea of transferring just entered the players’ minds after Archie got fired? In relative terms, what did these kids have to look forward to by staying with IU? Another mediocre year at IU with Archie or a rebuilding process with a new coach that they did not choose to play for? What’s difficult to understand? Today’s college athletes have a lot more power than their predecessors ever had, and they’re not afraid to exercise that power for what they believe is in their best interests. Why would a gifted player like AF not want to transfer? Besides, entering the transfer portal and transferring are two different things. AF is giving himself options, which is very smart. My guess is that he’ll wait to see who IU’s next coach is before he decides whether to transfer or not.

        1. ” My guess is that he’ll wait to see who IU’s next coach is before he decides whether to transfer or not.”

          This seems a reasonable assumption.

          But I still do not see the logic behind this reflecting badly on Miller. With that you are just projecting.

          “Do you think the idea of transferring just entered the players’ minds after Archie got fired?”

          I see no reason why that isn’t possible. As you state, the player retains the option of staying at the school. If there is suddenly uncertainty about who will be the coach, it would not take a lot of thought to decide to enter the portal given it is a decision without a commitment.

          It seems reasonable to me to assume that Franklin had been pondering the idea for some time since it is unlikely that any of the players had no idea of the tenuousness of Millers job.

          But to assume that a player entering the portal after the coach’s firing indicates the players unhappiness with the coach doesn’t fly.

          1. It could also be a bit of fear, Rich. A very strong coaching hire (home run) may bring some top backcourt pieces very quickly via the transfer portal. Might also land some top freshmen.

            I don’t think the cupboard will be as empty as many think. Archie didn’t have the advantages of these new transfer rules (and the extra season of eligibility …due to the pandemic). That extra year of eligibility, along with any transfer landed not having to sit out a season, …should mean a new top hire (assuming we are getting a quality new coach) will have way more options than Archie Miller faced with being shackled to roster holdovers (while also tied to honoring Glass’s Bill of Rights).

    1. Oh, making snide personal attacks instead of trying to win the debate. How original!

      Although a bit exaggerated, the comments in Brad’s last post hit pretty close to the mark. AM damaged IU BB. That’s obvious. You could see that well before IU finished this season with a losing record. Assistant coaching changes, epic recruiting whiffs, Purdue losing streak and open mockery of IU BB, and failure to make significant improvement of his players’ key skills. And you can even hypothesize that the time it’s taking Dolson to hire Archie’s replacement is a sign of how IU BB has been damaged. Obviously, the best coaches aren’t jumping at the chance to take the job! But the real damage was done many years ago, and especially four years ago! Regardless of whether one loved or despised Tom Crean was irrelevant. I said it then and I’ll repeat it now; the timing of Crean’s firing damaged IU BB’s reputation throughout the college BB world. It was a decision influenced by hubris and impatience. Dolson is just dealing with the aftermath of that mistake.

      1. Speaking of negative. I don’t even read your posts anymore. Just screeds of whine.

      2. Obviously, the best coaches aren’t jumping at the chance to take the job!

        That’s pretty rich considering all of those Conference titles and wonderful collapses at Sweet 16’s left us with the massive “home run” of Archie MIller after Crean went to reinvent cue card printing and the peach basket at a football school. You really want to go there? Boy, oh boy, the big names were certainly wanting a job at IU after nine years of falling behind all of the Midwest in March Madness…Top coaches were wanting it so badly that we had to play putt-putt across the border and reach over to mighty Dayton for a mid-major coach (ironically, one you had fully endorsed and made your first choice)…..Rich. Have you already placed your Lowes lumber order for the guillotine platform while you’re planning the welcoming parade for the next hire you suggest?

  128. Brad, in case it isn’t clear, I’m just teasin’ you a bit. But dang, man. You are so negative. Just an observation.

  129. BTW, Armaan and Parker Stewart are only putting their names in the portal. They aren’t committing to transferring. There is a chance the new coach to could keep all of them.

    The new transfer rules are lot more flexible for players.

    1. Somehow, during all the intense work and secret talks in the Transfer Laboratory basement, a fly also entered the transference portal chamber with Aarman. MSU has now landed Aarman “The Human Fly” Franklin…..Nice new wing span…but he slurps his Gatorade and is prone to hanging out in the rafters during timeouts. He buzzes to the rim effortlessly for a Slurpee Dunk…but his jumpers are forever out of focus and bricked. Story will be updated.

      Flies Can’t Focus

      A human’s eye is attached to muscles that allow it to move, expanding the field of vision and making it possible for the eye to gather more information about its surroundings. Instead of moving their eyes, flies receive information from several different points simultaneously. A fly’s eyes are immobile, but because of their spherical shape and protrusion from the fly’s head they give the fly an almost 360-degree view of the world. In a human eye, the pupil controls how much light comes into it, which is focused by the lens onto the retina. The retina then relays information to the brain via the optic nerve. Because fly eyes have no pupils they cannot control how much light enters the eye. With no control over how much light passes through the lens, the fly cannot focus the image it sees. Flies are also short-sighted — a visible range of a few yards is considered good for an insect.

  130. I think we’re making Franklin out to be a little bit better than he actually is….Some of these guys are exploring options because they know there is going to be a paradigm shift with Dolson compared to Glass. Tear up the ‘Bill of Rights’ and forget assuming guaranteed roster spots simply because the old coach brought you in. Archie was tied to a slew of holdovers …and it was a major contributor to not getting off to a strong start.

    May be a good sign that even the so-called stronger players on our roster are exploring leaving….If we get a strong coach (e.g. Beard, Oats), there won’t be a shortage of top talent who will want to play for him. The new coach will bring his own set of transfers along. As it’s been explained, the world has changed in terms of transferring. It was not the world when Archie was hired…(along with the unfortunate inability to stay hogtied to Glass’s foundational belief that a scholarship is a guarantee even under a regime change). Franklin may not necessarily be a starter or fit the designs/desired speed on the floor of our new “home run” hire.

    I’m all for gutting most of the roster….We can only hope some of the real sub-performers also see the writing on the wall. No more prima donna status because the last coach recruited you…and you’re becoming an upperclassman. Many believe the power has shifted in favor of the prima donna because of ease in transferring…The laws of physics may generate a new shift of power that doesn’t necessarily guarantee recruits/roster members with oodles of scholarship protection when they can exert quick changes on there own without any semblance of loyalty to a program.

  131. All these players (a couple) could go down the road to Indiana State new coach….he style of play seems to be modern as in fun.

  132. I find it rich that those who were the loudest about Archie being fired are now dancing and screaming about the fact that there’s transfers. Not a word that the fact that the thing they advocated for might just possibly be the reason for those transfers.

    Some people in these comments have discussions. They are nuanced and thoughtful and sometimes still come with very strong opinions. But some of you just come here to barf out emotions that probably have less to do with basketball, Archie Miller, some future coach and Indiana University, and more about what happens when you logoff from Hoosier Sports Reports.

    But you do you. Enjoy the journey. Go for a walk. Hug your family. Get off social media. Maybe go shoot a basketball at hoop. Then compare your 3 Pt % to this year’s IU team and post your results. I shot 92% on 300 shots this morning. Then I turned on my camera to film it and I shot 14.6%. I’m camera shy.

  133. Yeah, and also, when I said that it was lame that Indiana was booing players at the end of the Rutgers game, those same people stuck up for the boo-birds. And now are saying Archie destroyed the program.

    Lookin’ at you Brad.

    1. Obviously you do! OMG, how will I ever sleep again?

      Hey, it’s simple. If you don’t like being called out, stop making personal attacks against people whose opinions you disagree with. I have no problem with you disagreeing with anything I or anyone else writes, but that’s no reason to use tactics meant to diminish people like calling them names. You post comments on this site that I agree with, and I usually say so. You post comments I disagree with, but I’ve never called you names or tried to diminish you just because I disagree.

  134. It would take a hell of a lot of “style” to get me to live in Terrible Haute. Do you like federal prisons and nowhere land? It was a nice place for a future NBA Hall of Famer once a garbage collector shunned by Kent Benson….but no so much since.

    1. Always felt that the paper plant there added a nice scent to the air. If Glade was canning it, they’d name it “Ass.”

  135. I have read and noticed ALL the transfer notices. Initially I was a “hand-ringer” but some have talked me down from the ledge. I want to say this about the timing of the firing of Archie Miller; the incident that occurred towards the end of the Rutgers game had a ; lot to do with it. Dolson then talked to the players for their input ,not so much as far as should or shouldn’t be fired but more about the “environment ” the team dealt with. I believe ,like many here, the announcements are of a wait and see type but I also believe that Scott Dolson expected these transfer notices based on team meeting. That is why he is tking time to get the RIGHT Coach to come in.

  136. Players transferring is a two-way street. Why should news about IU players potentially transferring create such anxiety? With the exception of TJD, none of the IU players that have entered the portal represent a devastating loss to IU BB. And it’s likely that the right coach will begin upgrading IU’s roster through the transfer portal shortly after he and his staff have been assembled.

    Let’s not forget, IU Men’s BB was bad this season. Not just by IU standards, but by any reasonable standard one can apply.

  137. Since that historical IU basketball event ending the Bob Knight era…IU Basketball became an experimental program of LAB RATS…..rather than gym rats.

  138. From Wikipedia:

    “Indiana again failed to meet expectations during the 2005–06 season. By late January 2006, the Hoosiers were at risk of missing the tournament for the third straight year and the calls for Davis’ job grew louder. On February 11, 2006, Davis missed a home game against Iowa. Four days later, he resigned effective at the end of the 2006 season. Davis said that he decided to make the announcement before the end of the season to end the distraction that his position’s uncertainty had created around the team. The Hoosiers performed better [4-1] after this announcement and reached the second-round of the NCAA Tournament. Indiana lost 90–80 to Gonzaga in the NCAA Tournament on March 18, 2006, ending Mike Davis’ tenure as Indiana’s head coach.”

    Of course, Miller sucks because he should have announced his resignation. The fan base is completely not to blame.

  139. Speaking of Mike Davis and our last Final Four trip, has anyone else seen the NCAA commercial featuring Dr. Kyle Hornsby…? Never forget those two March Madness games at the Lexington regional…first defeating #1 Duke in the semifinal (a miraculous comeback from 17 points down)…and then going on to shatter 3-pt shooting records against Kent State in the regional final.

    Beat up on Archie until your heart’s content….but he recruited what always appeared to be very high character young men. And if those young men leave Indiana now, we put the “business” pretty quickly ahead of the the value above wins and losses these men placed upon Indiana and the candy stripes.

  140. Mr. Basketball is not just a basketball award….I think it encompasses many other highly valued character traits likely involving academic priorities and concern for community. Archie Miller brought in three successive Mr. Basketballs….It’s rather sad that we don’t fully recognize how young men of character valued Indiana as a destination.,
    Only one team wins it all ….at the end of each season. We should keep a little better score of character, sportsmanship and kids who do not insult the concept of amateur sports. We treat it all as if their loss and removal from our program is nothing more than a product of inventory in and inventory out.
    If it’s merely a business, then pay these kids like the commodity you’re making them. And please stop talking about culture and doing things the right way. Sometimes those sort of foundation pursuits don’t bring winning in short time frames. If you want it to be a swapping flea market like the NBA, then stop deceiving young men that playing for Indiana is different than anywhere else.

  141. IHSAA Arthur L. Trester award.

    There are many examples when things don’t work out for coaches and their respective schools…once the coach is able to move on and get away from the situation they are much happier and self satisfied. Mike Davis, Tom Crean, Bill Lynch, probably Kevin Wilson are such examples. This leads to what I think is the tragedy for Bob Knight…Deep down for him because he was so deeply emotionally invested, performance driven and competitive track record …though he had to come to terms with what probably is haunting him for the rest of his life.

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