Indiana Heads West To Prove Supremacy Of Indiana Basketball

Indiana Heads West To Prove Supremacy Of Indiana Basketball

To Drill at Kansas City Friday Night

Bloomington Daily Telephone

March 28, 1940

Floor Advantage In Battle Goes To Jayhawkers

From the March 28, 1940 Bloomington Daily Telephone

With high hopes of proving to the nation the supremacy of Indiana basketball, Coach Branch McCracken and eleven of his Hoosier Hoopsters left Bloomington at 3 o’clock this afternoon for Kansas City, where they will bid for the National Collegiate A. A. championship in the final game against the tricky Kansas quintet Saturday night.Those making the trip in addition to McCracken, Freshman Coach Ralph Graham and Trainer Jesse Ferguson, were Captain Marvin Huffman, Paul Armstrong, Herman Schaefer, Bill Menke, Bob Menke, Bob Dro, Jay McCreary, Andy Zimmer, Jim Gridley, Chet Francis, and Ralph Dorsey.The Crimson hardwood representatives left here in cars and were to take the 5:55 train out of Indianapolis this afternoon, arriving In Kansas City at 7:45 o’clock Friday morning. The squad is due back in Bloomington late Sunday afternoon.The Merry Macs will go through a light drill on the Kansas City floor Friday night in order to become acclimated to the hardwood on which the final game will be played. Any home floor advantage will go to the Jayhawkers, who won the Western Regional on the same floor last week and who played there several times during the past season. In Kansas, the Hoosiers will face one of the cleverest teams they have faced this year. With its well-balanced attack and professional ball-handling, Coach “Phog” Allen’s men also mix in an exceedingly fast-break with the usual slower attack. Kansas won its way to the final game by beating Rice Institute and Southern California on successive nights, after having drowned the Oklahoma Aggies for the right to represent the section.McCracken concluded his local drills Wednesday afternoon with a whirlwind hour-and-a-half scrimmage session, with emphasis being placed on the man-to-man defense, and quick offensive maneuvers. Although no definite lineup has been given for the Kansas game, McCracken intimidated that he would start either Jay McCreary, Paul (Curly) Armstrong, or Herman Schaefer at forwards, Bill Menke at center, and Bob Dro and Marvin Huffman at guards. This fast-moving sextet has accounted for 769 of the total 901 points scored by Indiana during the regular season, with Armstrong the leading scorer, closely followed by Bill Menke, Schaefer, and Dro. In the Indianapolis playoff Indiana had five men in the top nine scorers for the two games against Springfield and Duquesne.