Teague and more Gordon intrigue…

I’ll be attending Jeff Teague’s press conference tomorrow in Indianapolis and will live-blog the announcement. As soon as the words pass from his lips, they’ll be reported here (well, give me a few seconds to type and press publish).

A report from a Wake Forest Internet site says that Teague is down to just the Hoosiers and Demon Deacons, but other sources say he’s still considering five schools. At any rate, Wake Forest and Indiana seem to be the favorites at this time.

Rumors that Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose are planning a visit to Bloomington this week persist. We reported yesterday that no such plan had been made, and we’re continuing to track the story.

Let’s assume that Gordon is in fact planning a visit. Why all the secrecy?

Gordon doesn’t want news of the visit released because it would upset Illinois coaches and fans. That makes sense. And Indiana would probably honor any request to stay quiet.

But you have to believe that as soon as Gordon or Rose steps in this town someone will post it on HoosierNation or Peegs or here. And all the considerable energy spent hiding the visit would be for naught.

Gordon is caught in a difficult spot, for sure. He’s a senior in high school making a decision that causes anxiety for every 18-year-old kid: what do I do next? But poor Eric’s got hundreds of rabid hoops fans ready to judge his every move, to call him a liar or a tease based on whatever final decision he makes. Hopefully he’s wise enough to simply ingore them.


  1. I am not certain it would be wise for Eric Gordon to “ingore” anyone. College basketball followed by the NBA is much better than prison or an elephant preserve.

  2. Jeff – “I’m still married to my wife…” has often been muttered by men who soon thereafter filed for divorced and took up with an old girlfriend.

    The quote you attribute to EJ will be true UNTIL (1) he signs a LOI in November or (2) decommits and announces for IU. #1 is most likely to happen, but #2 is obviously a possibility (though a long shot).

  3. If Reggie Rose and Derrick Rose were a package deal, than Memphis is out of the running for Derrick. Calipari just finished hiring three new positions and Reggie wasn’t offered one of them. That had to sting Reggie, who is a coach himself. I add this because I would not be surprised in the least to see Derrick at Indiana after the Calipari hires. Since it’s obvious to all that Derrick and Gordon want to play together, and Derrick definately isn’t going to Illinois, Gordon and Rose could VERY EASILY land at Indiana.

  4. Lance, why don’t you look at the typo in this blog again before you make a suggestion?

    I assumed it would have already been corrected.

  5. Homer: They ruined all our best names like Bruce and LANCE and Julian. Those were the toughest names we had! Now they’re just…

    John: Queer?

  6. “(2) decommits and announces for IU. #1 is most likely to happen, but #2 is obviously a possibility (though a long shot).”

    Even if Gordon decommits, what makes anyone think the recruiting battle is over?

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