Berger named honorable mention All-American

Indiana junior Grace Berger added another chapter to the Hoosiers’ record-breaking 2020-21 season on Friday when she was named USBWA All-America honorable mention.

Berger is the first Hoosier to ever earn a USWBA All-America honor, and it is the Louisville, Ky., native’s second All-America honor after being named a 2020 WBCA honorable mention All-American in 2020. She added a second straight WBCA honorable mention honor on Saturday morning.

The 6-foot guard averaged 15.4 points, 6.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 1.1 steals per game in helping IU reach the Elite Eight for the first time in program history and set a school record for Big Ten wins en route to a second-place finish in the conference.

Berger also posted three triple-doubles this season, the first IU women’s player to record a triple-double, and became just the fifth player in NCAA history to post two triple-doubles against the same team (Penn State). The first team All-Big Ten selection shot 44.1% from the field and 74.4% from the free-throw line, scoring in double figures in 23 of 27 games this season, including a career-high 26 points against a pair of ranked opponents in Maryland and Ohio State.

She joins teammate Mackenzie Holmes, who was named to the Associated Press All-American honorable mention team, as only the second pair of Hoosiers to earn All-America honors in the same season. Karna Abram and Cindy Bumgarner each earned All-America honors in 1986. Only six Hoosiers have ever earned All-America honors, as Berger, Holmes, Bumgarner and Abram are joined by Debbie Oing (1975) and Tyra Buss (2017, ’18).

Wilson in the portal

Redshirt sophomore Chanel Wilson became the third Hoosier to enter the transfer portal on Thursday.

“It has been extremely special to be a part of IU these past three years,” Wilson said in a Twitter post. “Also, extremely special to be a part of the great things this team has accomplished this year that had never been done.

“… The love I have for the girls on this team will never fade. I will cherish every memory we have and will remember the many lessons that each of you taught me. Each of you are the true definition of genuine. That is what will always make us family.”

The 5-6 guard appeared in 29 games as a redshirt freshman in 2019-20 after sitting out her first year at Indiana rehabbing a second torn ACL.

Wilson appeared in just 11 games this season as her playing time dropped significantly.


  1. Quality young woman.
    Not a big fan of transfers, but it’s the new normal.
    So I guess we’ll all have to get used to it and wish the girls who are leaving happiness at their next stop.
    Hope she, Jaelynn, and Key find success at their next stops.
    I’m sincere about that.

  2. First things first.
    What a phenomenal young women she is, and IU is lucky to have her.
    Anybody else notice Arizona was up two points with a quarter to go against IU, and nine points up against UConn?

    1. I did not watch the whole game, but I did have the sense that UConn did not play as well against Arizona as IU did.

  3. Congrats to Grace for the Honor. So much for the NPTY to Bueckers. Didnt play like it. In my opinion shes good just not that good. National media fell in love with her because shes at Uconn. Good but over-rated.

  4. P.B. is surrounded by players almost or as good as she is. Arizona has the best player on team and court, players that are making 3 ball, rebounds, plays physically defense, and makes other teams uncomfortable giving no clean looks at bucket. IU Ladies were uncomfortable against Arizona defense.

  5. Again, not to beat a dead horse but, our lack of 3 point shooting did us in! If that doesn’t improve we will NEVER get where we want to go! We either need to improve our existing roster in this area or recruit shooters! Go Hoosiers!

  6. Re; Purdue Women’s — Traylor, leading scorer this season has hit the portal, along with their leading 3-pointer and a number of others. (Traylor a local Martinsville grad)

  7. Agree, IU Ladies would not only score 3 points for each shot made on making 3 ball at a high level but the rest of offense would function at a much higher level as well.

  8. 3 point shooting is the key to being able to really have a chance to beat Maryland and the nation’s best next year. From clips I have seen, I feel fairly confident that Paige Price and the Georgia K Berry recruit will be excellent. The question will be is their defense going to be adequate – especially since Coach M emphasizes it so much. I also believe that Chloe Moore-McNeil will be fine next year as well. If Ali P can regain her touch, and Mackenzie adds the 3 pointer, we will be ok. Also we know Gulbe will be fine.

  9. Best chance to improve 3 ball is to improve existing roster. This may bring Danielle Patterson (not to shoot 3 ball) but mid range and inside game help…. into the mix if she is going to play. 3 ball…Patberg, Hillary, Chloe, maybe Gulbe, other volunteers needed…IU Ladies it depends on who wants to practice focus on repetitions to improve 3 ball. I just don’t see IU Ladies getting any one added to roster any better than what is already there. Not sure if Patterson can shoot 3 ball but could help open things up for others depending on what her future situation is.

  10. That 0-9 from 3 sticks out to beat Maryland a team averaging 90 points you have to hit atleast 8 so to win a national championship you have to average that many plus it will open up the floor for everyone if you make a team guard all three areas everyone has to work on their outside shot

  11. Even after all the suggestions it wasn’t that long ago that today IU Ladies basketball given current success would be considered IU Ladies basketball program has arrived. Now. A big ten championship/s and final 4 are next steps.

  12. Everybody jumping on bandwagon of Ari McDonald being the next great thing. Did anybody else but me notice that at the end of the game when she had the ball on the last possession at the top of the key she had a teammate WIDE OPEN on the right baseline with not a defender within 15 feet of her and she went ahead and selfishly ignored the teammate and took a terrible shot that she had no chance of hitting….just sayin…..the teammate was as open as open can get?? Yes, McDonald is a great player but, pass the ball to the WIDE open teammate……good grief!!

    1. I could be wrong, but I remember a quick double team on McDonald of some very tall Stanford players (quickly turning into a triple team). Hard to see anyone open or get the ball over the defenders. She did everything possible to turn away, fade from the basket, and get off a shot. Amazed it wasn’t blocked.
      I also think the pass was delivered to her in a very poor position…It was not a good offensive set coming out of a timeout. Everybody in the arena expected her to get the ball. Probably would have been better to have something like a fake give-and-go to McDonald to free her some space…(maybe the second pass getting to her….or an open teammate).

    2. Watched a replay…A little different than I remember it. What I see as the main problem is the girl who inbounded the ball to McDonald immediately brought herself close to McDonald (bringing her defender with her to crowd McDonald’s space). Because the ball was inbounded so high (far away from the hoop), the last thing to do is crowd her and deny her the opportunity to drive either direction.

  13. Mike c. exactly in fact there were several forced shots by Ari and not in the team aspect of the game.

  14. Dont know if anyone noticed but the Coaches post season poll has IU 8th, Maryland 9th. Thats about where I expect IU to start in the AP next season.

  15. I saw your tweet Jeremy. My son sent it to me.
    This one breaks my heart, but I don’t blame Hannah.

  16. I have said this on more than one occasion that Moren has a tendency to short certain players the opportunity to perform in order to improve. Noveroske is a prime example! There were many opportunities through out a long season to get valuable playing time to players on the bench. Coach Moren tends not to do that? She plays her core players much more than necessary. There were many games this year where we had a 20 + point lead and the starters stayed on the floor? Makes no sense to me. The other players are mostly on scholarship, get them the much needed playing time that is necessary to develop depth! This has happened for several years. It is almost like the coach is trying to increase the margin of victory in order to impress the poles instead of developing depth? A player like Noveroske could be a valuable asset if given the opportunity? Having watched her in her few opportunities this year, she was able to get up and down the floor with relative ease and appears to have an ability to score on occasion. It seems a shame to waste her ability since not a lot of teams have a player of her size? Don’t blame her for wanting to go somewhere to play! As good of a coach as Moren is, I still don’t understand her decisions some times? You can’t teach 6′ 5″ and those people are not growing on trees. As usual, Moren is locked in on 6 or 7 kids and the others are just looking good walking through an airport, makes no sense? You get a girl 6′ 5″ to come to your program and then you let her occupy the end of the bench?? Noveroske has talent but, we will now never know? It wasn’t like she was a slug that couldn’t get up and down the floor?? Come on coach, get her on the floor and let her develop at the end of games, I just don’t understand it?? Go Hoosiers!!

    1. MikeC ….. Wisne is the 6’5 x-factor. She has 4 seasons of eligibility remaining and is more mobile and athletic. She is still learning to play the game and has great potential. Don’t forget that Gulbe (2) and Holmes (3) have additional seasons remaining and the writing was on the wall for Noveroske. She will be an asset for a team like an IUPUI or Ball State.
      I am looking forward to watching the development of Paige Price next season.

  17. Norveroske was a solid high school performer and originally recruited by Xavier. I was expecting more things from her. Jori Allen seems to playing and scoring a little at DePaul though she did get to play some at IU as a freshman. This leads me to a question about 5 star at 97 recruit Danielle Patterson? Patterson leaving ND had stated she wanted to play in WNBA. That may have been a red flag on her perspective. However, IU Ladies basketball and D.P.? I have questioned as a weakness that T. Moren doesn’t get the very highest level hiagh school recruit. However, T. Moren does get some high level recruits. Then, again transfers and fluid team changes seem to be happening everywhere in both men’s and women basketball plus football. Keeping team stability increases success. If sports teams keep growing in number of future transfers like nba or nfl who can you actually be a fan? Cheering for one team? No, those two players played for this team last year. Identity crisis.

  18. Any takers. UCONN wins LADIES BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2022….and very good chance to go undefeated.

      1. I am tempted to take IU Ladies….4 sleeper possibilities if it all remains in take:
        1. Ariel Wisne to back up Mac
        2. Danielle Patterson role
        3. Paige Price
        4. I argue that IU Ladies already have capable shooting including 3 point shooters…how does T. Moren and staff work it into her offense where multiple players 3 or 4 shoot 3 ball at least 35% average. How much repetition + time is going to be dedicated off season and in practice including games during season….while maintaining offensive system by tweaking it.

        1. Patberg is a career .355 3pt shooter in spite of this season.
          It’s interesting to note that the leading free throw shooters this season were Gulbe (.788) and Holmes (.784). Come on guards what’s up with that?
          Gulbe also tied Berger and Cardano- Hillary for the team lead in steals with 31. Holmes finished with 80 blocks.

  19. T, your statement of “I expected more from her” is a bit puzzling? She didn’t play enough to be able to evaluate her?? That was the problem! Now I realize that we don’t see her in practice like the coaches do but, practice is not games! When I played, I played with players that were poor practice players and GREAT game players and visa versa? Played with a guy one year that just couldn’t get emotionally involved in practice but, was the greatest player you ever saw when the real game started? It’s just the way he was wired? And T, you are probably right, U-Conn had NO seniors this year! Now add what I am sure are a couple of high school All-Americans coming in next year and Look out!! Go Hoosiers!!

  20. Mike C. What I meant was… I thought Norveroske would play more of a role plus score a little and develop into a solid player for IU Ladies. Now, for a tall girl is Wisne that player? Interested what is and if IU Ladies Wisne and Patterson situation? Wisne showing anything in practice? And recruiting?

  21. Just looked at the Women’s Portal. Unbelievable numbers. Teams with 8-9-10 kids transferring. Syracuse with 9 or 19. Can’t blame the kids if the current is not working but it’s almost like free agency. If a coach is a poor recruiter, no big deal anymore.

    Think it was Sports Illustrated that mentioned IU Women’s run in the Tourney as one of the teams who helped make this years tourney one to remember.

  22. If enough transfers fans won’t even know who they are cheering for….like cheering for a team but half their players are over there.
    I remember Ricky Calloway was transferring from IU men after national championship win 87. Knight ask him why he couldn’t improve his situation at IU instead of transferring.
    Many transfers result in a lateral move. Very very few actually become a star on the team they transfer to and could do the same thing at the school they are transferring from.

    1. That’s what turned me off on pro sports. NFL. NBA – the team you are cheering for today could be totally different next month. I think the NBA changes the most. As far as pro baseball, I was a big fan, took my kids on spring break starting in Sarasota, Pt Charlotte, Ft Myers than up the east coast of Florida hitting as many games as we could. Ended in Atlanta for their opener. Than the player strike in 1994 and have been to or watched a game since. College sports becoming more pro-like but not there let. Thank goodness for high school sports.

      1. It is one of the most amazing things to me professional sports addiction force driven by brainwashing marketing that starts in the lives of 3 year olds. Cities and towns stability vs merry go rounds spinning so fast throwing players and coaches off crashing wherever they land. No true loyalty…just fake loyalty…No true integrity…just fake integrity.

  23. t
    I have to respectfully disagree in regards to Hannah’s situation at least. In my opinion, Hannah will land somewhere and get much more playing time than she did at IU. She’s currently playing behind an All-American and a freshman who came in as Holmes’ sub first off the bench.
    I totally agree with you that transfers in general are NOT a good thing for college sports. I hate it that so many kids see the grass as greener somewhere else. In today’s world, recruiting is never really over, is it?
    But you know what, college coaches leave all the time and what’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself….. 🙂

  24. Notable: Patterson, Patberg, and Berger, Chloe with Hillary….3 ball if Patterson ever gets going

  25. Interesting. Progress?
    Men’s Championship game — Decrease of 14% over 2019. 16.9 M viewers.

    Women’s Game peaked at 5.9 M increase of 9%. Most watched Women’s contest since 2014. Their Final 4 weekend, increase of 14%. Most viewed since 2012. Sweet 16 – increase of 67%. most viewed since 2013. Semi Finals – increase of 20%.

    (percent numbers – compared to 2019 …… Per CNBC)

  26. Big opportunities for Marketing Ladies college basketball for investors including media.

  27. Statements above,,, yes most everyone is saying IU has arrived or at least stepped up to the next plateau. With Ali returning Creme has IU 7th in his “way too early” poll. With improved 3 ball success should at least get to the same level next season.

    t and MikeC its not exactly going out on a limb to say Uconn will win it all. I mean all top tier players want to go there and next season they add Fudd to the mix. Still in my opinion Uconn was lucky to be where they were as my thoughts are Baylor was the best team, Richards has the hammy and no-call foul at the end. Richards as a senior may return with the other younger players and if so the all-american defensively player will keep Baylor at the top. As for IU woulnt hurt if they can land a decent transfer.

  28. Opinion: I think Woodson and Fife and Matta and IU men’s basketball if they get program moving forward (I think they will) will help IU Ladies basketball program and T. Moren and staff in their own recruiting. IU basketball both, men and Ladies = Basketball school.

  29. Probably wouldnt hurt a thing. It was nice to see Woodson give a video tweet to the women on their elite 8 run in the tourney. Dont remember Archie giving any love to the women for their tourney success.

  30. In the new world of musical chairs called the “transfer portal” IU will be waiting for a “ringer” to fall into their lap as they have openings[ Im speaking women only].

  31. Maybe. However, I don’t see a really high level difference maker that wants to play where would there be adequate playing time….that is if Daniel Patterson is going to come around. Baring injuries and etc I think IU for 2021-22 has a pat hand. Focus can be beyond next season 2022-23.

  32. So much for Danielle Patterson…I stand corrected. Yes, Steve IU can now use a high level ringer Lady basketball player.

  33. Probably, a good thing for IU Ladies basketball program. I always wondered about an early red flag comment D.P. made about wanting to play in WNBA while leaving ND. The comment is not uncommon. However, D.P. seemed to be emotional when making a play without backing up WNBA level of play while reaching in on defense and committing a foul. I was wondering about her opting out toward end of season and it was crickets total silence. It remains to be seen about how good she will be.
    T. Moren and Muffet McGraw maybe are somewhat comparable in player expectations.

  34. It is getting tiresome with all these transfers. Recent years Maryland and Louisville among some others had several players to transfer. However, not this year so much. IU Ladies basketball sure does have its share of transfers most years with its winning success. Yes, Ladies make sacrifices and want to play. However, rather than winning more playing time the attitude is I’m going to take my basketball and go somewhere else. Very few are going to make money in women professional game. Most transfer to a lesser level program to get more playing time or play no more than they played with current team. Lot of lateral moves. Question: if Yeaney stayed at IU…could she have guarded players like Ari McDonald? A college education and being a member of a winning program can’t be all that bad. Ladies rosters are big…like 15?

  35. Maybe its just me but it never seemed like DP fit the team first format Moren has set up it seemed she was more apt to shoot than pass. Cant see her making it in the WNBA but Ive been wrong before.

  36. That’s my point. All believing in her head. Think N.D. / Muff…national championship team sub…but was unhappy…maybe IU gain…
    NO. …seems like a kinda head case…not as strong but in smaller way similar thoughts for Penn and Yeaney. T. Moren and staff helped them work thru injuries. Not Key because her attitude seemed supportive of team and was always ready to do her best when called upon. Wish Norveroske well because maybe just not quite at level to make impact and possibly sliding behind Wisne. Others unspoken feelings resulting in transfers.

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