Hoosiers Flash Good Form In Drills For National Title Game

Hoosiers Flash Good Form In Drills For National Title Game

Squad Spirit Higher Than All Season

Bloomington Daily Telephone

March 27, 1940

Coach McCracken Not Making Any Rash Statements

From the March 27, 1940 Bloomington Daily Telephone

There wasn’t a pessimist in a carload out Indiana way Tuesday afternoon as Branch McCracken’s Eastern division basketball champs showed more spark and drive than a Kentucky thoroughbred in going through a stiff scrimmage drill in preparation for the national championship game with the Kansas Jayhawkers Saturday night at Kansas City.For nearly an hour-and-a-half the Hoosier Hoopsters charged charged up and down the fieldhouse floor in a manner which would be quite familiar to such basketball families as Purdue, DePaul, Michigan, and Duquesne. Speed was the keynote as Captain Marvin Huffman showed his best form of the year to lead his fast-breakers down the floor and feed the ball in to Armstrong, Schaefer, and Bill Menke time after time. Huffman’s brilliance was equaled by that of Jay McCreary, who clicked them in from all angles, and Andy Zimmer, whose backboard work brought joy to the heart of McCracken.According to the coaches, the spirit of the boys is the best it has been all year. Enthusiasm could be heard through the dressing room as the weary Merry Macs shouted what they would do to a certain bunch of Kansans Saturday night. In the words of Jay McCreary: “Aw, shucks, are you worrying about that game? I’m not worried about that at all.”Most of the other players were equally enthusiastic as the little Frankfort forward.”We’ll beat ’em by ten points,” yelled stocky Bob Dro.”I’ll be satisfied if we win by one point,” broke in Bill Menke, “but we’re going to win.””If we’re going right, it’ll be goodbye Jayhawkers,” was the serious comment of Herman Shaefer.Although impressed by yesterday’s workout, Coach McCracken was not making any statements. In the words of the Crimson mentor, any team that can beat Rice and Southern California has “got something.” But just what this something is, McCracken would like to know, inasmuch as has not been able to find out anything about Saturday night’s opponents. The men of “Phog” Allen in a three-way tie for the Big Six conference, with Missouri and Oklahoma, and then won the playoff. Before betting allowed to represent the Southwest district the Jayhawkers then had to beat the Oklahoma Aggies, which they did in a very close game.The Merry Macs will go through their final practice on the Fieldhouse floor this afternoon and will entrain for Kansas City on Thursday. A light workout probably will be held at K. C. on Friday afternoon or evening.