IU On To K.C. — All The Way

IU On To K.C. — All The Way

Opposes LSU Five In Tourney Semis

Daily Herald-Telephone

March 16, 1953

From the March 16, 1953 Bloomington Daily Herald-Telephone

Branch McCracken and his troupe of Hurryin’ Hoosier cagers were two-down and two-to-go today, as they unlimbered their travel-weary legs in Kansas City during a shooting drill in p;reparation for the grand finals of the post-season NCAA basketball tourney against three other Regional champs from around the nation.

The Hoosiers, who downed Notre Dame in Chicago Stadium Saturday for the Northeastern Regional title 79-66, will face Hoosier-tinted Louisiana in the first semi-final affair tomorrow night. Kansas University tangles with Washington in the second tilt. Tuesday’s winners clash for the coveted crown Wednesday night, after their victims battle for third place.

All of the independent “at-large” hopefuls now have vanished from the field – with Indiana representing the Big Ten, LSU the Southeastern Conference, Kansas the Big Seven, and Washington the Pacific Coast loop.

Louisiana State, like Indiana, is a young crew, paced by powerful sophomore center Paul Pettit and sophomore guard Don Belcher, a long-shot artist. Belcher and another guard, Don Loughmiller, are products of New Albany.

Indiana and its talented 6-9 sophomore center, Don Schlundt, copped most of the honors, as well as a huge trophy, in the Stadium appearances over the weekend. Schlundt was named the most valuable player in the tourney by a 2-1 margin over runner-up Ernie Beck, Pennsylvania All-American.

Schlundt and guard Bobby Leonard were named to the all-tourney quintet, along with Beck, DePaul’s Ron Feiereisel, and Notre Dam’s Dick Rosenthal.

Erases Mikan’s Record

From the March 16, 1953 Bloomington Daily Herald-Telephone

Following Friday’s bitter brawl with DePaul, Saturday’s win over Notre Dame was a routine one – with the Hoosiers never in danger after taking the lead midway through the first period. De-Paul, meanwhile, showed the effects of Friday’s loss by falling apart as Penn copped the consolation affair 90 to 70.

Big Schlundt erased a flock of scoring records as he paced the Hoosiers with 41 points, fashioned on 13 field goals and 15 free ones.

It was the biggest night of Schlundt’s personal career, topping the 39 he tallied at Michigan earlier this season. It also bettered an eight-year-old Stadium record that Indiana was happy to see disappear. The great George Mikan tallied 37 for De-Paul – against Indiana – for the mark. The 15 free throws represent a new Stadium one-game mark.

Set Team Free Throw Mark

Along with the 23 he tabled against DePaul, Schlundt collected 64 for the two nights, sending him to 602 for the season with a 25.1 per game average.

On Friday night, the Hoosiers set a Stadium mark with 30 successful free throws and the two teams tied a combined score record with 162 points between them.

While the Friday contest was the more important from the standpoint of competition – DePaul figuring to be more dangerous than Notre Dame – the Saturday game was much more enjoyable from the Hoosier’s point of view.

Only One Man On Big Don

From the March 16, 1953 Bloomington Daily Herald-Telephone

In the first place, it actually provided the Regional title. Also, it earned Schlundt double the recognition of the All-American Beck, it was easier to win, and it provided Indiana revenge for one of the three losses absorbed during the season. Notre Dame nipped IU, 71-70, in the second game of the campaign last Dec. 6th.

Jack Stephens, 6-1 sophomore guard, provided the Irish with that first win when he hit a lay-up with one second remaining. And Stephens started out to be a nuisance Saturday as he cracked seven points in less than three minutes to give ND an 8-4 lead.

But Notre Dame had assigned one man, Norb Lewinski, to the task of guarding Schlundt – and it was too much of a job.

Indiana merely fed the ball to Schlundt, who had a field day beneath the basket. By the end of the first period, Big Don had 18 points, Lewinski had picked up three fouls, and IU fronted by 25-18.

The second period was much the same, Schlundt personally keeping pace with the Irish as Indiana bounced ahead by 36-23. It was 42-32 at halftime, and Schlundt had collected 30.

Notre Dame tightened up the middle in the second half, and the other Hoosiers went to work. With Leonard hitting three times within 90 seconds and with Charlie Kraak, Burke Scott, and Paul Poff contributing baskets, Indiana once led by 17, at 57-40, and finished the period 14 in front 62-48.

Irish Battle Back

Excessive fouling, however, limited the services of Leonard, Scott, and Dick Farley, all of whom set out much of the third and fourth quarters. Leonard was especially missed, his great feeding work earning him his post on the all-star five.

The Irish battled back to an eight-point deficit, at 71-63, nearing the three-minute mark – and McCracken rushed his starters back into action. They shot the lead to 12 points, then held the ball most of the time through the final two minutes.

Lewinski, who featured a neat hook shot in the second and third quarters, and Rosenthal, who was efficient on tip-ins, led the Irish with 19 each, while Stephens stopped at 14. Joe Bertrand was halted by Farley, being limited to 8 points – most of which came while Farley was watching from the bench.

IU Now 21-3 For Year

Leonard, content with a free throw in the fist half, grabbed 10 more points in the last half to finish with 11, while Scott garnered 10.

Indiana, incidentally, didn’t hit a long shot in the first half and scored only three baskets from more than 15 feet away in the entire game. The Hoosiers hit 25 of 62 fro .403, as compared to Notre Dame’s 23 of 74 for .311.

Fifty-one fouls were called, 26 against the winner. IU cashed 29 of 37 free throws, the Irish 20 of 35.

Box Score

IU vs. Notre Dame

INDIANA (79) fga fg ft ftm pf tpDick Farley, f 3 0 2 0 4 2Charlie Kraak, f 6 2 4 1 3 8Dick White, f 5 0 1 0 2 1Don Schlundt, c 24 13 15 3 5 41Bob Leonard, g 12 4 3 1 4 11Burke Scott, g 8 4 2 0 5 10Paulie Poff, g 3 1 1 0 1 3Phil Byers, g 1 1 0 2 1 2Jim DeaKyne, f 0 0 1 1 0 1TOTALS 62 25 29 8 26 79

NOTRE DAME (66) fga fg ft ftm pf tpDick Rosenthal, f 17 6 7 1 4 19Bill Sullivan, f 2 1 1 3 3 3Joe Bertrand, f 9 3 2 2 4 8Norb Lewinski, c 21 8 3 0 5 19Dick Wise, c 3 0 0 0 1 0Jim Gibbons 6 0 2 1 5 2John Reynolds, g 1 0 1 1 1 1Jack Stephens, g 15 5 4 7 2 14TOTALS 74 23 20 15 25 66

Score By Quarters:Indiana 25 17 20 17 79Notre Dame 18 14 16 18 66Field Goal Averages: IU .403; ND .311.Free Throw Averages: IU .784; ND .571.