North Central v. Carmel Updates

This is Chris, updating you from my hotel room in lovely Lexington.

Just talked to Dollinger and he told me the final score was North Central 77, Carmel 66.

Gordon finished with 30. Not too shabby.

By the way, Doug, our photographer Chris Howell and I all visited with Bud Mackey today. His Scott County team was practicing and we got to sit down and chat with him and his coach. Great guys. Bud’s going to be a special player for the Hoosiers but of course he’s got a lot to learn (he’s only a junior.)


(North Central 55, Carmel 53) [End of 3rd]

Carmel just hit a deep three to bring the game within two.

I’m getting tired of the cliche, but Gordon is still struggling to find his rhythm. The entire Carmel team collapses on him everytime he gets the ball, so he hasn’t had much room to create.

Fourth quarter. Gordon has 24 points. Let’s find out what EJ has in store for us.

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Heisler talks about resignation; IU names interim track coaches

By Doug Wilson
331-4227 | [email protected]
Randy Heisler will miss working with athletes, but not all the paperwork, the recruiting and being away from home so much.
With Indiana announcing the resignation of the 45-year-old head track coach last weekend, local track fans were left wondering what had happened. Why was a young, successful coach leaving?
Heisler said Tuesday that he’s been thinking of resigning for a long time and that it’s mostly a matter of seeking new opportunities and adventures. And after more than 20 years of being away from his family on weekends from January through July, he’s ready for a more normal lifestyle.
IU has named associate head coach Wayne Pate as the interim head coach for the men’s team, Heisler said, and assistant coach Judy Wilson as interim head coach for the women’s team.
Heisler has been diagnosed with diabetes, but said he’s going to be fine and that wasn’t his main reason for resigning.

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Indiana wrestler in serious condition

Here’s the complete story from Tuesday’s Herald-Times, written by Bethany Nolan. By Bethany Nolan 331-4373 | [email protected]    An 18-year-old

Sampson: White’s game just lacking a little nastiness

By Chris Korman 331-4353 | [email protected] December 1, 2006 After coaching D.J. White for five games, Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson

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