Brunk to play final college season at Ohio State

Former Indiana center Joey Brunk is staying in the Big Ten, committing to play his final season at Ohio State.

Brunk, an Indianapolis native, started his career at Butler under now-OSU coach Chris Holtmann. He redshirted that lone season under Holtmann as he dealt with the cancer diagnosis and eventual death of his father.

Brunk came to IU as a graduate transfer after his redshirt sophomore season at Butler, spending two years with the Hoosiers. The 6-foot-11 center averaged 6.8 points and 5.2 rebounds per contest in his lone active season with IU.

Elected as one of four captains for the 2020-21 season, Brunk did not play a game for IU because of a back injury and eventual surgery. He was eligible to come back for another season because the NCAA gave all winter athletes an extra year of eligibility following this pandemic-altered campaign.

Brunk didn’t go through IU’s senior day ceremony at the end of the regular season, very much leaving open the possibility of returning to IU. But he said that before Archie Miller was fired as IU’s coach.

Brunk is the second IU senior to choose to play his final season elsewhere. Al Durham, a senior guard who did participate in IU’s senior day, picked Providence as his next stop.


      1. Short coaches got no reason….(cue the Randy Newman). Lol. Have you stared straight into a belt buckle today, Brad?

  1. Big deal i say again he’s a limited dude who plays with some energy but he wasn’t a fit for Indiana’s new system its that simple its a story that’s not really a story

    1. Joey had 2 seasons at IU and could not help Indiana make the NCAA Tournament. He is slow, a poor shooter, bad at FT’s, but a warrior at hustle and effort. I would take Duncomb for 4 years over Joey for 1 year every time!

  2. Somewhat agree, brownbomber. He was likely told we had little use for him. He may feel differently. He may feel he still has some game and some leadership qualities to offer.

    It’s a nasty world out there…This young man lost his father and he’s done everything to still make his late father proud and maintain a positive outlook on life. He could stop right there and that’s still a pretty damn nice “story.” I hope he shines at OSU.

  3. Franklin; Brunk. So much for recruiting those Indiana boys who dream about playing for IU and being Hoosiers through and through.

    1. It says nothing. Both had a season(s) interrupted with injuries and then a coaching change. Franklin admitted he wanted to play Miller, Va. style ball. Brunk has had an unusual CBB career and wants to play for someone familiar. Not hard to figure. In fact very straight forward. Good luck JB.

  4. All valid comments above. However, in both football and basketball it’s pretty much always…if a player comes into or stays in program he is the greatest….if a player goes somewhere else or leaves program he wasn’t that good anyway.

  5. there was a question as to whether his back could hold up; it appears he is going to to OSU so he can be the 3rd option in the lane ;which means a lot of sitting time . I hope they run your back off the court. For someone that sat a WHOLE YEAR with back injury and now you want to play. Maybe you can play NBA 2k while lying on your back in a hospital bed resting.

  6. as that old adage states ” keep your friends close but your enemies closer” it APPEARS the BIG10 has a “Portal Poacher”–Ohio State ..grabbing one from Penn State and then Brunk. Must be nice to for the other schools in the BIG10 to be a recruiting warehouse for Ohio State.

  7. Here are some examples of transfer real winners among many…As in a decade or two financial rewards:
    Tom Crean from Indiana to a football school.
    Archie Miller 10,000,000 and out.
    Shawn Miller paid well for his integrity being one of many.
    Brad Stevens amused turning down rumored 70,000,000 for less than a decade.

  8. Also, read the CBS Sport story on I U offering Brad Stevens $10 Million per year, this story helps Scott Dolson that he made a maximum effort to land Coach Stevens. Also helps Stevens in two ways, let his General Manager carry the burden of getting the players and not having to do college recruiting and the high expectations at I U Fans to WIN, also new number to dangle in future Celtics contracts for a Coach that hasn’t won a championship in college game or the pro league.

  9. JB:
    Good kid/hard worker
    Thanks for coming to IU
    Tough injury
    Wouldn’t cost IU a Scholly.
    Does cost osu one.
    Wondering if there’s value there for the buckeyes?
    Glad he’s not free to them.

    Good luck Joey, be healthy.
    Hope we kick your backside on the court.

  10. Wow some of these comments on Brunk are harsh and unnecessary why take a few guys leaving so personal especially a guy who was likely not going to get much playing time?no need for insults man.smh

    1. I’m 100% with you brownbomber.
      What gives here? Kid loses his father and keeps losing coaches. He’s entitled to leave, and owes IU fans nothing.
      Yet he’s insulted. I don’t get it.

      1. Big deal i say again he’s a limited dude […….] its that simple its a story that’s not really a story

        Funny…I found those comments somewhat insulting. At minimum, they trivialize him and give him flippant regard. Every player has limitations including the better talent remaining.

  11. No reason to bad-mouth Brunk for transferring to IU.

    We don’t really understand everything that may have gone on behind the scenes, or how passionate Woody was to keep Brunk on the roster. Maybe Brunk felt Woody’s desire for him was warm at best. Or maybe it’s just that Brunk didn’t want to play for another new coach. Like the article stated, he knows this OSU coach and played for him while at Butler.

    And again, this in not sour grapes, but this could be a case of addition by subtraction for IU. I think it’s obvious that there are players in the transfer portal that can be far more valuable to IU than Brunk would have been. Woody and staff just have to sign one or two of them.

  12. Your case of “addition by subtraction” isn’t relevant here because, as stated countless times in Scoop articles, Joey Brunk was not taking up a scholarship spot.
    And assuming he gets healthy, having his inside presence as a backup cost us nothing.

    We’ve probably lost our three best leaders on the team in Durham, Franklin and Brunk. We lost our best natural scorer in Franklin. We are now in full rebuild mode….once again.

    No matter how you slice it, this coaching change won’t be as smooth a transition as hoped. The fans best be more patient than they were with Archie.

  13. H4H, you are wrong! This coaching change, from Archie to Woody, has been much more of a smooth process than I had hoped for.

  14. “Full rebuild mode”? Let’s see: Thompson, Phinisee, Stewart (he practiced last year), Jackson-Davis, Hunter, Galloway, Leal, Geronimo, and Lander are all back. 9 returning players in no way constitutes “full rebuild mode.” Throw in experienced Johnson into the mix, plus newbies Duncomb and Bates. IU is in fine shape. It’ll be interesting to see how Woodson & Staff molds these players into a team. In the terms Woodson used to describe himself, I believe they’ll turn out just fine.

    1. It’s funny, just a few weeks ago, 8 of those 9 were considered by most of the fan base, judging by comments made here, to be average at best and anchors weighing down the team at worst. Now everyone thinks they are all great.

  15. Well, most on here were constantly berating Phinisee. Hunter was very inconsistent. Other than Trayce, the rest have seen limited action or no action and will need to really step up their games.

    We lost our most talented backcourt player in Franklin…our second most talented in Durham and a very strong leader in Brunk.

    I’d say it’s full rebuild mode. A lot of unknowns and not a hell of a lot of help inside to pair up with Trayce. Our season will ride mostly on his shoulders.

    The kid out of Florida looks like a nice piece for the future…but I was hoping we could somehow land McClung to fill immediate needs. Calipari will probably nab him. McClung would have been a huge adrenaline shot in the form of leadership and moxie.

    1. I for sure don’t see a rebuild. Rejiggering, sure. Reloading, certainly. Regrouped, absolutely.
      Redirected, most assuredly.

  16. IU BB has not undergone a “rebuild,” it has undergone a major upgrade! Assuming Woody signs a quality big man, IU’s level of talent will be significantly better in 21/22 than it has been for years. Then, it will be a matter of these excellent athletes learning Woody’s offense and learning how to play together, as a unit. That was Bob Knight’s great ability. Yes, he recruited talented players, but mostly he got those players to play together, as a unit. And all these years later, they’re still very close toe each other.

    I just watched the documentary about IU’s undefeated National Championship team again. It brought back some great memories of IU’s 74/75 and 75/76 teams. If not for a broken arm to the best college player in the country, it would have been two consecutive undefeated national championships; no doubt about it.

  17. Some may be experiencing premature Woody. You barely let the foamy head of your “Miller Time” settle.

    Archie did leave things a lot better than the roster and circumstances he had to inherit…..In that respect, the rebuild is not nearly as great as four years ago. Woodson had more than set of cue cards left to him. And most the young guys left to him have a lot of promise (Leal, Lander, Geronimo, Galloway).
    Could still use a true superstar point guard in the backcourt….or I’d settle for McClung.

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