Hoosiers To Leave Here Wednesday

Hoosiers To Leave Here Wednesday

Coach McCracken Plans Practices In Kansas City

Bloomington Daily Telephone

March 25, 1940

Twelve hilariously happy I. U. basketball players and Coach Branch McCracken returned home from Indianapolis late Saturday night, well ladened with the spoils of victory in the Eastern Regional of the National Collegiate basketball tourney. Each player was proudly presenting an individual belt buckle and belt with the inscription “Eastern Division National Champions” on each one. In the possession of Ed Stiers, senior manager, was the beautiful, three-foot trophy awarded the winning team. In the center of the trophy is a figure of a basketball player, flanked by two others on the side. The award will be on exhibition here this week.With their eyes toward Kansas City and the national championship, the Merry Macs will begin their drills this afternoon for Saturday night’s final battle with Kansas for the title. The last local workout will be in the nature of a stiff scrimmage Tuesday afternoon, and then the team will hop a train from Indianapolis at 5’o clock Wednesday afternoon, arriving in Kansas City Thursday morning. McCracken wants his boys to work out a few times at K. C. before the game.Hustlin’ Herman Schaefer was the high scorer of the two-night tourney, garnering 14 markers in the Springfield game and 8 in the Duquesne battle for a total of 22 points. Following are the leading tourney scorers:

FG FT TPSchaefer, Indiana 8 6 22Milkovich, Duquesne 6 4 16Bill Menke, Indiana 6 2 14Armstrong, Indiana 4 6 14Towery, West. Kentucky 6 1 13Widowitz, Duquesne 5 3 13Huffman, Indiana 4 4 12

Among the prominent national sports figures who attended the tourney was Ned Irish, Madison Square Garden promoter, who announced that he will invite the Western Kentucky team to play in Gotham next winter. Two overheated Kentucky fans cornered Ref Stan Feezle of Indianapolis after the Western Duquesne game Friday night and made things a little rough for the Hoosier whistle tooter. As a result, Feezle was not able to officiate the Saturday night game, Glen Adams of Columbus being substituted at the last minute.Plans are already underway for another game between Duquesne and Indiana next season, and the rivalry may blossom into a yearly affair. Both the Hoosiers and the Pittsburghers will have most of their players back again for 1940-’41.