Geronimo becomes fifth Hoosier in transfer portal

Report from Indy Star’s Zach Osterman:

Indiana freshman Jordan Geronimo announced Thursday his intention to enter the transfer portal, making him the fifth of IU’s 11 scholarship players to do so since Archie Miller’s firing. 

Geronimo announced his decision in a post on his Instagram page. 

“First,” he wrote, “I want to thank Indiana Basketball for contributing to my growth as a basketball player and as a person. However after some deep thought and long conversations, I will be entering my name in the transfer portal with the possibility of returning.”

Geronimo becomes the fourth Hoosier in the past three days to enter the portal. Armaan Franklin did the same Tuesday, while Parker Stewart and Race Thompson both entered the portal on Wednesday. 

Like Geronimo, Franklin is open to the possibility of returning to Indiana, assuming he’s comfortable with whomever the Hoosiers hire as Miller’s replacement. Stewart told Stadium’s Jeff Goodman the same on Wednesday. Darrell Thompson, Race Thompson’s father, said on Thursday his son also plans to keep a return to IU on the table as he goes through his transfer recruitment. 

The fifth player in the portal, senior guard Al Durham, could also explore professional options, according to his father. 

A four-star prospect coming out of Concord (N.H.) St. Paul’s School, Geronimo committed to Indiana over offers from, among others, Penn State, Providence, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M and Boston College. 

Throughout his freshman season, Miller hailed Geronimo as one of the highest-ceiling prospects Miller had ever worked with as a head coach. Geronimo played a reserve role as a freshman during the 2020-21 season, averaging 2.2 points and 1.8 rebounds per game. He appeared in 21 of the Hoosiers’ 27 games.

Geronimo scored eight points in a late-season loss at Rutgers, and seven in a 12-point win at Iowa on Jan. 21. That Iowa win also saw Geronimo flash the defensive versatility IU coaches spotted when they offered him. His wingspan, athleticism and energy all gave two-time Big Ten player of the year Luka Garza a difficult time. 

Indiana is currently down to just six scholarship players, but could yet retain some or all of those Hoosiers who have elected to enter the portal. Taking that step allows players to have contact with other programs, thereby evaluating their options in case there is not a place for them with the new coaching staff. 

Indiana’s search for Miller’s replacement counted 11 days Thursday. 


  1. Did he actually say “GERONIMOOOOOOOO!” when he leapt into the portal?

    1. I’m announcing that I’m putting myself in the fan transfer portal. Nothing definite, I just want to explore what other teams may have to offer. If IU ever hires a coach – and I like the hire – I plan to come back and wear candy stripes for the rest of my fandom career. So far the only school interested in is Grand Canyon – like I’d go there!

  2. Hey Dolson!!! after spending $10 Million dollars to buy out Archie; I assumed you had a plan. But just like that OLD JOKE (know what happens when you ASSUME things) You’ve done to the Hoosier Nation; either your plan BLEW UP in your face OR you never REALLY had a plan. Apparently we have a Tom Crean impersonator for an AD. There are 36 days remaining in the NBA schedule which puts it at end of April (if you are looking that direction). Im not sure you can get 18-19 year olds to be patient until April 30th. Oh BTW KenMan; Ed Schilling is back asst coaching at Grand Canyon in Player Development.

    1. What is the rush to find a head coach? I like the idea that he is taking him time and trying to find the right guy. Who knows, there may be a coach still in the NCAA he wants to talk with. These transfers aren’t unexpected except by fans. With a new coach coming in this usually happens. Heck, you already have guys at other schools hitting the transfer portal. Hearing that there might be a couple of Kentucky kids hitting it next week. As Aaron Rogers once said, R-E-L-A-X.

      1. Totally agree. Sportsbook oddsmakers still have Stevens as the fav, just saying… I could wait until NBA season is over for him fo’ sho’!


    The Mop Lady has entered the transfer portal.
    Apparently speaking with Mr. Clean U. and Top Job State. Be a big loss for the Hoosiers. One of our few Hoosiers who can splash distance, take it to the rim and go to the bucket hard. Mop Lady also credited for encouraging Max Hoetzel to be the first men’s player to try a pair of her white compression stockings as a uniform addition…. Story will be updated.

  4. So, to make the most of a bad situation. I suggest a temporary solution. A Scoop remake of the Hoosiers. Suggested duties;

    DD – who reported making 93 of 100 shots. Note – No camera allowed when DD is on the floor.
    H4H – Official Historian. And first off the bench.
    HC – Dual responsibility, both Announcer and radio coverage. No words to be wasted.
    PO – Rumor control
    Brad – Point guard. Time to show the world how to handle the position.
    Me – I’m over 76 now, so I will be wandering around the campus giving trials for Cheerleaders.

    Further assignments pending. Positives, we may (and probably will) qualify for those early season paid games. We’ll make a lot of $$ for IU. Suggestion for when the conference games begin, announce ” team member or two tested positive”. Handled correctly every 7 days, 2 more, than 2 more, through the conference season. By the end of the season a coach will be in place and we can go back to your daily life.
    Except for me – I will continue the cheerleader trials

    1. I have played in exactly two five on five games of basketball in my life (in the HPER building.) I played badly in the first game, but I got serious in the second. I was one for one from the field, a “three point shot” that was nothing but net. I was bringing the ball up the court and noticed that there were nine people in the vicinity of the low post and no one anywhere near me. The opposing team noticed that I had not yet taken a shot. I figured I had to shoot and hit or the game would be a four on five. I pulled up well short of the foul line (making the most of not being guarded) and hit nothing but net. I was guarded the rest of the game.

      That’s my complete resume for my application for a seat on the end of the bench.

    2. Ron that’s some of the best material posted here. I do thoroughly enjoy near all posts you provide here. Might have something to do with we possess similar geriatric seasoned #’s.

      1. …if you need help with the cheerleader gig I’d come a runnin with my speed cane…

  5. Ron; Thanks for a seat on the bench. Actually, I was the ‘shooting’ guard on our 7th and 8th grade teams. Was too shaky at ball handling. That duty was left to our late friend Lonnie M. who was killed in a car wreck at 15 along with another school kid, appropriately at a location known locally as ‘deadmans curve’. Looked up an actual box score from a game a neighbor and lifetime buddy of mine and I watched at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, 1/9/62. Cincy Royals v Chicago Packers. Chicago changed its name to Zephyrs by their next game 4 days later. On the Chicago squad Walt Bellamy 28 points, Bob Leonard, yes, Slick,…22 points and former Depaul player and eventual 5 year sports anchor at Channel 6 (formerly WFBM) Dave Piontek, 2 points.
    Like Dave,..I ended up in the broadcast news business around the country (radio) for 15 years. Rookie All-American from Utah, Billy ‘the Hill’ McGill, backup to Bellamy, when asked for a post game autograph,.,reluctantly signed while mumbling.,”kid, I don’t know why you want mine,..I never get to play”.
    As for the subject at hand…Archie, and his predecessors have elevated this humongous demise from ‘wreck’, ‘dumpster fire’….now, ‘freefall embarrassment’. This kinda’ stuff only used to happen at small eastern schools
    and UNLV. Norman Dale in Ithaca,!
    We can only hope that SD is able to pull the ripcord in time.

  6. Just saw where Smart is leaving TX for Marquette. Going back home. He was on the hot seat in Austin anyways.

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