Patterson leaving IU women for St. John’s

Danielle Patterson became the fifth member of the 2020-21 Indiana women’s basketball team to announce her departure from the team on Thursday.

Patterson posted that she had committed to return home and play at St. John’s, which will be the third stop in her college career.

The 2017 McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Brand All-American originally went to Notre Dame, then transferred after two seasons to Indiana. But upon arriving in Bloomington in August of 2019, Patterson underwent major knee surgery to fix a cartilage defect in her left knee and went through rehab while sitting out the 2019-20 season as a transfer.

Patterson made her Indiana debut on Nov. 25, 2020, against Eastern Kentucky. She scored 14 points in the game, but the promise shown was never fulfilled as she did not score more than three points in a game again, averaging 1.7 points and 1.7 rebounds in 15 games before opting out of the remainder of the season in mid-February.

Other Hoosiers in the transfer portal are Jaelynn Penn, Keyanna Warthen, Chanel Wilson and Hannah Noveroske.


  1. Doesn’t look like any kind of a great loss to me? Since she is now seeking out her 3rd team, you really wonder if she was worth the effort? We only want transfers the quality of a Ali Patberg! She was certainly a quality person, a great teammate and a very good player. That’s the ticket!! Go Hoosiers!

    1. Mike C…. D.P. Was not necessarily a mistake by T. Moren and staff given where IU Ladies were and trying to improve themselves. Plus T. Moren was supportive of D.P. HOWEVER IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE TIME. And I agree given her contributions it is not much of a loss and probably a positive because to many SELF red flags.

  2. No surprise here as she is going back home to play in Queens. With the emergence of Kiandra Brown and the arrival of Paige Price from Australia Patterson was going to see little future action with the Hoosiers. I believe being close to home became a priority for her and I wish her the best.
    With the 2 incoming freshmen the roster for next season currently sits at 12 players and will be more athletic. A couple of scholarships are available for transfers if another big is desired.

  3. The flip side of the new freedoms available to athletes via the transfer rules is that it can wreak havoc on schools’ athletic programs. It also makes you wonder if having so much freedom will have an adverse affect on the young adult’s maturity and mental strength? If a young person is free to transfer when things are not perfect, or if its much easier to transfer than it is to stay and overcome adversity, what affect might that have in the long term?

    I’m all for people having freedom and generally believe that the more freedom the better. But perhaps the pendulum has swung a bit too far in regards to the transfer rules? Forget the impact on sports fans and universities, what policies are best for the young adults and therefor our society? Would Gunner Kiel’s career turned out differently had he not committed and then de-committed from IU and LSU and then transferred from Notre Dame to Cincinnati?

  4. I looked at the women’s transfer portal yesterday and there were over 800 listed……800!! OMG, I agree with the 2 above gentlemen, it is ridiculous! T, I did not say that Patterson was a mistake? We tried something and it didn’t work out, no sweat? You take a chance on transfers and sometimes you get bit in the butt! If it works out, Great, if not, we just move on. I would state that Patberg has worked out wonderfully. If quality transfers are available, you are a fool not to make the effort to add them to your program. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Mike C. I am agreeing with you.
    Nowadays, if things aren’t going the way a player wants with (family and outside influences) it seems there is way to much…I will take my ball and go elsewhere…rather than team focus, school focus, accepting challenge and competing and becoming value to his or her current team. 800 seems to be way out of line. Like the NBA and NFL…one team becomes a different team and the one team’s players are now over there.

  6. I have no problem with student athletes being able to have a Mulligan. As for Patterson, we don’t know the behind-the-scenes developments that’s led to her being among the 5 portal departures. You have to wonder if Patterson and Penn might not have been the extra umph to get IU past Arizona. Unfortunately, the entire IU beat media coverage has done zero delving into why they and others have decided to leave. Can the media go out and get a comment from someone explaining their reasoning for leaving 1 of the nation’s top programs? Serious reporting would have done that by now.

  7. 1. I was wondering if Penn was getting beat out of playing time by Hillary? Moving into starting role…seemed those things happened together.
    2. Patterson with all her positive vibes and goodwill inside is all about Patterson by looking at Twitter and her making a good play in a game maybe, couple times was very draining plus her overall limited play did not back up how good or how much of a star she thinks she is at major college level (ladies are as good, big, and better than her).
    3. Yeaney did effectively play against IU Ladies and helped Arizona remember Bendu stripping ball from Gulbe and getting best of her a couple times.
    4. Bendu and Penn if they had the right IU Ladies attitude would have definitely helped in this year’s NCAA tournament….if they had the right IU Ladies team attitude.
    5. Danielle Patterson would have not helped because she never got going.
    6. It’s great that IU Ladies coach T. Moren and staff require expectations for IU Ladies to team and team chemistry.

    1. where did you ever read or hear that they had bad attitudes? you’re assuming this. the coaches have never made such statements. Thorough reporting would have reported the “why” the departures.

      1. Don’t need to. I’ll be clear…Opting out during season barring emergency situation (usually those are not necessarily reason to opt out and players can remain on team) are deserting team mission. There is to much of players look what I am doing for school and team…coaches are so lucky to have me…rather than look at what school, teammates, and coaches/trainers etc have done for me…working with me with my injuries, studies, and making me a better player….I am so lucky to have them. Finish the season and team mission in best faith possible instead of opting out.

  8. Not only success at IU Ladies basketball program…but it seems to be a training ground for players and other schools as well. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

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