Indiana wrestler in serious condition

Here’s the complete story from Tuesday’s Herald-Times, written by Bethany Nolan. By Bethany Nolan 331-4373 | [email protected]    An 18-year-old

Sampson: White’s game just lacking a little nastiness

By Chris Korman 331-4353 | [email protected] December 1, 2006 After coaching D.J. White for five games, Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson

IU 90, Chicago State 69 — Live Updates

Ahlfeld just pulled down a rebound. He’s like Chamberlain out there.

Suhr brought the ball down and then Kyle Taber scored. I’m ducking for cover just in case the Apocalypse comes.

Indiana took care of business today. Their new starting line-up performed well and the Hoosiers were able to put 40 minutes together.

(Indiana 86, Chi. St 67) [1:00]
Checking into the game, ladies and gentleman, Kyler Taber and Adam Ahlfeld!

Section “M” started the Ahlfeld chant and literally seconds later they began to make their way to the scorer’s table.
(Indiana 84, Chi. St 64) [1:41]
It doesn’t neccesarily have to be Ahlfeld, but Sampson should seriously consider implementing a “human victory cigar” a la Darko Milcic. Just someone to signal to the fans that the game is over. It used to be Suhr, but now he plays meaningful minutes.

Kyle Taber would be perfect, except for the fact that he is 6-foot-7. The “human victory cigar” role tends to be someone vertically challenged.

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