IU hands Teri Moren contract extension through 2027

Report from Indy Star’s Stefan Krajisnik:

Teri Moren will have a new contract in place after IU athletics announced Thursday morning that the two sides have agreed to an extension as well as a raise. 

Moren’s new contract runs through the 2026-27 season and includes average annual compensation of $862,500 — among the highest in the Big Ten. That gives her about a $200,000 raise. Her old contract was slated to end following the 2022-23 season.

This new contract comes just days after Indiana’s Elite Eight run — the first in program history — ended with a loss to Arizona. Along with NCAA tournament success, Moren has led the team to a program-long sixth consecutive 20-win season while also breaking the program record for conference wins in each of the previous two years.

“Teri Moren is the architect of an unprecedented era of success for our women’s basketball program, and I’m excited that we have agreed to a new deal that ensures she will be here for many years to come,” IU athletic director Scott Dolson said in the release.

Moren’s contract also includes incentives for postseason appearances and wins, conference or NCAA championships, national coach of the year honors and team academic accomplishments. In Moren’s previous contract, incentives were based on the annual base salary. This season’s accomplishments gave her approximately $112,500 worth of incentives under the old deal.

“This new contract places her in the upper echelon among her conference peers, rewards those achievements, and recognizes the upward trajectory that we are on,” Dolson said. “In my more than 30 years with the department I’ve never been as excited about the future of IU Women’s Basketball, and that’s because we have the right person leading us in the right direction.”

The new contract contains pieces from the old one, including a non-compete clause specific to Purdue (Moren’s alma mater) as well as a $10 million buyout. Current Purdue coach Sharon Versyp coached Indiana before leaving for the in-state rival in 2006.

Moren was hired by Indiana in 2014, so if she were to ride out the remainder of this new deal it would make her the longest-tenured coach in program history. That record is currently held by Jim Izard, who coached the team from 1988-2000.

Moren thanked IU president Michael McRobbie, Dolson, former AD Fred Glass and deputy director of athletics Mattie White in the release.

“Along with my staff, we are dedicated to building successful young women on and off the court,” Moren said in a statement. “I am truly blessed to be a part of the Hoosier Nation, who continue to show their love and gratitude for our team. We see you and appreciate you. As a lifelong Hoosier, I will continue to represent this incredible university with great pride and dedication.”


  1. Well deserved. She is worth every penny of that new compensation package.

    Now I’d like to see a lot more of the Hoosier Nation show up to home games in the seasons to come. Assuming COVID restrictions are eliminated by next November, these young women deserve to experience what it feels like to play in Assembly Hall when its full of really enthusiastic fans.

    1. Maybe I’m being pessimistic but not sure how this world will look come November. I hope you are right.


    Now. I am a Scott Dolson fan. I trust him. One of the best and smartest decisions he and those involved have made…If IU Ladies Basketball continues to represent IU, IU Ladies Basketball, and the state of Indiana including all the little girls growing up basketball everywhere…continues to win…there will be a paradigm attendance shift in attendance growth at IU Ladies Basketball that will be among the highest in the nation for Ladies college basketball. Not just a good decision by Scott Dolson but a great decision by Scott Dolson and all those involved including T. Moren, herself….I assume T. Moren staff will be supported to appropriately as well.

    1. t, have you been to an IU Women’s game? I was amazed at the number of young girls attending. Was as entertaining watching them as the game, well almost. Seemed like more families attending than the men’s game. Cheaper tickets, closer parking, way more leg room and stretch-out space than the men’s game. And often, more entertaining.

  3. The last game I was at Ohio State vs IU Ladies that IU Ladies forgot to win…it was a tremendous atmosphere.

    General side note: women college coaching salaries in major programs have seemed to appropriately double since 2015…not bad for any job…of course it depends on where it started from…

  4. Is it common practice for a men’s coach to have a ‘competitor restriction’ clause in a contract? I’m just curious…(e.g. A Butler coach attempting to go to OSU for instance….or an IU top assistant going to UK)?

    Just my humble opinion, but it seems like such restrictions could have the effect of suppressing the driving up of a salary because it limits free market forces. Could it ever be argued this is a sex-based roadblock to free market forces which has never been imposed on a male Indiana coach?
    If (or when) amateur athletes begin to move into the realm of profiting from “name, image and likeness” and other means, could universities impose the same sorts of ‘competitor restrictions’ as a scholarship moves into more of a contractual relationship?

  5. I rather suspect Teri has no problem with the $10,000,000 buyout. As I recall, she was mildly amused when it was included in her contract the first time. The Versyp situation caused it, and I have a sneaking suspicion Teri would have gladly come here to play at IU had we recruited her. She watched the Bobby Knight show every Sunday afternoon after Church! She ain’t leaving for Purdue, and the contract buyout language is no big deal in my estimation.

  6. H4h. T. Moren jumped on an opportunity…. you have a good experienced coach at Indiana State in Terre Haute given a lot better opportunity at IU…
    T. Moren demonstrated knowledge of playing (negotiation game) (Versyp/Purdue left for Purdue soon after hired by IU) and then, thus far has demonstrated taking IU Ladies from the depths to a solid competitive program climbing to the top while making a much better career life for herself…in other words T. Moren didn’t sweat the small stuff.

  7. Ironically? Less than a year ago many major program college coaches were taking 10% to 15% pay cuts. Now, coaches and other related personnel including new coaches seem to be doing well.

  8. Do we have other examples in college coaching? Was Bobby Knight ever required to sign a clause to not return to OSU? I also think it calls into question someone’s integrity. Teri Moren should be judged on Teri Moren and not what a predecessor was motivated to do….or not do.

    Also, I placed an excerpt from a law publication stating how many of these non-compete clauses are being challenged and facing growing lawsuits. My guess is that many can be judged to be very discriminatory. Whether Moren got a huge bump in salary is not relevant to the potential suppression in even earning more salary if the non-compete clause was not part of the contract.

    I’ll try again to provide the source…(Jeremy didn’t post it originally). The opening paragraph is pretty strongly worded in how these non-compete clauses are being challenged in the courts,
    DOJ, Anti-trust, etc.

    I thought all of you were staunch supporters of “free market” forces?

  9. I suppose anyone could change his or mind…decide where satisfaction and happiness lies. Things are not perfect and if individual cares about it or not. Modified free market vs Pure free market and defined. No compete clauses are actually everywhere in different contract areas.

  10. Stanford lucky to win that game. Got a number of ‘good calls’ in the last 4-5 minutes.

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