Davis says his future at IU is secure

Davis says his future at IU is secure

by Doug Wilson, Herald-Times Sports Writer

March 12, 2005

Mike Davis said after Friday’s loss that there’s no need for any statement of support for him from Indiana University’s administration.

Indiana head coach Mike Davis and assistant coaches Donnie Marsh (left) and Kerry Rupp (right) watch as the Hoosiers struggle to finish their loss to Minnesota Friday afternoon in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals at the United Center in Chicago. The Golden Gophers advanced with a 71-55 victory over IU. Staff photo by Chris Howell
From the Mar. 12, 2005 Bloomington Herald-Times

Davis brought up the topic by saying how proud he is of his young team for its 10-6 Big Ten record despite playing in a difficult environment because of all the speculation about his future.

The Hoosier coach talked about D.J. White, Robert Vaden and A.J. Ratliff being young boys who played high school basketball last year.

“They love me. They came to Indiana for me,” Davis said. “And so when there’s someone talking about going through what I had to go through (that’s difficult). And they’re getting it up close for the first time.

“That’s why I’m so proud of them, because we never quit. We could have played better, but the effort was always there.”

Davis was asked if the speculation about his future at IU is gone or still continues.

“Am I still coach at Indiana?” Davis responded. “I’ll say this, my administration has been so supportive of me.

“Rick Greenspan and I have a great relationship. He’s a great A.D. He’s the fourth one I’ve had in five years. I always say he’s the first one I’ve had.”

A reporter asked Davis if he’s received any assurance from IU’s administration about his future.

“I don’t need assurances,” he said “I’ve been in this situation for five years. It would be an insult to my administration to have to come down and say, we support Mike Davis. I don’t need that. They don’t need that.”

Davis said none of those who’ve speculated publicly that IU might make a coaching change have talked to anyone of importance at IU.

The Hoosier coach said he was very pleased with the support from IU fans this season.

“We won basketball games at home this year because our fans stepped up and they cheered like crazy,” Davis said. “When those kids feel that love, they play great.”